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  1. I guess they don't realize that that ship has left the harbor a long time ago! 😂
  2. adhoc10

    My Detoxing Mercury Half Story

    What md11fr8dawg said! You may have already gone past these issues, but in case you haven't. Have you had any heavy metal testing done to establish the baselines you are starting with? It allows you to objectively see if things are moving in the right direction. It also validates that you are chasing the right interventions for what is presenting in your body. I was gifted () as a child with massive amounts of mercury fillings. After the mercury was removed (by a Dentist here in Austin) I still had a lot of symptoms that were mimicking the mercury. The heavy metal test did not show elevated mercury levels and allowed me to hone in on other strategies.
  3. I would like to believe that is true. That we would do the right thing, and if we weren't doing the right thing, that at least there was some amount of ethical consideration given to the circumstances. But given the history of unwarranted persecution in the US, I would have to at least allow that this could just be another case of people in charge that don't have a clue or any moral guidance in what they are doing...and I'm not sure which would be more likely if I had to choose.
  4. In all the cases of news interpretation being left to the reader, I hope this one is for us!
  5. adhoc10

    Warning !

    That is highly unlikely. In 2012 a long standing ban on propaganda and fake news was lifted. Basically authorizing the use of propaganda by the US government to be used to influence US citizens. The news media and the tabloids are the outlets for this level of misinformation. So if the government can do it, what's to stop news media and tabloids from getting in on the action and inventing their own versions of the truth? Kind of like building a house where the bathroom and the kitchen are sharing the same facilities! Again....your tax dollars at work.... The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public
  6. Well said Jim. I can only imagine the thought and time you put into that post.
  7. Why all the sad faces about the low numbers? When you drain the swamp, you can't expect the swamp creatures (and all the people that are invested in the swamp culture) to be happy about it. Low numbers only indicate that he is doing the job he got elected for. If he was being Presidential, or political, his numbers would be higher. He never claimed to be other than `really smart` and a great businessman. Plus, his doctor even asserted that he had `really good genes' and with the right diet could possibly live to be 200 years old.
  8. Very insightful article. Unfortunately, most would argue that this is completely counter intuitive and our current governance (or lack thereof) will eventually meet these same goals. It begs the question, `Do we pray because we have to? ....when people have their basic human needs met by the larger society and they are not fretting about hunger, employment, homelessness, debt, sickness, and death, there’s not too much else that requires prayer.
  9. Hope they can hold the line on these corporate exemptions. Reminds me of the similar strategy of companies and contractors getting sweetheart deals to locate their businesses in US locations. It eventually creates an atmosphere where the companies make huge profits at the expense of the local economy, which forfeits tax revenue and other fees. However, it makes shareholders and investors giddy with anticipation of more revenue. In Austin, the practice is so prevalent that the city has become more of a host city to these deals and is increasingly supported by climbing residential property taxes which has made living in the city unaffordable for many residents.
  10. That is something to give you pause. We are debating legislation based on what no one understands, that affects the financial well being of every US citizen, as well as, every corporate entity. Not to disparage the blind or the deaf, but it sounds a lot like the blind leading the deaf. I wonder where this will take us.
  11. adhoc10

    Jones Wins In Alabama

    Thanks Jim. Well said.
  12. Well damn! I'm still working on the fine print for my last prescription drug....and that was only two pages long. Thanks coorslite. Knowing everything is a bit more complicated than I imagined! A somewhat humbling realization! I'd be interested to know how many folks on the forum actually read and understand this tax bill. Imagine if you had to give a vote on it in a small amount of time.
  13. So many things to say about this comment. Thanks for the laugh!
  14. adhoc10

    Jones Wins In Alabama

    I think a significant portion of the public has used up their rage quota during 2017. After awhile, you just can't stay angry about everything all of the time. A clearer picture of reality is possible and presents the perfect opportunity for a reintroduction of civil discourse and seeing beyond the flames of inflammatory rhetoric. I guess we'll see how that works out....

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