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  1. Wiping out corruption and money laundering from the daily auctions. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV
  2. Before that happens the CBI needs to: - Lift exchange control - End MCP Go New monetary policy Go RV Go 2017
  3. Getting the infrastructure ready for international trading.
  4. You're right my friend
  5. Banking system getting ready for international business.! Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go $1:1
  6. Online justice.! Another way to fight corruption and crime Go Justice Go punishment
  7. Me too👍🏻
  8. Thanks SnowG😎 Soon
  9. One thing is very clear..... Maliki is loosing political ground. Go Abadi Go justice Go Democracy
  10. Without private sector there's not development. The private sector is key . Go private sector Go diversification of the economy
  11. The new GOI continues moving forward.! Go integrity commission Go battle against corruption Go justice Go punishment
  12. I believe the banking sector has improved since the IMF told the CBI what to do. - In the past the daily auction between $250-300 millions - E-auctions was implemented - In the present daily auction are around $150 millions - IBAN - No more corruption - Opening of new branches in different areas - No more money laundering - No more financing terrorism Go new monetary policy Go $1:1