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  1. Fingers crossed for some really Big news, soon! ( not Iraqi soon, I pray)
  2. Pure love. I can see how this lifeline would absolutely help so many, if trust is already in place. I hope many will implement such a plan. Thank you for sharing.
  3. I miss one little day and look what is happening!! Glad I popped my head in, great times ahead, "swiftly", I hope!!!
  4. Keeping fingers crossed, (even my eyes are crossed since thus has gone on forever) maybe this time it will become Law.
  5. Thanks fnb, indeed Interesting tidbits, this time of year. Merry Christmas one and all!
  6. What an end of the year celebration or a very happy New Year if they dot their i's and cross their t's! Definitely on my "wish" list!
  7. The news is heating up! I truly hope they do something phenomenal by the end of the year!
  8. Thank you LGD. I do not doubt your revelation, for what the Spirit whispers to each person is indeed a Gift from God. I also do pray for His guidance in All that He gives. A great reminder to always keep our thoughts on Him. Wealth or not
  9. Happy belated Yota!!