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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    Classic SnL skit - Thanks for the cowbell, Thugs. This was one of Christopher Walkens' (off-screen) best roles.... and thanks for the update Adam. I agree, it's just a matter of time before the patient and confident investors of the IQD get a 'monstrous' return as their reward. ...and thanks to everyone else who contributed to this thread. My only personal regret about a potential (hopefully imminent) rate change is that I do not as of yet have a passport.... your avatar based on Freud? That is, is your avatar supposed to be appealing to the Id? Just a thought...or curiosity, that is. Go RV!!!
  2. Well, if it's any consolation, I recall Ovarb11 saying (in the spring of 2012 I believe) that the rate change wouldn't occur until the time that reconstruction and redevelopment took place...regardless, for some reason I personally think this will hit in May...
  3. Exchange rates and foreign investments

    Thanks for bringing this over Yota - much appreciated. So, based on the notation at the bottom of the article, is it correct to assume that this was put out by the President Of The Association of Iraqi Private Banks? If so, then this 'opinion piece' as Synopsis efficiently puts it certainly carries some weight. I wouldn't be surprised if we SUDDENLY see a lot more articles like this, not only as part of the 'education process' but also because some of the individuals iworking on the financial progress for Iraq are going to want to be recognized for their effort.
  4. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Greetings DV. Thanks Thugs, for bringing this over, and everyone else for contributing.. The last 12 months have certainly been escalating in progress towards the removal of the artificiallly imposed low rate of the IQD. Since the elimination of the dasholes, there have been more and more articles with the words: 'International'; "banking SWIFT codes", "audits" (by KPMG no less) and the continual fight against fraud and corruption. Each and every day brings Iraq closer to providing a safe and secure environment for investors to place their resources. Yota691's avatar of the roller coaster certainly expresses some of the emotional ups and downs I've felt since taking an interest in this 'exotic currency', and honestly believe this is our year. On a side note, the person giving many of the negs in this thread should srart to look inward, or at least have their eyes checked for color blindness.
  5. Thanks again very much Yota. I certainly like to see the words 'international participation' in this article, along with the diverse list of attendees. Pretty soon the financial sector will have similar attendees- who won't be hiding under the guise or subterfuge of 'other conference titles.'
  6. CBI News 02/28/2018

    King Bean- you emphasize a great point outlined in this article, and one that got by me - thanks very much!
  7. CBI News 02/28/2018

    Good morning Yota691 and DV. Thanks for this encouraging post which details factusl signs of progress from the CBI. I look forward to seeing what's next-
  8. Synopsis - Thanks very much for the effort - much appreciated! It all boils down to a simple supply vs. demand curve, and it looks like one is changing as we speak- Go RV!!!
  9. Good morning DV and thank you for the updates Yota691. You raise a very intertestjbg point TexasMike1958. It does appear that the outside pressure by the IMF is certainly real. I hope it's enough to force Iraq through this extra inning stalemate. As so many have said before: "Let's get ''ef done!"
  10. Synopsis, Thank you for sharing part of the interpretation and analytical process you used to evaluate this investment. It's been a while, but I recall having many of the same thoughts (and a few others such as the reasoning the US chose to go into Iraq in the first place.) The geographical area of Iraq has been analyzed and publicly disclosed in many ways. I think its truly fascinating when one considers the wealth in the surrounding areas - specifically Afghanistan. I know that there are differences in both the politics and the raw materials between the countries, but once Iraq's squabbles are over, and the IQD revaluates, I believe a lot of attention is going placed on Afghanistan. I say that mainly from viewpoints expressed by geologists who looked at various points around the country. Essentially, the geology summary of Afghanistan is consistent with something in the end of a Daffy Duck cartoon; everywhere the geologists looked they discovered rare and prescious metals, (diamonds emeralds, Ruby's, and other raw materials.) I will look for one of the evaluaions I'm referring to, which was aired in 2011 or 2012 on the CBS Sunday morning show Today. Let's go Iraq- the world is watching and waiting, and still encouraging you to realize that it's time to evolve from your ways of corruption and towards a successfully functioning independent capitalist economy.
  11. Synopsis, Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and analyses of the current situation and for your continued sense of optimism!
  12. Thanks for the post Yota691. I appreciate your continuous efforts to keep all of us interested parties up to date and in the know. Officiallytook, I like your comment and appreciate your optimism. I too feel that it's just a matter of short time that those responsible for the lack of financial and political progress will no longer be able to continue to get away by complaining about the 7% of land disputes (or thereabout) holding up article 140 and/or the difference between the 12% or 17% of profit sharing (which to the best of my knowledge was agreed upon years ago) in the hydro carbon act. I missed a few weeks of DV recently due to a medical necessity, which is coming along well with each passing day, which is the same perspective I have in regards to the work that's going on in Iraq. There is continuous effort -that's publicized- in regards to the rebuilding of Iraq and the elevation of its economy to a free and capitalist society. I am sure that there are a lot of 'conversations' taking place behind the scenes letting those corrupt holdouts know that their days are numbered and that the under-valued IQD is soon going to be a thing of the past.

    Thanks very much for sharing this Wiljor! Bloomberg definitely has reputable information - I used to work in an AETNA mutual fund accounting department that paid $450,000 a year to get 24/7 access to a single Bloomberg pricing machine on days when there were 200+ point changes in the market. Certain stock prices on those market days had to be verified as accurate before the funds' NAV (net asset value) numbers were released worldwide at 5:40 pm EDT. Bloomberg was THE ONLY hardware and software service with reliable and timely data. My thought is that Bloomberg has only become more powerful and elite in that portion of the market as time progressed,and in essence, I suspect they 'know somwfhing' that we don't.' As far as the numerical data in the graphs themselves- it doesn't matter. Just the fact that the ratios can be seen on Bloomberg makes me think that someone on their end wanted to make sure it can be seen and is up and running -correctly- before things 'get hot.'
  14. CBI News 01/31/2018

    Good morning Yoga and DV. Well, this is certainly a post worth the wait (and waking up for.) I really love the timing of this, as it fits in perfectly with the $100Mm hard cash reserve requirements the CBI came out with at the beginning of the month. I'm eager to see what happens next-
  15. Thanks for all the recent updates Yota, and continued efforts to keep all of us informed and up to date. Happy Holidays to you and everyone else here on DV. It seems like a good time to become familiar with how to purchase shares on the Iraqi stock market - so, if you or anyone else can inform me of the correct process it would be gratefully appreciated. I have a Warka account that's just 'sitting there'., and I'd like to put it to use. Thanks again- presence

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