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  1. BKD

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    anxiously waiting for the phone call. Go RV!!!
  2. Waiting for Adam's update. I'm sure he will bring all of this into focus for all of us.
  3. BKD

    Dr. Clarke 5/16/2018

    Not familiar with Dr. Clarke, but fascinating reading. Sure hope he is right about the dates. Go RV!!
  4. BKD

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Thanks Adam, hope your projects are working out successfully.
  5. Good news all the way around. Timing is everything.
  6. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Thanks Adam, glad to hear your warming up!
  7. BKD

    VIP MEMBERS - bypass picture instructions here.

    Badge me please.
  8. I am going to build some homes in Haiti through Food For The Poor and visit as many baseball stadiums as i can.
  9. BKD

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Thanks Adam, the situation in Syria will certainly have many ripples in the Middle East.
  10. let's pray that the HCL is in the budget. Go RV!!!!
  11. This is exciting times. We are ready for the RV!!!!!
  12. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 February 2018

    Thanks Adam for up-to-date info. Go RV!!
  13. BKD

    Investment update dinar crypto 14 Feb 2018

    Thanks Chuck, let's hope we see progress in the rate.
  14. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    comforting-thanks Adam--Go RV!

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