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  1. No point in boarding a sinking ship. GO RV, then BV
  2. It's fun, isn't it......searching, finding, and posting study results that fit a designed narrative? GO RV, then BV
  3. oh my. That man went out there and faced off with the wolves everyday, on camera, mind you.....and spun whatever fantastic lie Trump was telling that particular day in an effort to turn it into a win. for the White House. He should receive and Oscar for his efforts to make the Colluder-in-Chief seem presidential. GO RV, then BV
  4. Good luck to you Sean. I hope you can find peace of mind while trying to salvage whatever part of your dignity that the devil may have left you. Now you know for a fact that narcissists take no prisoners....they matter only to themselves. GO RV, then BV
  5. 773 cases, eh.....just a fuzz short of the 3.5 million Donald needs to satisfy his popularity ego. What's that work out to....around 0.00002% of confirmed voter fraud cases. Yikes!!!!!...or should I say "virtually nonexistent"? GO RV, then BV
  6. Number 1. Now, if you think you can do better than every one of our individual Secretaries of State with respect to the voting all means, secure yourself a temporary work visa and get down here and do it. We'll need your Name, address, voting history, phone number and the last four of your Social Security number...or whatever personal identification number you Canadians hold close to your breast for security all those things and you should satisfy Donald's requirements to work on his voter fraud circus team. GO RV, then BV
  7. Key word was "virtually".....but you already knew that didn't you? GO RV, then BV
  8. I approve of this article and of reasonable conservatives. GO RV, then BV
  9. Donald J. Trump gave money to the Clintons.....does that make him part of the "cabal"? Selective memories, selective memories everywhere. GO RV, then BV
  10. He would.....but he wouldn't be spending millions in tax dollars on virtually nonexistent voter fraud. Hope this helps. GO RV, then BV
  11. 2 "Mean Girls".....both trying desperately to prove they are POPULAR. GO RV, then BV
  12. The amazing, always on the up and up, tremendously ethical business magnate holed up in our White House is at it again. Innocent men always react with criminal tendencies.....NOT! I don't know what amazes me more, his brashness.....or the undying love and devotion of his mass cult followers. GO RV, then BV
  13. Agreed, Indy. Politics is in play, always.....wishing death on someone, not so much. I wonder why the threads were merged.....Mine had more to do with the attacks on McCain personally, and the mind of the extreme alt-right. Censorship or mistaken oversight? GO RV, then BV
  14. These people actually walk about among us. They claim to be Christian then make outlandish statements like the ones in the article. Sick, shameful, disgusting. GO RV, then BV