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  1. Even though some of the topics are past history at this point, it was refreshing to watch two adults talking.
  2. The word that comes to the forefront on almost all of these health related articles is `hope'. With an ever increasing list of health issues appearing, it doesn't seem like we are actually looking for the right solutions and `hope' could be the very thing that keeps us from looking at our health from a more productive paradigm. Maybe the cure isn't in a test tube, rather it is in the quality of life that we have created on the planet and in our lifestyles.
  3. In this research report, I noticed that the descriptions of the dinar amounts are given in both actual amounts (trillions) and in adjusted (minus the three zeros) amounts (millions). Don't remember seeing that before. A sign? Hope so. Go RV!!
  4. Nice article Umbertino. Based on the end of the physical conflict and the signing of the treaties, the war did end. But that is not the entire story. The nation moved on. However, if you consider the unresolved traumatic influence of that war it becomes apparent that just saying something is so doesn't always make it such. As a nation, we have a lot to learn about healing. ...and moving on is not the same thing as healing. I don't think we have to worry about fighting the Civil War again. In many aspects, it has never ended.
  5. A 191 to 2 vote? Makes you wonder what the US's real motivation is on keeping the boycott. Things that make you go `Hmmmm'
  6. This kind of sums up much of the dysfunction in the world. Rules do not guarantee a foundation with integrity when the leaders do not display and practice the same.

    Nice post Wiljor. It would seem that we have some work to do.
  8. Good one. Except drug users are reluctant to turn on their sources.
  9. Nice post Yota. Doing drugs can sound so reasonable sometimes.
  10. 1st Trump/3rd Trump

    It's the curse of our culture. In lawyer speak, every word matters and how you put them together matters. To apply a nuanced perspective to governing a nation that is based on law and language is a catastrophe in the making. Or, just look around at the state of unrest in the country. How would you report on Trump's remarks if you were reporting the news? Most of what is reported are his direct quotes.
  11. A quality of a great leader is knowing which battles to engage in and how. Letting some things just quietly fade into history is an important part of the process. Saw a recent news report where the term moron and Trump are becoming part of the national dialogue. Should have handled it more like Tillerson and denied it ever happened.
  12. So true that nobody ever really wins in a war. Something to be said about striving for diplomatic solutions first.
  13. Dear NFL

    If this is the guiding principle behind the NFL / anthem controversy, it would be up to the owners and the NFL to iron out the issue. It's a policy....not a mandate. Much like `casual Friday' is a policy. Policies change with time due to new circumstances that come to light. Usually a dialogue about the situation handles the violation. As the current policy suggests, fines, suspensions, etc are viable consequences of the violation. Adjusting the policy is also a viable solution. Somehow, this got escalated to a major issue that required Presidential intervention in a business policy. That is a shame since he has so many real issues to deal with right now.
  14. An interesting back story on this is that in the original mission of the Susan Komen organization, there was more effort in actually doing that. Prevention and healing were high priorities. That mission was put on the back burner when non profit consultants convinced the organization that what really sells is a good vs evil scenario. So the emphasis changed from finding a cure to fighting breast cancer. It created a fundamental conflict of interest. The end result is that more women actually suffer with breast cancer because of the PR. Viable prevention strategies are undermined to sustain the life of the organization. Healthcare - 0 , Profits - 1
  15. This is how to build a social-capitalistic society, minus the social part. It's a short step to an unfettered capitalistic system. I think that many of the protests that are coming on all fronts are from the withdrawal pains of losing the social aspect of our country. Things like our natural resources, consumer protections and healthcare are on the chopping block. Bottom line profits rule.

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