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  1. Where's the money going to come from???/

    I didnt mean other IQD sites , if that was what you thought. I have other interests. One site has a few people at BofA HQ in Charlotte on it . I pass along a few of the rumors just for laughs. They dont understand how people can be so easily mislead . The thought of becoming RICH distorts ones sense of reality.
  2. Where's the money going to come from???/

    No Caz , I have a pretty good life. I am a regular on other sites, but when i need a chuckle can always find one here. I see the #800 redemption centers are in the news this week! I love the bank stories they are very creative. You are a puzzlement to me...Smarter than the average dinarian . Yet you wont say how you expect to get a profit in IQD! WELL maybe you did but over time have learned you won't... There will be no mass redemption , you must be satisfied by trading among yourselves or a dealer . A few more have found that out and selling their STASHES for what they can and happy just to get out.
  3. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Still a lot of souls to save here....Very disappointing when a newbee logs in to ask WHEN the RV is coming! UGH. The Kuwaiti conference is a DONOR event, they want others to bring in funds for reconstruction... Because the Iraqi's cant afford to do it. Why is it in Kuwait ,, Because if in Bagdad few would attend . Interested to see what kind of bargains are made.
  4. Where's the money going to come from???/

    I should also add that now I believe that some are now selling IQD to buy cryptocurrency, another INVESTMENT they know nothing about. However in this case i believe they will end up loosing ALL their money by the end of the year .. They will learn not to play with any kind of currency INVESTMENT.
  5. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Caz, why is it that no one will answer my question? The reason is that they fell for the lie that the cbi has plans to raise the value of the dinar SOON ( SECRET HOT TIP ) THEN the world banking community will simply begin paying out at the new rate. Another lie. What a world that would be if a central bank could do that and other banks would blindly follow!! Banks dont just give away money .. Well they could make some very bad loans to people with no means to pay back. Ala 2007/8. No Caz , there will be no RV/RI or even a one cent appreciaton....In fact the IQD may suffer a DEPRECIATION when the CBI determines it can no longer prop it up.
  6. RV/RI would violate CBI Law

    Being the skeptic I am .. I would say that XOA is stuck with a pile of circulated dinar and they want you to feel lucky to be able to get it!
  7. RV/RI would violate CBI Law

    The CBI law sets two objectives for the bank. 1 Price Stability. ? Changing the rate would alter prices across the board and disrupt the economy. Not all to the good. 2 Improve and maintain confidence in the banking system ... This would be a good one. CBI says we' are sorry but we have been using the wrong rate all along . Here is a new one . A great trust builder .
  8. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Yep. Rugby is a newbe but the idea that the FED or UST would be buying up IQD is Guru POO from long ago. I wonder how many still expect that to happen? Do you? Legally it can't happen . At least not under current rules. Does anyone really know what a cybercurrency is???? Can You hold one in your hand?! Is it a guaranteed store of value? If you paid for one where is it? Like the IQD is it just another get rich quick scheme? Like the dinar a lot of people who got in early and really cashed out made some profit. If you buy Bitcoin at $15K and it drops to $10K would they have the guts to hang on ? If not it would trigger a selloff.
  9. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Rugby, I missed a few comments to your post. The US Treasury/ Uncle Sam only deals in dollars. Our form of government doesnt compete with private business (deal in oil purchases)..Yes we do have the strategic oil reserve but that is a security not a for profit operation. The dollars wont come from the US government! The CBI as of last report (could be less now ) only has $48 B in reserves to use to buy back dinar, AT 1:1 that is only enough to cover 48B in dinar. WHAT happens to the remaining 79.52 TRILLION still in circulation? That stuff would be REALLY worthless.
  10. Where's the money going to come from???/

    No such luck CAZ, I am in pretty good shape. My comment was referring to the 15 year target Tex gave to expect a poor war torn country to RECOVER. Iraq just got out of the war with ISIS so if we start counting now that puts it out to 2033. I see a lot more action on the BUY/sell IQD thread... I fear that some are dumping dinar for cash to buy Crypto.. Jumping from the slo dinar train to the Crypto rocket.. Another case of getting into an activity they know nothing about.
  11. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Hey Rugby, I am sure you are not alone with that scenario. It may sound logical but it is wrong. The policy today is that ONLY Iraqi's can get dollars from the CBI AND they need to be QUALIFIED buyers . All others must use currency changers at the going rate. How does the CBI announce a rate change ? It posts a new BUY/SELL on the board. IF as you say it is 1:1 Iraqis would line up to get all the dollars they can ASAP . WHY , Because they will want things that only can be bought with dollars. A non Iraqi bank won't take dinar because they cant send the dinar back across the border. So the 1:1 rate is meaningless to them. US commercial banks do not hold foreign currency , if they do it is off the balance sheet which becomes non-working capital . So they dont like to do it . Money Center banks (BofA, JpMorgan) with branches off shore will do so IF the currency is trade-able thru that branch. There is no risk. It will be sold off in a day. YOU are correct that the world runs on credit ...It was BAD credit that got the banks in trouble back in '08. Extending GOOD credit is the lifeblood of all banking. The reason that companies dont invest in Iraq today is the credit risk.
  12. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Tex, I dont have to be smart as you say. Just apply simple logic. The money has to come from somewhere., and no one has been able to say where! I just look at the facts and do the math. 80T+ in M2 and only $48B in reserves doesnt justify the CBIs .00086 rate? It is going BROKER each day. I would like to see your WTO quote in print.. But if true the meaning of a recovery would be that that it was able to cover its budget without outside help i.e. LOANS. Iraq is at least 5 years from being able to do that. Recovery doesnt necessarily mean a change to the currency. Just think if they were to try to raise the value with an over night RV there would be 30 million Iraqis in line ahead of you . Their banks open while you are still in bed. As for time I know i dont have enough left to see an RV,RI or even an increase to an even tenth of a cent.
  13. Where's the money going to come from???/

    I don't know why no one has the answer to this very important question... There are 40T dinar in cash and 80+T in total M2. If the proverbial 1:1 were to happen the total liability of the CBI becomes the equivalent of 80T USD. THAT is IMPOSSIBLE. The CBI would be bankrupt as the current reserves would be wiped out in an instant. The logical conclusion is that the CBI would NEVER do it!
  14. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Oh well . guess i gave you too much credit .... YOU said no one knows what the CBI(GOI) is going to do , that is correct! My best guess is they will do NOTHING as they have for the last 10 years. History is on my side.
  15. Where's the money going to come from???/

    FINALLY you get it ,CAZ. THE MONEY MUST COME thru the CBI! ONLY they can change the rate AND no other bank will deal in dinar until they are sure that the CBI will deliver the dollars at the rate they put on it. With only $48Bn in reserves the question is will they offer to buy back dinar at all. I don't think so . They will keep the dollars and let you keep your dinar. P.S. Happy New Year........Another loooooooog one!

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