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  1. I hear Hillarious is looking for a Job, she would fit right in with crooks, thieves, killers, liars, pedophiles
  2. Sounds like the last election here in the USA
  3. Boozer


    sex scandals, corruption, Murders, pay for play, Lies, so Iraq does have a Hillarious TOO !
  4. That's how it works here in the states TOO ! Can you say Clinton. Ostupid. Lynch, Comey , and the list goes on
  5. Iraq directly says soon means indirectly next year, relative wealth channel still comes from my wage (job) channel, capital market argument,( wife in charge ) Exchange rate ( from my hand to the bill collector ) no matter how you look at it I'm still BROKE !
  6. if only then had a ccurrency worth something to use at these new shops
  7. Boozer

    Merry of Iraqi dinar

    I would like to know about chapter 7 as well, seems last sep the UN did not vote on it 4 some reason
  8. Boozer

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    wish I had a Nickle for every time we heard this, they talk but never act on it
  9. Happy VD to you all , Trump tells it like it is and does not hold his tongue , so what is he going to do about it. send more hard earned U S tax dollar ? or cut them off , something has to give.
  10. Boozer

    The birth of a new economy

    how you going to do it with a worthless currency ?
  11. 2% of that will help my Livelihood
  12. My wife said I had that last night , guess that's why she slept in the guest room
  13. Boozer

    CBI News 01/31/2018

    Just put a rate to it already, I ant getting any younger

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