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  1. You welcome my friend ChuckF. Live is good, thanks god.! hope you're doing well ?
  2. Agree my friend tiger. Now the federal government and their allies are putting a lot of pressure on the Kurds.... Their economy will feel the pain really soon Go Iraq United Go hcl Go art 140 Go RV
  3. Now the kurds are realizing what a big mistake was the referendum. Go Abadi Go oil for all Iraqis Go land for all Iraqis Go wealth for all Iraqis
  4. You really have to be an amateur to pay those prices for one bank note Official CBI dinar rate 1,182 $10 for a 5000 dinar note ...........500 dinar per dollar $10 x 1,182 you can buy 11,820 dinars ----------------------------------------------------------------- $15 for a 10,000 dinar note...........666 dinar per dollar $15 x 1,182 you can buy 17,730 dinars ---------------------------------------------------------------- $30 for a 25,000 dinar note.......... 833 dinar per dollar $30 x 1,182 you can buy 35,460 dinars ---------------------------------------------------------------- $60 for a 50,000 dinar note.......... 833 dinar per dollar $60 x 1,182 you can buy 70,920 dinars The CBI is using different dinar rates depending of the note the amateurs wants to buy 1.2 dinar per dollar =$ 0,83 look at the calculation of the 25k and 50k dinar note. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV
  5. Openness to the world

    Iraq needs to open to the world to start the reconstruction of all devastated areas With an stronger dinar the reconstruction will be cheaper. Go openness to the world Go stronger dinar Go market economy Go success
  6. Synopsis totally agree with your comment. The pressure is on over the Kurds by the federal government and their allies Abadi's goal is Oil for Iraqis, land for all Iraqis and wealth for all Iraqis I believe in the near future we will se more arrest warrants against high government officials Go HCL Go art 140 Go RV
  7. If the Kurds continue selling oil under the table, they will not get any money from The federal government.
  8. Justice...Justice...justice.!!! hang him high for high treason, corruption, money laundering, terrorism support Go punishment Go Justice
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Freedomwish, We are close, but not there yet.... the near future is looking really GOOD
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Hey DT, I need to get one of those Awesome!!!
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Thanks for the update Sir. Iraq continues moving forward in the right direction but still a lot of work to do - The battle against terrorism still happening - The battle against corruption still happening - Some UN sanctions still in place against Iraq - Maliki still have some power - No HCL yet - No Art 140 yet - Other important laws need to be passed - IMF SBA 2016-2019 I'm of the opinion that nothing will happen with the dinar exchange rate this year. I believe our next window of opportunity is January 2018. Go Iraq Go reality Go patience Go RV
  12. Palmtree, we are in the same boat Go RV sooner than later.
  13. I focus on Abadi's words And what he's trying to accomplish. Oil for all Iraqis, land for all Iraqis and wealth for all Iraqis. Go HCL Go ART 140 Go RV
  14. They want to do it better than any country in the ME. Go planning Go investment Go development

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