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  1. ...So you were that..."Girl in a flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me..." .....
  2. Thanks.....Abadi sounds like he's trying to let one of 'Snowflake's' critters out of the sack...Time will tell and let hope this time...time is on our side....
  3. Thanks Englishman...The world in general has already voiced their disapproval of the Kurdistan position...Between the constitution and art. 140...all positions at this time are covered...Barzani seems to relish in pointless relic without a leg to stand on...This only shows the incompendence of the Barbadian regime...Maybe this has something to do with the problem of finding people with an IQ over 40....
  4. Economy Where to?

    Thanks Yota....Well...."Duuuaaahhhhh"....Glad to read an article that states the obvious most of us have known for years....Iraq better bust-a-move soon or they'll have another decade of lost workforce....
  5. Thanks DT...Abadi is doing what a leader should do...He's putting the country's entrust first...The meeting with the Kurds has drawn top priority over being late for the UN meetings....
  6. Thanks Tigergrowzor...I think the only people in favor of an independent Kurdistan are the Kurd, Iran and Maliki...and I don't think the Kurds think they have a snowball's chance in Hell to get what they want...but it gives the Kurds an excuse to voice their concerns and push for more negotiable leverage....
  7. New CBI News 09/17/2017

    Thanks Yota...Looks like those third party international auditors are closing those illegal extra books...and cleaning up the one genuine banking book that Iraq will go international with...
  8. Thanks DT.....Maybe some reruns of ''Krusty the Clown''....
  9. Thanks Tigergorzow....Art. 140 along with why Kurdistan can't just jump up and demand their own part of Iraq is written in the Iraqi Constitution that the territory the Kurds are wanting to withdraw from...Kurdistan has the right to do what they're doing...although if it is feasible, it would take decades of preparations for Kurdistan to get the needed support from international countries for this to be even entertained as a threat to anything...Abadi is doing only what he's been forced to do...that's to take the necessary legal steps to protect the sovereignty of Iraq as a whole...The Kurds have been given the short end of the stick their entire existence dealing with one then another Iraqi leader...Abadi is the first PM that has ever shown a respectful attitude toward the Kurdish people...True he just put the boot to the governor of Kirkuk...But then again the act performed was an act of ''Treason'' imho...
  10. Thanks Yota...Great to read some integrity is starting to germinate...
  11. Thanks bigwave...This could explain a lot about the collision mishaps that have occurred with our Navy vessels...
  12. Thanks DT...There's always going to be a conflict between the Shiites and Sunnis...It was happening in the times of the Old Trestiment and its still happening today...The Sunnis ran Iraq domestic economy and military oporations under Saddem Hussein and the Shiites fear any potential control by the Sunnis...Now we have to throw in the once 'bastard child', the Kurds into the the Kurds were always considered the Nomad Tribe that wonder the northern hill country of Iraq herding the live stock...But the bright side of all this's all acceptable because it's the Middle East...where just the about anything goes....jmho
  13. Thanks DT... ...@ 1.2 IQD= 1USD I'll be a figment of an imagination....Lost somewhere in euphoria....

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