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  1. Medical Marijuana

    When I first saw this vid I couldn't but help see Sarge's Gals scootn' in their yoot...
  2. Fake Feminists

    Nothing wrong with hating what is evil... Terrible isn't it that Islamic cultures do not consider rape a crime? At least Sweden is trying to document and categorize rapes and offenders. It is no easy task to be sure. Anyone who points any of this out will likely be labeled a “Nazi or a Hater*.” But recognizing this problem has nothing whatsoever to do with “blood and soil” nationalism—which, along with its totalitarian cousin, communism, is utterly despicable. The problem here is rooted in culture, not blood. * My interjection.
  3. Medical Marijuana

    Who wouda thot, this stuff really works...
  4. Russia / California Collusion

    Well, this certainly explains a lot... Fort Ross (Russian: Форт-Росс), originally Fortress Ross (Крѣпость Россъ, tr. Krepostʹ Ross), is a former Russian establishment on the west coast of North America in what is now Sonoma County, California, in the United States. It was the hub of the southernmost Russian settlements in North America from 1812 to 1842. It has been the subject of archaeological investigation and is a California Historical Landmark, a National Historic Landmark, and on the National Register of Historic Places. It is part of California's Fort Ross State Historic Park.
  5. Heaven's Gate?...

    Yep - always ended up with acid re-flux
  6. Heaven's Gate?...

    Ya, definitely old, ya, saw the same thing back in the sixties when taking a nap at Golden Gate Park SF
  7. Surrender or Die!

    Hit me up at
  8. Surrender or Die!

    Hit me up at
  9. The storm is here.

    Dive - hit me up at
  10. Surrender or Die!

    Ah, the sweet sound of a hammer ringing off the face of an anvil; pure poetry.

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