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  1. I apologize, if I appeared to be calling you "out", that was not my intentions. I did not know that your site name was "dog". It is duly noted and I will not make that mistake again. Respectfully, Barbara
  2. Senior Member_8,323 post You have always made respectful comments on my post before and I strongly feel that has not changed. You and I tend to respectfully agree to disagree. I am not saying that suspected terrorist should not be vetted, they should be and THROUGHLY. However, suspected terrorist or not ALWAYS Muslins. There are Muslin Americans that love this country. Federally and state law enforcement's tips/information on various terrorist activities comes from Muslin-American communities, because they are Americans first and being Muslin is their faith. It is ironic, today Mr. trump said HIS Muslin friends and business associates would be exempt from this banning policy.
  3. I totally DISAGREE Mr. Trump. I spoke to a predominately African-American audience on the radio this morning, after hearing Mr. Trump's comments. I have not spoken on any type of media, since my civil rights activist days in the sixties through the early seventies. There were a number of African Americans expressing... MAYBE WE SHOULD LISTEN to Mr. Trump. My response to them were...if we as a group go along with this type of NONSENSE, APARTIED, NAZISM and JIM CROWISM...WE will be the next GROUP on that/his list banned from this country... and if WE are force to leave OUR country, where are we going to go...DON'T give me this crap about going back to AFRICA...We don't know any thing about Africa and the majority of us would NOT survive... in addition, we have been marginalized in this country, since the era of slavery to the present...I attempted leave this message with them...that we are AMERICANS first and period...we have a CONSTITUTION...Mr. Trump's proposal is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL...IF this is allowed to happen to the MUSLINS and Muslin Americans...we as Africans, Hispanics, Asians, Natives and other Americans is just a "stones throw" away from it happening to us.
  4. I have been a widow since 2010. When my husband was alive he BELIEVED in sharp knives and a precision carved turkey. It was carving at its finest. However now, it just me, the turkey, the knife, so I tell my beloved family to be happy and blessed, that they get a piece of meat, no matter what the skill of the carver. HAVE HAPPY, BLESSED AND GOOD THANKSGIVINGS!
  5. Timothy McVea was a conservative, a Christian and he blew up the Federal building with children in the building. Should we have deported conservative? Absolutely NOT. Should we have deported CHRISTIANS? Absolutely NOT. In my opinion, it is the same circumstance(s) just different religion(s).
  6. As a widow of a veteran who served two(2) tours in Vietnam, who fought for veteran's rights and issues up until the day he died, I would like to thank ALL men and women who have served our country. My issue with certain faction(s) of Congress is, it is always okay to send our warriors off to various wars, but it is not okay for Congress to look after our warriors once they come home with various issues and problems. This neglect MUST STOP. If, we can give the Military COMPLEX billions of dollars each year to give to contractors to become multi-millionaires/billionaires, we can give the people who actual do the deployment/fighting an equal amount, if not more. I clearly remember my husband always saying...I love by country and the people he served with...however, he HATED the Army and the Veterans Administration...because he felt the promises made to Veterans who were FORTUNATE enough to survive and come home were LIED too. THANK YOU ALL VETERANS FOR YOUR SERVICE.
  7. I like how you think.
  8. I agree with you a 100%. A "voice" of "well-balanced" cerebral thinking.
  9. Lies, lies and more lies... Fabrications, fabrications and more fabrications... However, you can get Sarah Palin's daughter to give an "appropriate behavior" seminar on early "sexual behavior", since she is the Republican poster-child for what every teenager should aspire to be.
  10. The present president inherited an economy far worst and made it better. The present congress ® have much dislike for the middle class, govern only for the 1 per cent, and have demonstrated that a good America/American ship jobs overseas to make non-Americans life better. However, these same "good America/American" ship the product(s) to be sold to Americans with low paying jobs/no jobs has a demonstration of their true concern for the middle class.
  11. What makes you a Christian? Are you a Christian, because you say you are? That is proof enough for me and I do not know you. I believe God will make that determination and he alone. If, reading a book(s) can challenge/change your faith in God, I fell you need to re-examine your belief system. I have read Mein Kemp, Turner Diaries, Koran, The Red Book and many other controversial reading materials and I am a Black American. However, the book I read everyday is my bible. I am a strong believer in science and all it entails, being a retired math and science teacher. My bible is my guide to maneuvering the many negative pitfalls of life/world. I believe all faiths/religions bring something good to the table. It is man/woman that bastardize the religions/faiths.
  12. I believe in GOD period. As a retired math and science teacher, I also believe in science.
  13. I am also a Dallas Cowboys fan. However, on this site, I am probably the only person pulling for the Seattle Seahawks to win.
  14. Veteran Day is one of the very few holidays my husband truly enjoyed celebrating. He served two (2) tours in Vietnam and discharged from the military honorably. He kept close contact with many of his fellow warriors he served with, until his death (November 18, 2010). He had very few prayers he prayed for on a daily basis; the most requested prayer he prayed for peace, fewer and eventually "NO" more war(s), where young men and women die and are injured. He always closed him prayer with. . ."war is not likeable or pretty. . . He expressed many time that Veteran Day reminded him of six (6) things; (1) how much he "LOVED" his country, (2) the love and respect he had for the personnel he served with, (3) the bullet he received in combat in Vietnam and subsequently died with, his hatred for the Army, Veterans Administration and war protestors. I (his wife) was a war protestor. We were married thirty-nine (39) years, nine (9) months and one (1) day, until his death. He celebrated Veteran Day with only an active or non-active veteran(s), with beer and bar b-q without fail. My husband's core belief was that no warrior should never be forgotten. He had many veterans associates and friends who were homeless, alcohol/drug additive, mentally and physically challenged, which he shared his time and money. My husband's further belief was. . ."unless you have served in a war(s) and walked in a warrior's shoe(s), no one should judge a warrior's reason(s) for his/her homelessness, addictions and or mental challenges. My daughter and I now celebrate Veteran Day at Veterans Memorial Cemetery, with beer and bar-b-q in his honor and ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE SERVED AND ARE SERVING.