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  1. Probably took her Cat instead.
  2. Davis ALERT, Davis ALERT If you are Davis 411, you are specifically PROHIBITED from viewing this post. Put your fingers in your pants (Al Bundy style) and leave IMMEDIATELY!!! When this happens, I'll take the responsibility of keeping Davis busy while the rest of you all go out and buy every single thong you could possibly ever find. That way Davis won't be able to find any and we won't have to see him in one. I happen to know where he lives (Canadia) so I'll talk to his wife and kids to get rid of the ones he already has. I'm starting to get really nervous about maybe seeing him like that. It might ruin me for a very, very long time. And you all too, in case you haven't realized it yet.
  3. Holy Bat sh!t Batman! We have a knucklehead for a Prez and now we will never know what to do. His name is davis so can you help us with the big man upstairs? Please, please, please??? Oh, and btw, Robin laid an egg. FYI
  4. I see you finally found the "shift" key, twice. Actually, four times. What, no thong comment? Thought maybe you and T might have a moment and swap chonies. A thong for a speedo, each previously worn, without washing. Mental picture.
  5. Hey, somebody beat davis to the first post. Apparently, he got to be president of something so he is able to sleep in. Thank God.
  6. I bid $10 per. When does the bidding close?
  7. Check it out. I got 5 pluses for a one letter response. Not even a whole word. Thank you all.
  8. Gee Shabs, I think I might agree with you on something. I may be glad T won but I still wish he would shut up.
  9. When talking about Mr. Nope, he gets no "L's". You figure it out.
  10. I'm sure cat pounds will be eliminated under President Davis feline administration. I was going to use some different words but since I'm sitting at the DMV I didn't want to upset the gov't spies.
  11. I'm with you on the VIP being closed. But I sure hope it stays that way. It's been closed before and then reopened. We may think it should stay closed but Adam has to keep generating cash to stay afloat.
  12. Davis for President. of the Cat Pound