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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    Awesome!! So look forward to Wednesday's!!! Thanks Adam!
  2. I spoke to my family in Florida today, Tallahassee, Northern Florida, she said that even if they needed to get our, there is soooo ok much traffic from South Florida that if needed, they wouldn't even be able to get out! It looks now that it may miss them...praying! WH Thinking of everyone!!! Love and prayers. WH
  3. Keeping our DV families in the line of Irma in my thoughts and prayers!! WH
  4. CBI News 09/06/2017

    I always enjoy your posts LB...straight and to the point!
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 6 September 2017

    Great waking up to an awesome post! Thank you Adam. Blessings to you for being so selfless by donating to those in need! Welcome new, and very wise VIP members! WH
  6. Prayers Out to Hurricane Harvey Survivors

    I can't imagine going through anything even remotely near what these folks are going through! Of course I will keep all of the volunteers in my prayers as well. Please do your best to wear protective gear as you help. Those waters, homes, etc. Have lots of potentially dangerous stuff growing in them. Thank you for helping. BLESSINGS! WH.
  7. Let's talk about Harvey...

    Absolutely, Adam has made it available a few times, as I recall to utilize DV to help others! That's the kind of folks I want to be around! There are really so many awesome folks on this site! WH
  8. Let's talk about Harvey...

    That awesome! Chuckle accomplished! Thanks for the post. WH
  9. DV Family Prayer Warriors

    In Honor of our National Day of Prayer: God. Our Heavenly Father, Our Shield and Buckler, We thank You for Your continued blessing and protection of all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. May their need be met today. Thank You for continuing rescue efforts. We claim that the flood waters continue to receded. Protect all from disease. Provide them with a safe, dry place to reside. Give them food, water and medical attention needed. Bless all the physical, monetary and time donations to assist out fellow Americans. Thank you for reconnecting families with each other as well as their beloved pets. Provide all pets with a safe and clean shelter as well as food and water. Thank Ypu for the reconstruction efforts. Bless all the planning and preparation. We lift everyone aspect of this tragedy to You. Comfort the broken hearted. Dry their tears. May they find peace in the midst of this. In Christ's Name. AMEN.
  10. Prayers Out to Hurricane Harvey Survivors

    In Light of President Trump designating tomorrow as a National Prayer Day, I plan to post a prayer tomorrow morning in observation of this. WH
  11. Prayers Out to Hurricane Harvey Survivors

    Divemaster, I am truly humbled by your post. I can't imagine going through what you and your family had previously. Somehow you made it ! Thank God for that. I honestly wish I could go down to the affected areas and help. I know that help will be needed for many years to come. I pray that at a later date I will be able to do do. What I was able to do was to support someone on a neighborhood app called Nextdoor. I don't even know her but her friend posted that her family is from Corpus Christi as well as other cities affected. She actually headed down there today. Our neighborhood collected 450 pounds of items for her to take. Can you believe the Airlines they flew, Frontier. would not even give them a break on the cost to ship the 450 pounds of donated items. I know that is a relatively small amount considering the devastation, but none the less the items were given from the heart. We, as a neighborhood community, are going to talk about perhaps "sponsoring " families going forward because as I mentioned before, and you know well, the need will continue very long after the waters recede and the news stops reporting. I will continue to do what I am able. I believe prayer is very impacting. That much I am able to do frequently. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm so sorry that you experienced that. WH
  12. DV Family Prayer Warriors

    Amen Easterlily!! Believing..prayers going up!
  13. Then push the darn button "SOON"!
  14. DV Family Prayer Warriors

    Thursday Prayer, Dear God , we thank You today for your love for us, your grace and your mercy. Thank you for continuing to help,rescue, provide for the people's of Texas and Louisiana. Thank you to those that are part of the continuing rescue efforts. Provide all with shelter, food, medical care and whatever else is needed. Thank you that those that trust in You be comforted knowing that You make crooked places straight, You turn lemons into lemonade. Bless our country Father, continue to work in our leadership to make decisions for the good of its people. As believers, we know a continual spiritual battle ensues daily and that we only know in part ...we trust You to fight our battles for us as we do our best according to our understanding May we be beacons of light for You, glorify You today. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  15. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Thanks much, always great to hear from you Adam!

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