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  1. The IMF SBA ends in 2019. Maybe Theseus is right and we have to wait till 2019 Go RV sooner than later
  2. There is enough evidence to bring him to justice for: -high treason -crimes against humanity -corruption -money laundering -terrorism support Go integrity commission Go Justice Go punishment
  3. The contractors are getting pay in dinars... 44.9 billion IQD. Also the new mechanism for selling foreign currency is to prevent momey laundering and finance terrorism. I believe the CBI-GOI is going to continue using the dinar at 1182 till the get everything in order. -End corruption, -Pass Important laws -Diversify the economy -Development of private sector Iraq is moving in the right direction to be part of the international market. We patiently wait. Go Iraq Go GOI Go CBI Go RV
  4. WoW.....integrity commission checking for the funds of 500 Iraqi government officials "Where did you get this" The battle against corruption is REAL Go integrity commission Go Justice Go punishment
  5. The battle against corruption is in all fronts.! Go end of corruption Go accountability Go Success
  6. Everyday we see an announcement from the CBI, they're moving forward like never before.! Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV
  7. Yes, You're correct
  8. Thanks for the update Sir. Looks like our wait for the HCL / RV could be a little longer. Go reality Go patients Go RV
  9. You are welcome my friend Dwitte. We all are waiting on Adam
  10. "I will do another update later this week... hopefully as soon as Friday, perhaps as late as Sunday, but that's the best I can promise" Good morning Sir, happy Sunday. Do you have an update for us? Go @Adam Montana Go DV Go update
  11. I remember Shabibi saying "We need 3 days" for the implementation of the new monetary policy. Now the CBI is requesting 3 days holiday Coincidence? Go 3 holidays Go new monetary policy Go RV Go $1:1
  12. Nuri Al Maliki You can run but you can't hide justice is chasing you
  13. Wipe out corruption.... Ones of IMF requirements. Go battle against corruption Go Justice Go punishment
  14. I believe they have to remove all his cronies from the GOI first, then his time will come. Go end of corruption Go Justice Go punishment