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  1. Who knows, they might just say it was all a ruse to throw off the spies as they were closing in. The bottom line is that even though he was careful to make clear there was NO collusion, and even called for unification, it's way too late for some people to pull out of the dementia they been experiencing for so long. It will help some, but too many that took the bite of that shyte sandwich are so invested by now their egos just won't let 'em come back to reality. Not much to do about that now,.... besides remind them Oregon has a right to commit suicide law, and maybe get 'em a bus pass...
  2. Shh.. they don't want to remember that, ESPECIALLY the part about how it was a democrat and life member of the International Socialist Party. Because then The People might finally understand who the Humanity hating racist bigots really are.. sorry bro, you got it twisted up a little. It was the oppressive fascist "leadership" who forced mobs of angry foreigners into all the neighborhoods except the exclusive ones they lived in, the People are being forced against their will to now pay exorbitant taxes that provide for everything those foreigners need, leaving those same foreigners time to assimilate, learn the language, customs, laws, and find employment i order to have a safe and productive life. But the foreigners refuse to assimilate, and instead use all that wonderful free time to form mobs of violent and defiant criminals who go out every day searching opportunities to entrap innocent people going about their busy day trying to earn the extra money they now need in order to pay for the foreigners unwelcome stay. Because everyone has to now work longer hours and provide less for their families they now have less time to see their families, and they can no longer meet their daughters at school to walk them home, and when those mobs of foreigners finally discover the route the daughters use walk home alone now they are attacked and gang raped, their brothers are also raped, robbed, and often beaten so severely they are left to slowly die in agony in a back alley as the foreigners use the money they just stole from them to get drunk and find their sisters. When citizens strike back, that is called self-defense. Schools everywhere try to hide a certain fact, they usually downplay this "little" fact's significance, and I hear in Europe they don't even teach this fact at all. The fact is, it was only through everyday citizens banding together and forming vigilante groups that many many many towns and cities every survived the wild wild west. The governments need to keep hiding that secret fact, otherwise The People might suddenly remember, the government is only in "control" by the consent of the governed, and then realize, it is the People's right to refuse to consent to the corrupt leaders fantasies. Fascism - forcing an agenda upon an unwilling population Self-defense - protecting ones family .
  3. That might be the jump from just last week.. as a contractor I can't get a journeyman for less than $50 an hour on their check. Non-union guys are making better wage than union guys, which is absolutely hysterical. If you don't offer full benefits, with either matching retirement or profit sharing, you don't have a chance of getting or keeping your best employees. There will always be a few inept to slip through, but for the most part the higher wage has sparked a pride in craftsmanship I haven't seen in decades. The good ones are pushing themselves to be even better, with proper management catalyst, crews have evolved into teams creating tomorrow. The scales have begun to tip back to favor the blue collar production worker, journeymen hard workers are rewarded with $150k yearly incomes, allowing their families to enjoy a more secure lifestyle. Other contractors question why I am gratified to be forced to adapt to the ever changing, and rising, labor overhead, and all I can do is shake my head and reply that they have forgotten why they started. It's in the creating itself, it's noticing someone walking into a market when you are driving down the street, and remembering what it took to build that, from the calculations to taking raw materials and shaping them into everything from grocery stores to manufacturing plants and office buildings to homes. Knowing every night families find security, kids learn, get coffee, buy gas, or sit at their desk in a home, school, service station, or complex that you helped put together. These places you build are your legacy, they will be standing long after we are gone, and they will continue to shelter those seeking refuge. heh, not sure where that came from, except it's 4am here, and I actually just wanted to check the weather report before heading out a day of single track. The economy is not going to slow down for at least a couple years. I think a lot of folks are only now realizing how pessimistic they had become after 20+ years of buffoons. We have been so unsure of our "leaders" we were restricting ourselves. I saw a steadily repeated pattern as a contractor, don't know why the economic term for it is, but it goes like this. With the stagnant wages since Reagan not keeping pace with inflation, and the government busily creating more and more inflation every year, most families were forced to prioritize spending, all money is not good money, just because someone offers to lend you some does not mean it's a good deal, so only the core inherent growth was realized. That's what I call the "life growth". As a species, human beings are thriving, we are making babies, graduating school, moving out, getting married, so there is a minimum volume of expansion to meet that need. In previous years, with the feckless leadership of everyone from bush to obama, there was good reason to worry, and people refrained from moving up to that next bigger home, kids graduated college and moved back home, fewer people decided to finally do "that" which they had always intended, like open a restaurant, collectors boutique, or start their own engineering firm. Established businesses had become used to an adversarial posture adopted by local government, every business incurred severe losses through unpaid receivables, and due to the generally restricted environment, declined to diversify venture investment. Every year there would be a brief spike in economic factors as we could not contain our growth, but as soon as the basic needs were met, the restrictive posture took over again. It's been the same pattern for years. Now people are not just seeing a better economy, they have genuine hope for a brighter tomorrow, and that is fueling their dreams. which is only controlled by their imagination. Our society is beginning to heal and become healthy again, the snarling barking lap dogs who refuse to accept our new reality are losing ground, their senseless agitating noises becoming more of an annoyance than alarm, and as we begin to dream again we start taking those risks again, and we become alive again. For the most part, we all want the same, to live in peace and not have to worry about wrongful imprisonment or being attacked, to be able to provide for our families,while building a secure future, and to dwell in happiness. That's the fundamental difference in this recovery that sets it apart from almost all the rest, Americans have hope for tomorrow again, and that's why this will equal at least, or I think surpass, even the Reagan recovery after the Wall Street crash of '87. Go out, have fun, soak up some vitamin D if you can, it's going to be a beautiful day... DM
  4. The only thing that bothers me about all this is the way they are throttling down the speed with which "revelations" are released. I understand the need, every step away from the last few years of mainstream committed anti-Trump theme must be given time to be assimilated by the remaining left leaning public. After all, the fact there are still dedicated dems in defiance of the mountain of evidence of exposed corruption only demonstrates an inherent denial of reality in that persons perception, so the public must be weaned into a "new" perspective of accepting that the 2016 "election" was an even greater "upset" against odds, as it was also the most rigged election in American history. For the American people to have won against the immoral, unethical, and clearly illegal efforts of so many embedded traitors holding high level government positions was a far more monumental task than what was acknowledged. The only people that desired clinton were those deep state individuals who care for nothing but their own desires, and their minions of obedient mindless followers, who also demand compensation for loyalty in the form of increased welfare or other entitlement programs. I'll acknowledge there were a few who simply voted against Trump's personality, but most of those have already acknowledged their error, and we have agreed that Trump is loud, but counter that anyone less would not have survived the devious plotting and subversive animus, besides, he is far less narcissist than the betrayer who preceded, and we are in harmony with the direction Trump is leading, for the most part. I do recognize various facets that are disturbing, but when researched become apparently concessions made to the corporatists in our system whose vote must still be bought with pork. With luck, enough Americans have opened their eyes to identify, and vote them out. The verifying data has to be carefully released so that except for those who are so proud of their stupidity they off handley deny all evidence while desperately regurgitating some imagined and improbable cause while ignorantly thinking they must surely look like saviors to the dem party. We must help those who may possibly still gather a coherent thought, and resign ourselves to accept some people are beyond help, especially when they have gone beyond accepting fact as reality. It's called cognitive dissonance, the dem party is rife with persons affected, so we must be careful, else their goo filled brains may burst under the stress of originating a thought.. DM
  5. I'm shocked this is still going on..

    Innuendo is the left's forte', because if they had to rely on actual facts most of their "leadership" would already be serving time in a federal prison. I just haven't quite figured out why they are even given the time of day to carry on with their delusional proclamations when their honor is so obviously missing. The irony of the clintons walking around being treated like they were good American patriots while Trump is being investigated and actively persecuted in the media over a document known to be a fabrication by the most corrupt political cabal in history is beyond my vocabulary to describe. It's apparent to me that since the democrats were not able to destroy what was remaining of America quickly with Hillarious then they have accepted their mission is to just impede our progress as much as possible while they accelerated their active mission of sewing hate and division among the populace. I think the only reason the government has been so slow prosecute is only evidence of the depth of the shared delusion among most federal workers belief that they were above the law as long as they "were" the law. Whether in actuality, as in comey and his FBI hacks, or high level department "administrators" maliciously" abusing their power to advance their own agenda. I know you can see how close America cam to her total destruction by the lawless actions actions that were accepted by rank and file government employees as normal routine. For some reason, I always believe those same rank and file government workers were just like me, an everyday American, and I fooled myself into believing they would somehow be our "last line of defense" by standing up to the corruption, or at least exposing it for the rest of us trusting Americans to see. Instead, we are confronted with the reality that the overwhelming majority of government workers simply do not care,or, are so caught up in carving out their OWN tasty piece of the pie they will refuse to report other crimes for fear their own would be exposed, all of which leave us with the reality that our government is even now taken over by enemies of the State, and until a total reformation of governmental employment policies, a coup is a real and definite possibility on any day of the week. I always imagined fighting invaders shoulder to shoulder with my neighbors to save America, I did not grasp the truth, that it is my neighbors employed by the government who may well be those vile invaders trying to take over America against the will of her peoples. That's a pretty chilling thought. If clinton was elected, there were easily enough people inside that her directives would have been carried out with the full support and twisted rationalism given obama, the whistleblowers silenced, and the rest of us left to fend for ourselves. There's a lot of excrement, not just in DC, but fouling up every single government office around the world. Thank you for your kind words, your posts reflect your pseudonym well, and always bring enlightenment.
  6. I'm shocked this is still going on..

    Surely you can't be serious? obummers wife only had to "voluntarily" surrender her law license. Heck, the Phd of leaglness is available to anyone with an extra $400,000.00 in their pocket, and six to eight years with nothing better to do than subject themselves to grinding research, brutal memorization, get randomly berated by professors who care nothing for curriculum but will kill if they think a student doesn't worship the ground they walk on, and live away from home for at least four of those years, and who cares that a surrender is given only when the bar association has collected enough evidence to prove the attorney has committed an offence serious enough to have their license revoked, and the only thing they have left is a chance to retain a fragment of their reputation, all that is NOTHING next to some hard working lady trying to make a better life for herself by immigrating to America THE CORRECT WAY, and taking honest work a little early because the American immigration system is bloated, slow and, cumbersome, and she just wants to make enough to get some food. My God man, can't you see the heinous slap in the face to all those poor undocumented MS13 gang members sneaking in with a backpack of cocaine? How do you think THEY feel when they are faced with the truth of their worthless and disgusting lives? That's why the odirtbags are far more respectable, because as everyone knows, they were caught doing something wrong and were forced to give up their licenses, don't you get it? THEY WERE OPPRESSED TOO! Oh those poor spoiled rotten America hating elitist obamas probably couldn't even go play golf at their country club for a whole month! And , they were nearly forced to endure humiliation due to their own incompetence! OH NO!, the HORROR!! Heck, that makes the obamas just like all the other criminals, so that means they are OK. That Melinda Trump though, she NEVER compromised her morals, she NEVER felt the urge to sponge off the American taxpayer by accepting welfare, and she NEVER even accepted food stamps, she DARED to rely on her own inner strength,and all it took her was a couple weeks of starving. Oh no, the obamas can never be held accountable for their crimes against the American People, or their crimes against Humanity, because they ALMOST got outed, and that has to be punishment enough......
  7. I'm shocked this is still going on..

    None taken. Thank you. +1 link below
  8. The article below is from Today. I can't possibly know if Trump does actually have first hand knowledge of this, however, I doubt it. Trump has been constant since the first day of taking office, the traitors to America have been, and still are, all those government employees intentionally disregarding their new bosses directives, leaking sensitive information to the press, feeding privileged or sensitive information about conservatives to the modern Nazis that are called Antifa. If this IS going on with Trump's blessing, we need to find out quickly, but if not, if it is just more "resistance" from the "do everything opposite Trump" rogue government workers, then we need to know which ones, firing squad for high treason will inspers the rest of the dirtbags to stop, or not, and they can rot in hell with all the rest. If anyone tweets, maybe tweet this story? Maybe that might work. Since Trump uses twitter to communicate to America, perhaps we can talk to him that way as well? I don't use, never have, and never intend to start. Either way, with or without Trump's support, this stuff has got to end...DM Illegal Aliens Are Quietly Being Redistributed Across United States on Private Flights by Jim Hoft 486 Comments Illegal aliens are quietly being redistributed across the country on private flights paid for by US taxpayers. The illegal aliens were seen boarding planes this past week in Texas and Tucson, Arizona. Barack Obama was notorious for shuffling illegal aliens around at night by bus and air. Judicial Watch reported:
  9. This is how democracies die

    Listening to garbage like that is EXACTLY how a REPUBLIC can die. That's because stupid people believe traitors to humanity when they refer to America as a "democracy" by implying our entire system, and even the revolutionary war, was fought with the sole intention of building a pure democratic nation. That is a straight out intentional LIE. There are pure democracies, just look at every country where people are rioting in the streets demanding more government benefits, there you will find abject poverty, free, but really incompetent health care, long lines of people waiting for a chance to get a loaf of bread, which will feed an entire family. Don't expect to go to any of those countries though, you probably wont survive the first night once the local gangs hear there's an American somewhere close by. Not only is that entire article a twisted hit job, it is one of the few I wish I lived near the author, because I Would Be very tempted to find that lying piece of crap and punch his face in, then maybe I'd break his fingers hands and arms, so that he'd have time to think about spreading such total bull next time. That azz doesn't even have one correct statement throughout the entire article. Why am I even responding to this shat? Oh yea, just finished working a 20 hour day Gonna turn this damn computer off, it's almost as useless as the TV.
  10. Surrender or Die!

    that's just to drown out the screams as that sickle separates the non-believers offensive chaff from their soylent green... Hey George, the request can be arranged.
  11. Finally, breaking OPEC. That oppressive cartel organized by Kissinger intended to subvert the entire middle east and oppress the rest of humanity, and make a few folks tons o money. Globalists everywhere are gnashing their teeth in anguish. When I hear a headline proclaiming the "good" news the stock market is up because crude oil just increased because silicon valley billionaire techies went on a futures buying spree, which triggered those achademia supported hedge funds it make me almost puke. But then, it clearly demonstrates why all those folks want socialism, because they will be part of the eternal "elites".
  12. Surrender or Die!

    With all the embellishment, innuendo, "fudged" facts, and outright lies you are bombarded with as you indulge yourself with your anti-Trump pandering media, I'm amazed you even still believe that America is "allowed" to self-rule. It can't be easy, waking up every day with the sole mission of searching out division, hate, anger, and fake news, being careful to avoid all things positive, doggedly determined to dwell in a cave and spend your days watching the shadows. You don't have to, you kow. It's OK to deal with reality sometimes. Humans can not create perfection, we are imperfect. Trump is human, therefore bound to error. The beautiful thing is the direction of his focus and the tenacity with which he pursues that agenda. You could marvel at the economic recovery spreading across America, the 97% drop in illegal immigration, or the unemployment rate lower than it has been since even before the village idiot gave the helm a hard left spin, instead you eagerly lap up those oh so tantalizing tidbits of misinformation, the ones that CNN and NBC are careful to present, with just enough pretext to allow even the slowest viewer to draw the conclusion they intend, so that by the time the "verdict" is delivered all those bottom dwellers can jump up and down and scream " I just KNEW it!!" How many times did Tillerson deny he ever called Trumpa any names? How many press releases? How many aides confirmed he did not? He refused to directly address the question is because it was beneath dignity, following your presumption, if a reporter shouted a question suggesting some sexual perversion, and Tillerson refused to answer, or to even address it, then that would mean he is guilty of indulging in it. So by that you are now declaring any and all conservatives must either now force themselves to address any and every fantasy by any and every "reporter", or they will be labeled a pervert by any liberal with aberrant tenancies. Sorry sweetheart, that just is not how it works in real life. Liberals may enjoy wallowing in filth, but the rest of us just don't even want to go there.
  13. Surrender or Die!

    There are times when the "entertainment" hall pass is abused, especially when the same old slapstick loses humor. Like a broadway show running it's second venue of the day ending a one year six days a week run, the actors have their lines down to perfection, but nobody came to watch because the whole town already knew the ending led to nowhere. It's for the clowns to get a new gig or just go home..
  14. Surrender or Die!

    That right there is the fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals, yet, you don't seem to even be able to see it. Tillerson made that comment before he spoke to Trump, based solely on the now proven lies and false narratives published by ethics-deficient "jorno's" who were openly engaged in abusing their position of public trust in an attempt to promote personal political agenda. Tillerson, however, is luckily a constitution loving individualist, and not a mind numb drone slave of the MSM, which meant he has the mental capacity to think for himself,so he was able to cure his own ignorance after actually meeting Trump, and then in a move that was sure to make libtards heads just burst open and splatter that moldy, stale, and stinky stuff they call gray matter all over their bedroom walls, Tillerman was able to actually ADMIT he was wrong, (Yes, Yes, someone ACTUALLY admitted they were wrong and their heart just kept right on beating, really, it DOES happen!), that's because he also has something else clearly lacking in libturds, it's called HONESTY. I figured I'd shout that word seeing as it seems to be woefully lacking from every anti-Trump snowflake wanna be ruler of the world for some bizarre reason. I might have given Tillerson a little too much credit, he's more establishment than we would like, but he's doing a OK job so far. In diving it's called "self-rescue", in life it's called "growing up", in reality, no adult should have to be told. Instead possibly intellectually challenged everywhere simply refuse to let go of the past and try with all their might to change today's reality, and when actual adults refuse to listen as those poor challenged folks start burning flags, attacking innocent people, and destroying other people's property, and claim they will continue to be violent until everyone pretends they are now ignorant too, the rest of us just shake our heads and pray our neighbors will one day enjoy the sweet smell of fresh air that is not soiled first with the stench of dingleberrys before it can get to their heads. Oh, those poor neanderthals, when will they learn they can't keep living in the past? Why, I wonder, must they waste so much energy trying to make everyone else as stupid as they? Wouldn't it be easier for them to just wake the hell up and step back into TODAY? I'm betting it would be a lot easier for them to DEAL WITH REALITY is they did. Good job Shabs, you NAILED it.
  15. Surrender or Die!

    The effect of common sense ROE policy was immediate, I wonder how many IS fighters felt like they were betrayed.. by obama Remember how hopeless it felt when they just stormed across the desert and the Iraq soldiers were so scared 20,000 dropped their guns and ran so less than 1,500 IS could take Mosul? Yet, there are still so many hopelessly stupid libtards calling Trump a moron, like the great philosopher said, "stupid as stupid does" ..

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