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  1. I hope no one gives them money. At that point their only option is to RV their currency. The more many they get from others the more comfortable they get and they can just sit. Make them make a move. “We hold a ton of your currency. You RV and help us out and then we will help you out. Sign here. Press hard. Three copies!!” next
  2. He doesn’t make the decision to push the button. You know that right??
  3. CBI News 01/31/2018

  4. CBI News 01/31/2018

    FDIC for Iraq??
  5. I hope nobody gives them any money. This will force them to raise the value of their currency in return giving other countries reason to invest.
  6. Got nothing to do with Lib feathers. It’s all about showing respect to everyone. That’s what we do here on DV.
  7. Cant get $1 notes or we all would have them and so would the people in Iraq.
  8. As long as countries are giving Iraq money they have no need to RV. Wait for countries to stop giving them money and you might see some action because they will have no choice.

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