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  1. CBI News 11/02/2017

    Onward and upward !!!
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Many thanks as always Mr. MONTANA. For anyone considering taking the leap and joining VIP, please, for your own blessing and benefit try to find a way. Nowhere on earth. IMO, and I trust many will agree, would we be able to be part of such comprehensive packages that cover every potential aspect of our soon to be realized investment blessing. Take a minute to explore what has been put together here for YOU. I have purchased everything made available here on DV. I was a bit nervous at first, not monetarily because everything is extremely reasonably priced ..but rather when I read details of the packages I literally couldn't believe that they were (are) available to me...this is sitting at " The big table" , with the grown ups!! A once in a lifetime choice. Take deep consideration .... I am very humbled and thankful for everything that has been made available!!
  3. Ditto what they said Yota!!! You tireless efforts are much appreciated!!
  4. If I wasn't already invested .... Oh what a world! This makes me so sad for the innocent children.... filthy, filthy evil thinking people. Anyone tak8ng part in this should be shot and hung by their b***s for all to see!! WH
  5. You'll look awesome holding an umbrella drink Snow!!
  6. Anyone know of a cruise line that allows dogs, I couldn't leave my 2 babies for 6 months!!? Well, maybe I can..! Enjoy the day DV...
  7. Iraq is now an Iranian colony

    Maybe a Middle East " Fox News", lol!
  8. Ain't that the truth!!
  9. Hello All...

    Also a consideration, I believe Mr. MONTANA is offering a VIP discount thru Sunday evening, I believe that is correct..if I am not right, someone please correct me. Ditto to all of the above comments. This site is amazing! The people are amazing! We are like a fellowship of like minded beach and umbrella drink lovers! The opportunity to become informed on this site is vast, and I'm not only speaking about the Dinar! It seems like most everything is discussed here. Have fun finding what interests you and welcome to DV!
  10. I trust we can all agree that SOMETHING is very necessary to protect our security...
  11. Amen to that!!! The lies the stealing and injustice will be exposed...and prosecuted!
  12. The Hammer and Chisel

    Thanks Synopsis! It's amazing as well that as our walk with Our Father grows, we learn of new gifts that we have. They have been within us but just not sprouted up yet! I am experiencing this right now! Have a BLESSED day! WH
  13. The Hammer and Chisel

    I'm so thankful , this is an amazing teaching! It's so important to understand what we have been freely given. We have been entrusted with so much! In my world, we joke around that if we don't have trials and tribulation then we aren't necessarily " hitting the mark".!! Thanks Synopsis!

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