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  1. OMGOSH!! Yes! Oh please let it be true. In all my long years on this ride, never never never has it moved in the right direction so fast. Its coming folks be prepared our lives are gonna change
  2. 2845C854-E271-4CCA-9473-8FDBD8A9A57E.jpeg

    Welcome to the world sweetie!!! May you be blessed always
  3. Spot on Synopsis, oh yeah the US wants Iraq united and to succeed. And the US will do what we can to make it so
  4. Yota you are absolutely amazing, thank you for all your work
  5. Agreed, seems like perfect timing to push the laws they want right
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 27 September 2017

    Thanks boss! Here's hoping the HCL is passed even if there Kurds aren't there! Come on make Iraq great again!
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 9-27-2017

    Ok so they say there are no dumb questions.....can GOI pass laws without the Kurds? Say like the HCL? Big fan of you Adam! Thank you for taking care of us!
  8. Thanks tiger for keeping us up todate!
  9. The USA needs and wants Iraq to succeed. Enter the great deal maker! I for one am pretty darn happy Our President is fabulous at this! To me this is a breakthrough, be happy

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