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  1. Thanks Adam - much appreciated- I know your time is valuable - and hopefully mine will be as valuable as yours very shortly! And thank you Synopsis, for taking the time to comprise another eloquent post- which I enjoyed reading very much. I appreciate your enthusiasm and objectivity in regards to the Dinar, along with the manner and etiquette in which you communicate- Presence
  2. Iraqi Central Bank announced on Wednesday the formation of a committee to open relations with the Arab and foreign banks, as he emphasized that Iraq is committed to international standards, specifically in the areas of anti - money laundering and risk management, insurance and international accounting. i like like the last two words of the above paragraph very much - especially when combined with the link Thugs posted twice about Deloitte's tax guide to doing business in Iraq. It certainly feels like things are progressing in an almost exponential rate, and that the road has already been laid out with no turning back - and that we are in the final steps of Iraq's transition from a dictatorship to a capitalist economy. GO RV!!!
  3. Well, at least they have a way to keep our money and/or access to it safe...I hope!
  4. Thanks for checking in.... the suspense is certainly building.... Go RV!!!
  5. Thanks again Thug's - I appreciate the quick answer to my MasterCard curiosity. I won't have any problem staggering - I look forward to some overdue gin - it's been a long while but it got me through high school and college (and even 2 Mardi Gras- which I miss immensely- and hope to be at soon) - Go RV!!! ps- if ever there was a time for Frank to be right this is it!
  6. Thanks Thug- and for everyone sharing their perception of this post. The timing certainly fits- and I completely agree, these banks 'don't mess around' and are the world' largest institutions in international personal and corporate banking. Combine this with the Deloitte and Touche article about taxation in Iraq and it looks like Iraa is going to be 'open for business' very soon. I am curious about the MasterCard posts as of late and how the details behind this bond will come out. Go RV - it's not a day too soon from my perspective- assuming the work's been done behind the DVD es this may come to light soon as the days that lapse are literally going to be lost interest money to these institutions. So maybe august 1st - if not before - for the sake of 'accounting simplicity.'
  7. Theseus, (I skipped over all the other responses that followed since your rant, so please disregard any redundancy if the following has already been stated by others) Assuming you are still a member of this site, what is your masters in and what are you getting your doctorate in? I know it's not in etiquette, so please enlighten me. There are many educated members of this site who have been here s lot longer than me, (Dec.'10) so your comment about people not having long-term fortitude is baseless. A bright friend of mine put things into perspective one day when he said "people often describe other people, places, and things the way they see themselves'. Perhaps it's time you looked inward rather than communicating in the manner you do.. I personally don't know anyone on this site that's 'called an RV' on a particular day of the week repeatedly. My guess is that you are getting this site mixed up with one of the other lesser-quality ones that's out there on the web. As far as an RV occurring or not -time will tell. In the meantime, I suggest that you learn how to communicate effectively so that you can be on par with others who have a doctrine in the same field as the one that you're pursuing. If it's a degree in a-holes, then you're doing great- really - keep up the good work! Iraq is poised to complete its journey from being a dictator-led society to one that's an independent and fully functioning capitalist society. It's a very unique scenario - and one that can't be compared to other countries or societies. There is a chance that the dinar will never increase in value, and there's a chance it will. Regardless of the outcome, do yourself a favor and learn how to be respectful towards others. It might help you in your professional endeavors, and quite possibly, help you live longer. Peace~
  8. Theseus- I can't speak for those who can or can't see, but I don't believe there is a single member of this site who is dumb or stupid. peace~
  9. That's quite an image on the CBI link! Now I know where at least 'some' of the money has gone!
  10. Very interesting observation- thank you for posting that. Perhaps BIS didn't get the memo that they were suppose to wait till the rate changed before posting a link on their site (I assume that's a new link to the CBI and that it hasn't been there before.) I sincerely appreciate your post and will check out BIS for a 'little enthusiasm.'
  11. Thanks Chuck - hopefully it's just a matter of short time before I have more than enough money to spend on political advertising- among other things!
  12. I recall Adam making a comment during one of his weekly chats prior to the last election (and prior to the infestation of the dasholes in 2014) in which he stated that an RV prior to the election would certainly be viewed by the voters as a positive move by Maliki, who, hypothetically, would have then been voted in with ease. Now the 'shoe is on the other foot' - and assuming that that shoe is not thrown at anyone anytime prior to the elections, Abadi has an awesome chance to secure the hearts and minds of the Iraqi voters by finally RVing the long overdue Iraqi Dinar and reinstating it to a rate of its former glory.
  13. Synopsis- Thank you for taking the time to think through and post your complex analysis of the aforementioned. It's a very strong possibility you are correct - and hopefully only a matter of short time before its determined you are correct. Boozer - I agree with your comment. I recall a few events that took place at the beginning of this year, and then again only a couple of weeks ago. The timing of them seemed to correlate with possible 'RV Windows.' Specifically, I believe that the stock exchange was closed for a few days around the New Year, and yet again between June 26th- 30th. Regardless of any retrospective correlation, I suspect that we truly are close this time around. From my own perspective, things 'feel' different, which is a lot different from 'hope', 'want', or 'need.'. When emotion is disregarded, the objective analysis is quite positive, and the facts that are unfolding can not be overlooked. There was an article posted within the last 48 hours that had a comment about coins being released. That's about as good as it gets when combined with the other late developments. Go RV!!!
  14. Adam, Thank you very much for acknowledging my post and answering my question. I too feel that we are close to a rate change, and personally believe your text is more likely to go out on a weekend, US time. Hopefully the upcoming Baghdad-Erbil reconciliation conference is a 'post-event', although I know it's not going to take place on a cruise. Go RV!!!
  15. Adam, Thanks for checking in and for the consistent care, attention, and devotion you've given and continue to give to this site and to it's members since the beginning of this decade (and then some.) I know you don't give dates, rates, or 'sources', but that being said, have any of your contacts given you updated info. (post Ramadan) as to the timing of this event - generally speaking- and if so, is that something you could share? I recall you mentioning last year that one of your greatest resources for info. came from the news articles (a slight paraphrase on my part.) and I also recollect a more recent statement about contacts of 'the highest source', or something along those lines. It's not always easy for me to communicate things 100% precisely and accurate via this medium, so let me add that I am not trying to pressure you for an answer (it's not 'my way' - plus I know it won't impact your decision to provide an answer), but rather, I am simply trying to make the best decisions possible, from a near 'borderline survival mode' perspective. I personally find it more than frustrating that HCL was supposed to be on the agenda at the beginning of each of the last few sessions, but ultimately wasn't. It was only a week ago when an article mentioned talk of its discussion being on July 4th (but wasn't.) I'd certainly like to hear any insight you could share from your sources on the topic, if any. I know 'this is Iraq.', but occasional fear sets in at the thought of a parallel between the 'post war Iraq' and the 'post-war Vietnam' currencies. As always, thanks for the work you and the mods have done to constantly maintain this site with the latest technology and for keeping its members up to date with clean content. I know it can't be easy, but your efforts are very much appreciated. Go RV!!!