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  1. Luigi says... CBI may now be in compliance of the IMF requirements to maintain a buy-sell rate spread of 2% or less. CBI must maintain that spread rate for at least 90 days before they would be allowed to adjust their rate of exchange. This is both good & bad news. The good news, a change is coming. The bad news we may have to wait another 3 months. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. 19 Feb 2018 Tgirl... The exchange rate of the dollar in the Stock Exchange Baghdad Purchase price $ 100 = 122.750 Iraqi dinars Selling price $ 100 = 122.800 Iraqi dinars. North Stock / Arbil Purchase Price US $ 100 = 123.350 Iraqi Dinar Selling Price US $ 100 = 123.400 Iraqi Dinar. Punisher Still holding . invinrv Thanks Tgirl. The selling rate is ranging from 1228 to 1234. Good stuff Keep dropping! Punisher Dinar is getting stronger. invinrv A significant reduction of the dollar in Iraq Release date: 2018/2/18 9:56 • 948 times read A significant reduction of the dollar in Iraq [Ayna-Baghdad] Foreign exchange markets in Baghdad, on Sunday morning, a significant decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar. The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1225.5 dinars per dollar, ie 122 thousand and 550 dinars per hundred dollars. The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were: The sale price per dollar is 1230 dinars, or 123 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar is 1220 dinars, or 122 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars. 20 Feb 2018 Kaperoni... Article: “Dollar rates: a slight rise in Baghdad, Erbil and stability in Basra” 1221 to $1. I believe the 2% goal is 1213 to $1 (1184 + 6 dinar CBI commission =1190 x .02 = 1213)
  2. Iraq & Kurds Are In Accord.

    here's another article related to the above... We are waiting for the skinny lady to sing. 18 Feb 2018 RayRat... Luvwulfs: I think the fat lady has been so stressed about this performance, that she has lost weight
  3. here's another article related to the above... 18 Feb 2018 BGG... Float the Iraqi dinar and stop the auction currency is the only solution of the Iraqi economy
  4. Iraq & Kurds Are In Accord.

    Luigi says...this just in... The feud between Iraq & Kurds may be settled. Now let's get on with the business at hand...the HCL & RV. 10:29 – 18/02/2018 Samson: The National Conference reveals the end of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil The Iraqi National Congress (INC) revealed on Sunday the imminent end of the unresolved crisis between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. The Secretary-General of the Party, Aras Habib said in a statement received a copy of it, “The announcement of sending the salaries of some employees of the Kurdistan region even before the completion of the audit lists indicates good faith, which has governed the relationship between the center and the region.” Habib added that “the same applies to the discussions on airports, where the next few days can witness the end of the crisis,” noting that “quiet dialogues not accompanied by escalation or political investment has been and is still the reason for the arrival of things to the end of positive”. The relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region of great tension, after the last referendum on the separation on 25 September last 2017. LINK
  5. UST Orders banks to release the #800.

    This just in...#800 released in some areas. The rest will come anytime. Moose Jaw & Reno were mentioned last week in order to get the Native Tribes paid first. Feb. 17 2018 5:15 pm EST 800 Process Underway, TNT Intel: “800 Process Underway” – TNT Intel Update from 2/15 to 2/16 1. Banks were instructed to get the 800 number process underway, even if all of their locations were not yet ready. 2. The US Treasury signed off on the RV a while back. 3. Fri. morning, Feb. 16: 800 numbers were starting to appear in some of the districts. 4. Fri. evening, Feb. 16 9pm EST: Three districts have delivered the 800 numbers to the banks. The others should be catching up any time now.
  6. Lost Cat

    Lost dog. Reward offered. Lost dog. Has tail half broken off. Blind in left eye. Missing rear right leg. Has mange. Goes by the name...Lucky.
  7. here's another TNT bank story... 18 Feb 2018 TNT: Cortwi911: Small bank story….I just left one of my banks BB&T at the drive thru I have never asked them about Currency but today I asked were they a Currency exchange …branch the teller got all excited to tell me that any branch could do it and that depending on the currency I would get provisional credit while the currency would be sent off to Central for further verification …anyhow the main point is how she kept going on about it and explaining thing to me ….I did not ask …something is going on… just thought I’d put in my two cents Elmerf123456: I reported last night for the evening crew and I will repeat the same for the mid-day afternoon group Okie said to tell you that he loves you I talk to him yesterday. He is in great spirits and really likes the information of late. All smiles and he waits that moment with you!
  8. The auctions both helps our cause & works against our cause...the RV. Currency auctions brings in more IQD to be exchanged for USD. This helps to lower the total Dinar count on the streets. Large IQD notes are called in never to be circulated again. The bad news...CBI making money, thus can afford to delay the RV even more as it buys them more time.
  9. here's another article related to the above... 17 Feb 2018 TNT... BMore100: A few years ago I had a contact at my local bank and when I would ask her about exchanging the Dinar and the reval she would laugh and tell me that it was a complete scam and they did not exchange it. Well after hearing Tony on the last call stating that the bank tellers now knew about the currency and exchange process, I decided to call in and check. So I called my local branch and asked about exchanging the dinar. The lady put me on hold and brought on another lady, she told me that they did exchange the Dinar but I had to call the number on the back of my card, this was strange because previously for other currencies they would quote me over the phone. So I had my wife call into the customer service number and she spoke with a lady and was asked was she trying to exchange today which was Thursday or this weekend. We thought that was interesting because the bank is only open for a few hours on Saturday and closed Sunday. Then she put us on hold and quoted us a rate 3.79 and sounded confused while trying to convert it, she then told us to do the conversion on there website put us on hold and then the phone mysteriously hung up. When I checked there site Iraqi Dinar wasn't one of their listed currencies. It's National BOA
  10. UST Orders banks to release the #800.

  11. 2-17-2018 Intel Guru Footforward ...the RV is going to happen. I expect it sometime between now and March 21st...I don't have a specific date... that's the timeline I'm looking at and there are many reasons for that... I expect the rate to be over $3...between $3 and $5... I think we are entering into one of the most exciting times in history.
  12. 17 Feb 2018 RayRat & Restored Republic.... 1. Native American tribes were paid out their due funds last Mon. Feb. 12. 2. There was a 72 hour waiting period for us to go that expired Feb. 15-16. 3. The SWIFT system had been run in tandem with the CIPS system, yet Russia switched over to the new system at midnight Feb. 14-15. 4. There were arrangements made to release a huge amount of money to certain groups after the Chinese New Year on Feb. 16. 5. The GCAM (Global Collateral Accounts Master) has been informed to prepare to oversee the RV exchanges this month (date classified). 6. As of Feb. 16 the US Treasury signed off on the RV/GCR and Banks have been instructed to get the 800#s underway. 7. Last Wed. Feb. 14 the Military Reserves were put on alert to assure security of our exchanges. 8. According to TNT the 800#s release window was now sometime between tonight Feb. 16 and the morning of Tues. Feb. 19. 9. It was reported that 23 bank people were secretly arrested this week. 10. With the global political and economic changes, there was apt to be a 90-day window where things would get tough for the average citizen. Have your food storage ready. Feb. 16 2018 TNT RayRen98: Yes, we received a new window. Yes, it is over the course of this weekend – Friday to Tuesday morning it could go thru. New information coming in during the rush. Five big boys (banks) are increasing their reserves today.
  13. here's another article related to the above....good news. 16 Feb 2018 Kaperoni... Article: “Iraq awaits the outcome of the Declaration of the participants their contributions to the reconstruction conference” Quote: “The bank has focused on monetary stability, which is a major objective of monetary policy, especially as it alone manages the money supply and thus affect the price system…” This is great! They are doing what the IMF stated they must do first. Article VIII will come once they meet compliance.
  14. ZAP...The RV-Snookered China Connection.

    here's another article related to the above... 16 Feb 2018 Iraq Business News... Funds collected from Iraq reconstruction donors are insufficient but still give a positive sign and a financial leverage to the war-ravaged country, said an adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Mazhar Mohamed Saleh, a financial adviser to Abadi, said in a statement that “loans Iraq obtained on the closing day of the Kuwait conference will represent a financial leverage”. He added that “the loans represent positive stances of the international community towards Iraq’s support. “Loans obtained by Iraq do not fulfill its aspirations in the rehabilitation of liberated areas, but are still a positive step at minimum,” Saleh added.
  15. here's another article related to the above... 16 Feb 2018 Mike... Article: “World Bank: Iraq is not able to afford the donor debt” So, the WB thinks that Iraq needs to address the corruption as well: Quote: “The World Bank had recommended the Iraqi government not to borrow more loans, including soft, but the participating countries of Iraq granted sovereign loans, threatening the country ‘s wealth in the event of failure to regulate the investment process .”

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