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  1. I truly hope that this gets done one of the times that they say it will - or before, and that there isn't a statement released upon their return that says the HCL will be resolved next session. I was intuitively hopeful that this ride would have come to an end this month; there's still 5 days left and I pray we all get a 'nice surprise' in that duration.... let's go Iraq! lets go Abadi! Tell us publicly that Mosul is wrapped up and tell us that the remaining Chapter VII restrictions are no longer, and while you are at it tell us that you've reinstated your currency to a rate equivalent to it's historic glory and that it's either on par with the dollar, or that you've reinstated the rate to the one it used to be of three (3) dollars and change!!!
  2. if only they could reach me..,
  3. Ok 600 million, at roughly 1,000 a million is $600,000. What happened to the other $48 Billion that's been linked to him? He's been one of the wealthiest people on the planet for multiple years. One example of this is how he became (and I believe still is) a 51% majority shareholder in Motorola Wireless - at least in that portion of the world. So statistically, he's done quite well for himself.
  4. It's obviously a rue for Maliki to tryo to get away. Tests have repeatedly shown that Maliki doesn't even have a heart. This might be a good time to follow him and see if he goes to the place where he built a house that could house 30,000 (per Shabibi); I never suspected that home would be in Iran, but I Igor just adjust my google Earth settings a little bit East and find it. Go RV - and Go May 2017!!!
  5. I still like this article- it's a step in the right direction. The guys who get caught are certainly going to point to all the others around them in an attempt to 'make a deal.' It's just a matter of short-time before Maliki is finally arrested. In the meantime. I might just start using google Earth to see if I can spot the place Shabibi referenced multimedia times- which is Maliki's home that can house 30,000 people- all built with stolen funds meant for the Iraqi people. I will know I found it as it's sure to have a moat and guillotine on the premises.
  6. Good afternoon Yota- and thank you very much for posting this article - which is quite interesting, if not just for the content but for the timelines. I recall several weeks ago that Abadi said Iraq would be fully released from the remaining chapter VII restrictions, and there's been a vast amount of political progress as of late as well as increases in the amount of oil exported since then. I've seen several articles lately referencing international support and investment by private companies as well as other countries and states. The timelines of the final and complete elimination from the remaining Dasholes, and the liberalization of Mosul, appears to be well-timed and almost synchronized in some ways. I suspect that at some point there will SUDDENLY be an almost simultaneous slew of articles - that follow the ones you've posted in the last few hours...that culminate in an avalanche of public information that ultimately results in an RV of the IQD.
  7. Synopsis- Thanks for the acknowledgment. No, it's not Avon, NY - which is a town I wasn't familiar with, but I am in agreement with you that it certainly looks beautiful. The 5 arches in the link you provided look like they were brought over from Rome and re-assembled there! The town I grew up in is 1 state to the East of the one you suspected- and about a 30 minute drive to the East from my present location. It too is a beautiful place, in many ways, although it's become one of the more pricey and borderline 'snobbish' areas when viewed by some. I hope your perception of the reasons behind a blackout is correct, and not related to any attempts to suppress the global computer virus unleashed on Friday...we shall certainly see soon enough. In the meantime, I will take your advice and stay well rested (unless of course a late-night text gets my attention.) Go RV!!!
  8. Boozer - you beat me to it! We know it can't be electricity since they don't have it on yet! Which makes me wonder- what does Iraq use to power its internet? Yes, Synopsis- go Moola Nova (which is quite appropriate as 'Nova' is the backwards spelling of the town I grew up in).... and go May 2017- which I truly hope is the date that we finally see an RV of the IQD!
  9. NAKS- I believe it means that each dinar will be worth approximately ten ($.10) cents U.S., which by my math makes the answer to your question $100,000. Check out Adam's cash-in guide as he suggested-I know version 5 was a good read in 2010.
  10. Thanks Thugs - this is a great article. I was curious if anyone knows when or where the photo of the side by side filswas originally taken or came from. The penny (lowest fil) could also make an impact on taxes mentioned recently in other articles, and is still the simplest means to make change for the indicative lower denoms. Go RV! (Please!!!)
  11. This is obviously a hot topic and for lots of reasons and emotions. Many of those investing in IQD are 'day to day' in regards to financial and other forms of survival. However, despite the past, no matter how you look at it, change - for the better - is taking placr in Iraq. As some have said, stop the money and change will occur. Since Trunp's been in office, vast amounts exceeding the $550 billion found and frozen in U.S. accounts has been removed from the circle of corruption. At some point, we will all get a look at what Makiki's home that can support 30 million people (as quoted by Shanibi) Looks like; perhaps Maliki will swing from inside of it in his final days. The he reasons and excuses for Iraq to postpone an RV in favor of corruption are being eliminated as we speak. KPMG is a legitimate worldwide 'Big 4' accounting and auditing group and the forensic analyses that has yet to become public knowledge since 2003 is sure to be vast and have left a massive footprint. These corrupt players are being forced by the IMF, WB, and other international groups agencies and countries, and it's my belief (and very very strong hope, perception and desire) that the country of Iraq knows it has to finally function at the standards of the rest of the civilized world and get along with each other as they now have to earn, and not steal, it's way to economic freedom and independence.
  12. WheresmyRV and DoD- I completely agree with your comments and observations regarding Iraqi politics and corruption. I think back to an article written by an Iraqi official posted last summer who said everyone in Iraq was corrupt - even him! Since then, however, vast progress has been made to digitize the flow of money, identify and freeze the assets of those who stole and hid over $550 Billion dollars in US accounts, recent additional public accusations against Maliki, along with the closure of illegal oil wells with the changing of flow-meters to better identify theft. Essentially, from my view, change is taking place in the way things are getting and are going to get done in Iraq. The IMF and WB along with the international relief and aid from multiple countries to help with the post-dashole recovery in Baghdad and throughout Iraq are all putting pressure on those in charge to change their illegitimate ways.
  13. Good morning Yota- and thank you for bringing this article over (along with the other ones during the past several days - and for your relentless efforts.) Hopefully there's more to this article behind the scenes, and that it somehow connects and correlates with the articles in the thread started by Thugs several hours ago regarding the CBI initiative and plan through 2020. Go RV - and go May 2017!!!
  14. Good Morning Yota ...sorry...just a habit of mine :-) ...and good morning DWS112-and all of DV for that matter... Thank you very much DWS112, for bringing this fine article to the news section so early in the day- I sincerely appreciate it. I am hopeful that the content of the article contains 'more depth' that is revealed 'in the coming days...or, for that matter, very very soon... Or, better yet, before the 25th of May - 2017, and more precisely by next week! I hope that the next next several days show a flurry of activity from various workd-wide influences, that are all 'watching the paint dry' (as Coorslite so eloquently said.); from where I sit, it sure will be a wonderful time to 'stop watching the grass grow' - and have some fun. I truly look forward to the joy we all hope to receive, which in my own perception, will be some time this month. Heck- I may even go out and buy a Bitcoin or two, and keep one as a pet that will be named Buzzy. Go RV!!!
  15. Out of all the days for them tongave a holiday and revolution - in 1948 they chose Bastille Day - well, it worked for the French, why not? At least they will already be in line with them when this goes "international". Go RV!!!