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  1. Gotta love it when another player starts the pool! Great job, Tiger! 429: 11 13 17 18 55 PB 24 pokerplayer: 08 15 35 45 63 PB 20
  2. Well when it gets to 429... Karma, baby!
  3. I have found that "Yes, Dear." works well right up to the point where she asks "Are you 'Yes, Dear-ing' me?" Of course at this point the only suitable answer is "Yes, Dear." It's a viscous cycle. Hang on a sec.... Yes, Dear, I'm on my iPhone. No, I'm not on Dinar Vets....
  4. Most Lethal Weapon? US Special Forces Operators
  5. Got back from a business trip late last night so I'm a little later than usual but here are the numbers: 429: 11 23 44 56 60 PB 02 pokerplayer: 10 13 26 32 57 PB 03 Good luck to all of us!
  6. Sorry, picture wouldn't save. Here's the link: https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.IW4wtpOiqHmgDk00E9T2fwEsDh&w=223&h=160&c=7&qlt=90&o=4&dpr=1.5&pid=1.7
  7. CBP dog chasing illegal back over the wall.
  8. $38.00 Or win PowerBall!
  9. 429: 02 05 29 39 65 PB 12 pokerplayer: 04 36 41 46 52 PB 04 So when I typed "spring" into the "bing" block to get a picture of a spring, my computer automatically asked if I wanted "Springfield Armory." I guess my computer knows me a little too well. LOL.
  10. Well, we'll let you in the park if you've been naturalized as a dog... moose57
  11. Too funny!
  12. Snowglobe7, get out your checkbook!
  13. OK Kevin, my 2 cents here (in blue): In relation to the non-criminals getting picked up, are they the otherwise innocent families of said criminal aliens? Do they have legitimate proof that they are here legally? Green cards? US Passports? If not and they're using illegitimate documents, they're not quite so innocent, are they? If so, you would not want us to separate the families from their parent/parents would you? Yeah, we can't force a US citizen to go to another country. But I can't stop them from going to Mexico or Guatemala or Columbia or China or Great Britain if they want to keep their families together. Transport their families there too if that's what they want. Were these criminal record free people supporting the criminal enterprise i some way? Buying fake documents is not supporting a criminal enterprise? Perhaps harboring or obstructing the legal investigation? If that's what they did, then they need to pay the piper. A lot of these words are typed as someone who has had their identity stolen/hijacked. I just pegged to the bottom of my sympathy meter. Like I said, my .
  14. If you can't laugh at yourself...