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  1. Today the crypto coins I have are now worth $850 each. That's almost double on two days. Good chance they will be back down to $500 tomorrow, but once it jumps like that they will level out at least 25-50% higher than the previous plateau. It's the wild wild west with crypto, yehaa..
  2. Trump decidedly not hitler

    ...yeah...and probably walked around in womens underwear too.. on his way to get his daily injections ... more speed..gotta go go go... straight to Hell.... or is that Heil?!?!?!!!

    Missed all the excitement. Congrats, there is no greater gift from God than a child.
  4. Trump decidedly not hitler

    Well, of course not, he's republican. All haters and destroyers of individualism are a form of unchecked democracy. Like the saying goes, "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." Want to see pure democracy, look at China. Isn't their military still called "The People's Revolutionary Army" or something like that? One then might reply that Trump was in fact a democrat to start with. In which case I would respond that almost every person at one time has an unrealistic belief in the fantasy of a God-less "brotherhood of man". It is only parental input and then life experience that will demonstrate to any with the individual power of honesty and intellect to finally comprehend the delusion called socialism, at which time they then appreciate a republic. This is summed up beautifully with another saying, "If you're under 30 and not a democrat you have no heart, and if you're over 30 and not a republican you have no brain". As for the donations to democrats, as is proven out over and over, taking bribes, fixing votes, and general cheating of the American public is the democrats daily agenda, and Trump had building permits to that needed to be approved. It was purely business. Great post, I just looked at it, funny they mentioned China too..
  5. I learned something new. I thought Mussolini "invented" fascism by combining his core international socialism membership agenda with FDR's "New Deal" democracy, and practical human nature needs that cannot be ignored. I still believe Hitler tweaked his socialist workers party, (NAZI's), with racism because he wasn't actually a German, he was Austrian, and felt like he had to be "more German"than the Germans to be accepted. I'm surprised Dinesh didn't mention that both Mussolini and Hitler were members of, and accumulated their initial power through, the International Socialist Party. Each were eventually thrown out of the party, but Mussolini declared it "didn't matter, because I am a socialist at heart, and I will be a socialist forever."... DM
  6. Good Post. , I posted this August 17th, calling out ******. Even then he was firing Trump supporters and subverting Trumps agenda by reversing policies. I can't begin to guess why Trump waited so long, except to deduce that among the many conflicting power factions McBasdtard had support from one that couldn't be rejected out of hand. Think about that for a moment. Trump has gone to work every day knowing he is in as much peril as any Cesar ever was, only difference is in these modern times there are thousands more ways the forces of evil can inflict the damage that can start the infection that can kill kim. What's it matter if the stab wound is a fake story, once it is spread, that leads to a special investigator, which then "accidentally" leaks more fake stories that only serve to undermine Trumps authority, or assaults his integrity, as compared to an actual physical attempt? I have marveled at not just Trumps resolve, but the discipline it has taken for him to go in, day after day, knowing he was surrounded by enemies, knowing his enemies were not playing fair, knowing every word he spoke was probably being recorded, hiring people to help fix the broken system only to have those same people stab him in his back destroying any desperately needed progress, knowing that the entire worlds was cynically waiting for him to fail, the only way to sway opinion was for his policies to succeed, but with all the traitors surrounding him nothing was getting done. And then to add to the frustration, every EO he issued was thrown out by an immoral traitorous operative pretending to be an "unbiased" judge. I don't know if I would have had the tenacity to stick it out, no matter what you think about him, you gotta respect what Trump was put up with, America hasn't ever seen the level of defiance, opposition, or hypocrisy from the progressive faction after an election in our history. I for one an very glad he did, maybe after 8 years the street fighter can toss out the trash that has been accumulating in DC for the last 40 years, so as to make room for a Ron Paul Constitutionalist type , only time will tell if the American People can pull their heads out and see the truth in their own Power. MAGA!
  7. And now every single establishment RINO is left looking like the dirtbag dem in drag they really are. What is frustrating is idiots like Ryan and McCain won't lose enough ground to matter. Graham couldn't possibly be made to look any more two-faced or pandering than he already does, and all those wanna be's will just loudly declare they knew he was telling the truth all along, and they are so insignificant no one will remember what they did last week anyway. Maybe, with luck, Moore will help inspire people to pull their heads out, it isn't going to take a lot to decisively tip the scales, our numbers are growing every day. We may never be able to root out the rotting cancer that destroys us from within, the universities will always remain the domain of pretense and home of the arrogant, but we can certainly remind them who is paying their freaking wage and keeping the lights on. I don't have a problem with all those fruit-looped progressives that are determined to hang onto their little socialism wet dream, even if they cling to that doctrine as a path to personal enrichment at the cost of many others poverty, I just have a problem when they eagerly accept American tax money for wage under the implied contract that they will honor America's morality and principles teach the same to our children, and then turn around and do the exact opposite. But then, Trump is talking about installing his "own" spies inside government echelons to root out the remaining anti-Trumpers, and no one is saying anything about that. That's just sad.
  8. Well then, I guess it really IS Trump's fault. Here's proof, go figure... MAGA!!...DM
  9. They are going to crucify some enlisted white guy with nothing more than rumor for evidence in order to justify their self righteous witch hunt. Every single jackal they captured alive should have been tortured to death in the most heinous ways possible. They should have allowed civilian parents who were forced to watch their infant bleed out after a car bombing, or a relative of a young girl take away and forced to endure months of their drug fueled deviant demands. Then they all needed to be buried with pig parts shoved into every cavity. Those rotten dirtbag fanatics have wiped out entire families, they have destroyed the possibility of any child alive in the middle east entering adulthood with any security or balance, which means it will take at least two generations for any emotional scars to heal enough to not adversely affect every single individuals life outlook. It will take the Middle East several generations to offset the death toll. Anyone watch a series called "The Volunteers"? It's about an American that goes over to film the impact of the war, winds up having to volunteer to serve with the Kurds, and spends months working in an ambulence trying to save lives, and he filmed it. When you seer the carnage unfiltered by the MSM, see the parents react as their 6 month old baby bleeds out, listen as wounded ISIS fighters beg for leniency, your blood will boil, when you see first hand death and suffering after some demon does a car bomb, you can almost smell the sickening stench of burned flesh and bowel fluids leaking as they are desperately trying to stop an 8 year old kids bleeding from a socket that had an arm coming out of it just a few minutes ago. I had to pause it several times, sometimes I just sat there and cried, but felt I had to finish it, out of respect for those who were forced to live it. There is no abstract hypothetical conjecture required, and then to see these bleeding heart idiots decide to persecute a solder for being human you will understand the total hypocrisy. Take your "higher ethics" and shove em where the sun don't shine, each one of those monsters needs to die a horrible and soul shattering painful death as they are sent to their eternity in hell for what they help do to innocent humans. It also puts all those politician's demanding we allow more economic refugees in in a whole different and very unflattering light. There's no possible way Merkel hasn't seen even worse film, there's no way she is making her stand without being paid off. Look it up, each show is about 1 1/2 hours long, and you may be changed for life.
  10. Took away your neg. You are correct. There are three European countries scheduled to totally eliminate cash within the next two years, and I believe it was the Netherlands that removed cash this year or last. It's all about control. While bitcoin is the highest valued crypto, it is no longer worth mining, as the difficulty of finding shares goes up exponentially with every blockchain that is mined. Besides, CPU mining is expensive, GPU mining hardware cost has gone crazy in the last year, and game card manufacturers play it for every cent, but even so, the cost of operating GPU rigs are about 50% of the CPU. Add to that if you pick coins that are starters it's easy to mine several hundred pretty quick, that is how thousands of teens and college kids became millionaires overnight. I bought a bunch of cards and equipment last year but have only had time to modify two of the servers and build three card racks. Even so, those rigs are running 24/7 mining mostly Ethereum, and my profit after electricity is equal to my house payment. Once I have the rest of the equipment running it will cover 70% of my total monthly expenses. I'll just use the generated crypto to finance more equipment until I have a farm big enough to retire without losing a penny of the income I have now. The value is very fluid, this afternoon my ether was worth just over $500, and now they are worth $449.15, but they were only worth $100 when I started mining. The value will trend up, you just have to be intelligent about when you decide to sell as with any stock, and, as more people are accepting their currency is just as equally fictional as crypto except the government gets to steal more of your cash than your crypto, they will also start using it, which will only increase its value. Unlike the USD, which our government prints by the truckloads every day, and in so doing erodes the value of every dollar you have ever earned and saved in your life. Besides, unlike our USD, the blockchain is transparent. It is finite. It can't be cheated, forged, or hidden. What that means is each coin will eventually play out, and other coins will be needed, thus ensuring there will always be a speculators market. There are stores that accept cryptos, you can exchange for face value of almost any stock, and there are apps to exchange with another smartphone for POS, or point of sale exchanges. Once Japan officially recognised crypto as a currency the wheels were set in motion. The only thing stopping the US from accepting is they want to figure out a way to monitor and tax every transaction. After all, we are still considered their property, and they cant be lettin us slaves go and get all uppety, we might just finally decide to take back our power, and just what would all those leeches in DC do for free money then? It's a learning curve from hell, but you don't even need to know CMOS anymore, and there's a lot of walkthroughs online that will take you step by step from zero to monitoring your workers progress. I strongly suggest to everyone to either invest in some coins, or some hardware and mine their own. There are hundreds of crypto's, each one is a potential bitcoin. It's almost like having the opportunity to invest in microsoft when it was a penny stock. Most will be non-starters, but, some will win, and holding those coins could mean overnight millionaire. I invested less in cryptos than I did in Dinar, and already I have almost made my entire investment back.
  11. Sadly Left Leaning

    Well heck, totally forgot about you... a week off in summer is difficult between race schedules, but I might sit out the road racing if I get the injected Husqvarna tomorrow, which might leave room. I was thinking of taking one of the PADI working holidays. If I agree to teach tourists scuba for half my stay at any of the PADI resorts I get the last half full service free. All I have to pay for is round trip. But would much rather dive with a brother who already knows all the spots.
  12. Sadly Left Leaning

    It's almost bad enough to pity them, after all, the idiot-ology they spent so many years creating is being utterly destroyed all around them. Over twenty of their pandering messengers have been exposed for the perverted, twisted, and hypocritical oppressors they are but managed to hide behind pretense and arrogance. They started with hushed whispers, nothing outrageous, just enough to make their class of adoring students believe they were so smart and so capable that they alone actually knew the secrets to life. The students talked, other "teachers" also with no moral compass, low self-esteem, and over abundance of ego took up the cause, at first the teachers knew it was all just a big joke, a charade created to help establish control of the classrooms. They knew the students would go out into the world, realize the deception, and somehow understand it was all just a useful tool. Unfortunately, after years of honing their delivery, perfecting movements in front of a mirror for hours on end, until the professors had cultivated an omnipotent character so inspiring, delivering their rhetoric with such perfectly practiced inflections, that soon, the professors had impressed themselves so much, they started to actually believe the twisted babble, forgetting all about the years of one embellishment placed on another. The left was able to hide the fact they created the most evil monsters in our known history, from Lenin, to Stalin, to Mussolini and Hitler, China to North Korea, Venezuela to Russia, toobad for them they can't hide the truth anymore. Gone are the days of controlled media, and now all a person needs is a computer to discover a good many of the truths the progressive collectivists have been hiding. Yes, it is almost enough to cause a person to pity those poor lefties watching their house of cards come crashing down all around them when faced with Truth, but not quite. You see, for as much as I have empathy for those poor decrepit perverted, misdirected, arrogant, haughty, and aloof lefties, after the economic instability they forced not just on America, but the entire globe with the help of the red progressive RINO's, combined with the jaw dropping immaturity they employed when they lost an election they collectively spent billions to rig in their favor, and in addition to their flippant, dismissive attitude they use to continue to ridicule everyone that refuses to become one of their brain dead zombies, welp, watching them suffer now just brings a smile to my face and next thing you know, I doing a happy walk and whistling while I work. Today is a good day to be in America, for the first time in many years we may actually have a future, It is become evident that some of the most vocal anti-American lefties were hiding more than their hate of our country, and several of them have lost their jobs while being publically humiliated on a global scale. I wouldn't be too surprised if a couple of 'em just can't take it and take the final cowards exit. And all I can say is good riddance ,I really don't care how badly they are suffering, I'm just glad they are not going to be poisoning the airwaves with their fake news anymore. I'ts not my problem they refuse to accept a simple truth that would make their life a lot easier, because life is tough, it's even tougher when you're stupid. There, that felt pretty darn good, I'm guessing 'bout all that's left is to make a clinton prison pledge. So what's yours? I think mine will be when she finally goes to jail, I'm taking a month off and gonna go dive bum the tropics.
  13. Briton's Hate Speech Police

    I posted here a short time ago about a 15 year old girl that was arrested for hate speech in London, she tried to report that she had been raped by two refugees, and instead of taking the report, sending her to the hospital, and looking for the bastards, they arrested the girl. All across Europe nations are being torn apart, Germany has daytime rape gangs, dozens of immigrants surround a female in a circle, they close the circle in, and then she is raped in broad daylight, usually be several of their gang. And yet, in spite of this obvious evil, the "leadership" is steadfast in their dedication to destroying their own countries. The only reason America is not receiving 100,000 refugees a day is because we beat back the globalists, at least for another couple years...
  14. Carlin was far more enlightened than most people realized. He used his platform as a comedian to deliver incredibly serious messages. I can only imagine the frustration he felt as so many people just laughed, and brushed away that little nagging thought in the back of their head that maybe there was more to it than just "humor". To George, RIP, not everyone was asleep..
  15. Oh HELL YES!!! Can I get a Amen? The EU and UN can keep their murderous lazy rapist economic refugees not willing to fight for their own country but willing to go beg for free stuff and become a permanent burden elsewhere. They used this statement "“The New York Declaration contains numerous provisions that are inconsistent with U.S. immigration and refugee policies and the Trump administration’s immigration principles,” a statement from the U.S. mission said. “As a result, President [Donald] Trump determined that the United States would end its participation in the Compact process that aims to reach international consensus at the U.N. in 2018.” for the "official" refusal, but I LOVE Niki Haley's statement, (she's the US ambassador to the UN) "....“But our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone. We will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country. The global approach in the New York Declaration is simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty.” Ok, so I cut out the blah blah, and maybe added emphasis, but all I can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! We need to stop paying into the UN and boot that sorry excuse of a "peace" organization off our shores. MAGA!!!!

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