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  1. GCR Wheels Are In Motion.

    The queen i knew it she has the rv button push the button queeny
  2. Thanks for quick up date like that trying to be prez I only have time for the meat of it i look foreword to you buying your new chief a beer god I hope I win if I don't win i pull a Chris Farley with who does win vote for me i can be bought and bribed
  3. May I ask close to what out in field working need Coles notes to see if I slow down here
  4. Lift a flag how about lift a currency
  5. I really believe the hcl is done and agreed to i think there is something else at play? my thoughts only could be they want 12 wives but govt says only allowed 7 now 1 is to many i don't know but I believe done just need something else they are fighting over
  6. ohhhh ohhh rcmp means this is a canadian well ummmmm yes ok we are nuts over here its the long winters our brains go numb
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    i have stated rv tomorrow works for all my peoples if i dont see no rv belt is off and some beatings are gonna happen and kids sent to their room no dinner davis for prez i will beat common sense into the world could be my motto or release the dong??? not sure yet what to run with as my slogan sorta like release the dong
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    that is the only way you watch the market no trucks no goods no sales no retail you want to see lots of trucks and lined up means people spending money just working off title here truckers are very important to life and economics
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    yes another vote for davis thanks adam for the short and sweet just like me
  10. Disappointed

    Prayer up
  11. What the flock you all talking about lot of flocking talking i am gonna have a flocking beer then go to my flocking bed and grab my dong to see if gone up in value
  12. Are The Cabal & ObamaCare Holding Up The RV?

    uhhhhh serious uhhhhhhhh davis needs a drink

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