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  1. presence

    9/11...Could This Be The Next RV Window?

    Pitcher -i'my very sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. I'm pretty certain he was one of a total of 343 first responders lost on that that - a staggering number. Star-thanks for your post in this and other threads - I enjoy reading your comments (and everyone else's in this thread for that matter -with the exception of the author who started this thread.) Nothing on my generation ('68) compares to the events I experienced on that day. I know exactly where I was when I learned of the tragic news. Perhaps the author who started this thread is simply a child as they may not have been alive in September '01. Regardless, youth is not an excuse. It is an opportunity to learn from prior incorrect the or poor choices by not continuing to repeat them...
  2. Thanks for the summation jeepguy- much appreciated. I've got my a rare pounding headache and dreaded the thought of making it worse...
  3. presence

    Guru TANK: Dire Warnings...USD Collapse.

    Thanks, Pitcher - I appreciate you writing your comments regarding this particular post. Presence~
  4. Thanks for your post, blueskyline. I enjoyed reading it - along with many others of yours over the years. This is just one of many recent posts of equal value that are being released nearly simultaneously, which is a great sign~
  5. Good evening Yota691, and all of DV. Thank you for posting this article, Yota, along with all the other ones - as well as your respective comments over the yesrs I've learned a lot from your efforts.... 10 YEARS LATER - I like the positive words and emphasis in your statement. I have always tried tried to take an optimistic approach to this investment (and life in general...)..which is sometimes challenging to do; not because of the IQD, itself, but rather because of the people managing it. The latter viewpoint is similar to that which humans had on the greatest racehorse to ever walk the Earth: Secretariat - who would've probably won every race he participated in were it not for human influence. Not to get off-track (no pun intended....)) The best thing of rhis,article is juat aa good as the words it contains....I certaibly hope this tuens into a,memorable week -and positicely so - for all of us patient investors, along with ev eryone in need.... Go RV! !!
  6. presence

    CBI News 08/19/2018

    Thanks for your feedback, Botzwana. I appreciate your input and enjoy reading your comments and posts as well. Things as of late, feel.unusually slow at times, and then updates such as the one in this thread come out. To me it feels as if the CBI is intentionally holding back info.for time necessity- against masses who are applying energy and pressure from an opoosite direction - in a manner that's beginning to feel like the starting line of the New York or Boston marathons. At some point 'soon' the CBI won't be able to or even need to keep up the resistance - and that will truly be a glorious moment!
  7. presence

    CBI News 08/19/2018

    This feels like an epic post. The way I read it, this article details a clear and precise outline for implementing international standards of the IQD - every step of the way. I've seen a lot of references to articles regarding 'educating the masses,' and this post 'almost' fits that description perfectly.... The information contained in the first half of this article, combined with the reference to and use of the words 'brief summary' in the second half just might be indicative that everything might actually be completed behind the scene so as to completely remove the artificially imposed low rate of the IQD. I state the latter not only because of the late public references to September 5th, but because of all the progress and inertia that's been building (with the exception of the elections) over the last 18 months. Regardless of that fact that this is Iraq, (and anything can happen) a tremendous amount of effort and progress such as the implementation of SWIFT codes, EFT, the ISX, and even last week's post regarding the US Treasury, all point to Iraq's ability and readiness to participate fiinancially at a global level - with strict adherence to international standards of accounting, auditing, and finance. I am rrally eager to see what follows....
  8. TNT University - that's pretty funny King Bean!
  9. LaidBack, That's an excellent comment you make. My guess is that many citizens in each country are already doing just that. Perhaps we can ask Davis411 to chime in - as I am certain there are many Canadians who use similar tactics due to the value of the Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar.
  10. A few of us on 'this sde of the pond' are waiting as well.... Go RV!!!
  11. Good morning Yota691, and, DV. Thanks for this post. I like the tone of this language very much - and the timing of this announcement even more-
  12. presence


    Things seem to be progressing independently in many areas, and are simultaneously coming together, with September 5th rapidly approaching....
  13. presence

    Has Saudi Arabia gone mad?

    Thanks for your posts and comments Pitcher. It's important to keep up with world events and to have the correct facts pertaining to events such as these - much appreciated.
  14. presence

    Two More Gurus Pass While Waiting For The RV.

    Well said Texstorm - very well said -
  15. presence

    Two More Gurus Pass While Waiting For The RV.

    Thanks Thugs-I needed that!

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