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  1. Looks like we might be going to Belize just in time for the summer. Thanks for the up date Yota691
  2. Ha Adam wanted to know if you have heard of any prospects in Cuba ? I have been seeing lot of activity and it seams like a good investment for building hotels and all new construction as well as updating telecommunication if things keep moving forward . I think it was in the 50 when it was hot and doing good not shore on that just reference the godfather movie. I think it will be just as good as Dominican in the next couple of years . I believe the Dominican is not depending on the US for gas now, when I was there they were planting a lot of sugarcane fields and I was told that soon the Dominican will no longer need to buy from the US. Both seem like grate places to get in on before were are pushed out by the big corporations . Thanks again for all you and the rest of the people here at DV do look forward to the upcoming RV.
  3. So this was just a exercise ? I am not military but bright red made it hard not to mis