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  1. Thanks Thug , GE DV's ....OOOO Weeee !!!
  2. I have a stupid question .....Do the other charts from other years have a Revaluation listing like this one for 2016 ???
  3. (WS) Walking Stick . He is another prominent researcher for Frank . He finds news very quickly . Delta's been asked to study the CBI closely these last few months . Walking Stick finds news and recent happenings within Iraq(?) . And yes I agree .Combined their news has been quite accurate recently . Frank may not be easy for some to follow at times and they have not always been right . But I believe he and his team have a very good heart .Yes he sales health products and currency . Lastly they have a very interesting theory on the "zero removal project ". THEY feel its already started and have stated why . Its interesting to watch and see.....
  4. Foreign Parliamentary: This is the. reason for the opening of the regional and international environment on Iraq BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The parliamentary foreign relations committee unveiled on Saturday the reason for the opening of the regional and international environment in Iraq, pointing out that Iraq will be a magnet for international investment. "The achievements of the military and security forces and the popular and tribal masses of continuing victories over terrorism have opened the door to new relations for Iraq with the Arab, regional and international environment," committee member Iqbal Abdul Hussein said. "The impact of the big victories was not limited to The military level and the liberation of the usurped land, but also to highlight the future role of Iraq in the security and stability of the region in addition to the importance of Iraq as a market investment and economic promising. Abdul Hussein added that "the coming period will witness a great Arab, regional and international approach to Iraq in various fields in light of its geographical and economic importance as a magnet for international investment." Finished
  5. of Indonesian Rupiah Draft Bill Prepared...... 24 July 2017 | Redenomination PNB Law Firm BI Bank Indonesia Rupiah Bank Indonesia has prepared a draft bill on the redenomination of the Indonesian Rupiah (Draft Bill). The Draft Bill is aiming to improve the economic efficiency and to create smoother commercial transactions. The Draft Bill suggests to remove the final 3 digits of the current Rupiah. By removing the final three digits, the use of the Rupiah would be simplified, however the value of the Rupiah would remain the same. Implementation of the New Indonesian Rupiah During the redenomination process, where the last three digits from the current Rupiah are removed, both the new and current Rupiah can be used by the public. The classification of the current Rupiah and the new Rupiah is set out in the table below: PREEXISTING RUPIAH 100,000 New Rupiah 100 50,000 New Rupiah 50 20,000 New Rupiah 20 10,000 New Rupiah 10 5,000 New Rupiah 5 2,000 New Rupiah 2 1,000 New Rupiah 1 500 New Rupiah 0.5 (¢50) 200 New Rupiah 0.2 (¢20) 100 New Rupiah 0.1 (¢10) 50 New Rupiah 0.05 (¢5) Source: Bisnis Indonesia Bank Indonesia aims in the draft to complete the redenomination process on January 1, 2020. After that date, all documents and signage (quotations, values of goods, regulations, agreements, financial documents, etc.) must use the value of the new Rupiah. Circulation Procedures of the New Indonesian Rupiah The circulation of the new Rupiah will consist of two phases: The First Phase (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2024): Bank Indonesia will issue and circulate the physical currency with the sign “new” incorporated onto the body of the money (First New Money). The Old Rupiah can still be used as payment method, until its revocation on December 31, 2024 The Old Rupiah can still be exchanged at Bank Indonesia until December 31, 2034 The Second Phase (January 1, 2025 – December 31, 2028) Bank Indonesia will issue and circulate the physical currency, without the sign “new” incorporated onto be body of the currency The First New Money will be valid until its revocation on December 31, 2028 The First New Money can be exchanged at Bank Indonesia until December 31, 2038 Mandatory Implementation Measures The Draft Bill requires both businesses and Individuals to adhere to the following obligations: Prices of goods and services must mention both the pre-existing and new Rupiah price during the period from June 1, 2019 until January 1, 2023. This obligation does not apply to micro level businesses) The value of goods and services must remain the same when converting prices from the old Rupiah price to the new Rupiah price. Value rounding of the new prices is however allowed The value of the Rupiah in documents must be adjusted to the new Rupiah value. Failure to comply with the above obligations may lead to fines up to IDR 200 million (old value) and/or an imprisonment up to three months. This column is provided by PNB Law Firm Jakarta
  6. It could be . All the activity and Progress ? I think we are back to her initial statement now . Or atleast the conditions for her initial statement...... "Al-Bajari said that the head of the Central Bank of Iraq had previously said that this policy from parliament was accepted and that the zeros will be deleted from the Iraqi currency in the next 5 years."
  7. Thanks Synopsis!
  8. Thanks Thug , GA DV's
  9. My curiosity is highly raised . Electronic Sukuk Books ? Electronic Certificate Books ? Electronic Banks ? Electronic Instruments Book ? Will this Mechanism be done with Electronic Currency???
  10. I'm Great ChuckFinley. Enjoying all this Fantastic News . Thanks and GE Officially took
  11. Thanks Thug . You Rock ! . I like this sentence as well ! ...."In light of the correct monetary policy, followed by the Central Bank of Iraq in the development of new mechanisms and applications consistent with the strategy for the years of "2016 2020", with the program of economic and financial reform, which was agreed with the International Monetary Fund and in particular for the first and second review between the Iraqi delegation and a delegation The World Bank in Washington, which reflected the high value of the Iraqi dinar."
  12. I see major Items . Contracts . MOU's being timely shoehorned into place by the IMF , UN , US and others . I'm also quietly excited about Maliki and his people on the run or making preparations to be on the run . If they are running out . A New GOI and an New Day must be moving in .