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  1. Take their oil to pay us back our $2T plus war expenses and leave when we darn well feel like it. Who do they think liberated their country the ingrates. The corruption from Parliament will never end. Their poor people will never improve with the current regime in place.
  2. For sale 1 million uncirculated in 5k bills.

    1 Million Dinar price lowered to $800 in Southern California.
  3. No one is stupid enough to give them money. With the Iraqi govt officials world renown history of corruption and outright stealing no outside govt or company trusts the money will be used properly. Who can blame them. Trump knows he should not send any more money to Iraq. So do all the other Presidents. It appears the rebuilding will be very slow.
  4. Agree completely! The Deep State radical, violent, hater libs are doing everything to stop him because he's calling out their corruption and anti-constitution lawlessness. Because of Trump American's are learning about this now. Killary, Willie and their evil sidekicks would never have exposed it, just continued it as the muslime BO did. I hope he can weed out the evil by draining the swamp and gets some high level successful prosecutions. We need Trump to bring back America from the 8 years OBstrd worked to destroy this great country.
  5. I don't think Trump went far enough. He should cut off all US funding to Iraq and haul the leaders up on charges. A few going to the dungeon might get them to all cough up their Swiss bank accounts. He was right to say we made a huge mistake by not taking their oil until we were paid back. The US Citizens got screwed by having to fund the wars. Trump should have Maliki executed in downtown Baghdad for all to see but not before he is made to turn over all his stolen assets.
  6. I thought Adam had many contacts in Iraq? Couldn't he confirm this rumor?
  7. For sale 1 million uncirculated in 5k bills.

    I don't know how to pm you? I can be in Oceanside by 12.
  8. For sale 1 million uncirculated in 5k bills.

    Wonder why? Do I need to change a setting or something? Could be there today at 12.
  9. For sale 1 million uncirculated in 5k bills.

    Oceanside is perfect. Thx
  10. For sale 1 million uncirculated in 5k bills.

    Yes or Carlsbad. I'm flexible. Send me an email or ph #. Thx
  11. For sale 1 million uncirculated in 5k bills.

    Ok, just let me know. Thx.
  12. Three bombings in past several days Security and intel is still proving to be inadequate. This must be stopped.

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