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  1. Just shows ya how completely confused that moron must be, everyone knows that the Nazis were socialists, born from the 2nd modern communist party established in 1892. Nazi's considered themselves socialists, and Nazism is only a slightly modified form of international socialism, one with a singular nation state as focus instead of the global kum-by-yah bs the masses are expected to swallow in order for their commoner born yet aristocrat ambitious leaders to live their deservedly exalted life at the expense of others. Unless, of course, you are talking about the national socialist party of America, thats a nazi one, the Nazis were The National German Workers Socialist Party, Nazis, or "nationals" for short. As for someone claiming to be "alt-right" Nazis, any nutjob can call themselves anything, I think they mostly call themselves Jesus, but that just the ones we lock up unfortunately. But for you to take one nutjob and declare they are what every single alt-right stands for, is even more dishonest than for me to remind you what Mussolini said when they kicked him out of the international socialist party, "You can't force me out of The Party.I am, and always will be, a socialist." Or did you forget both him and Hitler were members of that party, and it was the socialist party that they both grew to power. Most people forget, Mussolini's "Nazism" was nothing but pure worship of The State. He rejected Hitler's version, until Hitler invaded Italy that is. Until then Mussolini SAVED an estimated 700,000 Jews fleeing Germany, which then pissed of Hitler. I'm "Alt-Right" To me, that means non-Establishment, it means abolishing the 2nd constitution, burn the fiat "money", abolish lobbyists, reverse HR 1934 and reinstate common law, no more statutes, no more prosecutor immunity, teach personal responsibility in school, no more political indoctrination. Did you know, every single state is the same as a separate country, we were the original "UN", besides the UK.. and every states constitution gives credit to a "Creator" of life, usually called Providence, which is why man does not have the right to own man, only God has that right, and since we have free will given by God, we have no right to infringe upon it. If God says it's OK, who am to argue? Is only when you interfere with MY God given rights that theres a problem. But be careful, in Natural Law, the penalty for stealing anything, not just a horse, is death, the penalty for infringing upon another divinely created Human's rights is mostly death, which is why they created the statute, and a sanction as repayment, which is what inspired the House in 1933 to declare "All Laws are not Laws, they are Statutes" No kidden, look it up. As long as you don't mnd being called Hitler it's OK to label whateverthehell you want to, but I already know how you feel about that bastard. So now you know, and please understand, while you may hate Trump, which is your right, you are also enjoying the benefits of the work of the real Alt-right, which is where I believe Trump lives as well. Everytime you make a reference to a Nazi as alt-right you will be spreading a lie from now on. Everytime you pretend as though the alt right are haters, you are a hater of the truth, because we now know the real Nazis were socialists. The ball is in your court, if you continue to spread the lies and disinformation then do not be surprised when you are treated with the same lack of respect and disregard. Today was fun, but have to go, be back in a month or so.
  2. it's both hysterical, and sad, to watch all those ignorant sheep formerly known as liberals in their hypocritical and determined pirouette, echoing the divisive connotations of their tenfold disgraced mindless leaders such as Pelosi and Schumer, who blindly and forcefully assume their everything anti-Trump posture, clueless of the dismally pathetic spectacle the rest of the entire planet see's they have become. They have proven themselves to be not only willing but absurdly proud of their bigotry, and so steadfast in their prejudice that they tell lies and flip-flop on long held "personal convictions" in an instant, as long their NEW, (but they will not admit it), position is in direct opposition to any and every Trump administration position. How else can their opposition be explained? How is it they have spent the last sixty years fighting this cannabis prohibition, only to vehemently oppose it for the singular reason being Trump supports it? How many thousands of their incarcerated brethren do they now oppose by default? This is the hysterically funny part, however, that they cannot grasp the very poignant truth of the senseless and needless human suffering, the hundreds of thousands of negatively impacted children who will grow up without a parent, the mind numbing monetary loss of commerce, of which the greatest loss is indirectly, well into the trillions and beyond even into that unnamed or even counted realm of numerical values previously only visited by engineers in their complicated and hypothetical journey through the virtual cosmos to create a more perfect reality. In their blind opposition they are in fact supporting all those demon possessed and sure to rot in hell for eternity prosecutors and "judges" who have successfully bastardized the word "justice" to in reality mean "just us", those vile and soulless bastards who engage in daily corruption, collusion, and misdirection while incarcerating innocent humans for fun and profit, while at the same time condemning those very same individuals to a life of tyranny and oppression due to their new "second class citizen" status, yes, those very same liberals who have demonstrated they are in reality "libtards" because they can't remember what they stood for yesterday, and wont tell you what they will stand for tomorrow until Trump makes his position clear, so they can oppose it, they have been so focused on hating everyone and everything Trump have become so discombobulated when confronted with their hypocritical declarations they are unable to even recognize they have become the very definition of Modern Nazi, which is among the most reviled, disgusting, and pathetic of feckless dolts to wander amongst us and waste perfectly good air whilst sewing their ignorant division. It leave's one to ponder the obvious, we put down lame horses to end their sufferage in an act of love, shouldn't we also do the humane and brotherly same? I can't imangine the turmoil of the pergatory of their existance today, how can one become so confused they scream "hater", when they are the only ones to hate? How can one destroy other persons property while pointing at those very same humans who just suffered a loss and cry "thief"? If we are our brother's keeper as they so passionately declare, is it not our responsibility to offer a permanent relief from their oh so painful to witness distress? Our cost would be minimal, even so, I'd be happy to contribute, no, it would be sad to see them go, but the rest of the world would certainly go on much more cohesively without the discontent, destruction, and despair they sew, and that is what would make me happy. JMHO...DM
  3. awww, thought there would be something totally awesome, like piles of dead antifa, or pictures of brain splattered walls showing all that was left of liberals after they found out NOT ONE gun stood up and shot anybody, no kidden, they all just laid there and did nothing... hmmmm, for some strange reason that reminds me of the last time I took a flower power dem sweetheart out for drinks and dancing... weird.
  4. Have been living out of a suitcase the last few months. Decided to close down my company and took my first job as a project engineer. Great money, but this outfit should have hired someone months ago, saving them is going to be a challenge, and takes at least 12 hours a day. Which is why I haven't been on DV lately. The press has been consistent in their agenda to bury all news and events that don't support their socialist desires, so it's no wonder there's almost no mention of the bombshell announcement a couple days ago about Comey being investigated. In case anyone missed it, comey is being investigated for ethics violations, which he smugly admitted to on national TV. I will enjoy the day I watch a news reel of him doing the "perp" walk as he is turning himself into a prison to start his sentence. I'd probably bet he fights to the end, then does a seppuku, except he has already lost whatever honor he ever earned. Anyhow, the reason for the post is to let 'y'all know about a pink fax campaign underway to inspire our "protectors" in the "just-us" department to conduct a full investigation. Being as he is a stooge, and not one of the past power brokers, the bureaucrats might just actually do their freaking job, and stop peeing on themselves when investigating a corrupt cabinet official. Here's a link to the campaign below, by the way, two of our pink slip campaigns emptied the pink paper reserves in the US, and more had to be shipped in from Canada. Most of the politicians refuse to comment on them, they are scared shitless The People will one day remember exactly whom has the power to govern their own lives, and then there would be about 535 idiots, and another 15,000 lobbyists who would suddenly need to get a real job.. DM http://www.grassrootsaction.com/202017/offer.asp?petition=1&Ref_ID=42856&RID=50123332 'Ethical' James Comey is under investigation for unethical acts http://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/384257-ethical-james-comey-under-investigation-for-unethical-acts © Toya Jordan One day after the disclosure that the Justice Department inspector general has recommended criminal charges against former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, it has been confirmed that fired FBI director James Comey is under investigation by the same office for leaking information to the media. This disclosure followed the release of the Comey memos, which seriously undermined both Comey and his cadre of defenders. Four claims by Comey are now clearly refuted, and the memos reaffirm earlier allegations of serious misconduct. James Comey was a leaker For more than a year, various media experts have advanced dubious defenses for Comey, including the obvious problem that the man charged with investigating leaks became a leaker himself when as it suited him. Clearly, Comey removed the memos and did not allow for a predisclosure review of the material. Moreover, the memos were withheld by Comey’s surrogate, a Columbia University law professor, who reportedly read the information to the media. If taking and disclosing memos were perfectly proper, why the surrogate and subterfuge? More importantly, Comey did not disclose the memos to Congress or hold copies for investigators. If Comey was not a leaker, then any fired FBI agent could do the same with nonpublic investigatory material. If the inspector general agreed with that position, then federal laws governing FBI material would become entirely discretionary and meaningless. The memos were FBI material Various media experts and journalists also defended Comey by portraying the memos as essentially diary entries. When I argued that the memos clearly were FBI material subject to limits on removal and disclosure, the response was disbelief. Legal expert and former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa said that these constituted “personal recollections,” and CNN legal expert and Brookings Institution fellow Susan Hennessey wrote, “It’s hard to even understand the argument for how Jim Comey’s memory about his conversation with the president qualifies as a record, even if he jotted it down while in his office.” The plain fact, then and now, is that it’s hard to understand that it would be anything other than a record under federal rules. These were memos prepared on an FBI computer, in the course of an FBI investigation. All FBI agents sign a statement affirming that “all information acquired by me in connection with my official duties with the FBI and all official material to which I have access remain the property of the United States of America” and that an agent “will not reveal, by any means, any information or material from or related to FBI files or any other information acquired by virtue of my official employment to any unauthorized recipient without prior official written authorization by the FBI.” The memos themselves now confirm their obvious status. These were not memos “to the file” or to Comey himself. He wrote them to the FBI as part of the investigation, specifically addressing the disclosures to McCabe, FBI general counsel James Baker and chief of staff James Rybicki. FBI director Christopher Wray has confirmed these were FBI documents. While Comey continues to maintain these were personal papers, it is demonstrably untrue on the face of the memos themselves. There was no need to leak In past columns, I have questioned Comey’s claim that he had to remove and leak the memos in the public interest. When Comey took the memos, he knew he was certain to be called before Congress within weeks. He simply could have told Congress about the memos, or even given copies to one of the intelligence committees. More importantly, he knew copies already were in the hands of other FBI officials and were certain to be reviewed by investigators. Instead, Comey removed seven memos and gave four to his friend, Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman, to leak information to the media. If the memos already were in the hands of other FBI officials, including McCabe, then why leak them? It would not assist the investigation. To the contrary, by disclosing the information, Comey alerted President Trump to the record of their conversations, making it less likely that Trump would contradict such a record. Why? The reason is obvious: It benefitted Comey. He was able to control the media narrative after his firing and shifted the focus to Trump’s conduct rather than his own. The inspector general recently concluded McCabe leaked information for his personal interest, not that of the public. It’s difficult to envision how the inspector general could come to any other conclusion about Comey’s leak. The memos were classified The memos clearly reveal that Comey was aware they likely contained classified information. Comey wrote in a Jan. 7, 2017, memo that “I am unsure of the proper classification so I have chosen secret.” He then left it to his staff to correct that classification. As director, Comey had authority to determine what was classified, although he leaked the FBI documents after he was fired. It turns out that four memos, including two given to his friend to leak to the media, were later found to be classified. So Comey was no longer director when he removed the memos from the FBI without review. He then gave four memos, including classified ones, to an uncleared individual specifically to leak to the media. Among other people prosecuted for such conduct, former FBI agent Terry Albury is now looking at a sentence of four to five years in prison in an unrelated case. In his new book, Comey writes, “Ethical leaders choose a higher loyalty … over their own personal gain.” Yet, he opted for personal advantage in the leaking of his memos. He also rushed his book to print, even though the investigation he once headed is ongoing and he is a key witness. Even more remarkably, he never conferred with special counsel Robert Mueller, if nothing else as a courtesy, and especially since Comey’s public references to both disclosed and undisclosed evidence is obviously not beneficial to that investigation. Comey insists he wrote his book because he believes the country desperately needs “ethical leadership” — his, apparently — and that ethical leaders “don’t hide from uncomfortable questions.” If true, Comey will be a busy man when the inspector general comes calling.
  5. divemaster5734

    We Just Lost our 4th Amendment, and Trump Helped

    Ya know?.. Was talking about this , actually, was more than a little hammered, and laughing about how when I started I was so pumped by zealots I had the last three million overnighted, one at a time, because I was afraid that if it rv'd they would refuse to send it. It was my "special secret". At least it's still my secret, just one I'm not sure I want anyone else to know I bought into. I feel really guilty, because I told a good friend, who bought in wholly because I was so pumped. He was selling a fixer at the time, and dumped close to 30k into dinars with part of the sale. Then he went and made all the "suggested" gifting procedures for dozens of people, with notaries of the value at the time of the gift, and anxiously settled back to watch the "big event". That was around '08 or '09. After the first two "rock solid insiders leak" went bust I sobered up. He stayed pumped for about a year. We haven't spoken since about '11.
  6. divemaster5734

    We Just Lost our 4th Amendment, and Trump Helped

    I can only pray you are right, I'm getting a perception of acceptance from everywhere. The water is close to boiling and yet we sit there.. ribbit..
  7. Hi Everyone, Everyone here knows I was one of the first to support Trump, I even declared Trump would win in January of 2016, endured the ensuing derision, and subsequently openly gloated for days after the election. I'm not pulling or regretting supporting Trump, I still do, but the "Cloud Bill" that was buried in with the over two thousand pages of the Omnibus has destroyed our right to privacy through making all data in the "cloud" available to not only US agencies, but every single other foreign government that is willing to pay for it. To be sure, it's not just Trump. Every politician claiming to be on the "freedom caucus" has just proven themselves to be a liar. Rand Paul is fully exposed for the establishment tool and hypocrite I've always declared him to be. Along with every single demoncrap rep, while the media was making noises about illegal aliens, over-the-hill prostitutes desperately looking for one last trick, and fanning the anti-Russia flames to justify more oppression that pretends to be "safety", We The People just got royally screwed. "The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD) “updates the rules for criminal investigators who want to see emails, documents and other communications stored on the internet,” CNET reported. “Now law enforcement won’t be blocked from accessing someone’s Outlook account, for example, just because Microsoft happens to store the user’s email on servers in Ireland.” This law only relates to Americans, or people living on American soil, so in an ironic twist, the only ones who are Safe is anyone who is NOT an American. Hows that for a kick in the teeth? In this day of online bill payments, direct deposit payroll, email, text messages, cell phones, and social media, that's ALL we have left. Does anyone even have a hard line phone anymore? I haven't touched the ham radio in years. Our entire existence is digital. Our politicians just offered our entire digital life to the world. And no one even has to let you know. This bill also eliminates all liability from your cable, DSL, fiber optic, or wireless provider, as well as declares all providers MUST retain every piece of your digital communications,just in case some idiot working for ANY government, might decide they want to read all your personal emails, access your personal and "private" facebook page, or get all your banking records. This is painful. Our only chance of reversing this steamroller of amendment destruction is to stand as one. With the division brought by the last 10 years alone, just obummer and Trump, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell America will ever stand united for anything. I hope I'm wrong, but with not one senator or congressman mentioning it, the proof of their treason is slapping your face, the fact the media is silent demonstrates not only the anti-Trumper dividers, but the rest of them as well are all supporting the destruction of the American Experiment. The declaration says it all; "Congress finds the following: Timely access to electronic data held by communications-service providers is an essential component of government efforts to protect public safety and combat serious crime, including terrorism." Been saying it all along, those who chose safety above liberty deserve neither. The link to the bill is at the top of the page. I am trying to comfort myself by believing it is not as desperate as I imagine and Trump had no choice but to cave in order to get the military spending, but then, Trump's military spending is scaring the hell out of me too.....DM
  8. All you lefties, please, stand up and take a bow. YOU DID IT!! Congratulations! It took a few years, and only God knows how many hours spent in lies, cover ups, and organized mobs, but I'm sure your are overjoyed. The divisive, racist, and prejudiced "celebrate diversity" anti-white campaign is a success. As long as you can continue to force your ignorance down innocent school children's throats America may devolve into an outright civil war before years end. Then your masters will have the excuse they have been agitating for, and they can send their troops into every American city and enforce Marshal Law. Do you already have your new homes far away from the impending violence? Is your passport up to date, we wouldn't want you to get caught at the airport and not be able to fell the carnage you helped to cause. Were you able to secure passage for your entire family, or are you just willing to let all those stuborn family members die because they refused to quit loving America, and wouldn't help you agitate the mobs of brainwashed haters your marxist friends at the schools helped to dumb down enough to listen to your hate filled insanity. Regardless, it doesn't matter, your hard work is done, the left is about to cause America to go down in flames, and with the globalists just waiting for such a time with their mercenaries to swoop in and take America away from all those commoners who had the cheeks to think they could self-govern. Finally the House of Rothschild with take its place as the ruler of this new land, and they can have a great party to celebrate the destruction of all symbols of American Independence as they torch the pentagon and those offensive Washington and Lincoln memorials. Don't even start with any excuses, and pray you are not recognized by the last remaining Patriots on your way to the airport, there is no possible way you will ever convince the rest of us you didn't know this would be the end result of all you race baiting. We don't care if you had other plans, if you only intended to get enough freeloaders to vote in socialism so you would never have to work another day in your life. Did you honestly think we Americans would so easily give up on our lives? No, we will fight you to the death for our country. It isn't your, you ceased to have any ownership the moment you started spewing your communist rhetoric, the instant you started sewing seeds of racial division you abandoned the American creed, e pluribus unum, you have obviously forgotten what it means, because for " from many one" to be valid, there can be no "african" Americans, no "european" Americans, nothing but Americans, you knew slavery was brought here but were happy to act like America invented it just so you could point your oh so indignant finger. And now, the event you have been breathlessly waiting for has finally come to pass. Innocent humans are being violently attacked, physically harmed, terrorized with images that will haunt them for the rest of their lives, for no other "crime" than being born with white skin. You stinking libs might be on cloud 9 your are so happy, just know this, if this continues, America will become a scorched earth. Because while the last thing I would ever hope to do is cause harm to another person, I am one of many who will resist your socialism, your one world government, and your globalist control to my death, because I fully understand, I have nowhere else to go, no one else to care about , and therefore nothing else left to lose but my freedom and my America, and that is why we will fight you with an intensity you have never seen, but will destroy you. In the meantime, enjoy your win, a mob of black kids convinced that some 12 year old kid was the reason for all their troubles, and attacked him in the hall of their school. You stinking worthless dirtbag libtard pieces of crap, your day is coming..... DM XCLUSIVE: Boy Bullied At School Wakes Up To Racist Graffiti On Home By Joe HoldenFebruary 21, 2018 at 10:29 pm Filed Under:Bullying, Local TV, vandalism PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Joey Messina is soft-spoken. A first honors student at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus, the 12-year-old loves baseball, but Joey can’t shake the troublemakers at school. “They don’t like me, they never did,” he says. Overnight, this seventh-grader’s schoolyard differences followed him home, spray-painted for all to see on his South Philadelphia home where he lives with his parents and two younger siblings. The threatening racially-charged words cut deep. “I turned around and just went, ‘Oh my God.’ I called him and said, ‘Hurry up, get out here and look at this,’” Margaux Messina, Joey’s mom, said. View image on Twitter “He walked outside and saw that, he came right in, said, ‘Dad, I am scared now,’” said Joey’s dad, Joe Messina. Joey’s mom and dad say their son was targeted because of his race. The family is white. They have police reports documenting a 6-on-1 school hallway attack that happened three weeks ago. “And then they all started coming in and punching my back, I was covering my face,” the younger Messina said. The Messinas accuse staff at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus of looking the other way. “They let them run that school. It’s a shame to say, they really do,” Margaux Messina said. “They don’t care about the gangs in there, they deny that when there really is.” On Wednesday night, the school reached out to CBS3 claiming they did not look the other way, but instead, was proactive in handling the situation. Philadelphia police now have detectives assigned to investigative the graffiti. “In this specific case, the nature of what was said does lead us to believe there is a racial component because of a specific word that was used,” Capt. Sekou Kinebrew said in a brief interview. Joey’s dad is at a loss in dealing with what has arrived at his doorstep. “I want to go up to that school and confront the main people and how am I composing myself, I don’t even know. I’m ready to explode,” said Joe Messina. In a statement obtained by CBS3, the school says, “Our job is to keep students safe. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and investigate all allegations thoroughly and expeditiously. For all off-campus incidents, we defer to the police for appropriate follow-up.” The school added Joe Messina, the father, “is no longer allowed on campus because of a pattern of behavior.” They declined to provide further details. A city anti-graffiti crew washed down the wall of the Messina’s home.
  9. divemaster5734

    CNN Pick On Someone Your Own Size!

    Impressive. I don't think I could go that long without swearing. Actually, I KNOW, I can't. But then, I really don't give a damn..
  10. I applaud this guy standing up and pointing out the truth, while at the same time I can't hide my dismay that not only is he in danger as a result of these informational videos, but the far more distressing reality that screams to be addressed, the obvious lack of personal ethics that reside in most democrats which allows them to justify ignoring any truth that does not follow agenda, and shamelessly declaring their twisted falsehoods. Do the teachers of today have no pride? Or is it self-preservation that goads them to ignore the core reality of their failure? Schools today have erased critical thinking from the curriculum, and without that, every student can not possibly be prepared to to address the rest of their lives. They are in fact unable to correctly identify possible actions to overcome all future obstacles, and therefore destined to failure. That reality does not give America's next generation much hope.
  11. Who knows, they might just say it was all a ruse to throw off the spies as they were closing in. The bottom line is that even though he was careful to make clear there was NO collusion, and even called for unification, it's way too late for some people to pull out of the dementia they been experiencing for so long. It will help some, but too many that took the bite of that shyte sandwich are so invested by now their egos just won't let 'em come back to reality. Not much to do about that now,.... besides remind them Oregon has a right to commit suicide law, and maybe get 'em a bus pass...
  12. Shh.. they don't want to remember that, ESPECIALLY the part about how it was a democrat and life member of the International Socialist Party. Because then The People might finally understand who the Humanity hating racist bigots really are.. sorry bro, you got it twisted up a little. It was the oppressive fascist "leadership" who forced mobs of angry foreigners into all the neighborhoods except the exclusive ones they lived in, the People are being forced against their will to now pay exorbitant taxes that provide for everything those foreigners need, leaving those same foreigners time to assimilate, learn the language, customs, laws, and find employment i order to have a safe and productive life. But the foreigners refuse to assimilate, and instead use all that wonderful free time to form mobs of violent and defiant criminals who go out every day searching opportunities to entrap innocent people going about their busy day trying to earn the extra money they now need in order to pay for the foreigners unwelcome stay. Because everyone has to now work longer hours and provide less for their families they now have less time to see their families, and they can no longer meet their daughters at school to walk them home, and when those mobs of foreigners finally discover the route the daughters use walk home alone now they are attacked and gang raped, their brothers are also raped, robbed, and often beaten so severely they are left to slowly die in agony in a back alley as the foreigners use the money they just stole from them to get drunk and find their sisters. When citizens strike back, that is called self-defense. Schools everywhere try to hide a certain fact, they usually downplay this "little" fact's significance, and I hear in Europe they don't even teach this fact at all. The fact is, it was only through everyday citizens banding together and forming vigilante groups that many many many towns and cities every survived the wild wild west. The governments need to keep hiding that secret fact, otherwise The People might suddenly remember, the government is only in "control" by the consent of the governed, and then realize, it is the People's right to refuse to consent to the corrupt leaders fantasies. Fascism - forcing an agenda upon an unwilling population Self-defense - protecting ones family .
  13. That might be the jump from just last week.. as a contractor I can't get a journeyman for less than $50 an hour on their check. Non-union guys are making better wage than union guys, which is absolutely hysterical. If you don't offer full benefits, with either matching retirement or profit sharing, you don't have a chance of getting or keeping your best employees. There will always be a few inept to slip through, but for the most part the higher wage has sparked a pride in craftsmanship I haven't seen in decades. The good ones are pushing themselves to be even better, with proper management catalyst, crews have evolved into teams creating tomorrow. The scales have begun to tip back to favor the blue collar production worker, journeymen hard workers are rewarded with $150k yearly incomes, allowing their families to enjoy a more secure lifestyle. Other contractors question why I am gratified to be forced to adapt to the ever changing, and rising, labor overhead, and all I can do is shake my head and reply that they have forgotten why they started. It's in the creating itself, it's noticing someone walking into a market when you are driving down the street, and remembering what it took to build that, from the calculations to taking raw materials and shaping them into everything from grocery stores to manufacturing plants and office buildings to homes. Knowing every night families find security, kids learn, get coffee, buy gas, or sit at their desk in a home, school, service station, or complex that you helped put together. These places you build are your legacy, they will be standing long after we are gone, and they will continue to shelter those seeking refuge. heh, not sure where that came from, except it's 4am here, and I actually just wanted to check the weather report before heading out a day of single track. The economy is not going to slow down for at least a couple years. I think a lot of folks are only now realizing how pessimistic they had become after 20+ years of buffoons. We have been so unsure of our "leaders" we were restricting ourselves. I saw a steadily repeated pattern as a contractor, don't know why the economic term for it is, but it goes like this. With the stagnant wages since Reagan not keeping pace with inflation, and the government busily creating more and more inflation every year, most families were forced to prioritize spending, all money is not good money, just because someone offers to lend you some does not mean it's a good deal, so only the core inherent growth was realized. That's what I call the "life growth". As a species, human beings are thriving, we are making babies, graduating school, moving out, getting married, so there is a minimum volume of expansion to meet that need. In previous years, with the feckless leadership of everyone from bush to obama, there was good reason to worry, and people refrained from moving up to that next bigger home, kids graduated college and moved back home, fewer people decided to finally do "that" which they had always intended, like open a restaurant, collectors boutique, or start their own engineering firm. Established businesses had become used to an adversarial posture adopted by local government, every business incurred severe losses through unpaid receivables, and due to the generally restricted environment, declined to diversify venture investment. Every year there would be a brief spike in economic factors as we could not contain our growth, but as soon as the basic needs were met, the restrictive posture took over again. It's been the same pattern for years. Now people are not just seeing a better economy, they have genuine hope for a brighter tomorrow, and that is fueling their dreams. which is only controlled by their imagination. Our society is beginning to heal and become healthy again, the snarling barking lap dogs who refuse to accept our new reality are losing ground, their senseless agitating noises becoming more of an annoyance than alarm, and as we begin to dream again we start taking those risks again, and we become alive again. For the most part, we all want the same, to live in peace and not have to worry about wrongful imprisonment or being attacked, to be able to provide for our families,while building a secure future, and to dwell in happiness. That's the fundamental difference in this recovery that sets it apart from almost all the rest, Americans have hope for tomorrow again, and that's why this will equal at least, or I think surpass, even the Reagan recovery after the Wall Street crash of '87. Go out, have fun, soak up some vitamin D if you can, it's going to be a beautiful day... DM
  14. The only thing that bothers me about all this is the way they are throttling down the speed with which "revelations" are released. I understand the need, every step away from the last few years of mainstream committed anti-Trump theme must be given time to be assimilated by the remaining left leaning public. After all, the fact there are still dedicated dems in defiance of the mountain of evidence of exposed corruption only demonstrates an inherent denial of reality in that persons perception, so the public must be weaned into a "new" perspective of accepting that the 2016 "election" was an even greater "upset" against odds, as it was also the most rigged election in American history. For the American people to have won against the immoral, unethical, and clearly illegal efforts of so many embedded traitors holding high level government positions was a far more monumental task than what was acknowledged. The only people that desired clinton were those deep state individuals who care for nothing but their own desires, and their minions of obedient mindless followers, who also demand compensation for loyalty in the form of increased welfare or other entitlement programs. I'll acknowledge there were a few who simply voted against Trump's personality, but most of those have already acknowledged their error, and we have agreed that Trump is loud, but counter that anyone less would not have survived the devious plotting and subversive animus, besides, he is far less narcissist than the betrayer who preceded, and we are in harmony with the direction Trump is leading, for the most part. I do recognize various facets that are disturbing, but when researched become apparently concessions made to the corporatists in our system whose vote must still be bought with pork. With luck, enough Americans have opened their eyes to identify, and vote them out. The verifying data has to be carefully released so that except for those who are so proud of their stupidity they off handley deny all evidence while desperately regurgitating some imagined and improbable cause while ignorantly thinking they must surely look like saviors to the dem party. We must help those who may possibly still gather a coherent thought, and resign ourselves to accept some people are beyond help, especially when they have gone beyond accepting fact as reality. It's called cognitive dissonance, the dem party is rife with persons affected, so we must be careful, else their goo filled brains may burst under the stress of originating a thought.. DM
  15. divemaster5734

    I'm shocked this is still going on..

    Innuendo is the left's forte', because if they had to rely on actual facts most of their "leadership" would already be serving time in a federal prison. I just haven't quite figured out why they are even given the time of day to carry on with their delusional proclamations when their honor is so obviously missing. The irony of the clintons walking around being treated like they were good American patriots while Trump is being investigated and actively persecuted in the media over a document known to be a fabrication by the most corrupt political cabal in history is beyond my vocabulary to describe. It's apparent to me that since the democrats were not able to destroy what was remaining of America quickly with Hillarious then they have accepted their mission is to just impede our progress as much as possible while they accelerated their active mission of sewing hate and division among the populace. I think the only reason the government has been so slow prosecute is only evidence of the depth of the shared delusion among most federal workers belief that they were above the law as long as they "were" the law. Whether in actuality, as in comey and his FBI hacks, or high level department "administrators" maliciously" abusing their power to advance their own agenda. I know you can see how close America cam to her total destruction by the lawless actions actions that were accepted by rank and file government employees as normal routine. For some reason, I always believe those same rank and file government workers were just like me, an everyday American, and I fooled myself into believing they would somehow be our "last line of defense" by standing up to the corruption, or at least exposing it for the rest of us trusting Americans to see. Instead, we are confronted with the reality that the overwhelming majority of government workers simply do not care,or, are so caught up in carving out their OWN tasty piece of the pie they will refuse to report other crimes for fear their own would be exposed, all of which leave us with the reality that our government is even now taken over by enemies of the State, and until a total reformation of governmental employment policies, a coup is a real and definite possibility on any day of the week. I always imagined fighting invaders shoulder to shoulder with my neighbors to save America, I did not grasp the truth, that it is my neighbors employed by the government who may well be those vile invaders trying to take over America against the will of her peoples. That's a pretty chilling thought. If clinton was elected, there were easily enough people inside that her directives would have been carried out with the full support and twisted rationalism given obama, the whistleblowers silenced, and the rest of us left to fend for ourselves. There's a lot of excrement, not just in DC, but fouling up every single government office around the world. Thank you for your kind words, your posts reflect your pseudonym well, and always bring enlightenment.

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