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  1. RC claims the IQD is now in a managed float. What float? The rate has been the same for the past 10 years.
  3. All Systems go...Houston...we have a lift off. 17/8/2018 Anonymous sources...RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - August 17, 2018... All sources are on complete radio silence in preparation for the imminent RV launch. Tier 1, ready. Tier 2, ready. Tier 3, ready. Tier 4, ready. All systems, check. Launch sequence initiated. Countdown started.
  4. 16/8/2018 Bruce... We know for example that out West things are moving along nicely with people being paid out. We know certain humanitarian funding sources are looking forward to having access to their funds tomorrow night. We should receive our toll free number. Before certain groups out west or at the proximity at the same time when certain groups out west see their funds which a lot cannot see yet and most of them not, and have access to their funds so they can actually get to them and utilizing those funds. That is the scenario that is coming together. We did have two huge mega tranches this week that came in and I told you about them that they were 58 zeros each. Those were distributed globally to various countries, banks to be there for us. Be there for Tier 4, Group B., that's us...Group A., done. That's the scenario that is coming together.
  5. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... The commentators explain why Iraqis are more concerned about HCL than the rate change. This should help clear up some of the confusion between the HCL & the RV. The rate change will benefit those Iraqis out of country the most. HCL will affect those in country with a pay check every month from oil revenue sales. The rate change will only change the purchasing power of Iraqis in country. 16/8/2018 KTFA... God Lover: Quick question or two. We had read that the citizens will start receiving oil revenue profits (HCL) September 5th. We have also seen many entities being paid, assuming at current rate. With that said, why are some thinking that if the rate does not change prior to Sept. 5th, it would cause anger from the citizens? Just trying to understand how that event is any more significant than previous? Happy Golfer: I think I can touch the surface on this one they are a proud country, a rich country Iraq needs this ri for it’s psychological well being, Iraq’s are winners IMO Harley1: The citizens aren’t concerned with the rate change as it will not directly affect them. Their concern is with the value of their currency, ie it’s purchasing power which impacts their quality of life. The income they will derive from the HCL is like a paycheck from the country’s sale of oil, and I suppose you could say that an increase in currency value or purchasing power is like a big fat pay raise. These are the things they would get upset about if they don’t happen. We hope they happen together and our studies lend credence to that hope. Will one happen before the other or will they happen together? Who knows. But again, the rate (exchange rate against USD) does not concern the citizens. Think of it this way….if the USD’s exchange rate against the Euro tripled tomorrow you’d never know it nor would you care. But if inflation in the US rose to 1000% and milk cost you $36 a gallon and bread was $25 a loaf, you’d be upset if the promise to resolve it didn’t come through amidst a corrupt government being ousted and new monetary reforms being put into play. This is a very simplified version of where Iraq is, IMO of course. The citizen’s blessing comes from the oil paycheck via the HCL and the increase in value of their currency. OUR blessing comes from the increase in the exchange rate against the USD. I hope that helps.
  6. Luigi1

    Kicking The Can Down The Road.

    more related articles. 8/15/2018st From anonymous... la chocolatiereIts truly unbelievable ! ! there are 240 appeal ( complaints ) about the recount ? really ? it is a never ending story .. malcontent or corrupt ! whatever ! Quote : Iraqi political parties on Sunday appealed the results of a nationwide election recount, citing corruption and a lack of confidence in government institutions. Complaints of fraud and vote rigging prompted a nationwide recount that showed almost no difference from the initial tally. Populist Shiite cleric Moqtada Al Sadr retained his victory, after his Sairoon (marching forward) bloc kept all of its 54 seats. The cleric is now in a dominant position to form the country's next government. The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced Sunday that political parties have three days to appeal the results.
  7. Luigi1

    Kicking The Can Down The Road.

    this latest just in... Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:42 PM EDT on August 15, 2018 Ok, so I read a few posts and again became disappointed when I heard the RV was being postponed. So I decided to go on YouTube and came across "Trust Unlimited" talk about how the RV WON'T HAPPEN UNTIL MID 2019. What the hell is going on here. I am getting fed up with all this back and forth GO, NO GO BS. People are waiting and waiting and waiting and now to hear mid 2019 for the RV. I don't know if this Trust company is for real or joking.
  8. Luigi asks... Over 240 appeals to the official vote count. GOI can't seem to get anything done. Remains paralyzed. We are back to square one. Nothing is getting accomplished. Is Iraq stalling for more time? What must Iraq do to RV? 15 Aug 2018 RayRat: . . . The topic of discussion – 240 appeals to the election recount. If there is anything more disgusting I don’t know what it is. . . everybody just started pulling their hair out after that.
  9. Luigi1

    GCR Go Has Been Authorized.

    A Judy Lyington GCR: Update as of Aug 12, 2018... Compiled 12 Aug. 12:11 am EST by Judy Byington... The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. The RI, RV and entire GCR starting with the seven countries, was supposed to occur between today Aug. 10 and August 21. On Wed. Aug. 8 authorization was given at the top levels for the RV to be released. That comes directly from the UST, Iraqi government sources, our committee member and from our banking sources. This information is live and meant to be shared. We got the exact time and date from our US Treasury guy, and the exact time it should be public for us. The banks have heard this and are getting prepared. We got that same date from the bank last night, the same date as we got from the UST this morning. They are that ready to go, everyone has been notified, and money has been moved in the system for every level to be paid out. They want to give more contract rates to those with the least amount of currency. New Rates: Dinar = $3.71; Contract $28.50 Dong = $.47 cents to $1.47; Contract up to $5 Zim = 0.00000016 (equivalent of $.16 with 6 zeros taken off); Contract up to $2. Judy Note: Others have said that the Zim Bond was now a currency and would be exchanged at a 1:1 with the US dollar.
  10. Luigi1

    GCR Go Has Been Authorized.

    Luigi says...this latest just in... All currencies are set to go. The GCR has started. 8-10-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraqi TV is announcing the expectation of a newly formed and seated government by the EID holiday, August 21, 2018. IT HAS BEEN REPORTED TO ME THAT "RELEASE FOR ALL CURRENCIES HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED"
  11. Luigi1


    Mnt Goat too, has a specimen. Rumor has it...She just sent it off to the Colon Dr.
  12. Luigi says...Well stated. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. Nobody. Just as we put money aside for rainy days, we must forget that money isn't there so we don't squander it, needlessly. Our IQD, same way. Put it aside, don't talk about it, don't spend what you don't have & above all don't count on the IQD until the exchange is in your hand.
  13. Luigi asks...Could today be the day? This day is not over yet. 8/8/2018 Randy Post... Dr. M. J. Randy, Iraq military generals yesterday stated, "On August 8th we will revalue our currency!" Let's hope they are correct. This will help Baxter find his dime. Clay lol Dr. M. J. Randy, After 15 years what's another day? Foxmulder Clay am i reading this correctly ! Iraqi Generals ? Dr. M. J. Randy, Ti Dr. M. J. Randy, Yes. It appeared on recaps. foxmulder not sure the military has a whole lot of insight into the banking, and the inter workings of the central bank.
  14. Luigi says... We are at a very sensitive moment in Dinarland. Gurus are asked not to give out any intel. All intel is sensitive. 7/8/2018 Judy Byington...Gagged... Note: We are in an intel blackout. Tomorrow Aug. 8 appeared to be an important date for many reasons as listed below. The Intel Report has twice stated that as the RV was released, instructions to exchange/redeem would be made public between 11:58 pm EST and 12:01 am EST. I would advise to take a close look at your emails. 7/8/2018 Bruce The Goose... 1. Tomorrow’s date of 8-8-2018 was an important number for the Chinese, Iraq and us. 2. Bruce gagged....was told by someone very high up in this not to give any intel tonight because everything was done. 3. The new ISX was opened on Mon. Aug. 4 and people were trading on it on international platforms. Mnt Goat...Gagged...There is no magic to it and no trigger. No one is going to stand on a stage and hand Iraq a certificate for graduating to Article VIII. We must watch how they perform and opening the ISX up to a global trading platform on Aug 1st was a very good sign moving forward in this direction. 7/8/2018 Infowars...Guru Trump gagged? Donald Trump Jr. Reacts To Infowars Censorship: ‘Really About Purging All Conservative Media’ https://www.infowars.com/donald-trump-jr-reacts-to-infowars-censorship-really-about-purging-all-conservative-media/
  15. Luigi says... We mourn the passing of two more Gurus while they were waiting for the RV. RIP. Go RV. August 7, 2018 Anaynmously.... I have not seen anything about Fisher being spoken here about his passing. I did not know him personally. But had spoken with him on the calls a few times. He just amazed me to no end, of the knowledge that man had. And the care he had for all of us on the call. He was tough love to all of us on the call at times because he loved and care for us all so much. Super person ! ! ! He will be missed but not forgotten. I will remember Fisher forever more. If you listen to the replay of the 3 hour and 9 minute call to remember Fisher you will have tears running down your cheeks at times. Fisher I can't sing the song like the lady did for you that night on the call. But just listen to her again singing it to you. AMAZING GRACE ! ! ! This is from me to you Brother Fisher . Keep a watch over us all here ! ! ! Love you very much Fisher ! ! ! Now we have Sister Alabama passing. I listen to her on the calls. But did not know her personally. Just from the calls. She had a heart of gold not hard to miss. You will be miss also dear. You will have a place in all of our hearts forever more. Like the lady said from California on the call for Fisher . Why ? we are so close to having this blessing coming in. That he had to be taken away and not to experience the blessing coming in. She cried and so did I. In fact I cried most of the call.

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