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  1. Best wishes to all the DV family on the birthday of the USA. Teach the young children what it cost to have the freedoms they will enjoy during their life times.
  2. good to go
  3. Remember, teach the grand children that this happened. I have 4 grand children that were born AFTER 2001.
  4. 1.98/gal south of Denver, CO
  5. Up & running! Go RV, as the song says,"l need you now"
  6. TG, Did Adam have an update this week?
  7. Is the update Wed or Fri?
  8. How much is ISIS slowing down progress to an RV? Thanks Adam.
  9. Thanks to the my fellow vets for their service and answering the call to duty.
  10. Great Post!!! Congrats on the find.
  11. The USD is up against all major markets. Euro is the lowest vs the $ in 6 + years. (Fox News)
  12. Thug, a very happy birthday wish for you. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.
  13. Plus one for you Moose 57