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  1. Thank you! Please take care of yourself!
  2. Amen and Amen Easter Lilly! WH
  3. Good Day, Father, Our Strength and Redeemer, our Father of Bountiful Blessings, we thank you for choosing us before the foundations of the world. We are humbled by Your grace, mercy and loving kindness. Thank you for entrusting us with abundance greater than we can imagine. Thank you for trusting us with blessing others and thereby glorifying You. Thank You that You desire each of us to prosper in every category. Father, thank You for EVERY detail surrounding the Iraqi dinar. You have all the pieces in place , we thank you today that only You cause SUPERNATURAL things to happen, we have the title deed through Your Son. JESUS CHRIST.AMEN. WH.
  4. Amen to the above!
  5. Fancy, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have a beautiful day! WH
  6. For anyone that enjoys inspiration, I had an amazing day yesterday, so many small amazing evidences of God's goodness, mercy and love. It started off with a phone call with a gal that a friend of mine I trounced me to, a spiritual healer. Her name is Debra. You see, for years I have lived with pain. I know and believe that God's desire is to heal and I've been on a quest...I had much hesitancy about a " spiritual healer", not that I don't believe it's available but I was cautious, spiritually, I wouldn't allow just anyone to work with me in that fashion. Well, Debra and I had a wonderful conversation, it began with her sharing how she came to choose pursuing energy work. I asked her what her beliefs were, needing to be sure that it was aligned with my beliefs. Her story was amazing! After a lot of conversation, she simply prayed for me. She thanked God for every cell in my body to come alive and function as He created each cell to be. She even prayed similarly to me, she thanked God and claimed healing. Many Christians beg, plead, and say something like, if it's you will. X,y,z God. Well, I've been taught that we come boldly before the throne of grace and as believers, we have every right to claim His promises...no mamby, Pamby stuff... If it's in His Word, then it's His will... Anyway, as she prayed, tears flowed down my face, I had " God bumps" ( her term for goose bumps, I'd never heard it phrased like that) and she said that's your spirit rising up. . Every cell in my body was energized, I did whatever I needed to do yesterday and as I did, beautiful little things happened, amazing.... So, my prayer for today is. Gracious deliverer, redeemer, our shield and buckler, thank you for your love, your undefined Devine favor over our lives today. May everyone that reads this feel your presence in their life today, walk and talk with us. May we find time to be quiet and hear your still, small voice. We are firm and steadfast in our believing . We will not be shaken. We know You desire that we prosper and be in health. Thank You that your have brought us together, we here have a common interest. We thank You for entrusting us with furthering Your Kingdom. We claim that You, Almighty God grant us blessings, exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or think. In the Blessed Name of Christ Jesus, Your Son, a man that walked the earth over 2000 years ago, a physical witness of Your abiding truth. Amen.
  7. Welcome Patrick gold, I'm glad you found it! Visit often! Initially I said I was going to post a weekly prayer, I think I will post one every weekday. I will be back later to do so, still waking up, having morning java!
  8. Thanks for the input! Truth is truth! I've been around DV for 6 years now and usually browse, occasionally post as well as enjoy the brilliant folks here. Recently though my spirit got upset with the negativity. I understand everyone is entitled to there thoughts but I have a real sense of urgency and words have power so I thought why not hit the negs with the Word I love so much. . PS...maybe you negative people should stop and consider what you are putting out there because it will come back to ya! Thanks for the support! WH
  9. I hear all the frustration with the "news" causing up and down emotions... Believing is the title deed, it doesn't matter what the news or for that matter, anyone says. All believing (positively or negatively) equals receiving..don't let any circumstances rock your believing. Especially, I have personally experienced, when things seem dark and negative, when we pick our heads and hearts up and push our minds to the positive, that's when we are on the precipice of great things. Hang tough peeps. ..we already have this. . WH
  10. Obviously Adam has been extremely busy, you haven't missed amything...I'm sure he will post when he is able!
  11. Hey Patty, long long time!! How are you!? It's great to see you here...thanks for the kind words!! Blessings to you!
  12. Almighty God We thank you for this beautiful day before us. Thank you for the power of believing together. Thank you that all the promises in Your Word are available for us to claim today. We lift our country to you. Protect our freedom and liberty , cause our nation to shine as a light to other nations. Thank you for paralyzing efforts to destroy our freedoms. Thanks for working in the hearts of those that govern to make the best decisions for our people. We lift the Iraqi people and their families to you. Cause then to be delivered from the hands of chaos, destruction and evil. Thank you for their leaders making decisions on their behalf , bind the evil doers that their efforts will NOT come to fruition today. Father, keep our service people, contractors, etc. That serve in Iraq safe. Bless their children and families. Give them wisdom today. We lift everyone here on DV, Your children, like minded in our love for you. Bless and protect our pending abundant blessings. That we will steward it and use it to glorify you. That we will shine as beacons of your love. That we are am example of your abundance. Thank you for entrusting us with this blessing. Thank you for Adam Montana and how you worked within him to provide us with an amazing community. Bless the efforts and decisions that he makes today on our behalf. Guide him with wisdom. Give him strength today. Thank you that we are steadfast, we do not waver, we understand that all believing equals receiving. We look not to circumstances or situations. We know we are each here for a reason, we have been led here by you, we do not waiver. In the Name of our Lord and Risen Saviour. JESUS CHRIST.AMEN.
  13. Mr. Unlikely , I beg your pardon but the Bible ( God) it is a capital G by the way. Biblically a small g refers to the devil, the god of this world. 3 John2 ( my favorite verse) reads: "Above all, I wish that though mayest prosper, and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth". If anyone is to prosper. God's children deserve to do so..why? because they are the ones that will bless others with it. In the old testament there are many accounts of God's people having wealth..Job for one..lost everything then got it multiplied back many times. Perhaps you are referring to the LOVE of money...that's not Godly, it has to do with one's motive around the wealth. As God's people prosper they are a great witness of prosperity and abundance. WH