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  1. things are looking up for us
  2. you will have to shop around to get the best deal....The Guy i went through was a little higher than others.... Screwball has been involved it this for some time and has started a thread on this same investment
  3. As some Western countries move backwards by erecting 'walls,' China is contriving to build bridges...... just like the Vatican they both have HUGE WALLS protecting their wealth but, ridicules others for doing the same
  4. wow....some things are better unseen...all i would have to say..FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW
  5. "There have been negotiations with Russians to handle some settlements through them and their banks so Russian Rubil it is
  6. between the two countries (Iraq & Iran) seem to be real close to popping at the same time......why???? well it looks like the financial side of the problems is close to being rectitude and as Adam has said in Wednesdays general chats that the HCL is closed to being done....tipping point done
  7. Recalling certain problems and restrictions facing taking advantage of foreign investors in the form of finance in the country, he said that the restrictions with two European and one Asian state have been solved and efforts are underway to solve the problem with other countries. the ONLY problems were how do we get paid ....said every country willing to do business with them. but, if they want to use the Euro I'll take that sense the euro is trading Higher then the Dollar
  8. nothing gets Done during Ramadan...as we have seen MANY YEARS
  9. I saw what they did there....€257 million it's in euro
  10. sorry sandfly...didn't you get the memo...? were're at the preDrunk Party..send my your e-mail address
  11. I think it would be Safer in Dubai or Kusch then Luxembourg
  12. nope nailed it
  13. thanks S B for ALL the hard work you have done.... TILL THE END IT IS!!!!!!
  14. LET"S HOPE SO.....love the international banking talk