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  1. ............
  2. Thanks Yota...Now if Iraq can do this with value the way this was done with volume...We'd all be doing our ''Happy Dance''...
  3. Thanks BB...Iraq had a long way to come from the Saddam Hussein days and the sanctions he imposed on the Iraq economy...Iraq has never in their history considered the Private Sector as an asset...Iraq has come a long way in implementing the private sector, establish laws concerning banking policies, trade and tariff, fighting corrupt leaders and establishing an open market where the rules have changed in favor of the private sector and foreign investor...The groundwork to support the rebuilding of Iraq's infrastructure has been laid to support the private sector and foreign investment...If you've ever been to Iraq you would understand the contrast between social divisions...Saddam Hussein lived in elaborate mansions all over Iraq...I think the number is around 17 mansions between what he and his sons possessed...While the everyday citizen lived in dirt floor shacks made of home made mud bricks with palm leaf roofs...The near total destruction can be a blessing in disguise...Iraq needed to up-grade their living standards as well as the power grids, sewer and water facilities...All the work that is required as ''MisterNope'' has mentioned will only employ the private sector...Adding an asset to Iraq's economy that they've never implemented...Once Iraq's private sector is employed and implemented...the private sector will prove to be the Iraq's number one asset over taking the petroleum export numbers...jmho
  4. Thanks blueskyline...The $30 billion dollar article was published on 5-25-17....Then the next day the $100 billion dollar article was published...It appears the first article was read by influential politicians and warmonger contractors that needed their last ditch effort of fortune at the expense of Iraq and had the article revised for inside deals, corruption and bogus contracts expenses to be added to the equation...
  5. Thanks GH...The one name that stands out above the rest to lead the FBI is....''Trey Gowdy''...
  6. Thanks DT... ...There's been so many different issues concerning the HCL, who knows what's what...You may have hit the nail on the head ''Wiljor''...Both sides could have stalled the entire process just to get these results...
  7. Thanks NEPF1....Congratulations on the ''World Championship''....The article is talking about a 10 year projection...Iraq produced a 50K dinar note and a 100K note was mentioned...We all agree that Iraq can sustain a 1 to 1 breakout with the dinar...It only makes sense, seeing Iraq's economy is already running off the USD...Iraq will more than likely put a time limit on the older larger bills we possess...Causing us to cash-in and let the US double dip, as ''r.w.sutton'' mentioned...The UST has these newer notes that do not have any restriction placed on them (probably the main reason for their existence)...If all the countries that were involved in the ''Paris Agreement'', that forgave Iraq 80% of their debit were able to keep these dinar in their own countries reserves and cash them as the dinar rises in value...Then calculate what the exchange rate would be in say another 10 years, if in fact Iraq does return to their former glory of $3.38 or higher...In fact any of these countries involved in the ''Paris Agreement'' could cash in enough dinar at any time, after Iraq's RV, to cover any pending financial obligations in their present economy...jmho
  8. Thanks Buzzy...I think my resignation will be more of a subjective act...The popping of the Champagne cork should set the tone in the boss's office...I'll offer him a farewell drink, but me drinkin' from the bottle as I savor the moment, the taste of fine alcohol and the unexpected reaction of the situation will probably deter his acceptance to join me in a final salute to ''Take this job and shove it''....
  9. I'm in; 06 15 43 51 59 pb 18 06 28 37 39 44 pb 01....just like the way these look... ...come on ''Papa needs shoes......
  10. Thanks DT...Maliki just may get his justice reward...Maliki was a puppet that had Obama's blessings...Now that all of Maliki's perceived power has demenish, Iran may cut their loses by cuttings the wrong artery in Maliki before he's able to rate Iran out...Maliki probably knows too much and could be better off not surviving a heart surgery...jmo
  11. Thanks Yota...As long as the UN lifts the sanctions of Chapter VII allowing Iraq to return to the international market, jumping the final barrier that was set a quarter of a century ago by the antic of Saddam Hussein...It's time for the Iraqi citizens to be allowed to put this behind thiem and make this just a Dark Past in their history...
  12. Thanks DWS112.... ....I think the toaster would tip the scales for us...GO RV
  13. I'll have to check-up on this CDARS...''Thanks'' blueskyline...I plan on diversifying my metal investment mostly between silver and gold...AS far as a major deposit is concerned, I've got the ''Name Reserve'' for a Seychelles Island to fuel my in-country investments...Although I'll have to inquire with a financial advisor to see what my best options will be for my perspective agenda...I'm still anchus to hear what Buzzy's been working on all this time...All in all it'll definitely be a different league to play in and I'm so ready to start this next phase of life....
  14. ....Damn, this must be a coincidence with President Trump starting his ME tour today, starting the OPEC negotiations...Thing
  15. ....Well, this all seems fine and good and all the post have merit...Living the life of a ''Pioneer'' in the racing world..A Pioneer is (was back in the day) an individual that races without a sponsor...The racing world is and has always been about money and the people that were allowed to excel in the world of motorsports...It doesn't matter whether the race is run on two wheels or four the outcome is the same...The top elite racers are, in general, the top racers... but make no mistake about it, there are racers on the circuit that could drive or ride circles around the people that drive for the top sponsors...Money makes the difference, make no ''ifs'', ''ands'' or ''buts'' about the reality of repressed talent and ability ...Some of the finest drivers and rides I was ever graced to race against did not make the Big Call for some pitty reason or excuse...Pride, jealousy, greed and corruption with all combinations of the four have kept the finest racers from ever being known as truly the best in the industry...I know personally several drivers that got a sponsored ride over a better driver because the less driver was more commercially compatible and had inside pull to take the next step...