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  1. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Kevin, there is very little factual economic or finance information on this site. i'm sure you know the rumors are all lies. But even the news section contains a lot of misinformation. I suggest you go to a library and get a book on international finance, it should have a chapter on currency evaluation. Thats all you need to understand that the RV that you are expecting cant happen. My question is "where will the cashin dollars come from?" No one can answer,. I think the assumption is that if the CBI SAYS the dinar is worth 10 cents ALL the banks of the world will honor that rate, without question.. That is ridiculous. The banks will expect the CBI to buy back any dinar and today ,if it would , the CBI would be hard pressed to make .00086. Iraq is $120Bn in debt and will need more for the next budget. As a business it is bankrupt.
  2. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Hi Shabs. I think you know what I meant... Well , maybe not! Where do you think the money will come from? The dinar fairy?
  3. Where's the money going to come from???/

    TRUE BUT the currency exchange MARKET rate is set by supply and demand and could change with every trade. There is not a one set rate. Solid currencies that have balanced supply/demand ratios have small margins. If there is NO demand there will not be any sales.
  4. Where's the money going to come from???/

    CAZ, I am sure you read the question but purposely find a way to ignore it .. Is it because you dont want others to know that you dont have an answer? It is OK. Most RVers were taken in by the promise that when the RV happens ALL the banks of the world would jump at the opportunity to BUY dinar. You just have to WAIT.
  5. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Well CAZ, I dont understand why you cant explain how you are going to profit from the dinar, unless you are a dealer. In which case i can see what you are doing here... Dealers will continue to profit only as long as the RV myth lives. NO RV or a LOP means the dinar as an investment is DEAD. They are out of business. Most dealer support Guru sites that pump the dinar .. But they might also support antiRV or lop posters with obfuscations like yours! We just learned that the CBI released another 5 Trillion dinar now there is 40T in circulation. A 1:1 RV would put the CBI liabilities at over 40T USD. How are they going to pay out at that rate? There arent that many dollars available. Iraqis arent stupid , if they could get their hands on a dollar for each dinar they had they would take it in a flash. WHY? With a dollar they could buy anything , a dinar can buy only what is available in Iraq .
  6. Where's the money going to come from???/

    CAZ THE QUESTION IS "Where will the money (for an RV) come from?"..... There, I hope you finally get that right! For a 10 cent RV someone must be willing to put out $100,000 US for a mil IQD. Where would those kind of investors come from? You can admit that you dont know . Thats OK because I dont know either . NObody knows. Try 1 cent , same answer. Even proposing a full 1/10th is a stretch under current conditions. With the talk about changing salary schedules for Iraqi's in the next budget could mean the "lift the zeros" is back!
  7. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Anyone who gets his book and understands what he says will save more than what he paid for it and also prevent years of misery. NOW back to the subject "Where will the millions of dollars come from" A seasoned investor like you are should know. IF you dont then you just gambled on a wish ... Let me give you a hint , Banks dont just buy currencies like the dinar they wait for suckers to ask for it THEN they may obtain it from someone wishing to sell! The price is set by the demand. If there is no demand they have NO need to deal. The CBI could say tha dinar is worth a dollar and that is what the Iraqis' will have to pay but it will have no meaning for the value outside of the country. Because there will not be any demand.
  8. Where's the money going to come from???/

    CAZ, JJ supports my mission to reveal the truth and try to keep the unsuspecting from wasting their money. If you take the time to go back to 2010 you can read most of what he has to say for free. Putting it into eBook format took some effort . He put in the effort and deserves a return. It is the Con artists I dislike. The Dealers and their SHILLS. The dealers cant promise an RV on their sites because it is against the law so they set up guru sites to do their dirty work. What gets me is why so many can't see the obvious. I ask "where will the money come from ?" and no one can answer. Because the answer is that the money does not exist and never will. But to believe that KILLS the DREAM. So you ignore it. Iraq is broke and the CBI is almost insolvent. Even the Saudis admit the era of oil riches is coming to an end. BUT they are doing something about it.
  9. Where's the money going to come from???/

    I remember JJ 's posts, back in 2010 when people were paying extra for overnight delivery. Seems he has been 1000% correct for 8 years. I dont remember all of his logic but am sure it is just as valid today or moreso with the deterioration of the Iraqi economy.
  10. Where's the money going to come from???/

    There is plenty of substance here but it is not what you would like. It's never happened before is not bad logic in most cases. Just answer the question , IF the rate is somehow changed to the hyped 10 cents WHO will gamble the $100K to BUY your dinar , the bank, the FED, some Chinese conglomerate????? Take a guess... The CBI is broke ,, it will not buy back any dinar. If it needs dinar it can just print more. NO you are stuck with the dealers , but they were not planning to buy back anymore than they expected to sell. AT any increase or a LOP the dealers are GONE. BTW In the June 30 balance sheet the CBI showed $6M in printing expenses!!! That would be enough to replace a third of all the notes in circulation! Something is afoot!
  11. Where's the money going to come from???/

    SAme ole Caz. Nothing to add. I can say for certain that the CBI will NOT Increase the value of the dinar any time SOON. Did you see that the CBI's cash and gold has fallen to less than $3Bn . Yep , posted that back in Aug AND nobody seemed to notice! 40 Bn. tied up in loans to the MOF! Because they couldnt get funding thru normal channels. I wonder why we arent seeing much on the new budget. Because it is BAD news they have to cut to the bone. The Kurds backed off because they are nearly broke too. They didnt want Tikrit shot up like the others. If Art 140 goes to arbitration they may get Tikrit for free. Think about this! The currency in circulation Is a Liability to the CBI RIGHT !!! So if they RV to a dime their liability grows 100 times . With NO increase in ASSETS the CBI is technically BANKRUPT.... But wait a central bank cant go bankrupt it just prints more worthless money . Certainly would drive the Iraqis to hold dollars. There , now you should have some real items to comment about.
  12. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Let me take a crack at what the typical RVer is thinking: The dinar is being kept under valued ( Myth 1) It will return to its former GLORY , the GURUs said so ( Myth 2)... The CBI can "pull the trigger " at any time ( Myth 3) I will get a email with a 800 number to call for an appointment to EXCHANGE dinar for dollars. ( The dinar is a special case) Banks have a lot of money to give away. (myth4) Now for the TRUTH. The dinar is overvalued but the CBI will keep it that way to keep inflation down and maintain confidence, The CBI cannot RV TO A HIGHER RATE it is obligated to maintain the peg ( an IMF requirement) and it does not have the additional reserves. FX is a supply/demand market . A bank will not know in advance what the demand is until it has an order from a customer ( right now there is NO Demand) Thus it will not have a need to buy/excange dinar.
  13. WOW Haven't heard the word used that way in years! Now they are reporting an #800 GLITCH .. Again we have been using #800 for like 40 years and they are still reporting problems ??? But just think if the CBI did a 1cent RV that would be a 100 times increase. You would not need a Email, phone notice,etc. it would be world news ASAP! The real question then would be WHO would pay $10000 for a million dinar. I dont think anyone would.
  14. It makes sense to bring out a new currency now , could be a windfall for the CBI. They dont know how much was destroyed in the fighting or stolen. If they force a turn-in then gradually they will know their true liability .. The liability for money not turned in would simply be written off.
  15. It must not be obvious because the rumor mill(PUMPERS) continue to titillate with the RV tomorrow --- whoops another bug story . Yeah it is tired even Luigi seems .tired of it but cant resist bringing it ... WHY do the mods allow it? ON another note the LOP aka MONETARY change is back in the news.... Maybe they will really do it this time to celebrate the victory. Plus a lot of the old ( 000) dinar was lost in the fighting. If they bring out the new money as stated will spoil a lot of millionaire dreams.

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