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  1. Yes God,Grub,Guns and Gold, yes I agree wholehartledy............ what concerns me is the offshore business plan ???? with the long arm of the banking system whats to say that the Banks to big to fail couldn,t suck your business account dry because you are a U.S.citizen, doing business in another country, and in there minds your first obligation is to them the Big Banks!!! and because you are a citizen game over,I think I see know the other passport reason. what do you think????????????
  2. So Guys, where does this leave us in this investment?? If it should happen before the bottom drops out ,would it still be safe to put our money in offshore accts?????? It would seem that if World Investors are parking there money here, in the U.S. for safety this tells me they don't trust offshore storage ,am I reading this all wrong?????????????
  3. Bluewolf has a word??????? when??/????????????????
  4. Maliki wants to be the inside man, so he can tell the enemy where to go, and how to prepare?????????? for any intervention by the coordinate position that will be applied ,O and one more thing we are going to need more money, to pay the terrorists they can't work for nothing.
  5. For some time I have tried to figure out what they are up to ?????Please don't tell me they are wise in there finances and smart business men, we are way past that ,the whole of Europe was up in runing after they got the hell bomb of them, some places the towns were maybe two foot high if that, and they rebuilt in less than 5years what the hell are these eight balls up to??????????????????????suckn money out of the liberals pockets thats all I can see.
  6. Another excuse ,buying themselves more time to dance around the floor, one more time,the bad guys took it!!!!!!!!!!!!! really ??? the bad guys, blaming the bad guys, around and around, only until we get our share, than we will do something ,it makes one wonder how a country like Iraq can even exist ,????????????????? . Next thing we will hear how they need more money to cover there losses .
  7. How about starting our own Flow Chart?? to see what has transpired in the time line, that we have been in thus far?? I know it doesan't sound like much has happened,? although things have been happening?? and myself along with many others are growing weary ,but by compiling the events that have transpired, maybe it would give us a boost in our plight of waiting for the day?? a refreshing, in our thinking process, might be easier to help us all cope . I myself don't have the time , but I know there are people that love to compile info such as this, Not here say but provable Facts. Thank You.
  8. And I invested money in this looney bin ,what the hell was I thinking????????????? O thats right, make a quick buck ,greed factor overide, launched my brain in gear,I think I am craizer than an out house rats running this three ring circus for ever believing there could even be a slight amount of sanity in Iraq There is NONE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????
  9. Has anybody checked out any other countries, to see who is selling Dinar??????? Might give us a heads up?
  10. Here is something that is going to be a game changer,sorry to say its coming,how it will affect us will be interesting indeed,my guess Iraq will not be changing anything untill maybe 2018 ,but here is a explanation of what is coming down the road, we will still make money but not as much???????? check it out, a little long but worth it, there are some nuggets to be gleaned from this presentation . GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET BEGINS ,by KENNETH STOREY https://youtube.comwatch?v=m7Qmm911FLJ It will answear and help us to prepare for the on coming event
  11. they will need another loan, for the big Fireworks display, and party hats and liquid refreshment and smoke,just watch they will be begging for dollars before the month is out ,wellfare check won,t cover the bill,. O we just can.t make it, we need more money, HorseShi^@!^^&# and time marches on,I wonder if all the Tier 4 that cashed in are going to the party?????????
  12. Cooki'n the books they are good at it,and just think, that's just the figures they are telling us, makes you wonder what the real numbers are????????????????? Now after 14 years why do they need to RV ,or add value to there money when they seem to be doing just fine, without it??????????????????????????????.
  13. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen??????????
  14. So with all of the hundreds of Billions they have from the last regime ,you have to wonder what they are up too????????????They Borrow money ,they hold back, the RE Value for at least 14yrs, for me, and they are dragging there feet ?????????? Now fellow Dinarians with all of our talent and Life's experences from the past we need to figure this whole thing out??witout the crazy gurus reports , just a though.