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  1. Didn't know a box of hair was dumb i learn something new every day thanks for sharing about dumb hair
  2. God that's a lot of reading my eyes hurt need to set up Coles notes or the movie easier to get it all in
  3. I need to ask if I look and go blind will Adam do a app for dv here in brail so I feel like I am part of the team
  4. I can think of something worse then that
  5. Looked at one some 40 years ago sounds like a dare again thanks for reminder no doubt I will take a little look going blind anyways
  6. Ok let's start not dinar related at all how is your summer how are our bestest mods summer just wanted to make sure all is well ohhh ya and when did you say again the rv was happening I forgot to write it down haha ok davis for prez and just want to make sure you busy bees are doing ok davis out of beer
  7. I don't want to see 3 x but if that's all god wants us to gain thats it profit regardless not retirement
  8. I always keep my dong close and in both my hands
  9. That is so wrong in so many ways to say the nightmares I will have thsnks a lot squigie
  10. Hi guys i need this we all need this now the 500 bucks I set aside to run for USA president is almost gone i need money to be president so pray hard kids or start a go fund me page for Davis for president
  11. I hope you are right i pray and believe but everything I see for who and what I am there is a judgement day coming a cleansing we have never seen he will make new again i don't know if its profits from a rv personal opinion only