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  1. Davis probably doesn't have any hair. That would put him in a conundrum of a cornucopia. Or a hairless .................................................ah, whatever.
  2. Please temper your remarks about the "Animal Trinity". We ain't all bad.
  3. Aren't they father and son? Or mother and daughter? Which one came first? And most importantly, who cares? I like how the original post was doubled up at the end. Maybe to make it look and sound longer? Or maybe Luigi fell asleep at the keyboard. It must be a lot of work to search the world for drivel. I wouldn't even know where to look for that stuff. Oh wait, yes I do. Right here at DV and the rumors section and specifically anything Luigi. All the drivel anyone could ever want for an entire lifetime all condensed into a single thread. How nice. Oh, and BTW, Okie did die. Since he was never really born. I believe he was "let", as in the aftermath of a bucket of beans. Thank you for listening. On to my next project.
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 16 August 2017

    Hey Adam, think about My/Our/The New England Patriots and you too will have a better day.
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017

    Thanks for posting Laid Back. I've noticed this trend for awhile but didn't want to say anything. Glad you did. Waiting on Adam......................................
  6. Questions For Adam's Update 8-9-2017

    Hang loose or Hang Ten??? Isn't it amazing what gets people going? It's nice to see all the comments about our past.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly - 2 August 2017

    Just an FYI to my previous post. Adam, I was born in MI, right next door to you but my family moved here to So Cal when I was six. So I'm pretty much a CA native and spent a great deal of time at the Beach. Newport and Huntington to be more precise. I was a great body surfer but I only went real surfing once. Hit my head on the board and cut my foot on the skag. The lesson to be learned from all this? Who cares, talk is cheap.
  8. Adam Montana Weekly - 2 August 2017

    Adam, it seems you learned to surf in Lake Michigan. Maybe there you can "Hang Loose" but here at the Pacific side of the World we "Hang Ten". I'm not exactly sure but I believe that might be the difference between lake surfing and ocean surfing. And if you're old enough most people can even remember the clothing Co called Hang Ten. Enjoy Seems like no matter what you say someone is always going to challenge it. Hahaha
  9. I would like to call the meeting to order to call a meeting of the meeting proposed by the one proposing a meeting. Any Seconds? Or read the minutes first or second? Wait, that might take an hour. But it should only take a few seconds to reads the minutes. How can that even be possible? Must be a Canadia thing. Lets ask Mr. empty pants, Mr. davis himself. Or is it hisself?
  10. Maybe we can get Adam to put Luigi on double secret probation .
  11. We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    But still no intelligent ones.
  12. We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    So, if Okie is right., and I believe he is, then every 25,000 dinar note I/We have is worth 1.5 Million. I'll be making a run on Bezos and Zuckerberg to be the first trillionaire. Let's see, what shall I buy first??? Any suggestions anyone??? Maybe Bugatti so I'll have some decent transportation. Or Lockheed Martin so I can get an F-35 for when traffic is just too distasteful to waste my time. Hey, wait, who makes the Apache Long Bow Helicopter??? Boeing? That would work for me. Hey all, let's be friends and share our new companies. We can travel together and blow by Trump Airlines. FYI This is the most BS post I have ever made. But it was fun. Think big or go home. I wrote more buy the math was all wrong so I deleted it. My mind was usual, but I caught it. Bummer
  13. We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    Okie once said $42. Why is this one so low? I'm holding out.
  14. Luigi made a funny???
  15. Luigi doesn't need the bags. He likes to get his hands dirty, ie; he's a hands on guy. Tongue too.

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