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  1. Abadi announces 2018 priorities

    If they do # 1, I'll # 2 myself
  2. Abadi announces 2018 priorities

    If they do # 1, I'll # 2 myself
  3. I guess I must be hung over from my News Drunk, and was wanting to know where I can get me one of them there Fancy Chinese Thongs, then as my eyes focused I see Thang, Happy New Years to you all.
  4. he and the Clintons to an Oath, Till Death do us Part ,
  5. Another reason for a Holiday, Now put a rate to your Currency and lets party BIG Time , that would be Icing on the cake
  6. Maybe his meeting with the US Vice President Kouchner, put some fire under his azz . and now he is the puppet
  7. WTF did I miss something, When did the Son n law become the VP ? Think they got it wrong, I think the message to Maliki is, Run, Give it all back turn your self in, or you will be forced to share a cell with Hillarious Clinton as punishment .
  8. I don't think 10,000.000. will buy a new car, but a used one for 10k , but I'll take it and hold on to see if it become 10 million USD
  9. Delete Zeros Priority !

    I was wondering when this would come out this yr, every yr the same story drop the 3 zeros fist of yr and has it happened yet ? will it ? Don't see anything till March. Hope I'm wrong I'm wrong, anytime now till then works for me
  10. He took lessons from the Clintons. to bad they all are Untouchable, above the law ..
  11. Now if they would move at my rate of Soon, and not the Iraq rate of Soon,we would be in business
  12. Thought he was there last week ? or was that someone else, they all look alike

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