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  1. Was the chart reading 1190 before it went down yesterday?
  2. I just noticed the CBI site is down. That's news.
  3. With seven drive - thrus and only two open, just like in the U.S. 😎
  4. My simple mind tells me that a more worthy currency may be necessary for acceptance.
  5. Business > Investment Welcoming big investment from Australia into Vietnam 18/03/2018 19:39 GMT + 7 This is forecast by Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung when he accompanied Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to visit Australia and New Zealand and attend the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit. Joint Declaration of ASEAN-Australia Special Ministerial Meeting Australian businesses are quick to come to Vietnam Australia prides itself on being a Vietnamese friend This is derived from our results, such as the innovation process, the process by which the most obvious manifestation of the investor is the indicators, the opportunities that are mentioned and measured. Prices in the past are very positive. This has received great attention and response from businesses. Moreover, the two countries have signed and become party members of the Agreement. This is a very important agreement and the two countries are very active members. Minister Nguyen Tri Dung In addition, the two countries have raised the relationship become strategic partners of each other. This has pushed ... impact on the Vietnamese market, thus showing the importance of the Vietnamese market in trade and investment with Australian businesses Australian businesses have very strong potential in all areas. In particular, many enterprises have not yet entered Vietnam. This time there are also companies in the top 500 largest enterprises in the world also attended the forums, contacts. I think these are very positive signals. And in the near future, there will be a series of large investments from Australia to Vietnam, both direct and indirect investment, in many areas, both Australian strengths and development orientations. investment of Vietnam. Pham Tuan
  6. I didn't want them to meet anyway
  7. vomer

    XE currency exchange

    Stranger stuff has happened.
  8. vomer

    From the Media Office of Abadi

    Maybe meaning a 3 - 4 year floating process.
  9. This far from makes up for the damage, but it's a bigger step than if What Happened had been elected.

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