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  1. Thanks Adam. We continue to wait. I'm glad I have plenty of patience because in this investment you definitely need it.
  2. It sure will
  3. This sounds very promising but knowing it is Iraq makes a person know not to get too excited😊 Hopefully they will start doing what they are talking about
  4. Thanks Adam!!! And the wait continues😬 but hopefully not much longer
  5. Thanks for bursting my bubble
  6. I surely hope Adam gives his opinion on this interesting yet confusing article
  7. Well that was very confusing
  8. Oh boy this Intel has me so excited Or maybe I'm excited that it's Friday. I think that is probably what it is
  9. I didn't even know Terry K could count to 7. I guess I hope he is right but I should know better than that
  10. Well there my bubble just popped!
  11. They will raise the value "Soon" Anyway that's what we keep hearing.
  12. Just curious. How do you know this? Or is this just a guess. I can wait
  13. Thanks for the post. I believe you posted in the wrong forum.
  14. Anything is possible. It never hurts to hope.