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  1. just for that beers on me we both will end up in thongs hope not the same thong but lets see how the drinks and night play out
  2. damn right carry on this is what we do i love hearing the ups the downs and the re ups off topic yaaa who give s a crapppppppppppppppppppppp this is telling a bit about you that no one knows except for me nothing hidden davis is my last name love all u kids davis for president trump said he be vp
  3. hi ann landers my name is davis you are just as smart as i thought u would be i am sorry for your loss girl i really am
  4. 23 yrs here but now its rough right now being a smart azzzzz love your girls or guys i hope mine comes together and works out i do love her
  5. positive for 14 yrs instead of being miserable guess you are not married then
  6. i dont worry about target in canada i think they lasted 1 year or so then all closed and out of here walmart pics are funny
  7. Don't worry mr noper i was promised by terry Ray okie etc 20 bucks plus per dinar so I will wait as per their guidance
  8. You are so welcome i do my best to help all now vote for me to be prez
  9. just throw me a rv push in there on day 3 then have last two days to celebrate
  10. your thoughts?? or a rumor
  11. I can't afford vegis
  12. you forgot one do a davis on the list
  13. last night wow u know this is where ugly coyote comes from i really am gonna miss my arm