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  1. Read More About It Here (Just Click On The Link Below) Mammaw ! And Be Sure To Tell Pappaw And Willy Warka Too !»-publishes-the-budget-law-2018/&page=4
  2. Parliament points to a lack of an infallible return to the budget: the winds will go on A member of the parliamentary legal committee Zana Said said on Sunday that the reservations of President Fuad Masum on the budget of 2018 will go to include the wind if not submitted to the Federal Court. The infidels decided to return the draft budget law, which was voted on the third of this month, to the parliament to re-examine the form and content of the constitutional, legal and financial, pointing to the existence of about 31 points intersect with the active inventions. "The president of the republic sent his remarks to the parliament and this has nothing to do with the budget being considered valid after 15 days of sending it to the presidency," Saeed said. "It may be possible to challenge the Federal Court on the budget and make those observations, but we know that the presidency has not done so far." The Iraqi parliament approved on the third of this month the final version of the draft federal budget for the year 2018, after achieving a quorum by 176 votes out of 328 deputies. And ratified the Iraqi parliament on a budget worth 88.5 billion dollars for the year 2018, despite boycotting Kurdish parliamentarians to vote in protest against the reduction of financial allocations for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The budget was based on oil exports expected to reach 3.9 million barrels per day, producing Kurdistan Region 250 thousand barrels per day of them. The budget set the reference price of the barrel at $ 46. The Iraqi budget plan expected revenue to reach 77.5 billion dollars, while the projected deficit was estimated at 10.6 billion dollars with 20.8 billion dollars allocated for investments. It was supposed to pass the Iraqi budget before the beginning of 2018, but several key points of disagreement between the central government on the one hand and Sunni Arabs, and Arab Shiites and Kurds on the other prevented the draft budget on time.
  3. CNN. Broadcasting While Desperately Checking The Calendar For The Next Much Needed Holiday After Having The Weekend Off ! LINK How much public holiday in one year in Iraq ? 19th March, 2018 The official holidays in Iraq 124 days out of 365 days a year, which constitutes the proportion of holidays of one year 33%, and enables the House of Representatives in July 2015 to read the first draft of the official holidays, which faces large objections by some political blocs.
  4. A parliamentary surprise: Budget has become constitutional for this reason BAGHDAD - The parliamentary legal committee confirmed on Monday that President Fuad Masum exceeded the legal limit of 15 days to approve the budget lawafter sending it to the Presidency of the Republic, noting that the budget has become constitutional according to the law . The Committee member Sadik al-Laban said in a press statement that "infallible exceeded the period of time stipulated by the Constitution in accordance with Article 73 paragraph 3, which sets it by 15 days to ratify the federal budget," noting that "the Federal Budget Law has been ratified by law and the government directly to implement its terms And published in the Official Gazette . Al-Labban added that "the points of opposition identified by the infallible in the budget will be the responsibility of the Presidency of the parliament in its discussion or neglect," explaining that "Parliament has been close to the legislative term and I expect that will not discuss those points of contention ." He added that "the 31 points of disagreement came before infallible and not from the Presidency of the Republic," pointing out that "the constitutional text did not refer to the possibility of rejecting the budget by the infallible ." A member of the legal committee of the parliamentary high Nassif has confirmed, last week, that the rejection of President Fuad Masum to the federal budget "Shakly", while the statement that the Constitution does not provide for rejection of the budget. On February 3, the House of Representatives voted on the draft budget bill for 2018 in full. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated the Iraqi people for launching the general budget law for 2018, and called on all ministries, institutions and departments of the state to carry out their duties in the best way. The President of the Republic Fouad Masum refused to approve the financial budget for the current year 2018, after it was approved by parliament. The presidential press office announced that President Fuad Masoum decided to return the draft budget law to the House of Representatives. For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that no one has the right to stop the general budget of the country after the vote of the House of Representatives. "We hope that we will receive a copy of the budget from the presidency to be in force," Abadi said, according to his press office.
  5. Wtf ? Al-Bunnia ? Is Iraq About To Pull A Rabbit From Out Of Their A$$ ?
  6. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    "Alak, release the rate NOW. I think 1 to 1 would be quite a-peeling!" Me Too - I Haven’t Been Able To Get Thru To The CBI Governor On My Apple !
  7. Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    He Checked His ‘Naughty’ List (Twice) - And U Weren’t On It ! However - Ur Brother Kiefer Is For Certain ‘Revenge’ Issues !
  8. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    Yes - I Assume That It’s News Too ! But U Never Know With This Clown ! Who’s Getting It Straight From Those ‘Trustworthy’ Iraqi’s ...
  9. Like A Watermelon On The Dance Floor !
  10. Baghdad sends more than 317 billion salaries to Kurdistan .. Arbil begins distributing in two days
  11. LINK International Energy: The stability of Iraq is one of the most important factors affecting the growth of OPEC production 16:30 - 18/03/2018 The International Energy Organization (IEA) confirmed that the analysis and forecasts of growth in the world oil market from 2018 to 2023 indicate that the continuation of the crisis in Venezuela affects the growth of production in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, and an important factor for growth is stability in Iraq, Libya and Nigeria. "The continuation of the Venezuelan crisis will determine the growth of production by 750 thousand barrels per day, where it is assumed that the reserve production will grow by 500 thousand barrels per day in addition to the stability factor in Iraq, Libya and Nigeria," the agency's website said in the report. "The 2018 oil report confirmed that the strong global economy is expected to support strong increases in demand for oil, as the IMF sees global economic growth at 3.9 percent and all regions are expected to perform well, while strong economies will use more Oil and increase demand at an annual rate of 1.2 million barrels per day by 2023, while demand for oil will reach 104.7 million barrels per day. "China and India will jointly contribute about 50 percent of world oil demand as China's economy becomes more consumed, while demand for oil will rise slightly in India. " The report stressed that "despite the Venezuelan oil crisis, but the factor of stability is very important in Iraq, Libya and Nigeria for the growth of oil production within OPEC to meet the global demand."
  12. LINK Al-Allaibi: Law of the National Oil Company a step to maximize Iraq's revenues 18th March, 2018 The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has achieved a series of successes by its Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi and his direct supervision of the implementation of the development plans to promote the economic reality and stability. The minister praises the efforts of oil sector workers who continue to work day and night for the optimal investment of national wealth , And maximize their revenues. During his meeting with a delegation from the province of Basrah, Al-Luaibi said the importance of the Iraqi parliament's vote on the restructuring of the national oil company, which ranks fourth among the world's oil companies. He says that the company, which dates back to the early sixties of the last century, has achieved remarkable achievements at levels of production and investment of gas and raise the rates of oil reserves and the development of oil fields. He added that the restructuring of the National Oil Company is a step forward to open new horizons for the development of the oil and gas industry in the country, and will build Iraq after years of fruit development of the oil and gas sectors and infrastructure, and improve the performance of workers in the oil sector, and develop the work of the private sector in the country, which will be Has a major role in the development of the national economy. Al-Luaibi stressed the amendment of the laws and legislations by experts and jurists and the approval of the concerned parties, in accordance with the requirements of the general interest of the country's economic and industrial, because the laws are not without some notes. In a related context to the achievements and successes achieved by the ministry, and within the directions of Allaibi to maximize financial revenues and the federal treasury and the development of real investment of the country, Al-Allaibi focuses on reducing the import of oil derivatives by (25%), which provides financial revenues, The proper planning of the provision of petroleum products to citizens, ministries, government establishments, companies and factories of the private sector and others, indicating that the rehabilitation of a number of refineries that were destroyed by terrorist gangs and the resumption of production, contributed to the increase in production In addition to a number of production units to the refineries of the south and center. " Al-Luaibi pointed out that achieving the Ministry's objectives of self-sufficiency in the production of liquid gas has the great effect of reducing the proportion of imports by covering a large part of the consumption in some facilities and compensating them with liquid gas, and operating the production units in modern refineries, Chinese and Qayara and Kirkuk, Increase the production of oil derivatives. Al-Allaibi said that the ministry is continuing to launch plans and projects for the establishment of refineries outside the country for the benefit of Iraq, and large investment projects inside the country in the liquidation sector, including Kirkuk refinery and refinery Maysan, Nasiriyah, Faw, Anbar and Nineveh and others, which contributes to raising the productive capacity of oil derivatives in the country. In the same context, the Ministry is keen to enhance production capacity. Al-Allaibi inaugurated the wet oil processing unit in the West Qurna field with a capacity of 50 thousand barrels, which is working to increase the production rates in the oil fields through the projects carried out in cooperation with international companies operating or through National effort. Al-Luaibi described the project as "the pride", explaining that the completion of the project, which was accomplished in record time during the projects implemented by the ministry in cooperation with the international companies operating ExxonMobil Zoon Ruiner and the national effort, which will increase the total capacity of the station to 160 thousand barrels per day, And improve the quality of production, as it will restart the 15 wells were closed because of the impact of water, which will boost production rates by 20 thousand barrels. "The completion of this unit will increase production rates in the field, which will boost the production capacity of Iraq," Exxon Mobil's representative, Zoon Roehner, said. "One million hours of non-stop work has been completed in two years through SEBEC." "The project was completed at a cost of less than the planned budget of 10 percent, and is one of four projects to raise production capacity to high levels," the representative of Sipec said. The Chairman of the Joint Committee for the management of West Qurna 1 / Hassan Mohammed, that "the project, which was carried out according to high specifications was completed in record time, and three months ahead of schedule, which reflected positively in raising the rate of production field during the year. Hassan Mohammed said that during the completion of the project, the rehabilitation of national staff and training them on site to acquire modern expertise, pointing out that the ministry is determined to open the seventh wet oil processing unit soon after. The oil minister, Jabbar al-Allaibi, revealed important negotiations with investment companies to develop the fields of Ben Omar and Artawi in the province of Basra, explaining that "the negotiations between the Ministry of Oil and the coalition of companies is still about the current production of the two fields," noting that "the ministry aspires to develop a capacity of 550 Thousand barrels of light oil, and production of 1000 million cubic feet of gas. " He explained that "this is done in exchange for the coalition of companies to establish a project to inject water with a capacity of 5 million barrels per day, and build a warehouse in Nahr Umar and Nabubin Bahrin and Nabubin Bryan," pointing out that "this project is very important and will develop the area north of Basra and will provide jobs and put Iraq in place Advanced market for light oil. " The minister also stressed the importance of building positive, cooperative and participatory relations with civil society institutions and scientific centers for research and universities. He said that the ministry supports all the trends that develop science, Continuing this trend with the University of Basra. During his visit to the university, the minister stressed the support of science and scientists to develop the scientific march, improve the mechanisms of teaching and lab work, and solve the problems experienced by the students in terms of teaching or appointment, and instructed the Basra Petroleum Company to meet their demands in accordance with the controls and contexts and instructions in force. And stresses the absorption of Iraqi manpower in the projects and fields in which foreign companies operate within the fields of licensing rounds and according to the ratios previously determined in the form of contracts concluded. Al-Luaibi discussed with the Dean and heads of departments at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Basra the developments in the national campaign to plant a million palm trees. He confirmed the developments in the project of the National Campaign for planting a million palm trees, which was initiated by the Ministry of Oil in coordination with the Faculty of Agriculture and concerned authorities in the governorate. And stresses the development of service infrastructure, and coordination between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture for the cultivation of ornamental trees in some of the central carrots from the streets of the province of Basra, earlier implementation of several service projects in the province, including the establishment of a tourist resort in Muftiya and the development and rehabilitation of the river, Bridges and support the Cancer Hospital in the province, and other projects.
  13. LINK Iraqi enthusiasts are looking for remnants of the country's past 11:06 - 18/03/2018 At the heart of Baghdad's second-hand goods market, nostalgia for the past in Iraq appears to be full of collectors, investors and buyers of antiques belonging to the monarchy in Iraq. "In the spoiled Khan cafe, about 100 men from all over the country are following closely the four-decade antiques auction of the monarchy in Iraq, which ended in a bloody coup in 1958," a report by Digital Journal reported. "There is a feeling of nostalgia among customers," said one investor, Ali Hikmat, 52. "They know, for example, the currency, manufacturing and quality of money that were much better before, and that's why prices are so high." "The auction begins with a man with a high voice on the goods that include banknotes, coins, stamps and decorations mostly due to the Royal era of Iraq, but beside it some of the composers dating back to the first days of the republic that followed the monarchy after being overthrown by the leader Abdul Karim Qasim, While there are no holdings of decades of dictatorship under Saddam Hussein. " "For Iraqis who hunt down special souvenirs from the past, they consider the monarchy to be their country's golden age. The establishment of the Kingdom of Iraq under Faisal I, who fought alongside TE Lawrence during the First World War, was a sign of the emergence of the modern state. Iraq after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. " "Of course, we are nostalgic for the royal period. All the country's main structures were built during this period from bridges to dams," said Ahmed Kamal, a 53-year-old curator. "The royal period is the beginning of the Iraqi state and much better than what we see. Today ". "Iraq under constitutional monarchy was more fair and democratic than the present time," said Saad Mohsen, a professor of modern history at Baghdad University. "We were far from the blood and fighting we knew." "The desire for things that go back to the monarchy does not mean that the Iraqis are looking to restore this regime again, but the nostalgia for these relics seems to be linked more to financial gain than historical or political interest," the report said. Bin al-Hussein, who claimed to be the legitimate heir to the throne of Iraq, but did not succeed in the Iraqi parliamentary elections. "
  14. LINK Investment conferences are an important step in building and rebuilding Iraq 18th March, 2018 After the defeat of terrorism militarily Baghdad / Shaima Rashid Iraq is an attractive environment for investment because it possesses many natural resources and diverse and efficient labor and investment opportunities in all sectors, including the construction of railways, ports, housing, infrastructure, power plants, refineries and hotels, as well as oil and gas, which was held to invest in them, The Energy and Infrastructure Conference and the Exhibition for Training Companies in Berlin, which is one of the major events related to Iraqi oil and gas. During the conference, which witnessed an important presence of major international companies, the government presented its investment plans and opportunities for cooperation in this The sector has held workshops, conferences and events aimed at introducing the Iraqi oil industry, cooperating with international companies and attracting investments to develop the oil and gas industry in the country, which has just emerged from a fierce war against terrorism on behalf of from the world. The member of the Economic Committee of Parliament, Noura al-Bajari, that the coming years will witness economic projects of investment is very large, indicating that Iraq can return to its economic status and the task of building and reconstruction as the program of the next government will be specialized in construction and reconstruction. ":" The investment conferences held today economic trade wanted by Iraq to restore economic activity and reconstruction, "indicating that" Iraq needs development projects and productivity, reducing the unemployment rampant and reduce the number of employees in government jobs. "He added that" Efforts by the Ministry of Industry to re-energize the industrial sector but simple efforts and need international support through these economic conferences. " Al-Bijari pointed out that " Iraq is a country that has the wealth of minerals, oil, agricultural land, manpower, competencies and expertise, and only needs proper planning to exploit all these energies. "Al-Bijari noted that" Iraq needs projects related to the infrastructure of water, electricity, sewage, bridges and other projects. " The next government to "take great care in the reconstruction of all provinces and without exception." For his part, the member of the Services Committee Tawfiq al-Kaabi, the importance of conferences held today abroad to help Iraq to rebuild what was destroyed by the war on a dashing. : The holding of economic conferences Iraq is very important provided that there is planning and follow-up is not only for implementation, but also to achieve, "noting that investment is important in building any country, especially that most of the countries today we see built through investment. Al-Bajari pointed out that "Iraq needs projects related to the infrastructure of water, electricity, sewage, bridges and other large projects," calling on the next government to "take great care of the reconstruction of all provinces and without exception." For his part, The conferences held today abroad to help Iraq to rebuild what was destroyed by the war on a duel. Al-Kaabi said for "morning": The holding of economic conferences on Iraq is very important provided that there is planning and follow-up not only for implementation but also to achieve, Investment is important in building any country, especially most countries Today we see it built through investment. Al-Bajari pointed out that "Iraq needs projects related to the infrastructure of water, electricity, sewage, bridges and other large projects," calling on the next government to "take great care of the reconstruction of all governorates and without exception." For his part, The conferences held today abroad to help Iraq to rebuild what was destroyed by the war on a duel. Al-Kaabi said for "morning": The holding of economic conferences on Iraq is very important provided that there is planning and follow-up not only for implementation but also to achieve, Investment is important in building any country, especially most countries Today we see it built through investment. He added that there is another project called joint operation partnership with the state, noting that Iraq needs to invest in the service sector on the grounds that the infrastructure and services need to build. The Iraqi ambassador to Germany, Diaa Dabbas, said that the Iraq Petroleum Conference held in Berlin at the end of February offered investment plans and opportunities for cooperation with companies in the oil sector. Dabbas said in an interview with Al-Sabah that " The conference was organized by the group "cwc" British competent in the field of oil and the presence of experts from Iraq and the world to discuss oil policy and obstacles to investment or oil production in this vital sector. "
  15. Trade sets the middle of next month as a date to start marketing wheat March 18, 2018 5:17 PM Trade sets the middle of next month as a date to start marketing wheat Baghdad / Follow-up Zawra: The General Company for Cereal Trade, one of the Ministry of Commerce formations, announced on Sunday, 15 April, a date for launching the marketing season for wheat crop in the central and southern governorates. A statement issued by the ministry on the general manager of the company Naeem al-Makassusi during his presiding the sixth session of the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Marketing and the sixth in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Federation of Agricultural Societies and added that the company "After the final review of the plan to market the wheat crop for the season 2018, which included specifications, instructions, Next month the starting date of the wheat season for the current year. "He added," The Central Committee for Marketing in the adoption of an integrated plan for the marketing and receipt of wheat crop commensurate with the size of quantities expected to be marketed by farmers And farmers according to the plan adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture and the amounts allocated under the federal budget for 2018. He pointed out that "the branches and sites of the company continued to receive US wheat and imported Uruguayan rice from the port of Umm Qasr for the ration card, where the gray horse began receipt of 115 tons of Uruguayan rice and 42 tons of American wheat, where preliminary tests were carried out by the testers of the laboratory unit, As well as the receipt and discharge of Australian wheat and Vietnamese rice and the branch of Kirkuk received rice Uruguay and the processing of agents of the province in addition to the processing of mills with wheat mix to produce flour within the ration. link

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