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  1. That's what I was hoping
  2. Hmmm... Can anyone say, "they passed their test run"?! This is great news. Now, get ready for the real test, keep track of all the exchanging. If they didn't have this before, and we know they didn't, how could they have possibly been able to handle an RV... No way! They would have been robbed blind. Something's coming for sure. When and how? TBD. Thanks Yota.
  3. Alsumaria News / Baghdad reached the nuclear aircraft carrier "George Bush" to Suda-B in the Greek island of Crete base in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to the Arabian Gulf, in a striking development after the escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran , and pledged US President Donald Trump Elimination of organizing " Daesh ." It will go nuclear flotilla to the Middle East with a group of striking US warships which will include well Tradin Alsarokhien "Philippine Sea" and "Hue City," as well as destroyers Alsarokhittin "Laboon" and "Traxton , " according to Sir plan. My son in law is career navy. Been on his aircraft carrier. They are like a floating city on water. Would love to see that fleet moving in as a unit. It would be an amazing site to behold! Go Trump, Go Mattis, Go Navy! God be with all our boys in every branch!
  4. They have the new digital ones now that they are all talking about. A little harder to tweak those then the mouse on wheel counters.
  5. Been watching for that one! . Thanks Yota! "If this happens this should stick fork in Maliki bid for a third term..."
  6. You nailed it! Unity is what they have to have..... It's hard to displace something that has been ingrained into the minds of a people. I think we have been watching this progress for as long as I can remember. It's a long road, slow as a snail sometimes, but it can be done. We need the same here right now. Enough with the, "That's so sad, they wont let a starving, abandoned puppy into our country.". These aren't starving puppies! Most of these people have been taught HATE against America since birth. They would torcher and kill you, as soon as look at you, if given the opportunity... It's time that everyone truly open their eyes, and move towards unity, and a oneness like we've never known before in this multi generation. Hate begets Hate. Enough. Let's take our current brothers and sisters, love and protect them. Let's be cautious of who we adopt onto our family from this point on. Don't know how I got off on us, but...United we stand, divided, bad crap happens! Night all. Ps. Sadr scares me with his turns lately... He's up to something...
  7. That is absolutely amazing!!! I do truly believe that Trumps "heart is in his mouth". Biblically, "where your money is, there will your heart be also.". His heart it for America and the American people! May he set her on the right path, and truly make her great once more! We are long overdue.
  8. Wow!!! Please Sgt let me chime in!!!! Obama and intelligence. Hmmmm, the only thing that "seemed" intellegent to the general public was his ability to speak. Ever heard of Hitler? When it came down to it, it was all mumbo jumbo- propaganda. Half of his, and Hitler's speeches didn't even make logical sense once you saw it on paper. Yet Hitler managed to change an entire country in a movement... The "Change" movement. In that process he slaughtered multitudes, and the people cheered him on! Brain washed as are you Utah Rock. You must live in Devils slide Utah, cause you are running with him downhill. Trump has done more in two weeks, than we've seen in eight years. He kept his promises just like said. Obama kept "Obama care", that's about it. And at what price did that come to the people, that he didn't disclose? Oh, he did make "change" alright, and on his way out the door, he tried to further his quest for the continued slaughter of more millions. Just stop. Don't pick fights, your not gonna win. Have a good evening.
  9. Lorre

    RayRen98 Says Goodby.

    Oh my God! Just stop! This dude is sooooo gonna burn in the pit.(hell) Lol
  10. Looks like you should be riding with violent J and 2dope, probably listening to Vanilla Ice.
  11. Lorre

    It Is Payday.

    BRUCE B orn to R eligiously U ndermine C redible E xpertise aka: Full of it. Get a newspaper, read it as its written, it's not just meant to be potty trained on, or twisted to suit whatever messed up agenda you have going . Careful, Trump may sick Mattis on you next. Lol

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