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  1. yep, waiting too see if frank and beans will say they haved rv because of this
  2. CBI News 11/23/2017

    thanks yota , good news here
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 22 November 2017

    happy thanksgiving to every one. adam, and the clown pp, i like that one,,, " LDG's Angels " please everyone stay safe and enjoy the day with all your love one's. live for today, tomorrow, and rest of your life.
  4. Adam Montana 11-22.

    thats funny clown
  5. yep it's all there's no way they would let that happen
  6. thanks clown, eat a leg for me. a hot one at that
  7. CBI News 11/22/2018

    thanks yota
  8. CBI News 11/21/2017

    machines to destroy the banknotes canceled yota,,, frank is going to have a hay day off of that one
  9. name of Iraq high in international forums,,,,,go ahead iraq watch what frank and peans got to say about this

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