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  1. Did you hear the whole conversation 😀 Please, tell me more., Thanks for your input TigerG
  2. Thanks for your input Botzwana, The Educated Iraqi citizen is the one holding the most dinar ( Chunky Cash) Go liberation of Mosul Go RV
  3. One billion dinars out of the streets.... Continue reducing the note count
  4. Everyday we see more accusations against Maliki.... He will face justice really soon.! - High treason - Crimes against humanity - Corruption - Money laundering - Terrorism support Hang him high in a public square Go Justice Go punishment
  5. Totally agree my friend..... Lots of billions Thanks sandfly👍🏻
  6. I respect Adam's opinion, but I believe that the catalyst that will bring the RV is the liberation of Mosul. HCL after. 1.2 IQD to $1 = $0.83 ... Make me think deletion of the zero's from nominal value 0.00085 = $0.85 .... Pretty close to $0.83 Something that I'm trying to understand is how the CBI is going to do to Dedollarize the country at 1.2 IQD to $1 or $0.83 The only answer that comes to my mind is that the CBI will make the use of the dollar illegal after a period of time I always thought that 1 IQD to $1 was the easiest way to Dedollarize the country and the easiest transition to the Iraqi people my 2 cents 💰💰 Go liberation of Mosul Go HCL Go CBI Go RV Go 2017
  7. I'm happy this funds are in USA I would love to know the dollar amount of this 2 accounts -Development fund for Iraq -The expense of Iraq fund Thanks yota.!
  8. captl1, I believe the reason of more banks = lower auctions is because the CBI wipe out corruption from the daily auctions e-auctions just my opinion
  9. Friend, I learned to always look at the bright side of life They could take all the time they want. But honestly I believe they're getting ready to go international Let's see what the liberation of Mosul brings.! Go RV
  10. This is good news.!!! The CBI have suffered chronic losses that eventually interfere with the effective conduct of monetary policy. Now we see they're able to cover international obligations. This means: -CBI is an independent entity -End of corruption inside central bank -Proper accounting practice Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV
  11. The sale of gold is another CBI strategy to continue sucking dinar from the streets. I believe after the liberation of Mosul the CBI will stop the hard currency auctions and give real market value to the dinar, then the currency auctions will be in dinars and this will help to dedollarize the country. My 2 cents Go Liberation of Mosul Go end of hard currency auctions Go RV
  12. I'm happy for the Iraqi people... Freedom is the most beautiful thing in life. Peshmerga and the coalition forces have done an outstanding job. Go liberation of Mosul Go peshmerga and coalition forces Go Freedom Go suddenly Go RV
  13. The most powerful countries in the world are giving total support to Iraq. You know why?... Because they know Iraq will be the next powerhouse in the ME. All this countries wants their piece of the pie when the time comes. Go liberation of mosul Go RV
  14. Well done Peshmerga and Coalition forces..... ISIS you can run but you can't hide Go end of terrorism Go liberation of Mosul Go coalition forces Go Peshmerga Go Freedom Go RV
  15. Wait till they give real market value to the dinar, they're going to dazzle the world. Go liberation of Mosul Go RV