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  1. I'm just wondering what yous think the long term outlook is for bitcoin after it has plunged below $9000 and seems to keep dropping?
  2. Rumor

    Okay Luigi😩
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 15 March 2017

    Thanks Adam. We continue to wait. I'm glad I have plenty of patience because in this investment you definitely need it.
  4. Guru Claims It Is Done.

    It sure will
  5. Iraq: Calls to raise the value of the Dinar

    This sounds very promising but knowing it is Iraq makes a person know not to get too excited😊 Hopefully they will start doing what they are talking about
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 1 Feb 2017

    Thanks Adam!!! And the wait continues😬 but hopefully not much longer
  7. Something Really BIG Is About To Happen.

    Thanks for bursting my bubble
  8. New BD Version .. Enhance Cash To Our System !

    I surely hope Adam gives his opinion on this interesting yet confusing article
  9. Frank - Condition RED !

    Well that was very confusing
  10. Oh boy this Intel has me so excited Or maybe I'm excited that it's Friday. I think that is probably what it is
  11. Historic 1st time ever... all 7 sources in agreement.

    I didn't even know Terry K could count to 7. I guess I hope he is right but I should know better than that
  12. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Gurus!

    Well there my bubble just popped!
  13. Kaperoni: They Plan To Raise The Value - We Know They Are !

    They will raise the value "Soon" Anyway that's what we keep hearing.
  14. Just curious. How do you know this? Or is this just a guess. I can wait

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