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  1. Look up Koenigsegg. It's an awesome car too. 1500 HP including an electric motor on each wheel and the driveshaft. I like the look better.
  2. Geez, you think he will say anything regarding an RV? I bet those two letters never come up simultaneously Or we would already know. The interviewer would be out buying every dinar they could get their hands on. But you know what they say................. DWOut..
  3. It's not a problem. It's a choice.......................for the rest of us.
  4. No computers back during the Civil War but you can go back and look at original newspapers from the day. I'm sure you can search what Germany did.
  5. Hey Adam, it's starting like you might be consolidating in preparation for something coming down the road. I wonder what that might be? The RV seems too elusive as some of us have been looking for that since 2004 and beyond. Could it be??? FYI Snow. It would be me who's putting the Cat in the bag. I'm sure you really don't have to be told as to why. Just imagine a cat in the bag..............with me. Hahahaha We're all gonna be rich...........................some day!!!!!
  6. Dude, congrats. I've had my share of surgeries so I know where you're coming from. And two major ones. Had 3 discs "replaced" in my back. When I got on my feet the next day, I thought my back was going to collapse. But it's all good now. I'm sure there are tons of stories with all these old "geezers" on this site (oh wait, I am one). Best of luck and give us some info. We're going to tease you with it, but oh well.
  7. I'll bet a quarter on that. Actually, can everyone just send me one quarter please? That would make my day.
  8. You bet your a$$ I do. And I'm worth every single penny of it. Or a 25000 dinar note. Gotta keep my lovely red hair trimmed and maintained.
  9. Thanks for the $18 Adam. I really need it, even more than Davis.
  10. You're right Boozer. I'm from CA and I absolutely despise Pelosi. She is an absolutely disgusting person. It makes me physically ill to see her on TV. I's like to puke on her face since it would be an improvement. I say line her up with Malaki and Feinstein and use one bullet to get all three. How can anyone with any intelligence support any of these three? Guess I better watch what I say. Someone may be watching.
  11. Hey TM.Just a thought, being real and honest is not negative and cynical. Nothing wrong with saying what you see and hear and voicing your opinion. Just look at the bottom of your post. More greenies than rubies. That should tell you everything you need to know. I'm right there with you Brother.
  12. And what exactly do you think you won?? Maybe a "Shift" key on your "Internet Posting" device?
  13. You certainly can't expect to have a carefree life with a 15 year old daughter. I raised three daughters and two boys also. So I know. No amount of money will change your dilemma. Better to stay poor until she gets older. Haha For what it's worth, I thoroughly enjoyed my kids. No major problems until they turned 30. Yours will get better. Best of luck.
  14. A Billion is only enough for me. What about the rest of you I'm sure you'd like something for your Dinar! But if you all want to be exceptionally nice, I'll take it. I deserve it after my life. And then I made a friend out of Davis411 or 911 or whatever. Isn't that enough? I kept him away from all of you as a gift. You're Welcome: DWOut
  15. I have never been in the Military. My Daughter currently serves in the Navy. Thank you to all Veterans that read this, for your service. And I sincerely mean it. How come so many people have been so STUPID over the last many years to put so many restrictions on our people who are in the fight??? How many of our men and women have been killed due to these restrictions? It literally makes me sick. Thank God somebody has finally seen the BS and removed it! That's why so many of us voted for Trump. We want to see something different. The comment about Trump not owing anyone is spot on and I'm happy about it. Go get 'em Donald. Fire the whole damn bunch of them.......................from life.