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  1. You're abbbbsolutely right!!! It totally feels different, as I have been talking to my friend, and he feels its different this time too, I'm sure all of us are feeling it!!!
  2. Is it 11:1, or 1:11, which would be 1 dinar = $.09, which is close the $.10 that a lot of people said it would start out at? Although if it came at $11.00, that'd be crazyyyyy!!!
  3. I CAN'T believe it! You guys are devaluing the IQD!!! Stop it will you! Iraq is doing quite the job of it!!!!
  4. Okieeeeee, I miss okie n the ships!!!
  5. Selling dollars / 100 = 125.800 dinars price The purchase price of US $ / 100 = 125.600 dinars am I readind this right? Does it say US$ 1= 1.256 dinars??????
  6. Does anyone know how many presidents/prime ministers of other countrys that Mr. Trump has met with? I know he has met with the Canadian Prime Minister, has there been any others?
  7. Is that enuff for an RV???
  8. So, when is he going??? It says tomorrow several times? What does tomorrow, or even this month mean in iraqi time???
  9. LOL! I thought that was what he was looking for, so I kept it polite as possible, without saying what I'd like to..........
  10. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. I'm thinking it would have taken them more time to put some thought into this letter, type up this letter, and to post it on the site, than the timee it would have taken them to update the rate???
  12. that was short lived!!!!
  13. The same with XE, its showing 1163 also? I'm just wondering if these guys know something, and if I should go see my dealer???