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  1. yes don't want to would like to see how the other side lives even for 1 hr hahahahhahahaha
  2. I go hmmmmmmmmm when I click on your posts luigi I say hmmmmmm why do I do this to myself daily my mom said u do that to much you will go blind I wear glasses now
  3. thanks yes next few days work for me
  4. ohhh ohhhh ok I will take .99
  5. 1 million dinars
  6. they are extending because they are not done letting old davis suffer they want me to keep suffering till I sell out or die 1 of those happens within 1 hr u have your rv at 1 to 1
  7. how would that be a secret boots on the ground like everyone says they have should be able to confirm price on retail side
  8. and that also show u how to drink
  9. what u need better I will release the dong
  10. ok with u here mit davis for president u can be vp if your right come on kids push the damn button
  11. now that sounds like a really good horror movie
  12. prayers still coming at you and your family she sounds like she is a fighter keep strong for her god get in there and give this young lady your blessing and help god bless davis
  13. yep lets get the money flowing here