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  1. Thanks Floridian for posting this enticing article, and thank you DWS112 for the translation effort. This is very strong and clear language by Abadi, which he must have consciously wanted to reach as many people as possible, hence the tweet. I like the timing of this article as much as the content t itself- which is a common theme as of late. Between a certain international oil company re-starting work after a 2-year break, and other recent 'developments' as of late, we just might see this thing hit - and soon - which is fine by me! GO RV!!!
  2. Good morning DV - and thanks again for the awesome posts and effort Yota- much appreciated. i like the timing of this article immensely- a common statement of mine as of late- which shows a lot of positive and consistent inertia against the stagnation that's existed for far too long between the Kurds and Baghdad. There's more than enough to go around, financially speaking, without the need for corruption, so hopefully this is finally it! Go RV!!!
  3. Agreed LB- that would simplify all the forward effort and instantly eliminate the financial duress, squabble, and distrust between the Kurds and Baghdad. Abadi would have many fewer distractions with the instantaneous increase in assets and respect of his country countryman and would win the election with ease- I hope we are watching the beginning of this historic event now- Go RV!!!
  4. Well, nothing says international more than a post like this. Thanks Yota691 - I appreciate the effort each and every time you make to keep us up to date and 'in the know.'...hopefully there's more behinds the scene with the publicizing of this event!
  5. RIP...Another Guru Passes.

    Agreed. RIP DAZ, and our prayers go out to your family. I had an anaphylactic response in 2006 following an intervertebral steroid injection (adjacent to my spinal cord) at a pain clinic located insise a hospital. I was very fortunate to be in the right place when that occurred and am sorry to hear that DAZ was not.
  6. Thanks very much Thugs! For keeping me and all DV members up to date with this topic of ever increasing importance! I like the timing of yesterday's post, and the amendment you added hours ago...very,very much! Go RV!!! I meant to reference this enticing portion of the above post in the one I just made.... "..."The delegation will discuss the referendum file with Kurdish leaders and solve problems between Baghdad and Erbil because of this file," the source said, adding that "the delegation includes political, academic, elite and community..."
  7. Tonight At Midnight...The Release.

    That's funny - by chance I just come across this post- at 12:10am EDT...aka- ten minutes with no text
  8. Excellent post - thanks Yota, very much. I hope all is well with you and those close to you post Irma. I trust that the Integrity Committee is going to be (and has been) very busy in the coming days-
  9. It's hard to speculate, but I like the timing of this financial disclosure very much. At a minimum it shows that Iraq has a good handle on their financial records and current accounting- hopefully there are other 'subtle' reasons for the timing of this article. Go RV!!!
  10. Crane, forensic accounting is getting more efficient and precise with technological advances. Maliki isn't going to get away with his theft, and I am confident the majority of the whereabouts of the funds originally intended for the Iraqi citizens will located and put back in the hands of the Iraqi citizens. I can not read Arabic, but I can certainly read the looks on the faces of the citizens protesting against Maliki, and the eventual return of the temporarily diverted funds will be awesome for our investment!
  11. IRMA Halts The RV.

    Wiljor, Deapite seeing the BS animation in your post many times, I finally realized how detailed it is. The eyes and face on the cow are very telling..,
  12. It's interesting that Maliki didn't bail him out or protect him from the original arrest and the sentence that followed. Hopefully he now turns against Maliki- and very very soon!
  13. I am reluctant to chime in,and don't mean to veer off-topic, but one fact you got right Barb, is that Trump is definitely an American. I recall watching a video last year - which I downloaded from YouTube years earlier, and before it was removed, that shows Obama, while speaking in front of a group of about 30 people outside in a very public area, and very early on in his run for president, stating: "...this election is different. I am from Kenya"... He spoke those words early on in his bid for president and before he was aware of the predicament he created by stating them. He obviously didn't know the facts about citizenship and as they pertain to running for the highest office, and the reason he wasn't aware of the predicament is because he wasn't raised in America. Like I said, I have the video clip. It reminds me of a word he mispronounced years later. While reading a TelePrompt, he mistakenly pronounced the 's' in the word 'corpsman', which as we know, is silent. He certainly would have pronounced the word correctly had he been raised here. So everything being equal, if you can find evidence of Trump being in bed etc. then please direct me to it, as I am apparently misinformed as it's my understanding that there isn't a link between Trump and Putin. And, everything else being equal, Trump is definitely a true American and has the citizenship to prove it. (I state the latter despite the fact that I admittedly voted for Obama during his first election. I felt duped and betrayed as his presidency progressed, and still do) peace~
  14. Yota691, Thank you very much for posting this article, and thanks to everyon who followed with their opinions as to what this really means. I certainly can't recollect a factual post like this, historically, speaking. I certainly like timing of it as it may be showing 'The Kurds' Hand', prior to September 25th. I recall a post a week or two in which Delta stated that new notes had been printed since May. I will look for the link but the amount for printing was I believe $5Mm. The latter number isn't as important itself so much as the timing of the post. If the LD's were printed, it could certainly be possible that the Kurds are finally getting along with Baghdad. I speculate that also because this post comes after Mattis' recent visit which I believe was done to help prevent the referendum, so we might very much be watching this RV unfold now, with a rate to follow shortly as it would already have to be in place for the latter effort and activities to be taking place.
  15. Thanks again Thugs-, for keeping us up to date with your posts that all contain pieces and ingredients of the RV recipe....the broad spectrum of news from Iraq that covers politics, economic progress and the ever-tightening leash around corruption on one end, and the war on ISIS and dasholes on the other end, is continuing to shrink to a point that reveals a glorious time for Iraq and the Iraqi Dinar... Go RV!!!

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