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  1. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    You got that right my friend, thanks for your input.! Go RV this year.!
  2. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    You got that right my friend, thanks for your input.! Go RV this year.!
  3. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    - Inflation is only 2% - IQD is recovering in comparison with the exchange rate of the US dollars - Economic and investment support from the countries of the world to Iraq Remove exchange control and stop MCP..........ITS TIME TO GIVE REAL MARKET VALUE TO THE IQD GO RV Go ASAP Thanks DT👍🏽😀
  4. Iran has benefited greatly from weakening Iraq and declining its regional standing, is not interested in restoring stability and restoring its strength. The opening of the foreign policy of the government of Abadi to the global and regional forces constitutes a concern for Iran, and to work with its allies inside the Iraq, senior leaders (Maliki) of political parties, to prevent him from winning a second term at the head of government during the parliamentary elections scheduled for the month of May. Go Abadi Go reelection Go reforms Go stability
  5. No HCL, No art.140 in the near future.! The GOI is a Circus.
  6. We investors want to see the real market value of the Iraqi dinar.! We investors want to see laws that protect our money We investors don't trust the corrupted GOI Go laws Go dinar true value Go investment Go development
  7. Severe imprisonment of 3 years..... What a joke.! Well, at least they confiscated the money Go battle against corruption Go Justice Go punishment
  8. I believe this message by trump is to open the eyes of investors before the Kuwait donors conference.! Like saying be careful where you put your money.
  9. Fixed exchange rate helps to curb inflation.... But inflation in Iraq is only 2% It's time to give real market value to the dinar. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go $1:1
  10. Interesting, if you check the picture, all the stacks of money looks like 5k and 10k notes. I don't see 25k notes. Looks like the CBI has done a good job removing the 25k note out of circulation
  11. davis411 When the RV hits you can come and visit me in the beautiful garden island. Hawaii. Go RV Go retirement Go to the islands and never look back
  12. We got a census We got biometrics for all public employees and the military We got the CBI tackling corruption, Money laundering and terrorist support The battle against corruption is real.... Iraq is moving forward. Go reforms Go battle against corruption Go RV

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