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  1. Laid Back

    Re-tiling the streets of Mosul

    $10 million dollars loan for Agriculture, Industry and services..... Good try but not enough
  2. Laid Back


    Clown, good one
  3. Laid Back


    "specimen banknotes are printed in less limited quantities distributed to commercial banks, or even to commercial enterprises and the public at large in order to familiarize users about new designs." In order to familiarize users about new designs Lower denomination notes with new design are coming soon.!
  4. If the reserves continue going up they will have the ability to cover much more than that. Go dinar Go market economy Go real market value.
  5. Thanks for the post Buti currency reserves $58 billion dollars x 1190 = 69 trillion IQD currency in circulation 40 trillion IQD 69 / 40 = 1.72 currency reserves $58 billion dollars currency in circulation 40 trillion IQD / 1190 = $33.6 billion dollars 58 / 33.6 = 1.72 Go dinar Go real market value Go purchasing power
  6. Cutting the oxygen of the Iranian regime... let's see how the daily auction drop. Go Iraq Go dinar Go market value
  7. "we have the hand of everyone to work for the country and all that is good for our people." They really do. UN, IMF, WB, BIS, Central Banks, Private Banks, Countries, Companies, Investors. Go global support Go RV
  8. Iraq inflation 2% foreign currency reserves $55.7 billion dollars Venezuela inflation 88,714 % foreign currency reserves $9.4 billion dollars Can you see the difference? Venezuela is going to RD or LOP Iraq is going to increase the dinar exchange rate or RV
  9. Pumping ZIM sales. Go Zimbabwe Go Mama Africa
  10. Interesting.... I didn't know Ali Al Alak was the Secretary General of the council of ministers and CBI governor at the same time.! Looks like GOI and CBI are working together.
  11. Laid Back

    CBI News 08/01/2018

    The dinar theory ...lol 😂😂😂😂

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