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    Ready to retire when the RV finally occurs. Like hiking, skiing. Taking a class to challenge myself to a marathon (or 1/2). Love collies and gardening and singing with a local chorale

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    Sending prayers
  2. House update

    I'ts a lovely home. many blessings to you there
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 6 September 2017

    Thanks for the update, and all you do. DACA is impacting all colleges including mine. I am hoping retirement is just around the corner
  4. Daughters Wedding...

    Lovely photo. Congrats.
  5. Hurricane Irma...already formed

    See my prayer in the Prayer Warriors section. Never under estimate the Power of Prayer.
  6. DV Family Prayer Warriors

    Most High God, We thank You for giving us dominion over the fowl of the air, over the fish of the sea, over the cattle and over every creeping thing, over the cattle and over the cattle and over every creeping thing, and over all the earth! (Gen 1:26) We exercise dominion now over this approaching weather (Irma). We bind all damaging, winds, damaging hail, damaging lightning, flooding, the formation of tornadoes, and all damaging weather. We bind death and destruction in the in the name of Jesus. We assign mighty angles to stand around all cities in the path of the storm, all property and possessions and people in the path of the storm to stand shoulder to shoulder so that no evil may penetrate. Jesus said "Peace, be still" to the storm and it obeyed. We also say, "Peace, be still" to the coming storm in Jesus' name. ( written by Sheila Zelinsky)
  7. I wonder if the Lord was referring to a different calendar. Antiquity, Hellenic, Ethiopian, Babylonian, etc. I hope we see it sooner rather than later
  8. It's like waiting for an avocado to ripen not yet not yet not yet oops - suddenly
  9. DV Family Prayer Warriors

    I am getting a sense from the Lord that we need some fasting to strengthen our prayers. If you are with me on this,, help this prayer along with some fasting. Even something as simple as skipping lunch while praying. Fasting is more than missing a meal it involves praying also, See you on the the other side of the RV
  10. DV PowerBall for 8/26/17

    I obviously am a newby. sorry to be such a bother
  11. DV PowerBall for 8/26/17

    I added a Mega Millions numbers are 21 31 62 6 73 MB 6
  12. DV PowerBall for 8/26/17

    Here are my PB numbers 22 24 29 56 61 PB 03..Colorado makes you choose thee cash option when you cash in
  13. I think Colorado gives you the option to change to cash. I will watch that in the future, but were gonna win right?
  14. I decided to jump in. I hear the water is fine Power Ball QP A 813 19 24 59 PB 7. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

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