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  1. aitshioud

    What do you think this means?

    doesnt mean anything
  2. aitshioud


    my uncle lives in calgary and we talk every day, he has high level gov connections. theres nothing happening in calgary or i would be on the way there already, im not.
  3. aitshioud

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    unfortunately it looks like the money that is not in isx will have to wait until warka becomes liquid again, when they start trading on the isx that will be a start, several year wait to be honest wouldnt surprise me.
  4. aitshioud

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    buy stock on isx, sell all stock. have brokerage wire money anywhere in the world you want.
  5. aitshioud

    Nice new ad on Warka FB page

    anyone know what that says?
  6. aitshioud

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    similarity between exchange rates in the two markets mentioned) may continue indefinitely.
  7. aitshioud

    Facebook Maliki exposed to piracy

  8. aitshioud

    Tlar - Anyone Who Holds The Currency Will Benefit !

    If it doesn't happen when it's convenient to me, ill turn pessimist, haunt dinar forums like a ghost and claim I'm not a guru. Lol Guru pessimist. No money made for u on dinar, no money made on isx, no money made from wheel barrow business. It's a big sad face for u. Why don't u go buy some dinar, lopsters so u can pay for a shoulder to cry on when the baby goes international. Or maybe invest in a company that's going to build wheel barrows in one of iraq's free trade zones lol. I'm just giving the other side. The realist one , Yeah people are making money in/out of iraq like crazy... Just not u lopsters. Unless your getting a cut for making people SELL. In which case your doing a horrible job. Negativity, usually doesn't help create opportunity
  9. Gym rat, I guess u didn't make that 150% on tasc either huh.
  10. I know cuz the priest told me when he touched me in his chambers and I believe everything he, the news papers and the government tells me.
  11. thanks for the update there big boy I tried to do a stock purchase through warka last month for like 2k and they didn't do it.. still having liquidity issues im thinking.. warka was a long term play for me so waiting to get anything out of it isn't an issue for me, however not being able to make gains from that money in stock is a downer.
  12. I'm in canada and went through RBC. The banking manager had to sit me down and asked me the who what why. After that, no probs. initially she said it was on the banned list. I told her no it's not canada did 4.5 billion dollars business with the, and showed her an article. May want to try using the same approach, there are way more companies in the states doing business with iraq. These people are mushrooms, most don't even know what fractional reserve banking is. Or wait till it goes international on the Nasdaq, then you'll be able to goto just about any brokerage I would think. I tried wiring money to Al Jazeera with the info provided and got hit with a bounce back fee, twice. So went to al karmal.
  13. Al Jazeera needs 10k I believe, that's your first problem. That's going to raise flags. Bank tellers get iraq and Iran confused all the time. You have to make sure you know more than the teller with wires, or your going to pay a lot in bounce back wires to learn. This includes, what,where, who. Addresses, why etc. Honestly if this thing is going international next month it may be easier to wait till that happens before u get in. IMHO
  14. I dono, al karmal has always got back to me within 48 hours.

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