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  1. DinarThug

    Ministry of Finance Cancels Currency Service Section

    That’s Why We Call U Chuckles ! Chuck For Short ... What’s Up-Chuck ?
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    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Laid Back Om sai Ram Or At Least A Blue Hammock To Be Sippin’ Blue Hawaiian Mai Tai’s Like Our ‘Slightly’ Drowsy Hero - Hammock Boy !
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    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    An Iraqi Completely Plowed On Jack Daniels While Attempting To ‘Float’ At The Current Worthless Rate ... Next Question ...
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    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    OK Botz - Knock That Ship Off ...
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    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Juvenile Delinquent Dinar At The Current Prepubescently Worthless Rate !
  6. DinarThug

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    And Don’t Try Folding It In Half - Bruce And Luigi Want The Full Monty !
  7. DinarThug

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    It Looks Like Iraq Is Finally Getting Their Ship Together ! LINK Iraqi shipping gets a certificate of compliance and international conformity 23rd June, 2018 The Ministry of Transport announced on Saturday, June 23, 2018, that the General Company for Maritime Transport has obtained the certificate of compliance and conformity of the Doc of the French Classification Authority . The ministry said in a statement that "the certificate was granted after the company applied all the international maritime conditions and standards required by the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) and the French Classification Authority, which is the second largest rating agency in the world . " Minister of Transport Kazem Fanjan explained that "the vessels of maritime transport have been able to obtain an important international certificate in the field of safe management " ISM , adding that the vessels of the General Company for Maritime Transport will continue to sail in all the seas and oceans of the world under the international certificate for five years to come "He said In turn, the Director-General of Maritime Transport Abdul-Karim Jabri, said that "the French classification agency sent international maritime inspection teams for months to know the possibility of working Iraqi naval crews in vessels and therefore the company was able to obtain this international license to work in all seas and oceans in the world . "
  8. And So Where Is President Davis On This ? Probably Still Passed Out Under His Bar Stool From Last Nite ... Is Canada a safe haven for corrupt Iranian officials and their money? June 14 2018 02:04 PM Sheryl Saperia & Saeed Ghasseminejad The Trudeau government has been under heavy fire lately for its continued pursuit of re-establishing diplomatic ties with Iran, but a shift may be underway. On Monday, several members of the Liberal caucus were strongly supportive of a Conservative motion that calls for, among other things, an immediate cessation of any negotiations to restore diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic and a prompt designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a listed terrorist entity under the Criminal Code. They called on their colleagues to vote in favour of this motion. The vote takes place Tuesday afternoon. Liberal support for this motion would be a welcome and commendable change in policy. The Iranian regime has not ceased its terrorist sponsorship, human rights abuses and incitement to hatred, and does not deserve to be rewarded with a normalized relationship with Canada. A less examined angle of the Iran file was highlighted recently as the House of Commons Finance Committee undertook a review of Canada’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation. The term “snow washing” came up during these committee hearings, which refers to the process of laundering money and making suspect transactions appear legitimate by leveraging Canada’s international credibility and sound economy. Bring your dirty money to Canada, the idea goes, and it will become white as snow. Witnesses were called to present their viewpoints, including one of the authors of this article. Many agreed that the opacity of corporate registration in Canada is a significant inducement to snow washing. As explained by attorney Mora Johnson, “Anyone can start a company in Canada. It costs about $200 and the owner of the company can remain completely anonymous.” There is no requirement to register the true beneficial owners of a private company registered in this country. Consequently, money laundering, tax evasion, and the stashing of proceeds of crime can easily occur. When a shell company with unknown owners buys expensive real estate in Vancouver or Toronto, many questions arise. “Is it a wealthy person who earned that money? Or is it the Hells Angels?” Johnson asked. “An Iranian or North Korean under UN sanctions? We have no idea.” Shahin Mirkhan, appearing before the committee, went so far to say: “I’m sure you will direct FINTRAC [the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada] to check out the Iranian government officials who have dual citizenship in Canada. They are achieving money laundering to Canada from Dubai, Europe, and everywhere else.” In Iran, it is no secret that Canada is viewed as a premiere destination for illicit wealth and its owners. One need look no further than the former CEO of Bank Melli, the largest state-owned bank in Iran, who fled to Canada after the judiciary sought to arrest him for his role in embezzling billions of dollars. This bank had been sanctioned at one time by the U.S. Treasury for providing financial services to Tehran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs. It additionally provided services to Iran’s IRGC-Quds Force, a listed terrorist entity in Canada. Iranian press has also reported that an unnamed employee at Tehran’s oil ministry stole tens of millions of dollars over a decade, and fled to Canada right after an arrest warrant was issued for him. He was reportedly a Canadian permanent resident. Guidy Mamann, a well-known Canadian immigration lawyer, tells us that Iranian regime officials are likely coming to Canada through the Quebec investor stream or through the refugee system. For the latter, it would be relatively easy, Mamann suggests, for an Iranian official to claim that he fell out of favour with the government or the religious police, and to get landing under Canada’s refugee protection laws. The official could also lie by withholding the information that he is a government official. The next step is the application for permanent residency (PR) status. The PR application for refugees does not tend to inquire deeply about money and assets, and even if questions are asked, Canadian officials may not check to ensure truthfulness. The refugee brings with him his money – until then perhaps sitting in a Swiss account. Under Quebec’s investor stream, high net worth foreigners can apply for permanent residency in exchange for making a $1.2 million investment in Quebec. While other provinces have investor-style classes too, Quebec reportedly has the fewest safeguards. It is also fairly easy to come to Canada as a student. One applies online and provides the required biometric information. Proof of funds must be shown, but there are no questions about whether that money was illicitly obtained. Upon graduating, the foreign student can apply for a three-year work permit. Mamann notes that such a person is virtually guaranteed to receive landing after obtaining one year of work experience and barring a medical or criminal problem. With permanent residency, the individual can also become the recipient of his/her parents’ funds of unknown provenance. The Canadian immigration and financial supervisory systems should create a database to ensure that corrupt officials, politically connected businessmen, and human rights violators from systemically corrupt foreign states, such as Iran, are not able to use Canada as a money-laundering base and safe haven. Notably, this will also be helpful for identifying those individuals who ought to be subject to Magnitsky sanctions in Canada. Surely, preventing such criminals from exploiting our system is a goal we can all agree on. Liberal support for today’s motion could signal an important step in this direction. This article was originally published by Toronto Sun. Sheryl Saperia is Director of Policy for Canada at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, where Saeed Ghasseminejad is an Iran Research Fellow. link
  9. DinarThug

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    LINK International Islamic Bank 23rd June, 2018 And our card became in Iraqi dinars Our offers died resist Get A Master Card Card worth 10000 JD Iraqi And live the experience of modernity in electronic payment.. New Mastercard card submitted by Islamic International Bank And the currency of Iraqi dinar We are going to take the road and nwfrlk time One of the most important card advantages The Official discharge rate is approved in case of purchase without the card currency. - the drainage commission between currencies is reduced. The Card Works with the protection system on purchase from the internet (3 D secure). - Free Refill. - free monthly detection. - free text messages when making a financial movement and contain the remaining balance in the card. - free text messages when the card is refill and activated. You can get it now by visiting a branch of the Islamic International Bank Or visit one of our agents deployed in all governorates of Iraq. Customer Service 6070.
  10. DinarThug

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    LINK Oil expert: Iraq is one of the main beneficiaries of OPEC's decision 23rd June, 2018 Oil expert Hamza al-Jawahri revealed on Saturday the details of the agreement that was signed on Friday between the oil exporting countries within OPEC, indicating that Iraq is one of the main beneficiaries of the decision of the Organization. "The oil exporting countries within OPEC and Russia have entered into a conditional agreement to increase oil production, including the pledge of all countries not to compensate any share in the event of a decrease in oil supply by some of the OPEC exporting countries," Jawahri said in a statement. He added that "the agreement provides for compensating the market need of one million barrels can not be increased and in the event of a decline in the share of any country as expected with Iran in the event of the imposition of the embargo can not be any other dodgy to override it, the actual increase will not exceed 600 thousand barrels." "The price of oil rose to about 75 dollars and will reach the beginning of next month to about $ 80 that the increase will not affect the global production a lot, especially the oil reserves in the United States," adding that "Iraq is one of the beneficiaries of the decision, which will increase its oil exports About 100 thousand barrels, as well as benefit from the increase in prices that will raise the financial resource." ####################### LINK Experts: OPEC agreement will revive the Iraqi economy 23rd June, 2018 Oil expert Hamza al -Jawahri predicted on Saturday that the world oil price exceeded 80 dollars after the recent oil agreement among OPEC members, which will revive the Iraqi economy. "The price of oil will rise to about $ 80 per barrel after the agreement among OPEC members on the increase of oil production conditional that the increase will not affect the global production a lot, especially the oil reserves in the United States," Jawahri said in an interview with the Journal News. He added that "the agreement provides for the compensation of the market need million barrels can not be increased, and if the share of any country as expected with Iran in the event of the imposition of the embargo can not be exceeded by other countries, the actual increase will not exceed 600 thousand barrels." He added that "talk about the loss of Iraq as a result of increased OPEC production is not true that Iraq is one of the beneficiaries of the high prices that will lead to the revival of the local economy and reduce the fiscal deficit in the budget.
  11. 6-23-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling People are always asking, “Is this going to be a slow float or is it going to be fast?” I think there is going to be a hard revaluation and it goes up from there. But what if there is a small float in-between? It doesn’t mean anything. They are going to have to add a real value to their currency. Otherwise they are not going to be able to financially make it. They can maintain, but their country is going to come apart… I think it’s coming down the road fast…
  12. DinarThug

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Although, After Nearly A Decade - I’d Probably Settle For A Few S&H Green Stamps Or Perhaps A Half A Bag Of Cheetos ...
  13. DinarThug

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Chuck - This Just Makes U Sound So Cheap ! Please Don’t Tell Us That Ur Turning Into One Of Those Desperate Little Dinar Tramp’s Like Luigi ...
  14. DinarThug

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    LINK A roadmap to drive the Iraqi economy forward 22nd June, 2018 Resounding Victory At the height of its reach, Daesh occupied almost 40% of Iraq’s territory. A tragedy for the communities they enslaved and also for Iraq’s economy: the area occupied produced 80 thousand barrels of crude oil in 2014. The December 2017 liberation of Iraq was therefore a significant release for both people and economy. Iraq’s economy has proved extraordinarily resilient. It has weathered serious crises, and still suffers from real structural issues within the production and financial sectors, the result of a myriad causes including the lack of strategic economic policymaking and national resources drained by military operations. Despite the heavy burden of military liberation, the Government of Iraq remains committed to resurrecting the economy, and quickly: overcoming challenges such as the cost of basic services and civil servant salaries. To get back on track it must deal with the gap in investments which must be financed through internal or external sources, all while developing a competitive and attractive investment environment. A Revitalized Vision In August 2015, Iraqi PM Dr. Haider Al Abadi proposed a series of reforms centered around government efficiency and anti-corruption. Alongside ongoing oil revenues, local economic reform measures that cut down on non-vital public expenditure and raise collection rates from sources such as customs, duties and other sources of public revenue, this pathway should have a substantial and measurable impact on the fiscal budget and domestic resources available. The Government of Iraq also implemented a number of reforms aimed at increasing Iraq’s competitiveness on the investments and ease-of-doing-business index, through removing barriers and cutting down on red tape facing local and international investors. These reforms now allow entrepreneurs and investors to start up their operations in a much shorter time while streamlining the government record-keeping and tax accounting. A New Dawn for Iraq Fiscal reform policy effect can be seen in several sectors, and an increased stream of non-oil revenues is now apparent. A total of 2,219 and 2323 new private sector companies were registered in 2016 and 2017 respectively; the Iraqi securities exchange also witnessed an increased trading volume that grew from ID 516 bn to ID 900 bn in the same period. The World Bank confirms that Iraq has been successful in implementing structural reforms in local regulation, helping to facilitate new businesses, supported by better access to credit and financing facilities. “The Government of Iraq has launched a fundamental economic reform agenda based on the framework of its 2014-2018 Government Programme which put institutional economic reform and private sector development at the forefront of its priorities,” said Saruj Kumar Jaha, Regional Director for the Middle East at the World Bank. The government has also strengthened the credit information infrastructure with the launch of a credit information bureau managed by the Iraqi Central Bank. As of January 2017, this includes five-year histories of 234,967 individual and 4,877 commercial loans. The government has also succeeded in enhancing the country’s investment ecosystem and positioning, ratifying the following economic and investment agreements: In 2015, Iraq joined The International Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States (the ICSID Convention), one of the key instruments of international law that protect and promote foreign investment. In 2017, Iraq ratified the United Nations Convention on Transparency in Treaty-based Investor-State Arbitration (the Mauritius Convention on Transparency). In 2018, Iraq ratified the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. A Bright and Productive Future Held in Kuwait, Iraq reconstruction conference which was on 12 -14 February 2018. To support to the country following Daesh’s territorial defeat in 2017. The conference, which took drew participants from 76 countries and regional and international organizations, 51 development funds and financial institutions, and 107 local, regional and international nongovernmental organizations, as well as 1,850 private sector representatives . Investment Opportunities Symposium was held in April 2018. The Symposium demonstrated huge local and international investment appetite throughout all of Iraq’s different provinces and promoted new economic models for Iraq such as Public-Private-Partnerships. PPPs should create excellent opportunities for the country, combining support from public authorities, businesses and civil society. Nine MoUs were successfully agreed, including: Central Markets Rehabilitation – Al Mustansiriyayah, Al Adl, Al Amal, Al Salihiyya, and Al Shaab. Total project cost: $250m, awarded to Daeco of the UK. Al Muftiyya Project in Basra – Residential, Commercial and Leisure Development. Total project cost $234m, awarded to Daeco of the UK. Soda Complex and Table Salt Production Plant in Al Muthanna. Total project cost: $80m, awarded to Al Ghaith of the UAE. 3 MoUs with Kuwaiti investment group Jawad Bukhamseen to develop hotels and commercial centers in Al Kadhimiyyah, Kerbalaa, and Samarraa. A 5-star hotel and commercial center in Baghdad. The Satellite E-Government Project. Development of the Baghdad Industrial City. Expansion and development of Al Andalus Specialist Hospital in Baghdad. Establishment of a branch of an international specialized university in Baghdad over 25,000 square meters, awarded to Al Hawadi Group of the UAE. These exciting new initaitives correspond to Iraq’s 5-year plan for 2018-2022. The five-year plan seeks to restructure the economy, putting good governance and multi sector reform at its heart, focussed on the recovery of provinces most affected by internal displacement and difficult security conditions. The development of Iraq’s investment environment will also enable the development of various sectors and create more than two million new jobs and more integration with regional economies and the global community, paving the way to a bright future.

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