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    well I live in Minnesota so skiing,snowboarding,700 Polaris snowmobile,bonfires ,and long walks and Buddi my wht German Shepard

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  1. Iranian Rial

    I'm the chicken little...the sky isfalling...the sky is falling...i hope this is good
  2. Iranian Rial

    We All will be partying...when this is over
  3. Iranian Rial

    I remember when I 1st joined Dinner vets ...There were talk about when The new regulations had to be complied with That there were a lot of bankers committing suicide because they were rounding them up and putting them in jail ,And I do remember Iceland being one of them
  4. Iranian Rial

    I hope there is a whole list of Countries that will RV At the same time The Iraqi dinar ,Iranian ,Vietnamese dong
  5. D. V. powerball 7 /1 /2017

    40 31 44 62 64 PB 14 come on WE(cough...cough) can do it...
  6. Iranian Rial

    I have everything crossed
  7. D. V. powerball 6 / 17 / 2017

    I"M in...09 25 39 43 57 pb 11
  8. Iranian Rial

    so what are they paying with and what's the $$$
  9. Iranian Rial

    things are looking up for us
  10. Where can I purchase Iranian Rial?

    you will have to shop around to get the best deal....The Guy i went through was a little higher than others.... Screwball has been involved it this for some time and has started a thread on this same investment
  11. Iranian Rial

    As some Western countries move backwards by erecting 'walls,' China is contriving to build bridges...... just like the Vatican they both have HUGE WALLS protecting their wealth but, ridicules others for doing the same
  12. Picture of an Oil Rig...

    wow....some things are better unseen...all i would have to say..FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW
  13. Iranian Rial

    "There have been negotiations with Russians to handle some settlements through them and their banks so Russian Rubil it is

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