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  1. Dr. Clarke on a roll

    Thanks BA........
  2. Thanks Yota...Iraq is a good place for NATO...Use NATO as a chess piece...Mad-Dawg knows he has to set the framework to achieve a foothold in controlling security...Iran has already shown their hand in wanting all foreign troops out of Iraq...for Irainian support to reelect Abadi (everyone knows Maliki is Iran's b!tch)...What better job for the 'Bluehats'...Than to be Mad-Dawg's b!tch...
  3. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    Thanks DT... ...They can reduce the value (1991 sanctions) and keep the dinar artificially undervalued in a currency auction policy...Going into the private sector 'open-economy'...the dinar will have to have true market worth...How can they not add value because it does 'not' physically equate and represent the worth of the existing dinar...Has Iraq officially been declared out of Chapter Vll...something seems to be holding the CBI from doing the obvious...
  4. Thanks Yota...Electricity has been an existing issue since I've known anything about Iraq...During the Saddam Hussein's regime electricity was used as a controlling tool for punishment...and electricity was on a daily curfew in most cities...Iraq's future is in their youth and training them to be productive toward the economy in building a stable society...Iraq has a silver-lining in their reconstruction the demands for projected future consumption of electricity can be calculated into modern specifications to meet the demands for cutting-edge technology...As Iraq rebuilds...they will have the advantage of coming back into the world market with the latest advancements to all field of commerce...Of course this all depends on an 'open-economy' and a sovereignty currency that's worth its true market value....
  5. Thanks DT...It's about time the world stops throwing money at Iraq...Iraq was put in the spot-light of their true nature by my President DJ Trump...Iraq needed to be called-out for their known corruption...Iraq is now in the position to support their own causes...The CBI has to realise the ecommerce involved and the investments waiting on their decision.......
  6. Thanks Yota...Come on Iraq...Put us all at a 'important point in our history'...
  7. Thanks PP...It's reassuring to know the core value citizens of our great nation knew to participate in the election that changed the direction of our nation....
  8. Thanks Yota... ...In what I've researched, the best exchange rate for the dinar to appear on the international markets is anywhere between $1.08 to $1.25...Iraq will become an 'open-market' and then dinar will be allowed to adjusts to market rates...With the world waiting for Iraq to 'bust-a-move' so they can reap the rewards of the 'Paris Agreement', trade/taxes/tariffs, imports and exports...The dinar has the best growth potential of any other merging's about time for Iraq to slip into their 'Big'Boy Pants'....
  9. Where Have We Heard This One Before

    ...Roger-That...Think I'll go 1st class on this one...
  10. Thanks DT...From this article, it sounds like ol' 'Omnia Diyna' would consider it foreplay to walk around to get a kiss...
  11. Thanks Yota...Pres. Donald Trump did exactly what has made him successful...Integrity has a truth that needs expressing periodically...Iraq has been 'soft-shoed' for far to long and it's about time someone told Iraq 'How the cow eats the cabbage'....

    Thanks climber...This may have something to do with the Kuwait Conference...Wouldn't it be good for the IXE to have the dinar listed on Bloomberg...jmho
  13. SDR

    Thanks climber...I heard something coming down the pipes about the IMF's SDR...Nothing much to do but gather Intel and see how this develops...Sounds like the IMF has in fact, by this article, released their SDR...I wonder what currencies are in the basket to support this SDR...
  14. Thanks Yota...Iraq has to limit all foreign military to establish their sovereignty...The SBA plays in with this....

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