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  1. It did not happen yet because someone is sleeping at the switch.
  2. Today is Friday. Nothing on the news worth talking about.
  3. I I wanted it before i did my taxes. But I think it will happen soon. The new moon is today it is a good time to RV/RI.
  4. I sure hope this is our month for all of us and the Dinar RV or RI. 2017 could be our good year .
  5. I admirer all of us waiting all these years helping out the iraq people by trading them dollars for here wothless money . They will revalue . Taking them longer them Japan and longer than Germany. after there big wars.
  6. Yes the last president big question was let us see your birth certificate ? That went no where. Tax return question will be similar in my opinion.
  7. Nice place. Reminds me of Canada and Alaska. Could be Minnesota.
  8. 1 to 1 sound good but low. Before the war it was over 3 dollars and now they have more gold and oil than when it was over 3 dollars. Just hope it is soon. Go RV or RI.
  9. I'm with you on that idea. Let the RV happen soon.
  10. Is there anyone on your side to fund this ?
  11. Yes I 'like that $1.50 but 3,56 would balance the USA budget. Bush said Iraq would pay us more than we want. I am still waiting 9 years now. It should be soon. .
  12. We all have been waiting to long. Not always patiently. Do it and go RV. Sill waiting.
  13. That fine song by the Michigan band the youppers. The 2nd week of deer camp is a classic. It may be on youtube. check it out. Deer meat tasted like chicken if you drink enough beer.
  14. Crying Wolf again.