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  1. For the life of me I don't understand why these banks are allowed to be robbed. They have known for years ISIS targets banks and has successfully robbed them. Why on earth don't they have all banks highly protected so the enemy can't rob them?? It's just too logical I guess.
  2. $131M dollars won't run the country for a month. No biggie. They need to recover the Trillions from the corrupt politicians.
  3. A Caa rating is not encouraging to other countries/banks to lend Iraq money. This coupled with a contracting economy and regional tensions is not good news to the International community looking for a ROI on any possible investments.
  4. Exactly!!! The banks, wallstreeters and huge corporations were made rich from the war and our Vets and their families were kicked to the curb. Remember how BO said he was going to fix the VA. He did absolutely nothing because he could have cared less.
  5. Iraq looking for all these ways to raise money for resconstruction. Why is it they don't seem to be pursuing an RV to boost their economy?
  6. Yes, someone should extinguish Maliki. The USA spent hundreds of billions in construction in the country and all was wasted. That was Bush and Obummer and Clinton wasting our tax dollars. 1-3 Trillion spent by us on the wars. Think of what that could have done if we had kept all that money at home. Shore up SS, fix our infrastructure, given some of that money to the poor and middle class, etc. Our ex Presidents should all be in jail.
  7. Still maintain Scooter was a paid pumper and cost a lot of people their savings they couldn't afford to gamble.
  8. I followed Scooter too back in 2010 and was he was one of the reasons I purchased dinar. He would write many pages with diagrams and intricate flowcharts/etc supporting the rv. He also was on many conference calls that were live as well as posted. He was a huge PUMPER and made all his stuff up I'm sure but had a huge following. I think he was one of several pumpers that caused many people to invest way over their heads with money they didn't have thinking they were going to become rich overnight. I became convinced, although he denied it, that he was a paid shill for some dealers. I think he made his money and dropped out of site when the feds started arresting some shady dinar dealers. JMHO Then most all the dinar dealers disappeared. I had bought a lot of dinar but before Dinar Trade closed up I sold much of it back to Ali (who got very rich and no doubt is living on the French Riveria sipping drinks on the veranda) at a loss and kept some. Here I sit still hoping. LOL
  9. Probably a minuscule amount compared to total dinar supply.
  10. This is what the other site lists: US Dollar USD 1.2 EURO EUR 1.08565 British pound GBP 1466.129 Canadian dollar CAD 876.741 Japanese yen JPY 11.156
  11. Yes, very curious one site lists the usd and all others based on a $1.2 rate. Love it.
  12. Anyone know what Kawait's total money supply is? Also Bahrain, Oman and Jordan? Could be the reason they are valued more than the Iraqi dinar.