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  1. balkanbob

    Randy Koonce Update

    I can relate about waiting. I got my dinar a year before I retired. I have been retired for 10 years now. It is a process I have no control over that. I am just waiting like everyone else. I have a photo of all the things we want on a dream board. Have a plan and plan to act. Go RI/RV.
  2. balkanbob

    Guru Line of the Day

    I agree completely. Made my lift and checked it twice. I believe 2018 is our year.
  3. balkanbob

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    Here in south Texas the weather is warm. Lots of people from up north come here. When it gets to hot , a lot of people go north.
  4. That old country song. When my blue moon turns to gold again.
  5. Just got to wait. When the HCL happens. May have happened they just did not say yet ? The new year and the blue moon together are it. Just my option.
  6. If the issue about the Dinar is too much for you just sell it or give it away. Then you can focus on something else.
  7. balkanbob


    I found an island on Lake of the Woods . That place has a house and a guest house. Plus a boat house. Great place to stay all summer.
  8. I am waiting for the email from Adam. I like what you are saying. I want to here those word from the CBI.
  9. balkanbob

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    Best news I have seen this year. Go RV.
  10. It did not happen yet because someone is sleeping at the switch.
  11. balkanbob

    Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Today is Friday. Nothing on the news worth talking about.
  12. balkanbob

    POLL...When Do You Believe The RV Will Happen?

    I I wanted it before i did my taxes. But I think it will happen soon. The new moon is today it is a good time to RV/RI.
  13. balkanbob

    Why 2017

    I sure hope this is our month for all of us and the Dinar RV or RI. 2017 could be our good year .
  14. balkanbob

    Questions For Adam's Update 3-8-2017

    I admirer all of us waiting all these years helping out the iraq people by trading them dollars for here wothless money . They will revalue . Taking them longer them Japan and longer than Germany. after there big wars.

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