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  1. "Near", "Soon", "On our way", "Blah", "Blah", "Blah", "Blah!" Just forget it! If anyone wants to buy my Dinar from me I will let it go now for $1.05 per Dinar! Was going to hold out for the $3.47, but I just want out of the mess I put myself in! Message me and we can meet in Reno and do the exchange!
  2. I know.. I know.. been here to long to get excited.
  3. Ease up folks.. just because Mosul is free doesn't mean we are free yet.
  4. I owned a bar 15+ years ago. When opening it I need about $35000 to open the doors. Did I have $35000? At the time yes. Did I want to spend it? NO! I brought on 2 investors that put up the the money. Gave them a % of PROFITS for a Certain amount of time until they were paid off with a little interest I was comfortable with. Because of the location and the the bar layout they both knew their money was safe. Opened the bar, sold the bar less than a year later for a nice profit. Paid investors back everyone was happy. Not one cent I put in myself. Iraq in the same situation. Everyone knows their money is safe there. AND THEY ALL HOLD A TON OF DINAR!!! 👍
  5. I hear BUT... once the HCL is passed and the Iraq people start getting their money, where do you think they are going to spend all that money?? IN IRAQ! The government will get that money back ten fold on revenue, taxes on goods, etc... They will come out ahead in the end especially once they stabilize their currency.
  6. I think the Russians go my mail. I only got one!
  7. This doesn't sound good for HCL at all!!
  8. I don't know who the hell "Aldenarabraghi" is and that "Matrouh" guy are nothing but trouble!!
  9. Seriously??? When the smart phone came out in the USA, how much money did the companies that make those phones gross? Just in the first 5 years Billions! Think if you owned stock in those companies before the smart phone came out. Now because of the big boom those stocks have doubled. Some tripled. You are going to wish you owned stock in some off these phone, internet and car manufacturers once these people have money to spend.