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  1. Awesome post Yota, thanks for the info. It's nice to see these birds have a place to roam!
  2. Thanks for your continuous and relentless efforts, Yota! Everyone here appreciates your hard work in keeping us up to date on the IQD developments! ...and thanks for taking notice, Thugs- much appreciated...
  3. CBI News 11/09/2017

    Good evening Yota and DV, It's certainly nice to see another article regarding the "purchase and sale of foreign currencies"; it's a great sign no matter what the translation is, in my opinion!
  4. Oil at 90$ per

    KingBean- thanks very much. I haven't looked at retrospective oil charts since working in mutual fund accounting in the 90"s, and I take your post as a good reminder to keep up on research.
  5. Oil at 90$ per

    Luigi1, Synopsis, and prescottped- thank you all very much for pointing out the late change and correlation between the Saudis and the PB to this thread. Luigi1-thanks for your factual retrospective interpretation. I certainly hope Iraq makes its move asap and before December 2nd.
  6. Waitisover- I've enjoyed reading your posts - along with everyone (almost) else's on this site since December 2010.... I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming days... now then...waitisover, I completely agree with your comment- things 'feel' like they are for me, there have been several times since 2010 where I've wanted, needed (really badly too) or hoped that this RV would in fact show itself or just arrive SUDDENLY, but it never did. That being said, there's a sense of peace and knowingness and true comfort - from within - that I've only felt recently (the past 1-2 weeks) despite the unchanged outer world circumstances being what they are. I truly feel that we are all going to see the next phase in Iraq's trek from a regime to an independent capitalist society very very soon. I doubt it will go past December 2-3, and really think we are in the home-stretch. i just saw a link link on CNN (the other cloun news network) only 3 hours ago that showed 11 Saudi princes being investigated for corruption. That is definitely unheard of in my lifetime - and the timing of it is 'more than coincidental'.... Go RV!!!
  7. Thanks for the additional updates Thugs. It's always a treat to see a thread like this and read everyone's comments. It looks like lots of sandflys are on the way- I plan to look up and give a great big one to God when the rate changes and when we get a long-awaited text! (and of course lots of thanks to God in the meantime).....
  8. Thanks Thugs- very much. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to get to Baghdad and to coordinate a conference with attendees like this. I suspect something is about to happen- before December 2nd, which would make it worth the effort!
  9. CBI News 10/31/2017

    Thanks Yota, for yesterday's exciting posts and, and for the one above....and thanks DWS112, for the expansion.very rxciting times indeed - I look forward to seeing what comes next-
  10. Synopsis, thanks very much for your comments regarding my post and for sharing the events of your relative's experience with me and others. And thank you as well, 2fast4u2c, for your comments as well. I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone by my late-night post and am sorry to anyone who took offense or thought that I could have chosen a better means to comminucate my opinion. I know many people view Luigi's posts as 'entertainment', but some of those that do may not be aware that the gullible, more trusting and believing part of the population actually exists and that people do get hurt by bad or ill-intended recommendations. I am personally still dealing with an expensive and time-consuming court legality, that all started by trusting realtors in September 2008! that operated under the guise of a reputable real estate company. I found out months after we sold our house that the people who bought our property the year following the death of my parents, were in fact friends and co-workers of the realtors we hired to represent us. Having no prior real estate knowledge, and being trusting, we believed the realtors and followed their advice when they selected a price for us to list our property. Unknown to us at the time, our town updated a 5-year reassessment of our property, a week before our closing, that turned out to be $100,000 - to the dollar - less than the price we weee told we would get for our house. We later found out that our house was sold on TEMP status which means it wasn't able to be seen by the public or open to bid on, which means we caught the realtors in insider trading. We also caught them submitting a forged copy of document that contained a signature that was cut-and-pasted from another document that was signed. It took 8 years to get the case in cour. It was supposed to be heard and ruled on by a jury. Unfortunately, the judges in the court that heard the case played some funny games, and didn't allow most of our testimony to be heard by a jury. The judge rigged the trial and then said she was taking the decision of the jury out of their hands and deciding the case herself because my attorney didn't present enough evidence. The judge ruled in the realtors favor via a directive verdict, and then let the other side counter-sue me for $300,000 before they were allowed to. The counter-suit technically wasn't allowed to be started until my appeal was heard and ruled on. I learned earlier this month that the appellate court overturned the trial court's 2015 decision and issued me a new trial which starts in January. So, you see, lots of harm can and does come to some of those who are overly trusting.
  11. CBI News 10/29/2017

    Thanks Yota691. I like the fact that things are 'tightening up' against corruption and also in the soaking up of the 'chunky money' by the enticing lowering of the price of gold. It seems like every few days things are quiet and then there's a slew of positive news releases - I look forward to what's coming next!
  12. Synopsis, Thank you, my friend, for expressing what ,I and many others I suspect, feel in regards to Luigi1's posts. Luigi1 - if you truly are of the opinion that the posts you make are in fact intentionally formulated and false statements, and that the reason you posting them on this credible Dinar website it to warn new investors of them, then might I suggest you emphasize that they are lies by stating it somewhere at the top of your re-post? For instance, "To New Investors Of The IQD: Please don't believe a word of this post. It is a lie created elsewhere in the world and I am posting it here and bringing it to your attention so that you don't fall for it..." ~peace~
  13. Thanks Wiljor, for posting this encouraging article backed by facts and detail. This is obviously a very important component to Iraq's current and future economomy. Go RV!!!
  14. Yota691- Thanks again for this most encouraging post. Here we see, piblicly, that the Governor of the CBI is asking the IMF to help it with its endeavor. I see nothing but good in this article-although I don't know when the 'third review' referenced above is supposed to take place. I like the timeliness of this article as it proves that things are being done behind the scenes. "As soon as possible...,,," - I am eager to see how the IMF responds.
  15. Thanks SnowGlobe7! I like the visuals you provided very much! All we need to see now are jail bars between them! Happy nine lives to you and all your purrrfect friends!

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