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  1. Maybe Adam can address what this article means as to the future of Dinar value instead of only commenting on investing in his Gig. Since the bulk of the articles have been nothing but discouraging lately; A little uplifting with some educated insight /news would be a nice change
  2. Sellous

    Enough already

    So how much longer do we get the baby pictures... It seems like its stuck here . Is there something of more of a paid advertisement instead that can replace it. Maybe get back to a more professional presentation. Its distastefull anyway; to say in the least; but do we have to have to see it all year long. Just my opinon.
  3. Sellous

    Questions For Adam's Update 12-20-27

    What ever happened with the termination of the Governer of the Bank. Is that something that we want to happen? Thank you for all you do, Have a wonderful and a safe Holiday.
  4. Sellous

    Learn Iraq's Economic Vision 2030

    How did my question become a bible thumping platform?. Geez Louise Dinarians......... get a bloomin' grip. Hopefully Adam will comment with some important insight and get everyone back on track
  5. Sellous

    Learn Iraq's Economic Vision 2030

    Can Adam dive in here?. Between this article and the hosh gosh Maliki is stirring up; a lot of this needs: "Whats really happening in the background?" He may or may not have some insight.
  6. I would not be surprised if Trump used the exemption of the travel Ban for Iraqis as leverage for RV or the frozen funds issue or even the HCL.. He is an astute Business man enough to have some leverage with this travel ban. He is not trying to be politically correct; so there is probably something up his sleeve "Wouldn't it be lovely". Or; would that back fire on him? Hmm
  7. Sellous

    Questions For Adam's Update 9-28-2016

    Well with Maliki in our face, almost daily: Please comment on the possible reactions that may occur from his actions. Why he is still breathing, has me baffled. We already know he can do some financial damage, and put all the progress that has been made in the tank. Do you still feel he doesn't matter to the Parliament anymore? Are the articles just media garbage, with Iran behind it?
  8. Sellous

    Questions for Adam's Update 1-6-2016

    Okay, my question is: Adam seemed pretty sure of the final round of this ride was soon to be coming. I think his words referred to close to his last posting. Now the news is; all gloom and doom. What Happened that has turned this around to " Nothing is accomplished and nothing is Done". What did Adam know that seems to now has disappeared?.
  9. That is funny, davis411. That is really funny, I cant stop laughing..... Ah Marriage is a wonderful institution......if you don't mind being Institutionalized......
  10. I would love to hear from Adam on this battle going on. Obviously, they are not tra la la arm in arm and the agreement is not settled. Adam has not really addressed this issue. Or; maybe anyone take on this. Maybe fill in the blanks, what happened that the HCA was close to being HCL , congrats was in order, and oops, not even close. I guess I missed something.
  11. Sellous


    No worries, just enjoying the weak and the ignorant banding together, in my opinion; of course. I don't own any dinar.
  12. Sellous


    Wow, I just love all the buttons I pushed. What is the saying. "Garbage in, Garbage out". Look at all the garbage that is coming out from my question.
  13. Sellous


    I have a question/ Can a Moderator maybe respond. Is this bible thumping garbage really necessary for a currency news site/ This is really offensive, and I , et al , shouldn't be subject to someone else's beliefs, or preaching, or anything related to religion for that matter
  14. Sellous

    VND now trading at. 47 cents to 1USD.

    1.00 USD = 21,094.00 VND US Dollar ↔ Vietnamese Dong 1 USD = 21,094.00 VND 1 VND = 0.0000474068 USD Convert again View Chart Mid-market rates: 2014-04-13 03:53 UTC Auto-refresh 15x 0 : 30 USD EUR GBP INR AUD CAD ZAR NZD JPY 1 USD 1.00000 0.72023 0.59757 60.2705 1.06445 1.09795 10.4880 1.15088 101.630 Inverse: 1.00000 1.38844 1.67345 0.01659 0.93945 0.91079 0.09535 0.86890 0.00984 1 VND 0.00005 0.00003 0.00003 0.00286 0.00005 0.00005 0.00050 0.00005 0.00482 Inverse: 21094.0 29287.6 35299.7 349.988 19816.7 19212.1 2011.23 18328.5 207.556 Mid-market rates: 2014-04-13 03:53 UTC Initiate auto-refresh Did you know?You can exchange money online with us. Transfer Money ► EUR/USD2014-04-11 18:02 UTCEUR-USD dipped to 1.3870 in early trade, weighed down slightly by hotter U.S. PPI data. Losses were short lived however, as the pairing made its way to just over 1.3900 before stabilizing. Good selling interest remains over 1.3900, though the very shallow pullback from the peak may imply further euro upside next week. Read More ► XE Currency ConverterThe XE Currency Converter includes a currency converter, cross-rate table, and forex news to keep you up-to-date on your favorite currency pair. Visit the Currency Encyclopedia ► XE ServicesGet commercial grade currency rates for your Business with the XE Currency Data Feed or transfer money internationally with free transfer options through XE Trade Money Transfers ►

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