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  1. Grey that’s nothing i been in this so long I had to get a computer in Braille just so I can keep reading all the soons Iraq is walking me to the old age home for sure
  2. Just push the damn button davis is hungry for hopefully a new life
  3. davis411

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 August 2018

    What’s for dinner
  4. davis411

    CBI News 08/01/2018

    Hey what’s going on here
  5. what the hell is mo better
  6. Look at the bright side i will be beside u in same shape drooling also we can have wheelchair races
  7. Are they fighting over who pushes the rv button
  8. 6 yrs holding your dong that’s nothing try 23 yrs holding weird that’s about how long I been married
  9. davis411

    Alcohol Banned in Mosul

    Well that type of ban would make me pack up and load my camal I would be out of there
  10. davis411

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Now I have to say Looks like the way I pictured it for Meet Prez Davis Day

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