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  1. Hmm... meeting took place in Washington 63 days after Trump took office. I'm sure it's just a coincidence...
  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful 1500 HORSEPOWER!!
  3. It's one thing to not be a 'lap dog' but he is a far cry from being a balanced journalist. Fox built the News Deck for his delivery style only to watch him become an entertaining news commentator. Since Trump's election Smith has barely hidden his disgust for Trump and his cabinet and openly trolls for unflattering comments from his guest 'experts'. He really needs to follow Alan Combs example and leave Fox and find a venue where he can bloviate at will. After all, Rush needs a counter balance and in Smith's mind he is more than capable of such jousting.
  4. Good story on the fairness of Castro's Justice...
  5. I'm in it till the cows come home and I backed my play with Mongolian Tugriks. Don't laugh... it's like betting win, place and show.
  6. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead Iraq!
  7. That's just mean Shabs - pure meaness...
  8. Funny - looks like two old men arguing at the park.
  9. You know what they say about patterns and designs- they lead to a designer.
  10. I doubt it but I do believe he is inspired by prosperity which is more than a sentiment or propaganda tool; it's an obtainable reality based upon the foundation of virtue, hard work, mercy and service unto others. Oh quit making sense Theseus, everyone knows through the universal illustration of horticulture that one kernel of corn will only produce one corn stalk with only one ear of corn which only provides another single kernel of corn. Same goes for wheat and oranges and grapes and hmm... even coconuts. Go figure a perfect example of math staring us right in the face.
  11. I missed the part where the Brits acknowledge said apology. I also missed the part where Trump acknowledged he made such an accusation. What I didn't miss though, is the initial source is from Napolitano and the subsequent reports came from various news sources. I suspect Napolitano has once again suffered a serious case of 'overreach'. Spicer made it clear in the actual news footage:"All we're doing is literally reading off of other stations and what other people have reported and that casts concern that some of the activities that may have occurred during the 16 election. We're not casting judgement on that. I think the idea is to say is if these organisations and these individuals came to this conclusions, they merit looking into. The White House explained: "Mr Spicer and General McMaster both explained that he was simply pointing to public reports and not endorsing any specific story." Now, if an apology is forth coming, it should come Napolitano and his three 'intelligence agency sources"
  12. Rude obnoxious twit...
  13. So true - the highest they can count is .00086