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  1. another view point - The Hidden Dangers of Bitcoin ?
  2. if your into crypto's start from the beginning, if your into Silver start at the 30 minute mark, after that things way out there?
  3. Some interesting stuff going on with cryto's lately since china got devalued last week? I have not gotten any, and do not intend to, I do not trust them? The ones that are in it , I wish them the best and hope they buy as much silver and gold as they can with the cryto's.
  4. Congrats on the Anniversary wish you and the wife the best enjoy yourself, it looks like fun!
  5. very good video in my opinion before everyone jumps on me about the Dinar is different - its always been you can buy it here , but you will only get full value if it re-values you will have to be in another country to cash out? IMO Thats why we have the VIP here IMO enjoy the video it has a lot of good points
  6. Catherine Austin Fitts is one smart lady enjoy
  7. very informative - interesting viewpoint
  8. it always amazes me that people only recommend 10% Gold and silver? the reason is if you lost everything else money wise, and gold and silver go where they say it will go - you should have the same amount of value for your retirement. That why i am going in at least 90% - This is going to be a Once in a lifetime opportunity. Have a Great Weekend bob
  9. if anyone is on the fence with bitcoin? this is a very compelling video based to push bitcoin i have not jumped into bitcoin yet. i don't buy the gold scare that is on this video, just saying, this video is well done. ENJOY like anything you have to make up your own mind!
  10. Gladiacoin - The Bank Buster! This is one i have not heard of, has anyone else?
  11. the more info we have the more likely we will stay on this life-style change I have never felt as good as being on this type of eating Hope everyone is having a great weekend. bob