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  1. Does this conversation mean that something is actually happening in this financial abyss? However small it sounds, I kinda think the silence is deafening. Do all the pother ME Countries have an internationally traded currency? Inquiring minds want to know. (But not davis. He's still working on his presidential run for turtle monitor) ((Mid Terms))
  2. Questions For Adam's Update 3-14-2018

    Is this thing ever going to pop??? Is the HCL the last and only thing holding things up??? DW (davis only friend)
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 28 Feb 2018

    Since I have to claim Davis as my friend (everyone is entitled to one) maybe I should try to explain. Never mind, there is none. Now he's obsessed with a chicken. Maybe if he ate the egg first, he might not have to be concerned if the chicken even made it to the other side of the road since it never existed anyway.
  4. Questions For Adam's Update 2-28-2018

    Adam, how can Davis be my friend? I always thought I could do better. But I have to stick with my friends. Please don't let him be President of anything. And where do you think he found a chicken? I thought they would still be hibernating in Canadia this time of year. (Yes, I spelled it like I wanted to).
  5. Hey 10 Years. I haven't been on here much lately. I needed a break so I don't know your story. But here's the scoop my friend. I don't need to know the details to wish you the best. I sincerely hope you have at least another ten years here and on a better note. (An RV and we're managing our $$$). Best of luck my friend. I too have been there. Had a few major surgeries and all turned out well. Take care and keep us posted. Yes, some of us really do care. It's what we does Brother!!!
  6. Some of us have more sarcasm than dinar. That's a helluva lot of sarcasm. I'm in. I like sarcasm.
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 2-7-2018

    Walk outside naked and see what gets perky.
  8. Things That Make You Go Hummmm

    Why only 50,000 notes mentioned? It seems to me like the larger notes only diluted the market. I hope I'm wrong and don't understand all of this but I have learned to only get excited on actual facts and progress. Therefore, I don't get excited too often. Hahaha This post is for entertainment purposes only. And lacking in that regard too. What do you expect in a post from an Animal???
  9. CBI News 01/21/2018

    If they're worth a dollar each, I'll find a way to get them there. I don't care what size they are.
  10. Questions For Adam's Update 1-10-2018

    What. Topic not closed yet? So I can still ask a question? Is Electroneum a good investment? DW The Animal Man
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017

    Sounds like you should be first in line at the De La Rue machine. But after verification, go to the end of the Cash-in line.
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017

    Hey dude. I know I haven't been around for awhile but I notice you're still not President.............................of anything.
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    How many of you are old enough to remember EF Hutton. If he were to speak to us about the Dinar, we would all have to listen. But to go back even further, how many of you remember "House of Tosis"? That will really date you. I think I have it spelled wrong too. Maybe it's toeses? OK, I ruined it. Davis for dog catcher.
  14. Adam Montana Weekly 22 November 2017

    I'm with you RV guy. Are you going to make this post in the VIP section or should someone else do it? As in "I"/me. Everytime I look in VIP it seems like it's been awhile since a new post. I'm not really complaining, I think I'm just not navigating the section correctly. Maybe your post will help. DW I think our President wannabe (Senor Davis) should get involved with this and represent our interests. Especially since he's in Canadia and not celebrating today. Yes, I know I spelled it wrong, but it was not a misspelled word. DW Out for TG and dead bird day.

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