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  1. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Caz, You are correct except to blame your dog. You took the dinar RV bait. And like FR said now you know it.... If an RV would solve Iraqs' problems it would have done it long ago. The GOI is broke .. We will see what they do with the next budget... If you run the numbers you would see that it needs to borrow to stay alive but already at it's credit limit. They need to DEvalue not increase. THAT is what is being done at dozens of countries in their predicament ... inflation sets in and they have to print more dinar breaking the peg. Let's just wait for the new year.
  2. Where's the money going to come from???/

    I think it is called "reality distortion". My mind is made up, dont confuse me with facts.... I am going to be RICH! Iraq owes me a profit . It is an INvestment..
  3. Where's the money going to come from???/

    FR. Notice how Caz wastes time here continually evading the subject! He could simply have said long ago that he doesn't know the answer .. He just expects to get an #800 and go to the BANK and the money will be there cuz the banks have a lot of money to give away. DUH!
  4. Where's the money going to come from???/

    But there is the nagging FEAR. If i sell some of my dinar AND it does RV i have thrown away all that profit,( the monkey),..... The RV germ wont let them do that. They will hang on till some thing happens and it crashes,. Then it is REALLY worthless.
  5. 4 day holiday request

    I'm doing very well thank you., Caz Remember, an idle mind is the devils workshop. So i look forward to solving any puzzle i can find . ? How did so many people get trapped in this CON ? Obviously most are over their heads. The guru's /pumpers have weaved ridiculous scenarios and they believe them. You are a puzzle too. You seem to be well educated and should have figured it out by now , yet you are still here .. So you must have a purpose! Dealer yourself? Dealer pimp? Or just a curmudgeon. What makes you TICK?
  6. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Well spoken FR. But RVers can't handle the truth. Dreams of wealth die hard,.
  7. 4 day holiday request

    Inquiring mind is a good point . I am curious . How did so many people on at least 3 continents get the idea that the Iraqi dinar was going to radically increase in value and make them rich? Spawn dozens of web sites , Gurus , iTeams , dealer networks, etc. I didnt know much about currency exchange but my curiosity got me to find a book on central banking and exchange rate calculation. I found that central banks do not like to make major changes it causes the public to loose confidence in them, adjustments of more than a few percent are rare. There are several accepted methods ,but picking a number and pulling the rigger is not one of them. Banking is serious business. Just think, at 10 cents it would take $100,000 buy a mil IQD . How many people would risk that much money? I think NONE. I have got to see how this turns out. That's what makes me TICK.!
  8. 4 day holiday request

    Tex ,i know you are planning to be a millionaire , but when you said that the CBI would NEVER NEVER INDICATE ( meaning show, or point out) a rate change i had to correct. You DO want the CBI to indicate a change . How else would you see the 1:1 you are looking for? What i think you meant was that it would not HINT to a rate change ,.That i agree. So kinda kills the rumor that Shabibi did. Caz, if there ever was a need for such a book you are the perfect person to write it. Put me down for one copy!
  9. 4 day holiday request

    WHAT NO RV! EVER! You are going to end up in the Tank talking that way.
  10. 4 day holiday request

    I thought someone would have caught this by now! The CBI did not request the holiday, it cant. The holiday , for some reason was set, by the GOI. All the CBI was saying that if a bank customer would need dollars during the holiday IT must request them in advance. NOTE : There will be business conducted ( ships unloaded ,truckloads brought in, etc) during the holiday and most are COD and must be paid in dollars , that's ALL.. NOT any indication of the CBI doing a rate change .
  11. WOW 40 Mil for sale!

    I think you can buy bitcoin with dinar at but at todays rate would be a lot of IQD! Also I questioned the existence of ATMs using the Arabic language and found they do exist! Even here in Detriot,Mi. USA. Comerica Bank. But they only issue dollars. Just a bit of trivia
  12. I did not know of the US dollar limit, certainly would need more than 10K if going to school or for extensive medical treatment. But I did read that they do not allow Iraqis to carry more than 10000 dinar out of the country. Although we know the dealers are able to get crisp new notes to sell. With all their corruption it is probable to bribe customs to look the other way.
  13. Who's been right 100% so far??? I think the best thing to put RVers out of misery would be for the CBI to set a 10 cent rate but of course it will not let any dollars out of the country and see where the chips (dinar) falls. There will not be any buyers at that rate. The dealers will go out of business. Of course the dreamers will hang on hoping for a miracle (blessing).
  14. It may be old topic but still the most important question. Where will the money come from???? THE BANKS of course! They will take it , charge a healthy fee AND then what, hold it? Not likely.. They are in the business to make a profit . Their capital account is the fuel for their business, not going to tie it up in dinar. they will sell off ASAP . BUT what if there are NO buyers. No buyers = no business. The only legitimate buyer would be the CBI and at present they are not freely allowing dollars out of the country. Even at the current rate it would be foolish to buy dinar with dollars , it would be cheaper to just print more.
  15. Guru Mtn Goat says there will be a LOP

    LOP or RV there must be LDs... You cant tell from that. It will depend on the value the cbi puts on them . IF they say new25 and old 25000 ARE EQUAL then its a LOP.

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