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  1. Ahhhhh, I am inspired! Very inspired!!! Inspired to go bang some heads together!!!
  2. What do you see???? I see nothing!! It all looks pretty blury, & cloudy to me???
  3. From the Media Office of Abadi

    Maybe he is refering to his time in office????
  4. 10Y you need to eat three things, everyday! Avocado, avocado, and more avocado's!!! Seriously, my friend is a four stage champion, and swears by the avocado's!

    Thanks Wiljor! Just wondering,,,,,, would it cost bloomberg money to have a programmer add the IQD to the list? Bloomberg wouldnt spend money for no reason, so I'm sure they did it for some reason? Now if i could only figure out what that could be????
  6. CBI News 02/06/2018

    I'd be totally ok with that! Only if I KNEW it was gonna b in April!!!!!

    How long have u been checking on bloomberg? To me there must b a reason!!!
  8. Now that you n I are seeing it correctly, we'll just have to wait n see how Iraq sees it???
  9. THAAAATS what I was thinking! With the WB as the referee, Soooomething has to get done!!!
  10. CBI News 01/03/2018

    Sure hoping your right!!!!! Thx skeetdog
  11. CBI News 01/02.2017

    Thx fitxvz, but is that Jan 7, 2018, or is it Jul 1, 2018?
  12. Abadi announces 2018 priorities

    Bravo 11 prediction?? Do you have a link?
  13. Veeeerrrry true!! And why wud u worry soooo much about counterfeiting of worthless money??? Orrrrr they know its not wothless in the very near future, like maybe Jan 2nd???

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