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  1. $43 oil keeps Iraq in the red and needing loans to keep the country functioning. rv not likely. It's just simple math.
  2. The corrupt politicians will win out over the peon public. They always do. Fine example is Venezuela. The several powers that have ruled have torn that country apart and left the public in total dispair. Shelves are empty the country is bankrupt and the latest Dictator is insane and living in luxury. The latest dictator of India is ruining that country too. He has wiped out the money supply by taking the large bills out of circulation causing huge disruption of commerce for everyone.
  3. These politicians have no incentive to make anything happen in a timely manner. They are highly paid with huge benefits living the high life off the public. Just like they do in the US. They get rich from graft and corruption. Fine examples in the US are the Clintons, Obamas, Reid and Pelosi. Iraq govt knows how it works.
  4. Just the opposite. The Canadian dollar has dropped substantially. The USD has been showing some weakness lately but guess you missed the huge rise in the USD the past 4yrs.
  5. They need loans to keep the country a float. There's so much corruption and no industry except oil exports to bring in any revenue.
  6. Don't you know the govt officials have built these wells/refineries to line their pockets with the money they scimmed/stold from the peoples trough. They should be water boarded in public and their plunder returned to the public coffers.
  7. No doubt some govt officials have been cashing in for themselves for years with their own outlaw refineries and wells. Lord knows they skim enough money to afford to do that. Shut em down and keep it away from the criminals in the govt who would steal it. Then divert that oil and money to the govt to do some good for their people like building sorely needed infrastructure and paving the way for more industry and jobs.
  8. At current prices oil output can't even cover the budget. Doesn't matter if oil doubles. It wont pay the bills. In order to rv they need to substantially reduce the currency supply. Is this being done? I hope so. Would love to see the rv.
  9. In the last 7yrs nothing ever really changes. A constant barrage of articles to read but never any movement. Iraq is a country of fraudulent greedy politicians who don't want things to change. And they haven't and my not. My two cents. IMHO
  10. I guess you don't know what's overrun Marseilles.
  11. Thank you.
  12. You are correct.
  13. I sure hope so. I agree with Trump. The US should have taken their oil to pay for the war then turned it back to them after the war. Why the US govt taxed it's citizens to pay for the war is criminal as far as I'm concerned. Just like the 2008 crash bailout by taxpayers, it's criminal. Once things are back on track an RV would be great. I just hope they RV and don't do what historically has been done around the world and knock zeros off the bills or implement entirely new currency. An RV would require them to get rid of so much dinar in order to afford to do it. The CBI numbers still don't show they are reducing the number of bills out there though. Still hoping for the best.