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  1. From the Media Office of Abadi

    That's NO Surprise!!

    That is pretty much my day...everyday ty
  3. Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region and located in northern Iraq. Also known as Iraq's summer capital. Including the first campaign to volunteer in Iraq to liberate Jerusalem by the Islamic leader Saladin. It has a population of 1,896,000 and Sulaymaniyah province with its local capital Sulaymaniyah, is located in northern Iraq within the Kurdistan region. Also known as the "Sheikh", for its history, and as the capital of the doctrines of the Sufi method in the Islamic world. It has a population of 2 million and 212,000 today ...It seems they added them ...
  4. Heaven's Gate?...

    Wow looks awesome!! I guess we will find out soon enough.....
  5. They have on work file Baa Goatsain, A-Baaa Al Sheeper, KuBad Kitty, and Don't forget Joe Camel!!!
  6. How Ironic

    Goooooooooooooo PATS!! Any amount of points for The PATS ( )... that is more than the Eagles get!!
  7. The rest of the story...

  8. We Won.

    Uggg NOW I want Chinese take-out for Dinner

    Question is -WHATS- in the boxes!!
  10. fed res

    I'm pretty sure he can kiss those Goodbye There is no fed reserve to hold dinar!! That was PURE >>>>>>>>> I feel bad for your friend
  11. both single men and women uninterested in pursuing marriage could wear a ring on the little finger of their left hand.[ Maybe he is sending a secret message to his Camel Harem!!

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