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  1. Why is Malikitalkong to anyone of importance? He has proven to not have the country in his best interest. Come on guys get with it!!
  2. I hear ya Awake! I didn't get 1 Greeny or a Thanks when I told everyone that Okie is the real deal!!! And his plane DID land!!! Not one person said Good job! Not one Thanks!! Redunkulous!!! Could a Mod blast this axe murderer for me please???? Bye bye newbie!! πŸ‘‹
  3. Wow! Baby need a bottle?????
  4. 26 posts... I bet we won't see a response from you. πŸ‘‹ Bye Bye!!
  5. I want Bump it, but I can't.. I JUST CAN'T!!! 😩😭🀐
  6. Yep mine also.
  7. Me likey!