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  1. NO WONDER I FEEL DIZZY.....thought it was last night's wine! WHO was the a-hole yelling, with poopy in his mouth?....Hitler??
  2. Hillarious forced poor Bill to have (very extramarital) Whitehouse sex!!
  3. Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    YES!!! 5th/3rd Bank
  4. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    THE FLAT EARTH THEORISTS ARE, OF COURSE, room for facts, truth, and reality!
  5. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    Obviously, it will be covered by aluminum siding. As installed by an alien siding company!
  6. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    Might not the pilot see an ever-changing horizon?
  7. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    WHAT made the Earth flat....did the Big Bang Theory spew out a bunch of flaties???
  8. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    WHAT happens when climate change melts the alleged wall? Oceans will drain over....screws up my paddle boarding!!
  9. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    ....and that's why I said "climbing" with cleats, ice pick, ropes, etc.
  10. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    ALL that you have to do is keep walking (climbing/swimming) in a straight line. If you eventually fall off, that will then tell you something!
  11. Asking for DV Prayer Warriors again

    ....more prayers from here!
  12. ...Duct tape on the "bubble" $9300, going up again, perhaps!!!
  13. MAINLY, this inane, vapid bimbo-like elitist, sports a gross ugly (like she is) wig!!
  14. Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    AND, a horse.....the bartender says to the horse: "so, why the long face?"

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