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  1. Thanks Yota...I was scrolling through the schedule and picture of speakers......I failed to see where Shabibi is scheduled to appear to announce the RV???????....lmao.....
  2. Thanks DT...Always said things would pop after Iraq cleared Chapter VII...let the popin begin...
  3. ...There's a lot of people that have a problem with shooting their mouths off...The idiotic concept behind the thoughtless spewing of this ignorance only reveals the thought(less) process taught to the juvenile, by what appears to be a hypocritical excuse for a father, that's baiting racial bigotry...Did anyone mention these loud mouths started shooting off their mouths 'after' the release....
  4. Thanks DT...This's excellent news for the exciled Sunnis that were forced to run after the Shiites were handed the reins to Iraq's commerce, untiring the money pouch cord for Maliki and his goons to rob Iraq blind...Now people 5hat actually ran a business, that met payroll, can now return to their jobs of running businesses to establish Iraq new private sector...The people that have the most probable chance in understanding how to establish a working economy are the Sunnis, the Shiites were afraid of having power, now being granted Amnesty for their bogus charges used to take control of Iraq....
  5. Thanks DT...As much as I hated to see our nation's 'common sense' crumble in the election of an imposter and a transvestite...history will yield its truth...The longer time has to prove just how much there is to the uncovering of the "obamnation scam"...the more, we that knew, will relish in knowing the idiotic mind set of any who ever remotely had any support for the obozo administration...Eventually, all the documents related to obozo and his boy-toy cross dressing drag-queen pop-packer time sensitive sealed documents will expire...Then we can have the insight why nothing obummer claimed to have achieved can be proven...Just how ignorant is the left...They still can't figure out they lost the election...and save yourself the agony by asking anyone of them "Why"...
  6. Thanks Yota...This seems to be a vicious circle that no one can see the obvious solution...Iraq has had a perfect storm to rebuild their existence in an open free market...Iraq has witness their economy come from a world leader in OPEC to ruins under a dictator in Saddem the continued pilfering and corruption under Maliki's regime (that's in the final stages of chopping off the heads of Maliki's criminal goons)...The entire infrastructure in Iraq basically needs to be addressed and rebuilt...With all the war torn projects in demolitions, removals and construction there are enough job potential to support Iraq's private sectors for the next three generations...It ain't rocket that the world has Iraq under a watchful eye to control the rampant reputation of past corruption...lift Chapter VII sanctions, reinstate the dinar to it's true value and give Abadi and the citizens of the private sector the ability to reestablish a life for their well as to build commerce in their newly established private sector...
  7. Thanks DT...We've all wondered... 'Whazup with the HCL' we're getting a bigger insight of what the hold has been...There's been too much inside corruption that Abadi has had to deal with...Barzani, who was somewhat less zealous than Maliki, has proven to be as obstructive as Maliki in causing the sovereignty of Iraq...Now that Barzani is out of the picture, along with his 'ghost employees/citizens'....Maybe now some accountability can be established where actual citizens can benefit from a revised Iraqi economy....
  8. Thanks DT....Iraq has to establish their constitutional authority before the UN ruling on Chapter VII to remove doubt concerning their sovereignty....
  9. Thanks DT...The GOI has got to get their constitutional authority established before the UN ruling on Chapter VII to remove doubt about their sovereignty....
  10. Okie_Oil_Man - GOOD MORNING SHIPS AT SEA !

    Thanks DT....Okie's ship's a 'sailboat'....and all this hot air fills his sails....
  11. Thanks Yota.... ....Couldn't agree with you more...To much greed and power to relinquish... ....Hopefully there's been some behind the scenes activities taken place leading to an acceptable compromise for all concerned...
  12. Thanks DT...This has the appearance of a prerequisite for the HCL...
  13. CBI News 11/08/2017

    Thanks Yota...I just lubs me some 'Synopsis'...It appears to be some adjustments and growing procedures related to the prospective value concerning the dinar's standard in the 'international' markets.....

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