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  1. Now I see it I feel old GO RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm an ARIES my B-DAY is in April -6--- What can you Detect for me??? :).......................................... Hopefully something good
  3. stangernan

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    Sure ain't SOON maybe it is to them
  4. Probably just agreed CAMEL BURGERS for everyone in the cafeteria
  5. stangernan

    A Great friend is selling his house..

    So glad he did this !!!!!!! That realtor was horrible!
  6. Might be a >>>>>>>>>>>>>> or a or a or a <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I bet it's the last one
  7. stangernan

    Prayers for Flash101

    Thank you star, prayers for flash and his family , wishing him a speedy recovery and hope to talk to him soon i know he will do it!
  8. stangernan

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    I gave him a Trophy for NOT "sticking IT"
  9. stangernan

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Let's goooo

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