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  1. If this army is so great why ????????????did they wait for isis to infilltrate half the country ,and than want help from the US again ,although we were never there under the word Army, of the U.S. just in country advisors what a JOKE?????????????????? Now you have to ask yourself?????????????? who in there right mind??????????????? would give them that Honor?????????
  2. I had been wondering about this also??? the valuation of the IQD?? especially when we have herd that the dollar is tied to the IQD,and than you have all these countries pumping money into Iraq, every time we turn around ,Now ask yourself this question?? why would the World be forgiving debts that Iraq owed???????, we are talking BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and than loaning them probably more, than they owed in the first place ,and than all the delays, time and time again, I think they are purposely waiting for the World Money Reset, before they revalue there money ,you can't help wonder why??????????????? Other than the Oil excuse??? when we are finding all these different ways to be more efficient in the Energy World where oil will be less sought after, this to starts to make less sense ,Watson there is something a foot?
  3. So the real question???????????? is why???????????? have they not done anything, to increase the value of there money, it would seem they have created almost every excuse, to not increase the value,why would you do that? and than tell the world, that you have all these riches ,investors you say, why would you invest in something that is going to cost you more than you are going to make?????? Help me understand this madness.
  4. And what happend? nothing ,Luigi you are still batting a thosand, my you must be proud? it would seem there is no truth in you ,how very sad .
  5. This does not look good for or investment.
  6. Bank Story...DEFCON1 Alert.

    after 4 years of being friends, you now think to ask him??????????? if they exchange Dinar and Dong, ok time to take your meds and stop playing with the nurse's computer,night night.
  7. Nothing will happen???? The Boys Club of the Rich and Crooked,{ Good title for a TV show}They have there Rule Book,if you don't play by the Rules, you don't get to Breathe, nothing personal,its just Business.
  8. Shocking Forecasts for 2017-2022

    Yes God,Grub,Guns and Gold, yes I agree wholehartledy............ what concerns me is the offshore business plan ???? with the long arm of the banking system whats to say that the Banks to big to fail couldn,t suck your business account dry because you are a U.S.citizen, doing business in another country, and in there minds your first obligation is to them the Big Banks!!! and because you are a citizen game over,I think I see know the other passport reason. what do you think????????????
  9. Shocking Forecasts for 2017-2022

    So Guys, where does this leave us in this investment?? If it should happen before the bottom drops out ,would it still be safe to put our money in offshore accts?????? It would seem that if World Investors are parking there money here, in the U.S. for safety this tells me they don't trust offshore storage ,am I reading this all wrong?????????????
  10. Gagged Again...Sorry Folks.

    Bluewolf has a word??????? when??/????????????????
  11. Maliki wants to be the inside man, so he can tell the enemy where to go, and how to prepare?????????? for any intervention by the coordinate position that will be applied ,O and one more thing we are going to need more money, to pay the terrorists they can't work for nothing.
  12. For some time I have tried to figure out what they are up to ?????Please don't tell me they are wise in there finances and smart business men, we are way past that ,the whole of Europe was up in runing after they got the hell bomb of them, some places the towns were maybe two foot high if that, and they rebuilt in less than 5years what the hell are these eight balls up to??????????????????????suckn money out of the liberals pockets thats all I can see.
  13. Another excuse ,buying themselves more time to dance around the floor, one more time,the bad guys took it!!!!!!!!!!!!! really ??? the bad guys, blaming the bad guys, around and around, only until we get our share, than we will do something ,it makes one wonder how a country like Iraq can even exist ,????????????????? . Next thing we will hear how they need more money to cover there losses .

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