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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    isn't Iraq election in February? If so if the rv is not do before the election what is Abadi's chances of being re-elected?
  2. Julie I have tried to upload my DL picture to the When I try to drag file to attach I am told that I only have 501.76kb and it will not allow me to insert my DL picture. Do you have any suggestion for me so I can send in my DL. This is 1 of 3 things I need to get done to complete my corporation form. Thank You very much Robert Coggeshall
  3. Questions For Adam's Update 3-8-2017

    Do you know of any banks in the Cincinnati area that sell the dinar? Thanks you
  4. Questions For Adam's Update 1-11-2017

    If DJT lowers the taxes down to 15% do we still need offshore account?
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2016

    I got test 1 but not test2
  6. Questions for Adam's Update 9-2-2015

    I have read that Iraq has a credit rating of B-. is this true and what does this mean for an rv? Thank you
  7. Questions for Adam's Update 7-15-2015

    Adam I was just wondering if you have heard anything about Iraq's credit rating lately? Thanks Bob c
  8. Questions for Adam's Update 6-3-2015

    Adam I read that Iraq was giving a b- credit rating. do you have any information on this? is it true?
  9. Questions for Adam's Update 6-3-2015

    adam I am a vip member since 2011 and win I go to the vip section I can not find your post from last week . Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Questions for Adam's Update 5-27-2015

    Adam Do you think the CBI should pull the trigger soon before ISIS takes over Bagdad and they don't have a job?
  11. Questions for Adam's Update 5-13-2015

    Hi Adam people are excited about Iraq trying to get a credit rating but if they get a low credit rating would that not hurt the rv price?
  12. Questions for Adam's Update 4-22-2015

    Adam In regards to the 50 dollar note. Can I take my notes to any bank to cash them in or do I have to sell them to one of the companys that sell the dinar?
  13. Questions for Adam's Update 4-15-2015

    Adam You have said in the past that the best thing we can do to protect are money after the rv is to do the OSI. If we do not have one at this time do you think we still have time to get a OSI before the rv?
  14. Questions for Adam's Update 4-1-2015

    Adam If the HCL was to pass tomorrow that does not mean that the RV would follow shortly after that. You have always said that the CBI will pull the trigger on the RV when they think it is the right time to do so. So it could be right after or a week after or a year for then correct?
  15. Questions for Adam's Update 3-4-2015

    Adam now that the budget has been passed. Can you tell us how Iraq is paying their debt. Is it in usd or dinars? Thanks for al you do to help us understand what is going on in Iraq and dinar land.

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