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  1. Perspective2011

    Adam Montana mid-Ramadan (29 June 2016)

    We can afford increased gas prices when oil reaches $80, as long as we can cash our dinar in!
  2. There was a fire back in 2008 on the 6th floor that destroyed documents. Guess there was a needed purge, again.
  3. This has nothing to do with Putin or loving Russia... lol It's public knowledge that Obama tried to hide from the public. After bouts of court orders, their vacation expenses exceed $70 million back in 2013. Who knows what it's up to by now. http://www.judicialwatch.org/obamas-vacations/ http://www.investors.com/politics/andrew-malcolm/obama-vacation-expenses-already-exceed-70-million-dollars/
  4. I don't think intelligence has much to do with it, I think he is arrogant and that much of a narcissist to think he is entitled to whatever he wants no matter the cost.
  5. What a greasy dirt bag for doing it in the first place.
  6. Maybe Maliki and his family own all of the dinar shops that were shut down recently and pump dinar under the names of oakie, terryk, etc...
  7. What a nice brew pot of corrupt people that will sadly end up with nukes from the idiotic deal made with them. I hope it gets appealed, how can they be trusted with nukes...
  8. Thanks for sharing this, been keeping up with it. Lot's of shady deaths over the last month...
  9. Perspective2011

    The latest on THE STERLING RAID

    They were the ones that hired "TerryK" form the GET team as a pumper? No sympathy for any of them. So many people are blinded by the "returns" that they lose whatever common sense they have left, if any, and spend their families money on it. Some get it, some don't, there is no excuse to exploit those that do not.
  10. That's two "accidents" over the past year. One with ISIS and now one with Daash... I would ask what kind of moron was in charge but I don't think anyone could be this stupid(well, actually I don't doubt the power of stupidity but hopefully not in this case!).
  11. Those who need to money most will spin their wheels as if this is their savior. While it has potential, you can't put life or creativty on hold hoping that it "may" happen. I will say this... I have never stopped trying to reach a goal and I am closer now to something that could end up earning me more than what dinar could. Had I waited and hoped, I would be no further along reaching my goals then I was the day I got in. Put it aside, enjoy life and never give up!
  12. Let's hope this is their final meeting to agree to pass the HCL!
  13. That same question could be asked about anyone, cop/non-cop. Sometimes the most upright perons in a community can end up being a serial killer. We never truly know who someone is no matter how much we have seen from them.

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