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  1. eighty227 - thanks for this glorious post-what a treat to read from my perspective; I can only imagine how those in Iraq directly hurt by this fiend feel- may their justice prevail
  2. Wow-and I thought I had it bad. That image of all the wires crossing through the trees is one for the record books. The responses in this post contain a great example of the brilliant minds contained by DV members... Sage449 - that's very intetesting...I too wonder what happened to the functionality and/or resources coming from the output and production of that thing is for certain, I am pretty sure that Maliki still has power to 'the home that could house 30Mm people' (per Shabibi as quoted in 2015 or 2016).... I certainly hope the protests keep their momentum and that progress is gained for the citizens of Iraq. I'd be pretty pissed off myself if someone stole my money and kept me in the dark with no A/C in 110 plus degree heat...
  3. presence

    New guy with some interesting info about Iraq

    Thanks for taking the time to write your post, karsten. I found it to be an interesting read. I have seen people from Frank's group mention 42 cents for the revaluation figure of the Dong several times in the past, so it's possible this is another ploy to attract the newbie. The writing and choice of words Ghost uses is diffetent however. Unfortunately, we didn't see Trump in Iraq this past weekend. Its possible that Ghost (which is a name i do recall from 2010 or 2011) is being honest but has misinformation. I appreciate your positive and objective view in your post and in regards to the revaluation of the DV. I personally thought May of 2017 looked like a hot-spot to reval, but we are dtill hete today. Regardless of the lack of increase in the DV from its program rate, we can't ignore the progress that's been made in Iraq over the last year regarding IBAN and SWIFT codes, numerous articles regarding increases in oil production, new pipelines, the word 'international' used more and more frequently in recent articles, the reduction of the CBI notes and hopefully a second consecutive day of 'no auctions.' I imagine it's difficult to turn on or use ATM's when there's no electricity, and the recent protests have once again shown that anything can happen at anytime in Iraq. Hopefully the latter includes the arrest of Maliki and others for war crimes and that the judicial process follows quickly, along with the recouping of all the stolen loot. One thing I don't think I've ever seen in print is a comment about any meeting between Trump and Maliki; I can only imagine how Trump feels towards him and am confident it's just a matter of time that they meet under 'proper conditions.'
  4. King Bean, Can you please warn me ahead of time before viewing any of your similar posts? (Not that I disagree with your correlation and's just the 'timing' of seeing it).... I hope you and everyone else on DV is having a pleasant summer....
  5. Thanks for posting this and sharing your thoughts and perception, Pitcher -much appreciated.
  6. Yota691- Good evening to you and all of DV. Thank you very much for your continous effort in keeping all of us interested in Iraq, it's currency, and other related topics up to date and "in the know." I personally find the words used to describe, and label, the 'former regime' as vague and intriguing as many of the terms used by the CBI to describe its future intent of the IQD. I believe the article above refers to the former regime as that which was under Hussein's reign, but it's easy to speculate on how these words refer to Maliki...I recall a comment about 3 years ago from Shabibi who said that Maliki "built a house that could hold 30,000 million people" (which should be fairly easy to spot on Google maps.) I look forward to a day- very shortly - in which the language in these articles isn't hard to interpret , and simplly says: ""The IQD is international and is worth x-amount of dollars" ....and I certainly hope that X is or greater than 1 in that equation... Go RV!!!
  7. I definitely anticipate a lot of wealth being created in the Iraqi stock market in the next several years. I recall how the markets progressed in Central America in the 90's and turn of the century when the markets in the West were flat (Brazil made a vast amount of millionaires.) That being said, if anyone can fill me in on the correct process of investing in the Iraqi stock market then please do - I'd appreciate it very much. I thought WARKA was a prerequisite but I could be mistaken. Thanks either way~
  8. King Bean- you beat me to it...that's what I get for waking up late. That's a nice picture you posted of Charles Bronson (from the original 'Death Wish' series and 'The Dirty Dozen' .)
  9. presence

    Getting Ready To RV...Reducing The Note Count.

    I enjoy reading your comments in regards to the dinar, Synopsis. I think the statement you wrote above summaries iquite well what everyone is waiting for. That being said, there has certainly been a tremendous amount of progress towards international status since post-dasholes; Iraq has been quite public in releasing articles related to their IBAN and SWIFT codes, not to mention all the other articles they've released with the words 'international' in them, like 'international accounting standards' and references contained in the WTO. Iraq seems to have mastered the art of deceit in other areas of public disclosure, and it seems like a never-ending Idrama was going to continue forever.However, the recent article about HCL and Baghdad finally getting along with the Erbil gives me hope. One thing is for certain: Iraq has enough oil and natural gas reserves to be a legitumate player among the world's economies, and it's hooefully just a matter of short time before we see the benefit of investing in this exotic currency. Iraq obviously has come to public acceptance of recognizing its corruption, and knows it must do something about it or else the world will pass them by or take them over in one way or another. This is a tremendous and perfect opportunity for them to stop their theft and still maintain their life-style legitimately. I personally believe this is our year- and am almost 100% certain of that. Go RV!!!
  10. jmartin1145, The best I can do is provide you with a link below that discusses the topic. Floridian's March 17th comment summarizes my curiosity: "What happens after 2 weeks?..."
  11. Thanks Yota, very, very much. The title to the third article certainly says it all: ".....The Passing Of This Law Ends The Eternal Dispute...." this is potentially a very glorious moment and one that is hopefully imminent as well. There are dozens of signs of progress toward a rate-change over the years,and especially over the past 10's quite possible that the email/notice from WARKA last month is one of them, in that they only gave 15 days from the date of the notice to partake in their offer. I truly hope that everyone who really needs a financial lift from the removal of the artificially imposed sanction rate on the IQD gets what they have been waiting for, and that an increase in value gives some sort of peace to all of those in the region of Iraq. GO RV!!!
  12. presence

    CBI News 04/15/2018

    Thanks Yota, very much. This is a nice article to start the week off. I recall reading a while ago that the CBI continually replaces old warn out notes, so I ask myself, why would they announce the i'nstructions and criteria for replacing them' now? A change in rate can't come soon enough as far as I'm conceerned.
  13. I don't buy it. I still believe, based on factual progress, and Iraq's necessity, that this is going to be over, publicly, by July.
  14. This actually makes perfect sense- and might be a last-ditch (or seciond or third to last) effort to contaminat Abadi. Wasn't it just a week ago that Jabouri was quoted as removing Maliki from the March 3rd list of 1000 corrupt Iraqi"s with arrest warrants?
  15. Botswana, I wish this thing would hit this month -and even tonight - for personal reasons. However, I intuitively think it will be in May and no later than July. I base the latter dates on forms of energy testing, which I use every day all day all day long, in other areas of life. The key to getting the correct answer is being quiet and aware enough, to 'hear' it, and making sure to focus on asking the right question. It's a simple process that becomes overly complex uf too much emotion or volatility gets in the way.Comolivating my perception is the fact that my real estate fraud trial goes back to court this month for a re-trial in the State Of Connecticut. The GoFund Me Campaign entitled "Help two Victims Of Real Estate Fraud" tells the story in case you're intetested. . Sorry to get off track - I just wanted to explain the personal challenge with nailing the date down...all in all, I don't see this going through the end of July and am pretty certain it's going to hit before then

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