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  1. It's the rv signal open the flood gates
  2. I lean over and whisper to a lady i am up on sexual misconduct again
  3. Iraqi official: Baghdadi alive

    25 million ?? anyone have the hospital address i am on my way
  4. Abadi Facebook posts

    Ok lets all grab camal balls and throw at his house
  5. Sounds like my date night drinks dinner nothing
  6. Abadi Facebook posts

    I just sent a friend request be my friend or I will throw camel balls at your house that might help
  7. Ok had a dream i awoke, did alot of math and calculations, I believe i figured out the rv date It will be right after the iraqis win 3 golds at the winter oylmpics for down hill mogul skiing, bob sleding, and speed skating. Then we will be set for life. Or if my math was off on the calculations it could of meant when hell freezes over???? mmmmm ok back to the drawing board
  8. I believe there is something at play here no way is any one this stupid i believe if a fox acts like a hen they soon believe he is a hen invite him In then dinner time for the fox i believe or really hope this is a good act coming into this conference then surprise

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