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  1. Many gracias Synopsis........but I'm gonna hit the bar hard tonight....information overload today..... Keeping the faith!! More whisky a coming!!
  2. Iranian Rial

    Ok, ok, ok.....still ongoing, but we will see.....
  3. I hear the Fat Lady's gargling and getting her vocal chords ready at the moment Lmao Keeping the faith!!
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    (Sniff, sniff)......I can't help to suddenly feel and believe nothing won't happen this year either.......too much work still needs to be done and I'm gonna' go cry alone at my favorite bar later tonight. (in tears)....would love to be proven wrong.....over a drink. Here's to hope in 2018!!
  5. Iranian Rial

    Well, hope to see and drink with ya' soon up north by you PP!!
  6. Iranian Rial

  7. I'll meet ya at the bar buddy.....I suddenly don't see it happening until hopefully for 2018. I got the first few rounds. Still rooting for you as president....
  8. Many thanks Master Yota, for all that you do... Guess we'll do have to wait and see what this RV deal would be hopefully in 2018 indeed...I was looking forward to a wonderful Christmas to surprise my family. Still, keeping the faith!
  9. Iranian Rial

    I'll be ready to head out up north by PP to make the exchange in Euro, with a bottle of whiskey on hand - or out to Dubai to meet up with brother Screwball with a bottle in hand.... Or both!! It ain't over yet!! Yup's gonna be really interesting to see what plan of action other countries might have already in place - with or without Trump's hoopla on this...we will see...

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