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  1. WON really will advise when me at the bank and the managers carry me on their shoulders chanting my name then i say we won
  2. How Snowfall effects different regions...

    hahahaha here in the snow belt i had double that at 6 am today and that amount again by noon god i hate winter only ice i want to see is in my drink

    i am so glad, we all are so happy for you and your family, God did look after all of you and way to stay strong. Now down to serious matters, we all expect a invite for bbq and drinks, on you of course and a down right good time, to say wow what a cutie, and no i dont mean you lol we love ya please enjoy the gift given to you and your wife enjoy davis out of beer till i get to the bbq
  4. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video

    well to bad, such a story, go fund me has now put a hold on all funds till everything verified maybe we should start a go fund me page here for me, no rv at least i can make a bit of money play it up right
  5. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video
  6. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video

    Will try to post link looks like mom is using this to make money alot of money god I hope not bad bad bad if she is paypal and go fund me
  7. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video

    Thanks Moose for the article
  8. i like to think i am a T man also but what does the T mean ?????
  9. then i better be carefull was looking for my best suit to say hey what u doin tonight then i find out its thugs in disguise would take alot of beer to get over that one
  10. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video

    Hey kids, this is not about picking on each other here. Moose did a great service by bringing this article over, to open minds. And see the crap that is getting out of controll. this is about the crap that is going on in this world. How many young guys and girls have to go through this crap?? Till the world wakes up and says no more. I believe in the concept of a eye for a eye. And i hope one day, it is handed back to those that picked on the differant or weak and or for no damn reason at all. Instead of bickering, go outside and see if you can help, Look out for your neighbor, You might be surprissed how good you feel inside by helping someone being pushed around love each other like god loves you davis out of beer
  11. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video

    well Not every kid gets the backing of Captain america
  12. Bullying is Not ok- Heartbreaking video

    i saw this, my heart broke i tell you i was in school with kids who got picked on I enjoyed sticking up for them. I dont tolerate bullies at all. I do hope someone stands up for all these kids. Parents of bullies need a good beating also, to know what it feels like this world sucks for the hate in it be blessed be kind, cause karma can be a b--ch and she will come for all the wrong you have done
  13. Well ok thanks to all lets get this rv thing going before i get evicted

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