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    Ready to retire when the RV finally occurs. Like hiking, skiing. Taking a class to challenge myself to a marathon (or 1/2). Love collies and gardening and singing with a local chorale

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  1. LOL
  2. When one elderly woman was asked what was the one feature in her kitchen she couldn't live without, she replied - running water.
  3. Darn, no codes. I saw on of the Enigma machines in DC at the Crypto Museum. If they can solve Hitler's codes they should be able to RV.
  4. Are we still waiting for codes. Maybe we need the Enigma machine to give them to us.
  5. Rabbit Ears Pass through Kremling is a nice drive to Steamboat.
  6. Betty, Glad to hear you are back and doing well. Rural Colorado is lovely. The town of Steamboat Springs is close to skiing, summer hiking and it is a mid-sized town with lots of amenities. It is far enough from Denver and the maddening crowds to be pleasant. I am looking into the town for relocation post RV. P.S. they have a great hot springs too.
  7. As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), I support their lobby for these changes in Congress.
  8. I believe we need to make all Congressmen and Senators fall under the same healthcare laws we are all subject to. This would force them to pass fair and equitable healthcare laws. I also believe we need to take away the lifetime pension and make them subject to 401k rules like the average worker.
  9. Here is one you might like.
  10. Sorry, I couldn't get it to stop posting. Maybe I should have posted one more to round it out to four.
  11. Sending prayers WHN and Pattyangel mom's are precious.
  12. May the 4th be with you