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  1. For the first time since 2003, an Arab governor of Kirkuk 16-10-2017 02:36 PM The Euphrates - For the first time since 2003, Abbadi orders the appointment of Rakan Said al-Abbadi, governor of Kirkuk.  All comments are reviewed and published only if approved. The site reserves the right to delete any comment at any time, and for any reason, and will not publish any comment that includes abuse or departure from the subject presented, or include the names of any personalities or deals with the incitement of sectarian, sectarian or racist, hoping to adhere to a high level of comments as it expresses The extent of the progress and culture of visitors to the site news that the comments reflect the owners only.
  2. AP reporters: Iraqi Kurds abandon positions outside Kirkuk airport, civilians fleeing city By The Associated PressKIRKUK, Iraq — Oct 16, 2017, 5:44 AM ET AP reporters: Iraqi Kurds abandon positions outside Kirkuk airport, civilians fleeing city.
  3. Iraq army, IMIS militia advance toward Kirkuk oil fields - officials Peshmerga dismisses Iraq reports PKK fighting in Kirkuk as 'baseless' Iraq news IMIS WITHDRAW FROM KIRKUK AMID FEARS OF CLASHES WITH PESHMERGA Short Link 10/15/2017 4:52:27 PM The Iranian backed militias (IMIS) have withdrawn from their positions outside Kirkuk amid fears of clashes with Peshmerga forces that were deployed at the outskirts of the province. Commander of the 3rd division in Peshmerga forces Captain Ihsan Rashid confirmed that IMIS militants have fled their positions in the districts of Taza and al-Bashir. Most of them confirmed that this war is illegal and "they will not become the wreckage of this fire", he added Rashid added that IMIS militants are lacking popular support and they will loss in this battle against the high-morale Peshmerga forces. Kurdish and Iraqi government forces have squared off south of Kirkuk after rushing troops and armor to the oil-rich city two weeks after the country’s Kurds voted for independence from Baghdad. Peshmerga forces massed about 20 miles from Kirkuk’s southern limits on Friday after units loyal to the central government took positions on the city’s approaches, prompting fears of fresh violence in one of the most bitterly contested corners of Iraq.
  4. Kirkuk Governor Najmaldin Karim, who visited some of the civilians who have taken up arms to defend the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, said that the Peshmerga are prepared to defend the province. He also called on all able-bodied people who have their own weapons to take up arms against the Iraqi forces. ........ But he is running ???
  5. Abadi directs Iraqi forces to control the security in ⁧krkuk ⁧⁩ Twilight News 3 hours ago Iraq's semi-official television said on Monday that Prime Minister Haider Abadi ordered Iraqi forces to control security in the province of Kirkuk. The television said today that the forces of the popular crowd under the command of joint operations support the armed forces outside Kirkuk. The Kurdistan Regional Security Council announced that an Iraqi force is advancing towards positions in the province of Kirkuk. The Iraqi army is advancing from Taza, south of Kirkuk, in its intention to enter the city of Kirkuk and seize the K1 base and oil fields, the council said in a tweet on its Twitter account. Military sources told Shafak News that Iraqi forces with different types of reinforcements, reinforced with military vehicles and tanks, started moving towards positions in Kirkuk, where the Peshmerga forces were gathering on their borders in a scene that presaged the occurrence of fighting between the two sides. According to Iraqi military sources, the advanced forces aimed to control the oil fields in "Baba Karkar" and a military base was stationed by the Iraqi forces before withdrawing with an offensive summer 2014. Keywords: RSS feed
  6.أنباء0هروب-محافظ-كركوك/....... News of the escape of the governor of Kirkuk to Erbil © Photo / Raphael Daminov ARAB WORLD 02:16 16.10.2017(Updated 02:38 16.10.2017) Alleged leader of the popular crowd Karim Nuri escape the province of Kirkuk article Najmuddin Karim towards Erbil. Sputnik, Baghdad The leader told Iraqi media that Najmuddin Karim fled with three members of his protection to Arbil immediately after he knew the progress of the federal forces towards Kirkuk. The governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin Karim, called on the people of the province to defend their city. While Iraqi state television announced that Iraqi forces had taken control of "large areas" in the Kirkuk region without confrontations, Kurdish media sources said that Iraqi forces entered the base "K1" without fighting. The commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, ordered the armed forces to impose security in Kirkuk in cooperation with the people of Kirkuk and Peshmerga forces. Iraqi and Kurdish officials said Iraqi forces began moving at midnight towards oilfields and an important air base controlled by Kurdish forces near the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. ... 31 by Taboola
  7.القوات-الأمنية-تسيطر-مناطق-واسعة-كركوك/...... Copy the link 0 57711 The Pentagon has urged Iraqi and Kurdish forces to "avoid further escalation". © REUTERS / GORAN TOMASEVIC Governor of Kirkuk: We will defend our city and we will not remain spectators "These acts are destabilizing and divert attention from fighting the organization," he said in a statement. "The United States continues to support a united Iraq and believes dialogue is the best option to defuse tensions," the Pentagon said. The statement pointed out that the focus should be on the common threat posed by the organization of "calling" the terrorist "and avoid fueling tensions between the Iraqi people." ... 1
  8. Copy the link 252041 Iraqi forces took control of "large areas" in the Kirkuk area on Monday without clashes. © REUTERS / REUTERS TV Haidar al - Abadi 's message to his soldiers before the battle of Kirkuk Iraqi state television confirmed that Iraqi forces had taken control of "large areas" in the Kirkuk area without confrontations. While Kurdish media reported that hundreds of volunteers had traveled from Kurdish cities to Kirkuk to defend them, pointing out that Iraqi forces entered the base "K1" without fighting. The governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Karim, has called on the province today to defend their city.القوات-الأمنية-تسيطر-مناطق-واسعة-كركوك/
  9. Iranian Rial & Turkey agree to use national currencies in trade to cut dependence on euro and dollar.... © Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters An agreement on using local currencies in trade has been inked between the central banks of Iran and Turkey. The aim is to improve economic links and make bilateral trade easier. Under the deal, the Iranian rial and Turkish lira will be easily converted to help reduce the costs of currency conversion and transfer for traders. Banks in the two countries will also be able to use international payment tools to convert currencies into rials and liras. The preliminary agreement was signed during last week’s visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Tehran. “We have made very important decisions to strengthen and expand economic relations, including the use of our national currencies in trade,”said Iranian President Hasan Rohani after meeting his Turkish counterpart. The leaders of the two countries have agreed to boost bilateral trade which currently stands at around $10 billion. According to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Valiollah Seif, there’s “potential to boost Iran-Turkey trade to $30 billion,” but some barriers should be removed. READ MORE: Turkish & Iranian leaders unite against Kurdish referendum, accuse Mossad of meddling "One important barrier was the limitations in banking channels of the two countries. The agreement to trade in local currencies can help remove it," Seif was cited as saying by the Islamic Republic News Agency. Ankara and Tehran have also focused on expanding cooperation in finance, opening bank branches in both countries. Published time: 10 Oct 2017 | 14:20 GMT
  10. Synopsis I agree with you that this may be scripted . But at the same time I have held a quiet belief that Iraq is crucially important to the United States future and that every President ,Secretary of State and every person involved has still continued in some way shape or form to make sure it is a success . I remember 3 years ago an article where Kurdish officials flew to the US to meet Bush Jr. at a Hotel in DC. 3 days later we were landing C 130's filled with aid in Kurdistan .I'm not for certain . But if all hands on deck are needed right now ? And by the size of the US Envoy that was just sent they are needed. Then send all the Presidents men to get this done .
  11. Thank You Yota . GM DV's . When the HCL is agreed . Who will make the payments to the citizens ?

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