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  2. Freedomwish

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 June 2018

    Where's brother Sandfly these days?
  3. Freedomwish


    HAHAHAHAHA dude, you're welcome to have a drink with me at the bar whenever you're thirsty, I got you lmao
  4. Freedomwish

    Iranian Rial

    ......I won't be slowing down the whiskey either bub, cheers!! LOL!!
  5. Freedomwish


    I still can't shake off the feeling this baby might pop at $1.19.........just a feeling.......juuuuuust a feeling.....
  6. Freedomwish

    Some Delta for you

    You will with me when this RV baby pops!!! Now, that's the spirit Flo'!!! DThug, together with President elect Davis we gonna tear the DV house down with Adam in the lead!!
  7. Freedomwish

    Iranian Rial

    Wait.........ummm, what? After North Korea, Trump now wants a 'real deal' with Iran "I hope that they're going to come back and negotiate a real deal because I'd love to be able to do that but right now it's too soon to do that," Trump said. ..........
  8. Freedomwish

    Some Delta for you

    Race ya' to the bar PP!! Drinking what's keeping me from going insane off this crazy ride!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
  9. Freedomwish

    Question about the VND

    Who knows, but always keeping the faith!!
  10. Freedomwish

    Iranian Rial

    Party in Honk Kong to hope it shall be then!!
  11. I can see the white sandy beaches, getting drunk & partying hard with President elect Davis, PP & Dinar Thug now LMAO READY WHEN YOU ARE ADAAAAAAAAAM!!!!
  12. Freedomwish

    Some Delta for you

  13. Freedomwish

    Some Delta for you

    Pappy Van Winkle whiskey for us buddy!!! WE LOOOOOOOOOOONG DESERVE IT!!!!
  14. Freedomwish

    Some Delta for you

    Me losing my damn mind and drunk off my @$$ should this thing pop over Adam's .10 cents prediction rate......and thanking him LMAO

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