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  1. I wonder what age brackets? the highest suicide rates??? ,and what wars??????,that this has happened in??? ,does the U.S.only have this problem? Only, or has it become World wide to the solders.
  2. Really ?????????????you are going to buy in to this ?????????????what the hell difference does it make,??????????????NONE TO us, stop and think about it ??? Just another excuse being FED TO THE Dinarian sheeple , how sad.
  3. Maybe Sadar will be the new TRUMP for the people ,the other people that have been in power, have done nothing !!!!!but play games and have kept the people in poverty,players fiilling there pockets off the backs of the poor, and wanting still to borrow more money to sock away, 15yrs for me and what have they acomplished????????????of course the IMFis no better jocking for position of control of the country through more loans, buying up the land and oil and minerals through more loans selling the property right out from under there own people.
  4. crane

    cbi offical website ?

    Remember ,when back in the day, when we herd all these reports??? that the U S contractors were getting paid ,has anybody ever herd???? How they got paid ??in what kind of currency ?? I would think that the rebuilding is going on and the contractors are not going to float along without getting paid. Any contractors over in Iraq that could might answer that?????
  5. crane

    Latest Mountain Goat Newsletter March 2

    A simple solution to getting things done in Iraq ,that is to cut the govermental gurus Wages, they where getting some where in the neighborhood of 25000 U.S dollars per month back about 13 or so years ago, can you imagine what they are getting now????????????And they have not moved ahead, they just fight and argue, cut there dam wages and tell them they have so much time to get things done , if not done, cut off all funding to Iraq ,game over............They will get,it done, mark my words.
  6. The well fare Country of the WORLD,Iraq ,one of the most corrupt countries in the World ,and they now want more money,who in there right mind would would give them anything more,??????????????? all the money given and what do they have to show for anything??????????????????????? Oil being pumped out of the ground at 4.7million Barrels, a day mind you ,any body want to do the math on that,???????????????? mind boggling <and that is not enough money to rebuild there Country?????????????????????? they want the whole World to feel sorry for them ,and think Boys and Girls ,?????our greed sucked us right into the game ,14 yrs for me ,but the bright side ,nobody going to give you money Iraq ,and this could be the straw that breaks the camels back ,let's hope so.
  7. If this army is so great why ????????????did they wait for isis to infilltrate half the country ,and than want help from the US again ,although we were never there under the word Army, of the U.S. just in country advisors what a JOKE?????????????????? Now you have to ask yourself?????????????? who in there right mind??????????????? would give them that Honor?????????
  8. I had been wondering about this also??? the valuation of the IQD?? especially when we have herd that the dollar is tied to the IQD,and than you have all these countries pumping money into Iraq, every time we turn around ,Now ask yourself this question?? why would the World be forgiving debts that Iraq owed???????, we are talking BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and than loaning them probably more, than they owed in the first place ,and than all the delays, time and time again, I think they are purposely waiting for the World Money Reset, before they revalue there money ,you can't help wonder why??????????????? Other than the Oil excuse??? when we are finding all these different ways to be more efficient in the Energy World where oil will be less sought after, this to starts to make less sense ,Watson there is something a foot?
  9. So the real question???????????? is why???????????? have they not done anything, to increase the value of there money, it would seem they have created almost every excuse, to not increase the value,why would you do that? and than tell the world, that you have all these riches ,investors you say, why would you invest in something that is going to cost you more than you are going to make?????? Help me understand this madness.
  10. And what happend? nothing ,Luigi you are still batting a thosand, my you must be proud? it would seem there is no truth in you ,how very sad .
  11. This does not look good for or investment.
  12. crane

    Bank Story...DEFCON1 Alert.

    after 4 years of being friends, you now think to ask him??????????? if they exchange Dinar and Dong, ok time to take your meds and stop playing with the nurse's computer,night night.

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