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  1. Where's the money going to come from???/

    How does that translate to it now being pegged to the dollar and ~1166 to 1 ?
  2. Maybe time for a MOAB on Sadr's hut while Maliki is having tea with him.
  3. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Not following you. Our new currency was never 1:1 with Sadam's. What am I missing?
  4. Trump has more conviction than any other previous President. And when is someone going to put Maliki 6ft under.
  5. Oh yeah, like the waves of Muslim violence in the Middle East have subsided.
  6. Where's the money going to come from???/

    maybe you could enlighten us.
  7. Iraqi Foreign Minister arrives London

    He wants money. Wonder if they give him some or if he'll have to ask for more loans?
  8. WE absolutely should be at war against islam.
  9. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Rock, isn't the reason the surrounding countries like Kuwait that have high exchange rates is because they have a significantly smaller money supply than Iraq?
  10. May is a lying sack. She on one hand says she will support the exit but voted against it. She is going to stall the exit while telling the people she is trying to emplement brexit. Not to be trusted.
  11. Delete Zeros Priority !

    Not much different from the current value. No big deal as I see it.
  12. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    Indonesia too sir The accession process of this international organization may extend for several years, as well as the stage following the acquisition of membership may raise many important issues and effects and serious challenges that require attention and knowledge and skill in dealing with them
  13. Every country should be producing energy from it's flared gas instead of wasting it.

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