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  1. Don't worry! I found a wallet I had overlooked, and I am back in the game!!!
  2. Hey, coorslite, i lost all my crypto (fraud websites) can u provide a link here? thanks!
  3. For things to b in balance, one has to equal the other. Do i hear a 1:1???
  4. CBI News 11/21/2017

    Hope we can all have a hay day with this one!!!
  5. Cant you read? Jaygo said it first!!! And I agree, so lets be positive and just know hes coming back!!
  6. Ummmmm, let me think now... Ummm, give me a hint, does it start with an R, and end with a V?
  7. Usually they postpone what they are suppose to postpone, just for postponement sake! I'm good with postponing due to a sandstorm, as all the progress that has been made, we dont want anything bad to happen at this point!
  8. Thank you! I'm glad for that as well, but I am so focused on how badly EVVVERYONE needs this RV, I thought you were refering to that? Really I dont understand what the hold up is at this point? Soooo much has been accomplished this year, and all they hav now is the HCL, and article 7, or 8, and whatever other loose ends, because they certainly have security done??? Please, someone, anyone, just pull the trigger!!!! And for sooo many benefiting reasons for sooo many people!!! Just do it!!!! Get r dun!!!!
  9. I tell ya, I aint no expert, and even i know that proper planing will drive the economy, and attrack investors,,,,,, aaaassssss long as someone, somwhere sets the exchange rate to what it should be!!! Ok, I'll do it, give me the keys to unlock this mess!

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