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  1. I guess you don't know what's overrun Marseilles.
  2. Thank you.
  3. You are correct.
  4. I sure hope so. I agree with Trump. The US should have taken their oil to pay for the war then turned it back to them after the war. Why the US govt taxed it's citizens to pay for the war is criminal as far as I'm concerned. Just like the 2008 crash bailout by taxpayers, it's criminal. Once things are back on track an RV would be great. I just hope they RV and don't do what historically has been done around the world and knock zeros off the bills or implement entirely new currency. An RV would require them to get rid of so much dinar in order to afford to do it. The CBI numbers still don't show they are reducing the number of bills out there though. Still hoping for the best.
  5. The current horrific conditions have meant 70% of Iraqi people lack access to clean water, 80% lack proper sanitation leading to cholera epidemics and unemployment is over 50% for those under 30 years old. Power supplies from the national grid often don’t exceed five hours per day. How many Trillions of dollars did we spend on this war and Iraq is still in this kind of shape????? We gave companies Billions who built many things in Iraq but they still don't have clean water, sanitation or power!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Just plain idiotic and corrupt on their side as well as ours.
  6. Some people are dumber than dirt.
  7. Have to wonder why they aren't selling the gas to places like Japan that pay very high prices for natgas.
  8. At a budget of $100B, industry at 14% would be $14B. That's a lot of rugs. lol
  9. This is an alarming article. Not good news. They have gone through half of their reserves. To make matters worse oil prices are dropping again.
  10. Some dinar dealers have been arrested and charges brought. Read up.
  11. Obummer made a big mistake. We should have stayed there and taken over their oil to pay back American taxpayers. Now Iraq is in crisis mode again.
  12. Trump is right. We absolutely should have taken their oil as payment. Our stupid previous President's scr*wed the US citizens by not recovering the tremendous money spent on that sad, horrendous boondoogle. I hope BO makes it to his grave soon and rots in hell. nuff said They say the morale in the Pentagon has improved 1000% because of the improvements there just since Trump has taken office.
  13. Clinton, Bush, Obummer let that happen. Maybe Trump will let Iran pay to rebuild Iraq then kick them out and take it back.
  14. You are so right. Iraq is broke and needs assistance from other countries to help feed their people. Certainly not the sign of a country able to pay for an rv is it.