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  1. Do They Make An All Blue One To Stimulate The Dinar ...
  2. CNN. Broadcasting While Abadi Describes Maliki's "Stature" (see picture below) ! Abadi reveals the amount of damage Daesh infrastructure and announces the adoption of a supplementary budget for 2017 History Tahrir:: 2017/6/22 19:20 • 132 times mqrw’h {Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed on Thursday, the amount of damage caused by the terrorist gangs Daesh in the infrastructure of the public sector, noting that it amounted to i 50 billion dollars. " Ebadi said, during his weekly press conference, "but left little of the liberation of Mosul , " he said, adding that " the bombing of Al - Nouri mosque and the declaration of the end of the humpback Daesh and we will constructed a human patrimony, not only for the Iraqis." And on his visit to the neighboring countries, Abadi said that "States expressed during the regional visit admires editing areas, and visit security and economic impacts, and continue to find a consensus in the region to participate in the fight against terrorism and to continue the cooperation of economic peoples investment to create job opportunities for improving living standards." He said that " the Council of Ministers today voted on the national housing project in the province of Maysan , a new approach to the government to provide housing for citizens, and approved a document to restore stability and reconstruction in Iraq and includes all infrastructure generality provinces , " pointing out that " the destruction of Daesh infrastructure for the public sector and the government's only It amounted to $ 50 billion, while the damage to the destruction of infrastructure , the private sector and the property of citizens may exceed this figure , "noting that" we are working on holding an international conference in Kuwait for the reconstruction of Iraq after the Daesh phase. " " The cabinet today approved a supplementary budget for the year 2017 relating to the payment of dues farmers and contractors and military spending and others, it will be prepared holiday feast and submit them to parliament for approval." In another context, the prime minister said, "We do not want to interfere in the work of the judiciary for wanted persons planned to hold a political conference in Baghdad." He stressed, "we are working to open Trebil port and newborn are interested to opening them up with Jordan to find other outlets to increase trade exchange, and are interested in quickly open the way port to port Trebil and prevent any exposure to Daesh road and in the next phase we will open the road and insist on it." He added, "we are working to encourage Iraqi exports, and we have agreed , starting with Saudi Arabia in promoting Iraqi goods to Saudi Arabia and to allow the entry of Iraqi businessmen as reflected positively to increase the trade exchange between the two countries." And on the Gulf crisis, Abadi reiterated "We did not go any same mediation crisis Gulf regional visit, and we visited for the development of relations, coordination and cooperation to fight terrorism , " stressing that " the regional visit us highly successful and today everyone understands the role of Iraq and its strength in the region." However , " The problem is that the differences between the countries of the region up to the degree of focus on the differences, but even it up to support terrorist groups Defiance of different countries , including" pointing out that "some countries suggested that Iraq could play this role {mediation} as he became the strong presence, and our answer was that all the different countries agree on this proposal. " He noted that "Saudi Arabia stressed the importance of Iraq in the region and wanted to develop bilateral relations, Kuwait has a desire to invest in Iraq, but there is the complexity of the administrative system hinders such investment and we are treated so as to achieve the partnership with Gul neighborhood." He said the "US presence in Iraq is not a fighter, but the role of attribution, training, advice, aviation , and after the end of Daesh we do not need Air Alliance, and confirm that the unity of our strength code in defeating terrorism and we hope to embody it in the development process and that we do not accept Bafassd and attacks on public money or hinders the development process in Iraq". " I say all politicians and blocs that will benefit everyone, but you should not look atthings in a way selfish" .anthy http://alforatnews.com/modules.....yid=145131
  3. (by don961) Disable the official working hours from Sunday to Thursday on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr Local Since 06/22/2017 18:37 am (Baghdad time) BAGHDAD - The balance of News The face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, disable the official working hours on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr starting from Sunday to Thursday next week. According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in a brief statement received / scales News /, that "Abadi, disable the face of official working hours on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, effective on Sunday 25/06/2017 until Thursday 06/29/2017." He added that "Abadi is also the face of the security service and take over the ministries and ensure the continuation of services through its cadres in the days mentioned" .anthy 29/6 n http://www.mawazin.net/link
  4. CNN. Broadcasting While Frankie And Delta Try To Tackle The Cheap Blue Dye Stains On Their Butt Cheeks After Pulling An All Nighter On The Blue Couch ! 6-22-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 [Guru] DELTA called me last week...said the CBI made an announcement on the Arabic side to all of the banks... they told them that the auction of the 26th...two Sundays from now... they sent a memo to all of their banks in Iraq asking all of the money changers that they are being required to tell the CBI what it is that they need for currency... and we want to know it now...on the 18th...and it will be done on the 25th... they are piggybacking one week in advance...that is weird...he said... all banks have to submit on the 18th for the auction on the 25th...we’ve never seen anything like this before in the auctions... 6-22-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 ...the CBI also told the banks they would provide them with 25 million per bank as cash per 3,000 for each citizen if they want to travel... something is happening with their auctions and their currency and with their procedures...and their window of buy and sell... this is indeed a strange request...this makes no sense but it is not a coincidence is it... they are preparing for an RV...I think they are pushing the month into a time frame of the 26th to the 30th... for many things...including a possible RV... IMO Family we are very close...From months to weeks to day...to now hours...soon to become seconds…
  5. Hey - Don't Look At Me !
  6. The Great Visionary Philosopher Mufasa Ali SandFly Says That This Shiite's Ready To Roll !
  7. The King Has To Wear That Picnic Table Cloth On His Head To Cover All The Heir Plugs...
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  10. CNN. Broadcasting The Announcement For Future Sales Of Iraqi Oil Through Another Country (Dubai) - That's INTERNATIONAL With A Capital 'I' ! Iraq raises the first tender for the sale of Basra crude in the Dubai Mercantile Exchange 20/06/2017 15:09:55 BAGHDAD / obelisk Trade sources confirmed on Tuesday that Iraq plans to sell four million barrels of crude Basra loaded in the tender in August DME next Wednesday, including the first sale of heavy crude Basra through the stock exchange. One source said that "the size of each shipment of Basra light crude and heavy two million barrels will be loading during the period between 26 and 28 August." The Dubai Mercantile Exchange has announced (April 30, 2017), that the government of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) has sold two million barrels of Basra Light crude, delivered June 2017 through the stock exchange auctions platform. The DME since it opened in 2007, is considered one of the specialized stock exchanges around the world, and became held by the president, a forward contract for crude Oman's third standard price of crude oil in the world, the only criterion for crude oil, which is exported from Oman and Dubai. Source: Reuters - Follow-up to the disposal of the obelisk http://almasalah.com/ar/news/106699/link
  11. Sunni Endowment investigates sighting of the crescent of Shawwal on Saturday 20-06-2017 04:19 PM Euphrates - Sunni Endowment announced the establishment of a ceremony on Saturday to see the crescent of the month of Shawwal and determine the first day of Eid al - Fitr. Diwan said in a statement that the sighting of the crescent festive feast will be held on Saturday in Umm al- Qura mosque to read a statement to the committee proved or not proved the legitimate vision of the moon of the month of Shawwal 1438 of the Prophet 's migration. Islamic project was to monitor crescents not confirmed the possibility of sighting of the moon on June 24 with the naked eye in all Arab and Muslim countries , so it is expected to be the feast in most Arab and Islamic countries that require the sighting of the crescent with the naked eye, on Monday , June 26 http://www.alforat.info/index......8;id=46980
  12. CNN. Broadcasting While Flipping The Green Bird At Maliki ! The lifting of the Green Bird fly to Europe within two months 6/21/2017 0:00 Baghdad / Jinan al-Asadi Iraqi Airways predicted the return flight of the bird green to European airspace during the next two months after the completion of safety measures, and while preparing for the opening of a written "Erbil Dubai" and "Bozrah Dubai", decided to increase flights with a number of countries to coincide with the imminent Eid al-Adha , He said the company 's director Samer Abdul Karim Kubba , a press statement: that a delegation from the International Civil Aviation Authority (IATA), will visit Baghdad on Wednesday to complete the process of Iraq 's accession to international organizations to fly again. He stressed that the company will meet the demands of the global civil aviation authority related to safety, are expected to lift the ban on Iraqi Airways over the next two months. http://www.alsabaah.iq/Article.....?ID=139559
  13. Three Day Holiday with Firework Show ! Jun 26 Monday Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) National holiday Jun 27 Tuesday Eid-al-Fitr holiday National holiday Jun 28 Wednesday Eid-al-Fitr holiday National holiday https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/iraq/