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  1. My Dinar brother......Thank you for the lead on the AMFE. I was a bit late in joining the party but I was able to get some at .01538 a couple weeks back. Since then it is up 34%. That is Great! I wish I had more to risk but a little gain is better than no gain. I had bought a lot of the penny stocks dealing with pot back a year ago and that all went for a loss when Trump named Sessions to the AG office. Still need to watch out for him as I loss roughly 10k on all that. Not fun and I don't wish that on anyone. Well, just wanted to say thanks for the tip. Keep them coming and GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Great way to start Monday morning off...............Go RV!
  3. Got both emails. Good to go....especially when RV time rolls around. Thanks Adam and the team for all you do!
  4. Payday 14,36,39,54, 63.....16
  5. Great for US to be the "Trump" card! Go RV.......and Thanks Adam.
  6. Got it. GO RVVVVVVV
  7. Adam, I think all you have said is dead on. I appreciate your knowledge and your honesty. If more of the same was done through out, we would live in a better world. Keep up the GREAT work and GOOOOOOO RRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV.
  8. Would this not be speaking of the "plastic" we all carry the credit card???
  9. Great Post!!! I would much rather be told the truth than getting the BS "it's hit, it's over, RV is done......." Thank you for your service! Be safe & Semper Fi
  10. Loved it!!! Great Rumor post. This is what we hope to see, feel, touch in the near future. Go RV!!!
  11. I am all in. God Bless and Go RV!
  12. I've got your back my brother in arms! I served my time protecting US as well and to the ones who have not then you have no right to even discuss what is or is not when refering to the military intel. I do believe what you are stating as it is all for one ane one for all!
  13. I'm All In! Let's do this thing.
  14. Why would you sell at this time when things are just around the corner??? We all bought into this knowing it has risk. You are so close my friend. Hang on and see what happens if you can.
  15. I sure hope this is a TRUE RUMOR!!!