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    minnesota-GODS country
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    well I live in Minnesota so skiing,snowboarding,700 Polaris snowmobile,bonfires ,and long walks and Buddi my wht German Shepard

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  1. jaman

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    and we all know what happens during Ramadan ........
  2. jaman

    Iranian Rial

    sooo we pulled sanctions are being put into place, burning out flag on TV and MR Trump stills want to meet them to make a better deal....WTH!!!! tic...toc...tic...toc
  3. jaman


    I just got out of FAKE BOOK crap
  4. wow.......sad but true...what a sad mother
  5. could be lac of in his diet
  6. thanks pp was t the punctuation.....?
  7. so someone gave me a neg for asking where the chat was WOW petty
  8. jaman

    Iranian Rial

    Prayers and Blessings, Screwball hope all things work in your favor ,,,,, and to the Rest of the Family happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas and one Heck of a New Year
  9. how much did they spend .... for 100 people? If I was one of the TAX payers I'd be pissed
  10. jaman

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 November 2017

    Thank you Adam and The Mods for all your hard work, and May you all have a A Great Thanksgiving
  11. jaman

    Question about the VND

    yes they sell V N D
  12. jaman

    Which cup fills up first...

    only Rookies and newbies wouldn't have had their sled out and greased ...better to do the maintenance in the warn garage then out on the trail
  13. jaman

    Which cup fills up first...

    i got 3

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