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  1. Thank You Buti , GM DV’s . Buti what do you think about this Guy , Al Nusarri ? Yet again his pushing Banking to move forward. I know everyone wants to see the return of Shabbibi . But we sure do see him a lot . I would not be surprised to see him in the CBI one day .
  2. Question about the VND

    Somethings got to give . One of these countries have to take the step or pull the trigger . Perhaps it’s Iraq with the greatly undervalued Dinar . Or China with the soon to launch oil futures sold in yuan backed by gold. Or Vietnam with the fast growing GDP . Or maybe it’s Zimbabwe with their new President and his desire to launch a new dollar backed by gold and diamonds. they are stocked piling for that purpose . Or maybe it’s the coming E-Dinar backed by gold , to be launched on January 24th ? It’s difficult , even tiring but I think it’s time with all the great progress we are in the midst of . Hang in there a little further . Somethings got to give and yes . Very (Soon) .
  3. They keep performing those circus they might just see that Custodial Government that was talked about in the past ?
  4. Iranian Rial

    Economy Business And Markets Saturday, December 09, 2017 MRC: No Currency Shock Till March The research arm of the Iranian Parliament has published a report on the status of the country’s foreign exchange market in the coming months, predicting a mostly stable environment by the end of current fiscal year (March 20, 2018). Majlis Research Center confirms that the current rates of foreign currencies in Iran’s market are not so different from their real rates when accounting for trade volume, capital flow and difference between domestic and foreign inflation, among other things. "[Based on such facts] MRC does not see the possibility of shocks occurring in the rates of foreign currencies until the end of the current fiscal year," the think tank specifies in a report that analyzes the government's 2018-19 budget, IBENA reported. The report, however, bases its forecast on the continuity of the current calm in the country's economic and political atmosphere. According to the report, despite all the expert views and legal mandates to reform the process of incorporating the oil revenues into the country’s budget and the need to separate forex policies from financial policies, oil revenues and foreign exchange rates in the country are still affected by global oil prices. This, the think tank concludes, has to do with the fact that the country's oil windfall is calculated in US dollar terms. As a result of this dependency, whenever the volume of production or the global price of oil drops, the government’s oil incomes also decline, which forces the government to increase the rate of foreign currencies in domestic markets to make up for its expenses. The report goes on to talk about the long awaited promise of unifying dual foreign exchange rates that has been delayed several times. CBI’s promise of unifying the rates by the end of the previous fiscal year (March 20, 2017) has remained unfulfilled, prompting CBI Governor Valiollah Seif to promise that the goal will be realized soon in the new administration that took office in the summer. MRC notes that imports, which still benefit from official foreign exchange rates, account for less than 8% of all the imports. This is while the gap between the official rate of the US dollar and its value in free market has been reduced to around 17% from 37% some four years ago. Thus, the research body suggests that CBI might even be able to entirely eliminate the allocation of foreign currencies at subsidized rates and unify the dual foreign exchange rates if the bank has enough forex resources to control possible fluctuations that will result after the rate unification. Iran currently uses two official and unofficial currency rates. The central bank and several administrations have discussed the issue of unifying these rates, as they give rise to rent seeking and corruption, but the plan is yet to be implemented. Share This : Short URL :
  5. Iranian Rial

    2017 $5.6b of Foreign Funds Finalized in 100 Days Foreign finance agreements signed in the first 100 days of President Hassan Rouhani’s second term amounted to $5.6 billion. This was announced by Mohammad Khazaei, the director of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran–the main entity in charge of negotiating foreign finance deals. Rouhani was reelected president in May. “Of these projects, 57 have received the official green light to employ funds worth more than $5.6 billion,” he said. “In the past three years, credit line deals have amounted to about $27 billion, but the volume of the memoranda of understanding signed is much more and goes beyond $50 billion,” Khazaei added in an interview published by the news portal of the Economy Ministry to mark his 100-day performance report. The official noted, however, that the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2017-22) has envisioned $60 billion in foreign finance and foreign investment, so there is still room for more. Iran has so far signed deals with China, South Korea, Austria and Denmark to receive foreign finance for its projects while negotiations with Japan and Italy are continuing. The administration has had to respond to a number of criticisms, namely to claims that the Economy Ministry has paid little attention to the possibility of sanctions snapback. “Our negotiations with countries such as Italy, China and South Korea with the aim of signing contracts took about three years so that issues such as this would be taken into account,” Khazaei said. “Negotiations on interest rates, insurance fees and similar matters are not the main issues taking up the bulk of time and are resolved in a matter of few meetings. The main topics of discussion include the possibility of sanctions snapback,” he added. Sticking Issues The OIETA chief noted that in addition to the likelihood of sanctions snapback, global concerns such as anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism are also of utmost importance in such deals, causing them to drag for months on end. “At present, we are negotiating with Italy and I hope negotiations will be finalized in the next few weeks,” he said, adding that the members of Italian negotiating team have changed several times in the past few years. Khazaei further said Iran must show to the world through these deals that its banking system is credible and able to clinch deals with international counterparts because even if a portion of the potential funds remain unused, it would improve the country’s credit risk rating. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2016 upgraded Iran’s rating in the country risk classifications of the Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits. The international body improved Iran’s ranking one notch, moving it from 7 to 6. The official noted that Iran has made headways in returning to the global economic scene, even as its relations with major international banks have yet to completely normalize. Khazaei points to Iran’s status in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member, which includes strong voting rights. “It is no insignificant thing for Iran to count itself among the major founding members of a bank that is to become a competitor for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund,” he said. Share This : Short URL :
  6. Iranian Rial

    ritish foreign minister arrives in Tehran 09/12/2017 14:00 TEHRAN (AFP) - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrived in Tehran on Saturday for a two-day visit. Johnson is visiting Tehran at the head of a political and economic delegation to hold talks with senior Iranian officials. During the visit, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, as well as his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Jawad Sharif, will meet with President Hassan Rowhani, Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkani and the Chairman of the Shura Council, Ali Larijani.
  7. I hope so too Zul . Some years ago the DFI had literally an Ocean 🌊 Of Money 💰 in it ......
  8. Thanks Thug , GA DV's ........................................the time has come for reform."....................................
  9. Iraqi gold settles at 207 thousand dinars for the weight Readers Iraqi gold settles at 207 thousand dinars for the weight 08-12-2017 08:04 PM The Euphrates - The price of Iraqi gold, on Friday, at 207 thousand dinars for one weight. The price of a gold 21 caliber weight, today 207 thousand and 855 dinars, while on Thursday recorded 207 thousand. It is noted that the weight of one gold is equal to 5 grams. Was not this number 255,000 a few days ago ?......
  10. Homs reveals to (time) the launch of a new dollar product to protect the currency and strengthen the dinar December 5, 2017 32 Iraqi Trade is making the ninth draw for a worthy opportunity Homs reveals to (time) the launch of a new dollar product to protect the currency and strengthen the dinar Baghdad - Qusay Munther The Iraqi Trade Bank revealed the launch of a new product in dollars to protect the currency from attrition as well as strengthen the dinar, while yesterday was held the ninth cloud of opportunity to qualify. The director general of the bank, Faisal Al-Hims, told Al-Zaman that "a good product was launched during the month of February last year, and the first monthly draw was made last March. The first one was yesterday, the ninth cloud, in which the bank managed to raise amounts by 9 billion dinars. "This product protects customers' savings, which can be retrieved at will, because the hoarding of money in homes may expose them to theft or for many other reasons." He added that "the customer can through the product access to the port to protect his money and also the opportunity to win prizes for money Which is invested by the certificate of deposit in addition He said: "This will contribute to restoring the confidence of citizens in the banks that have also started to compete with it." Al-Hymes revealed that "the issuance of a certificate of deposit in dollars is beneficial and linked to exchange rates and in several currencies, including the Iraqi dinar and this is beneficial on a basis we can support the dinar and also enter the currency with competition and non-depletion) . For his part, Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank Walid Eidi (time) yesterday that (the product is distinct on the banking scene where no other bank has initiated other than the Iraqi trade to issue such a product, especially this contributes to the withdrawal of liquidity from outside the banking system to the inside to re-invest In the process of granting small and medium loans to serve the requirements of growth and development in the national economy), noting that (the product also benefit at the individual level of the applicant or the owner of that certificate will receive funds through the drawbacks specified by the bank), noting that (those projects aimed at achieving Growth at the level of the Egyptian arena As well as the economy in general), and on the budget deficit, Idi said that "the economic situation in the ongoing development despite the dizziness experienced by the country was difficult because of the events of the call and the requirements of the battle against those terrorist groups," pointing out that (low oil prices) It also had a deficit, but Iraq was able to break a neck Rebalancing Noting that (the House of Representatives can not restore the budget to the government that the law to withdraw only with the consent of the party that sent him), and he said that (the status of the Iraqi reserve in a continuous development and stable and also outside the conventional international ratios), and hard currency, There is a mechanism of criteria used in the auction does not amount to the East, having received approvals from the Treasury and the International Monetary Fund and even by the Security Council by informing them how to conduct the auction by explaining the governor on the most recent during his visit. The bank's ninth lien was honored by honoring one of its employees for its trust that it had found 55 million dinars in the main branch of the bank. The winners of the ten prizes offered by the bank to the participants were also announced by electronic lottery. Governorate of Babel Elham Abboud Rizki. Musical events A number of musical activities of the Angami band were also seen in the drawing. The certificate is a deposit of 500 thousand dinars for issuance, which enables the holder of the certificate to enter the monthly prize draw of 10 million dinars or a semi-annual draw of 40 million dinars or the annual award which is a major 100 million dinars, and the product works to encourage citizens to deposit money In the banks for the purpose of preserving them, as well as restoring confidence through the application of the values and principles that the bank operates represented by credibility, transparency and trust.
  11. What if ? What if the 000’s calculation has not be put in place yet just as it has not been announced ???

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