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  1. Here's one for Tigergorzow and mine... 16 17 20 26 50 pb 17 18 34 49 55 66 pb 06
  2. Thanks Yota...Not sure if it's my comprehension or just wishful thinking...but all I could draw from these articles was...Increase the value of the dinar and the problem's solved....
  3. Thanks DT....Maybe the IMF needs to use that "big stick" to get Iraq's attention, to let them know we're all about tired and fed-up with their hehawing around...
  4. Thanks DT...I'm missing something somewhere...How does Iraq sell US bonds......
  5. Thanks Buzzy...I paid for a replacement certificate a couple weeks ago an am still waiting...
  6. Thanks Yota...A 18 Billion dinar trail shouldn't be that hard to follow...Hopefully they already have a lead on the corruption and are just announcing that the problem has been noted...Kind of like when your Mom asked you a question about something...and you knew she already knew the answer....
  7. Thanks Wiljor...It's reassuring to read that Iraq's future is the main concern at this level...The people mentioned here wouldn't be focusing their attension toward Iraq unless there is a positive outlook for Iraq's future...
  8. 08 30 31 49 58 pb 10 13 20 35 37 62 pb 21
  9. Thanks pp...Good Nite and Sweet Dreams....
  10. Thanks Yota...The best way to generate capital in Iraq, is to simply punch another hole in the ground...
  11. Thanks DT...Now that Iraq has gotten the main cell of ISIS conquered within Mosul, attension can now be concentrated on the corrupt leaders that were supporting and or benefitting from the turmoil the terrorists cell was creating...The international community is now actively monitoring Iraq's financial situation that will add enteral accountability to control corruption...Hopefully the new "technocrats" will work with the international community to help implement the major reforms needed to bring integrity back into the banking system...As far as the liquidity problem the CBI is facing...That's elementary....As long as the dinar is only worth the risk of stuffing a mattress, that's where the citizens will keep it...On the other hand, increase the value of the dinar even with the USD and see how fast the Iraqis get their dinars in a bank vault and then go mattress shopping...jmho
  12. Thanks Yota...I like the way our President presents himself...It's refreshing to have a President that represents the average "Joe".,.
  13. Thanks DT....With Iraq acquiring this and their ISO number this week, all the UN has to do is go through the motions on the 27th...
  14. Thanks DT...This will raise Iraq's prestige into the upper echelon of the business tycoons...Not only is Iraq ready to put on their big-boy pants...They're looking to come out in a tuxedo...or in the Arabic it would be a really nice silk house-coat lookin' thing...
  15. Thanks DT.... ...They need 3 days to flip the switch...These 3 look as good as any to me....