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  1. Thank you! I'm glad for that as well, but I am so focused on how badly EVVVERYONE needs this RV, I thought you were refering to that? Really I dont understand what the hold up is at this point? Soooo much has been accomplished this year, and all they hav now is the HCL, and article 7, or 8, and whatever other loose ends, because they certainly have security done??? Please, someone, anyone, just pull the trigger!!!! And for sooo many benefiting reasons for sooo many people!!! Just do it!!!! Get r dun!!!!
  2. I tell ya, I aint no expert, and even i know that proper planing will drive the economy, and attrack investors,,,,,, aaaassssss long as someone, somwhere sets the exchange rate to what it should be!!! Ok, I'll do it, give me the keys to unlock this mess!
  3. Why do you say the next few days will be interesting, with reguards to these articles? I'm anticipating they will be, as these are the last few days of september!
  4. When is the three day weekend? September 28, 29, & 30th, back to work on Sunday, October 1st, the begining of the fiscal year with the begining of the new rate?
  5. Ok........ My debit machine provider sent me a letter that there may be some errors ocuuring on 08/28/2017????????
  6. Iraq? Or "who" has no clue? Or "who" is holding everything up? Or who is trying to get things rolling, but is being held up by who? And WHYYY???? We alllllll kno this will benefit soooo many if us, and the people of Iraq, and the people who are looking for jobs who we will leave our jobs to, etc. etc! But this is common sense.......
  7. New CBI Announcement 08/13/2017

    Read up on the stars! Not only an ecclispe!!! This one has great energies, and we all need to say "No" when we start to think of passed failures, and being negative, but instead manifest our futre!
  8. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    US DollarUSD1.2 EUROEUR1.08565 British poundGBP1466.129 Canadian dollarCAD876.741 Japanese yenJPY11.156 Norwegian kroneNOK141.862 Why is the Canadian dollar shown at 876? Right now, 1 USD = about 1.33 CAD, so if 1 IQD = 1.2 USD, then 1 IQD should = 1.584 CAD, and not 876.741 CAD???
  9. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    You're abbbbsolutely right!!! It totally feels different, as I have been talking to my friend, and he feels its different this time too, I'm sure all of us are feeling it!!!
  10. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    Is it 11:1, or 1:11, which would be 1 dinar = $.09, which is close the $.10 that a lot of people said it would start out at? Although if it came at $11.00, that'd be crazyyyyy!!!
  11. I CAN'T believe it! You guys are devaluing the IQD!!! Stop it will you! Iraq is doing quite the job of it!!!!

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