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  1. Here's The Previous Month Of June's Report Where U Can Also See The Comparison To The Prior Month Of May ! https://cbi.iq/static/uploads/up/file-150087731569563.pdf
  2. Jubouri and Trump envoy discuss maintaining security and economic coordination Sunday 20 August 2017 - 17:41 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri and US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brig. Gen. Brett McGurk, discussed on Sunday the maintenance of security and economic coordination between Iraq and the United States. Al-Jubouri office said in a statement received by Al-Sumerian News that the latter received Makkurk today and discussed during the meeting the most important political and security developments in Iraq and the region, the bilateral relations between the two countries and means of enhancing cooperation, especially with regard to international efforts in combating terrorism Tal Afar district. The meeting discussed the reconstruction of the affected areas due to the control of the terrorist organization. " "Iraq is facing a major challenge in the battle to liberate Tal Afar, which requires the mobilization of international efforts to eliminate the extremist ideology that is threatening the region and the world," stressed Jubouri, stressing "the importance of maintaining coordination between Iraq and the International Alliance for the liberation of what remains Of Iraqi territory from the grip of the terrorist. " "The responsibility to restore stability in liberated areas rests with all political parties that we look forward to be active, especially in the file of community reconciliation and sending messages of reassurance to all the partners of the country," Jubouri said. Jabouri called on the United States and the international community "to contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated areas from a foothold, through investment and all sectors." "The United States supports Iraq in its fight against terrorism," McGourke said, adding that "coordination between the two countries should be maintained, especially with regard to security and economic files," according to the statement. LINK
  3. CNN. Broadcasting Step 1 - Give Ur Anemic Currency Some Value Like Ur Gulf Neighbors ! Financial Strengthening of Iraq: Vision for the years 2018-2020 Crude oil imports dominate the order and movement of three major balances in the national economy: the current account of the balance of payments (the so-called balance of payments balance, which accounts for 98 percent of total foreign exchange flows). As well as the federal budget as the oil revenues represent at least 92 percent of the total annual revenue of the public budget. The final balance is the contribution of the oil sector to the GDP components, which range from 46 to 50 percent of the composition of that output. While the non-oil revenues in the general budget estimates for the year 2017 amounted to 8 trillion dinars, of which (5.7 trillion dinars is the tax revenue, including: (4) trillions dinars direct taxes on property income and (1.7) trillion dinars taxes Such as customs and others.) * If we exclude the oil resource from the three scales mentioned above, the country will go to a tripartite deficit complex difficult to dismantle in the short term because of the lack of diversity in the sources of national income. Consequently, modern public finance of producer and exporter countries has created a benchmark for measuring the actual deficit inherent in the financial structure of highly leveraged economies called non-oil primary balance- NOPB, ie the non-oil balance that expresses the amount * Note that other non-oil revenues did not exceed 2.4 trillion dinars represent capital revenues (on the sale of state property, such as land and real estate) and conversion income (such as mobile phone license fees and exchange rate differences and recoveries and others). The total tax revenues are not more than 2 percent of GDP according to the statistics of 2016 and the income and property tax (direct taxes) is half the percentage. In sum, total non-oil revenues in all cases did not exceed 5 percent of GDP, which is close to 8 percent of total actual budget revenues. (Negative) if all public expenditures were subtracted from non-oil revenues (expenditures incurred on the oil sector should be deducted from total expenditure as well as debt services because they relate to the obligations of previous financial years). Thus, the non-oil main balance in 2017 will be about (72) trillion dinars. The deficit or negative sign is a sign that non-oil revenues account for only 5 percent of the country's gross domestic product, while oil revenues account for 46 to 5 percent of Iraq's GDP. This has made the oil revenues increase by 9-10 times the non-oil revenues in the general budget, which means that the country is dependent on its public expenditure on oil revenues. The lack of non-oil resources in the composition of the budget has become a serious financial threat because of the construction of the federal budget on the constants of spending is difficult to dismantle, especially salaries, wages and pensions and salaries of workers in state-owned enterprises (the unemployed ). As all salaries, wages and pensions are accounted for 50 percent of the total expenditure ceiling of the country's budget, which is covered by oil revenues exclusively or through internal and external borrowing, especially during the years of the previous oil recession . Therefore, there is no choice for Iraq's fiscal policy, but one option is to enhance financial resources in the short and medium term and to diversify the economy and national income through long-term development programs (Iraq 2030). Therefore, the need to maximize the resources of the general non-oil budget needs to be aware of the following economic factors: First: - Iraq is one of the high countries in government spending relative to gross domestic product by about 46 percent, which requires reducing this ratio in favor of the market economy and the role of the private sector in economic activity and the formation of aggregate demand. Second: The country's financial indicators still show Iraq's dependence on oil revenues or expansion to cover public expenditure, which is unsecured resource, which requires a radical new financial reform in the composition of public revenues. Third: - The opportunity to address unnecessary government expenses and expenses from support and extension to non-eligible and ended with the tax evasion equipment accumulated income and wealth far from the scope of public finances and social and economic goals. Fourth: The burdens of the war on terrorism and the reconstruction of the regions of Iraq and the development of all areas of Iraq require a financial program is hardened and not intended to serve the direction of financial resources towards stability and development and address the manifestations of waste. 2 - Features fiscal consolidation in Iraq 2018 - 2020 Fiscal consolidation that in front of fiscal policy for Iraq today to look for opportunities binoculars resources of non - oil that make the principal balance is Alnafty- scale NOPD objective of strengthening the financial adjustments required to control overhead and control and to maximize the revenue of non - oil level The following should be noted: a. In order to maintain the non-oil main balance ( NOPD) in the short term (at the level of one fiscal year) and then to take the decline in the medium term, Fiscal consolidation Which represents the set of policies adopted by the state at the national level or at the level of provinces and regions in order to seek to reduce the fiscal deficit and the accumulation of public debt balance. In other words, work to reduce the deficit or reduce the increase in debt through restructuring expenses and reduce as much as possible and maximize non-oil revenues. Which is to make the non-oil main NOPD decline at a steady rate over the next three years from the current status of (- 72) trillion dinars 2017 to - (42) trillion dinars in 2020, assuming that the ceiling is stable at about (100 - 107) . And that the rate of change in the main non-oil balance in the direction of reduction or reduction should be about 70 percent. Which means that non-oil revenues will be significantly improved, including taxes, fees, and various transformational capital revenues during the years 2018-2020. B - Method of adaptation or financial reinforcement 2018-2020 There are practical steps to be adopted starting from the financial year 2018 and as follows: First: the establishment of an account on behalf of the Public Debt Compensation Fund, to deposit any increase resulting from the improvement of oil prices above the target rate in the federal budget Is used to make up for any internal or external debts planned during the fiscal year or extinguish previous debts depending on the situation to be committed to the current prices estimated in the supplementary budget for 2017 of 44.4 dollars per barrel of oil exported during the period 2018-2020. Public Debt Revenue Capitalism from the sale of land and real estate and state revenue and manufacturing promise from aspects of the financing of the fund account above. Second: The adoption and expansion of outsourcing system at the level of customs outsourcing Through contracting with international companies in order to ensure the efficiency of inspection and collection and customs clearance, which maximizes the sovereign resources of the state. Lead to lower import costs and eliminate systemic and other corruption as well as maximizing public resources. Third: The outsourcing system 's reliance on the tax system for units of small taxpayers Outsourcing by granting licenses to companies civil outstandingly to open the collection of a tax that ports depends broken tax system Flat Rate for small taxpayers to ensure the achievement and raise its efficiency and stay away from diligence and corruption, I do not mind the outsourcing outlets civil to assume collection For various other collections such as fees, municipal fees and others. Fourth: Expansion of the system of partnership with the private sector in the distribution of electric power to be the year 2018 Finance is the starting point to cover all regions of the country. And included in the provisions of the Budget Act of 2018. Fifth: Legislation the sales tax law by calculating the tax on the final value of the service, and to take the decisions and financial regulations gradual in order to avoid the complexity of the tax system for sales tax. For example, food, building materials, etc. are exempted in the first stage. Sixth: Improve the management of collection of fees (non-sovereign) and wages approved in accordance with Article 24 of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2017, on the establishment of a clear and transparent accounting system shows the movements of income and expenditure and disbursements at all spending units and provide the Ministry of Finance movement and calculation of the account monthly. Seventh: To develop the fuel subsidy system and limit it to poor consumption classes through social welfare programs. The state-owned and fuel-producing state companies will maintain a cost accounting system that will demonstrate the actual costs of production and avoid the "free ride" aspects of unrealistic profit collection due to the unrealistic pricing of refined crude oil and marketed internally. http://www.rudaw.net/Arabic
  4. 39 Seconds Long Video With Captions In English ... http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/.....n-his-wake Maliki ruled Iraq with corruption, left chaos in his wake
  5. C'mon U Iraqi Sun Of A Beaches ! August 21 Eclipse https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/astronomy/5-surprising-effects-the-total-solar-eclipse-will-have-besides-darkness/70002407#.WZNKlbff-eN.facebook Subtle differences may be noticed in areas that only experience a partial solar eclipse, but much bigger changes will take place along the narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina that see a total eclipse of the sun. 1. 360-degree sunrise/sunset While everyone’s attention will be focused on the sky, looking down can reveal another scene that not many have experienced. Spectators that look at the horizon during totality will witness the colors of sunrise and sunset around them in every direction. This 360-degree sunset effect is caused by the light from the sun in areas outside of the path of totality and only lasts as long as the face of the sun is covered by the moon. 2. Stars and planets As the moon causes day to turn to night, the darkness will reveal the stars in the sky as well as a few planets. People shouldn’t waste too much time looking for planets and constellations since many of these can be seen at night during different parts of the year. However, the eclipse will make it easy to spot Mercury, a planet that can be tricky to spot due to its close proximity to the sun. The celestial alignment will also reveal the sun’s corona, the area of hot gas the surrounds the sun. A few lucky spectators may even be fortunate enough to see a meteor streak across the sky during the brief period of darkness. 3. Light pollution and city lights Those watching the total solar eclipse from a city, parking lot or street corner may still see some light during the brief period of totality. This light will not be from the sun, but rather streetlights that automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. These automatic lights will not ruin the eclipse, but it may make it more difficult to spot planets and stars in the sky during totality. 4. Temperature change Not only will an eclipse cause the environment to appear different, but also feel different. “When sunlight fades at twilight, we always notice how things start to cool down. The same is true for the temporary dimming during a total solar eclipse,” NASA said. Depending on factors such as the time of year, cloud cover and the length of totality, the air temperature can drop more than 20 degrees F. During a solar eclipse in 1834, the air temperature in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania reportedly dropped by 28 degrees F. Astronomers aren’t expecting the temperature to drop quite that much, but people may still feel the temperature drop by around 10 degrees F. A graph showing the change in temperature during a solar eclipse in 2001. (Credit/Dr. Mitzi Adams NASA/MSFC) 5. Shadow snakes One of the rare phenomenon to look for during the total solar eclipse is something called shadow bands or shadow snakes. “Shadow bands are thin, wavy lines of alternating light and dark that can be seen moving and undulating in parallel on plain-colored surfaces immediately before and after a total solar eclipse,” NASA said. Some people also call these shadow snakes since their wavy motion can look like snakes slithering on the ground. Scientists still do not fully understand what causes shadow bands, but they only occur during the seconds leading up to and the seconds immediately following totality. This phenomenon does not happen during every eclipse, so it’s not a guarantee to see them. When shadow bands do occur, they can be difficult to spot since they are often dim, so people trying to view them should set up a large white poster board, piece of plastic or bed sheet at their viewing site.
  6. Shhh ... http://www.iraqtradelinknews.c.....r-new.html Secret Iraq-Saudi talks for new alliance 20th August, 2017 The British the Guardian daily disclosed that "serious" talks are underway between Saudi Arabia and Iraq to form a new alliance to grant Riyadh a pioneering role in rebuilding Iraqi war-torn cities. In its report, this move is to regain Iraq into the Arab lap, away from Iranian hegemony. It referred to previous months' meetings that attempted to limit Iranian intervention into Iraqi affairs, which was increasing since toppling Saddam Hussein's regime kin 2003. The paper added that the visits of the Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are regarded as a new step to develop relations with Gulf countries. On the other hand , Saudi Arabia will open two consulates in Basra and Najaf provinces, Iraqi sources reported. No response was made by the two countries. ################## https://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=251074 Saudi-Iraqi negotiations to form a new alliance and return Baghdad to the Arab embrace 19th August, 2017 Serious negotiations are under way between Iraq and Saudi Arabia to form a new alliance that would give Riyadh a leading role in rebuilding Iraq's war-torn cities. A report in the Guardian newspaper that Saudi Arabia is in constant talks with the Iraqi parties in an effort to return Iraq to the Arab embrace away from Iran. The meetings between senior officials of the two sides over the past six months focused on standing with Iraq and limiting the interference of Iran, whose influence in Iraqi affairs has increased remarkably since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The Guardian said that Iraq and Saudi Arabia exceeded the differences of the past years and exchanged an official visit, which was Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the signing of agreements of partnership and investment and reconstruction with Saudi Arabia. The official visit of Muqtada al-Sadr to Riyadh, and then to the UAE, added a new opening in relations between Iraq and the Gulf states.
  7. Ok, But Lose The Bonnet - Maybe A Yoga 'Man Bun' ...
  8. Just Roll With It And Try Dating A Hot Yoga Instructor Or A Flexible Cheerleader ...
  9. Here's A Comment From SirenFire Followed By A Response From Delta ... And Fyi - What They're Referring To Below Is In The Last Catagory 'Expenses' On Page 2 Of The Table ! (SirenFire) That is VERY COOL... a 1.7 billion dollar credit is showing in july for current year revaluation!!!!! WOOHOOO PLUS currency issuance expenses for print NEW DENOMSSSSSS BAM spent over 5 mill printing new denoms in July... I would say we are READY BABY!!! (Delta) 5 MILLION PER MONTH FOR NEW CURRENCY FOR LAST 3 MONTH, AND BECAUSE OF THE REVALUATION THEY ARE GETTING SURPLUS ...GOOOOOOOO...........CBI.... DELTA
  10. CNN. Broadcasting While Running The Table - Click On Link To View ! (by delta) THE FINANCIAL SITUATION TABLE FOR CBI !!! Table of July /2017 DELTA
  11. CNN. Broadcasting With A Mass Of Cash Without Value ! (by militiaman) (80 percent) of the cash mass is in the homes of citizens 20/8/2017 Baghdad / Huda al-Azzawi Omar Alaa, a young man who works in the women's clothing business, insists on saving his money away from the banking centers. He continues his friend and co-worker to deposit his money in a government bank and does not resort to placing it in the house, no matter what. And often raised a debate in this regard between the two friends of the difference in vision, and Alaa justified his position, explaining: «Despite the risk of saving money in the house, but the savings in government banks more serious and harmful, you may be the official procedures and lead you to a world in which a lot of fog in how to retrieve, it is not unlikely that the camel is lost what he carried overnight because of those who have the helm In the obstruction of procedures for the disbursement of receivables, the government sector is still witnessing a decline in performance and weak in the payment of dues due to depositors due to lack of cash, Alaa said and on his face signs of disapproval and wonder,"There are also social doubts and concerns about the absence of real guarantees for the protection of savings and money. This is due to the lack of awareness about saving and other banking transactions. Up to the bank, and may happen the opposite The withdrawal of money from banks increases the volume of risk, because some employees hover around them suspicions of cooperation with the gangs of the coup and the Iraqi street witness to it !. Shake Alaa his head in a slow He opens his eyes , saying: «I think that the bank guarantee to save money hit the illusion if they are not lifted all those suspicions about banks, restore mutual trust between the central system and the citizen, and this matter if it is achieved Vsieid confidence to deposit my money in the banks . Another vision , but his friend a dominant look of the image from another angle and explains: «realized that save money in a safe place is very important, they Atawwad never in the event of a disaster or an explosion or an armed robbery , as is the case now, what is equal to speak in front of all those major losses caused by Fate in the face of loss of confidence of the citizen in the banking system, despite all these negatives, but I find in the deposit amounts in banks to guarantee the rights no matter how stormy banking storms to pay dues. And reveals more dominant about the real reason behind the reluctance of his colleague on savings in banks, he says: «A lot of countries in the world is witnessing a major development in terms of services and access to the greatest possible economic benefits, especially the banking business, which seeks to provide their best facilities and services to win the customer, but in Iraq, completed the Director of Payments in the Central Bank, : « the range of services provided by the Iraqi banking authorities still follow the methods of very primitive, and repulsive to the members of the community to have their engagement positively with the banking or the idea of saving and saving work, and banks are investing their efforts in the development and regulation of their systems to serve the citizen, and this is what led Li out (80 percent) of the cash value of the block outside of the banking system as a result of a lack of trust between banks and the customer, if we can restore the confidence that we can reach a parallel relationship to encourage savings in government banks ». And return is dominant to conclude his speech, stressing: «This may be one of the reasons that pushed my colleague and friend Alaa regardless of the fear of saving and investing his money in the banks and banks of the Iraqi government, and the failure of service performance and the lack of strict control of some bank employees and impose some obstacles and obstacles push the confidence of citizens to the brink of abyss and reluctance to Savings ». Structural imbalances «lack of technical development of banking and the lack of confidence of citizens due to security conditions or delay and complexity of procedures for the deposit and withdrawal of funds led to be (80 percent) of the cash mass in Iraq is not invested» This term was initiated by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Administrative Dr. Mahdi Sahr Jubouri, that: «Iraqi economy suffers from structural and structural imbalances cast a shadow over all economic sectors, including the banking sector, which is still far from the technical and cognitive development, so must develop plans and mechanisms of the Central Bank of Iraq and government and private banks to encourage savings and raise the confidence of citizens in these banks and find effective mechanisms to withdraw those funds And encourage individuals and companies to deposit in banks and private banks and government through improving the level of financial and banking services and the adoption of the electronic system of CBS for the exchange of credit information, which can contribute to the assessment of risks Tmanah and take the necessary treatment in the granting of loans and repayment and build confidence between the citizen and the banking sector. » "The Central Bank has adopted a new approach to building a real banking sector that is able to increase savings and encourage investment to support economic development plans. The process is not only to restore confidence between the banking sector and the citizen, but to restore confidence," said the director of payments at the central bank. The government and investors in the banking system, there is a project in cooperation with the Central Bank and the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers on the transfer (70 percent) of the salaries of employees to banks at competitive prices and offers to withdraw the external cash mass to banks ». The director of payments at the Central Bank concluded by saying: "To resolve the problem of lack of cash liquidity to pay the dues of citizens was selected (15) banks enjoy liquidity and credit very high and take a percentage of deposits, in case of facing the citizen, any reluctance by these banks to receive the amount Deposit can be received from the central bank accounts, thus these measures will increase confidence and encourage an increase in the liquidity ratio of savings ». The panic of the banker Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Wasit Dr. Jaafar Baqer Alush Al Waeli: "There is no measure to determine the percentage of money to the public of the currency in circulation, because these ratios depend on two things are Governor: the proportion of the legal reserve, which affects the proportion of reserves held by banks and the other money is the interest rate and determine the percentage of what is saved or investment of funds in the public , And since the interest rate is an inefficient and ineffective index, the talk about the mass of cash outside the banks is a matter of Muslim, and commercial banks, specifically eligibility, which is limited to trading currency through the auction located in the Central Bank, which took his share of the debate Criticism and confirmation for two reasons: first The narrowness of the functions of commercial banks and limited to the role of financing salaries, and the second lack of public confidence in banks, ways to instill confidence related to the Central Bank and through ... Received the talk of Waeli Professor at the Faculty of Business Economics Dr. (B) the efficient use of deposits by banks' administrations and the improvement of the required liquidity levels in the banking sector; and the demand of banks to set up allocations and reserves to deal with vulnerability and sufficiency, in addition to issuance of certificates of deposit in order to attract money from outside the banking system The public in the banking system ». Nima adds after hesitation: "Mismanagement in a number of banks and the seizure of citizens' deposits and their use to serve the owners in the form of loans and facilities led to the transformation of the phenomenon of distrust of the banking system into the so-called (banking panic) and the withdrawal of citizens the bulk of their deposits to meet their own purposes, especially after the war with the da'ash that forced them To use the bulk of their savings to pay the living requirements of food, clothing, treatment and treatment at home or abroad, or used as a deposit in some neighboring countries such as Iran, which pay a nominal benefit of up to (20%) and if we put the rate of inflation (17%) and differences in the price of the bank, The deposits are received in foreign currency and received in Iranian currency, so interest rates are close to interest rates in Iraq. " http://www.alsabaah.iq/Article.....?ID=142930
  12. She's "Heading" Out Of Town And Plans On Telling The Airline It's A Hat To Avoid The Baggage Fees !
  13. CNN. Broadcasting Under Mafia Protection ! http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/.....-corrupted Video: Shiite official admits Iraqi political parties 'corrupted' 19th August, 2017 Iraqi political parties have turned into dangerous economical Mafias, Fouad Ali Akbar, member of the Baghdad provincial council, revealed during a TV show. These parties have money, weapons, and the ability to do whatever they want, but they do not have any principles, or ethics, the Shiite official asserted. Akbar confirmed that every official is only supporting the party that is helped him in holding his post via using all means including money. He stressed that the political blocs and parties are the basis of corruption in the country. Several observers and monitors pointed out that the Iraqi government and parties - dominated by Shiite Mullah's regime, are totally corrupted. They added that the deteriorating situation that is facing Iraq in the past years are a result of Iran's interference in Iraq's domestic affairs.