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  1. In the name of Yeshua, we dismantle the schemes of the enemy and cast down this Jezebel spirit who speaks against the anointing of the King of the world in and upon Pres.Trump, his family, cabinet, and worldwide supporters.We decree that the Kingdom of heaven is being established in the earth realm and that the light of glory dispels the darkness. Absolutely no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We plead the blood of Jesus/ Yeshua against anti-christ spirit! The god of this world is a defeated foe. HA! We are courageous and strong, by Holy Spirit, and we take dominion of this earth and its life and beauty. We declare that God's agenda for mankind prevails!
  2. This is an amazing program for you Holy Spirit filled warrior sons and daughters. Enjoy...the best is yet to come!
  3. That's cool, Waterman13. In the same way that LGD heard, "SUDDENLY", I have been hearing,"TRIPLE SWEET SURPRISES" for about a year. could happen tonite...or "soon". LOL! I sense that it's time to feed the multitudes...gettin' excited here! Thanks, everyone, for this most exciting DV thread.
  4. I concur! Hallelujah! Triple sweet surprises! Suddenly!
  5. You rock, LGD; You rock!
  6. Apparently, someone else was also told to expect "changes" at some point. I think you two guys,especially, may find this article interesting...I did. God bless you all!
  8. Thanks again, RUM, for creating such an atmosphere of worship on the DV site for us and with us tonite. I have suffered 24/7 for the past month with horrific back pain. I just realized it's gone! No kidding! By His stripes!...Yeah...
  9. Thanks, RUM!
  10. Yeah! Yay God!! Thank you, Markinsa!
  11. Thanks, Nadita! This is one of my daily "on- my- way- to -work" favs!
  12. Thanks so much, guys and gals, for creating an atmosphere of worship this evening. If I knew how to post a song...hint, hint...I would choose "How Great is Our God" by, Chris Tomlin... or maybe some Rick Pino or Kim Walker tunes. Thanks in advance. Much love and Happy Easter!
  13. So my home team won biggie. (I just had to say it, Adam...please forgive me!) It'll be alright because "OUR" DV team wins this week/month, right? Fingers crossed?.... Much more exciting than football! GO RV!!!
  14. Thank you for the update. How amazing! Father loves this precious,little daughter so much! Will continue to keep her in my thoughts. Bless you, Dive.