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  1. I never win I just get the Cr@p
  2. They always say-- Third times a Charm
  3. And LOOK who's the leader of the thread!! You just keep coming back to gather with so called "stupid people" Kinda makes YOU ONE We New Englanders call that------ The Pot calling the Kettle black
  4. You know.....Its possible!!!! We have had a NON natural born citizen as POTUS before No blankets needed
  5. Sometimes its not about the big picture Little pictures can be funny too and life's too short to not see it
  6. Me 3
  7. Is this Redneckville somewhere USA???? I think I have been there looks familiar
  8. Is this Redneckville somewhere USA???? I think I have been there looks familiar
  9. Is this the Elusive Happy Dance????? I've never seen it And God I hope not I cant/wont do that!
  10. Abbadi and Trump Mohamed Haidar Abadi Prime mountain Monday, with President Donald Trump at the White House several files between the two most prominent political and security file.
  11. I knew there was a Mountain in there
  12. Is it A City Block to the Corner?? Are there 6 White Horses and a Mountain to the Corner?? or are we on A Camel with A Bananathat maybe has a Secret Jet Pak heading to the corner?? I wanna make New Plans Just lookin for a Timeline and each scenario has a Different one
  13. So did I Did a double take!! Seems my goals have turned into goats so its on my mind
  14. I feelin like a big grilled steak, baked tater n summer squash