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  1. Taxes Taken Once The Dinar RVs

    yes u r right twestbrook
  2. Has the "Lop" article been verified?

    is it on ali,s site if not it,s not true
  3. More Medic Today

    thank you very much
  4. i think you should do what ever is safe for you, your life is worth more than money, be safe everone
  5. Medic on Neno's

    whats going on here, please someone clear this up
  6. Post your educated gues on date and rate!

    3.20 rv 3/1/2010
  7. > Medic chat 9:30am EST 2/6/10

    please let it go, no lop,
  8. Medic Late Night Chat

    when it comes i will be ready
  9. RECAP: Dinarded's Chat 02/05/10 12:45PM CST

    just hang in there people, good times are coming.
  10. Open a Foreign Currency account or not?

    this is a great forum all the info on this thread to me is outstanding.
  11. The hour is at hand

    sorry, but you never know
  12. The hour is at hand

    i think it will be just a little higher than 1.49

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