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  1. It does take some a little longer to graduate . Messing around with supermodels can be a distraction.
  2. Hi Joe. I don't really spend much time here. Between the stock market and 2 on-line courses I am on every day for about 3 hours and drop in to DV for a change of pace. I am 81 and completely retired. I have had several economics and finance courses in my lifetime so I have the experience in what is going on. Banking on the national level is serious business so you can be sure they test the effect of their decisions very carefully. A 1 cent ( 10 times increase ) dinar would cause fiscal mayhem in Iraq. They know that and it will never happen. I keep dropping into DV out of curiosity. The RV is a mass delusion, well orchestrated I will add. I don't know how it has gone on so long but one day it will blow up. Greed has a way of defying logic. Everyone knows the GURUs are liars , but you keep going to the rumor mill for the titillating effect. Iraq is broke . Mortgaged to the hilt. A third will have to be rebuilt where will they get the funds? They certainly aren't planning to make infidels RICH.
  3. AH that ole "FIAT MONEY LINE".... A fiat rate (which is what the IQD has) IS ONLY good for the native currency. Outside of Iraq the dinar is really worth zero, nada. The dealers are charging $1k+ for it only because Dinarians have to have it and will pay. Sell it for 1k buy it back at 750 , then sell it again. That is almost prostitution. Just as a thought WHAT if the FBI/DOJ suddenly decided that the sale of dinar was illegal. The dealers would be out of business and dinar holders would be stuck trading between themselves at risk of a FBI sting ????????
  4. I think Al-Sadr's "service project" might be some form of volunteer program like US had during the depression. Young men out of work were sent to National park areas to plant trees and build trails. They were fed , housed and the money was sent home. It would be a good idea to clean up the devastated areas to prepare for rebuilding, and would pick up some of the military that is no longer needed. If pushed by the clergy as a religious duty it might fly.
  5. SO You are expecting a bunch of crazy bankers to BUY your dinar! That is the best answer to the question cause no SANE banker will do it.
  6. The Energizer Bunny and the Junk Yard Dog. Caz, do you think there are enough crazy bankers? Oh , I forgot you don't make meaningful statements.
  7. I know most RVers BELIEVE that IF the dinar revalues to some higher value that there are BANKS just waiting to get in on the action! BUT if the cbi doesn't back up the RV with a full agreement to take back the dinar at the new price what BANKS would buy dinar???? The risk would be too great... So the CBI says that they are SELLING the dinar at $0.10 BUT not buying any from outside the country our banks take a loss. Why would they do that. That's not good banking... Then again why would the CBI buy back ANY dinar from outside the country? They can easily print new bills for 6-8 cents each .... Without the guaranteed backing of the CBI reserves that is all any IQD note is worth to them. .
  8. Caz, you forgot the most likely . The rate could just STAY THE SAME
  9. Rebuilding might turnout to be a blessing in disguise..... Given enough picks and shovels will solve the unemployment problem... Straighten and widen streets in the OLD City. They would be so busy they will have to cancel a few holidays.
  10. That was like 5 years ago.... But we have many here still believing in the "miracle RVeeeeee". guess some will never learn.
  11. True CAZ. And I'll bet he doesn't venture into currency speculation again. There probably were others but we may never hear from them(too embarrassed). Fool me once , shame on me . Fool me twice NEVER!
  12. Well KEEPM you are living proof of life after dinar withdrawal. How does it feel to be off the RIDE? I might like the help here but dont hang out too long or you get thrown in!
  13. Caz just adding some wisdom and truth to the site.... The translations of news out if Iraq get twisted into predictions of the great RV..... Some are well meaning , overzealous DVers . But I suspect some are phantom pumpers. I do my best to counter them. I never bought any dinar. I remember from one of my early investing classes where the instructor cautioned not to invest in currencies or commodities as you will loose your money or end up with a boxcar of pork bellys. When this comes to an end ( don't know why it has taken this long) we will see who was right.
  14. no CAZ not duped at all. This thing smelled bad to me from day one. You keep your big-boy pants on and hang in .... It is going to be a long bumpy ride , still. Mosul may be finished, that's good but low oil prices expected for future and that means more borrowing , but that will be difficult. Raising the value of the dinar in Iraq will only make things worse. I know my musings mostly fall on deaf ears , a voice out of the darkness .. Those that don't care can ignore all.
  15. I want to post a note to Philip. No matter what Iraq sets as its INTERNAL exchange rate the price of oil in dollars will not change.. Iraq will have the same income . See the payroll problem above.