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  1. jeepguy

    D.V. lottery game 9/18--9/19--2018

    Power Ball number 05/13/35/54/67----11 p.b. poker player 04/05/28/47/51----08 p.b. Jeep guy
  2. hahahaha , you know I think I have made this mistake already ! I will put it down in the " card catalog " of the brain ... ( I probably said that part also ? )
  3. jeepguy

    Three Zeros Clarification

    if they want too pull in those chuncks of cash they have too give those same folks holding the chunks of cash a reason to let the cash go in the first place , they collected the 50 dinar notes , with " time limit to trade in the 50 " deal , did not do any thing that had meaning for the average Iraqi , except maybe give them a big 5,000 or 10,000 note they can now carry around and not be able to spend on what a 50 could have bought ... ( but with this 50 off the streets limit , I am hoping these jokers do not pull the same "hail ali baba " play like the 50 scheme ( hail mary play , a play on the term ) this is what the world awaits to find out , and hope this isn`t in the game works , both at the same time not a winner maker , just a clearing of the slate in currency draw out the new lowers and lose the value of what the high notes should have brought !
  4. carrello brother your right I jumped on this like a bull dog eating doggie treats that a cat is holding ! ( we have been so over whelmed with Iraq asking for cash , that I didn`t even put it in that category of department of interior needs , from the department of treasury of Iraq .... thanks for the insight
  5. HELL nooooo , your ass bag malarkey and Iran was behind the isiscrap , it's funny Iran did not have 1/4 of the problem Iraq had ...time for Iraq to do this " ON their own currency "
  6. jeepguy

    D.V. lottery game 9/18--9/19--2018

    Mega Millions number 08/26/36/42/43---12 m.m.pokerplayer 15/30/43/45/56---02 Jeep guy
  7. jeepguy

    The Release Of The Currency Exchange..

    "Wish I could " all that needed to be said ! Done and gone
  8. jeepguy

    D.V. lottery game 9/18--9/19--2018

    let hit this pot so we can get nstoolman to finish his mother in laws new addition on to his house !
  9. TERMS for Weekly Powerball Entries 1) Pool(s) is (are) open to identifiable/registered DV MEMBERS ONLY (Sorry, no extended family or friends... or Lopsters, as they are not allowed in the regular forums, and therefore cannot comply with the rules). 2) One SET of numbers per ENTRANT per POST per FAMILY (Multiple members in a family may participate under ONE ENTRANT ONLY). (Please select CASH OPTION when purchasing numbers/ticket). Annuity tickets will not be disqualified and will be factored accordingly if determined a winner, but our preferred intent is for the lump sum payout. 3) A DV Member may purchase and post up to ONE ticket for ANOTHER DV Member (except Lopsters), with that member's acknowledgement and consent. 4) ONE SHARE per entrant of any winnings of the JACKPOT (CASH OPTION!!!) only (Approx. $100 million minimum drawing) 5) Winning ticket/entrant agrees to share EQUALLY with ALL qualified entrants in this thread. 6) Qualified entrants must have numbers/entry posted prior to drawing date/time. 7) Qualified entrants must have a physical ticket to present upon winning, to prove their pledged participation. HOLD onto your "LOSING" ticket. Take a picture of your "LOSING" ticket as a possible backup verification. 8) Winning entrant is responsible for ALL communication with, and coordination of, winning shareholders immediately after the drawing. 9) ALL winning participants/shareholders agree to respect and abide to the PRIVACY terms of the WINNER. Disclosure of identity of winning entrant is sole discretion of winner. This is for the security and safety of all. 10) Winning shares will be dispersed upon final consensus and WRITTEN AGREEMENT, guaranteeing individual preferences, privacy and security. 11) By posting your pledged ticket/numbers in the thread(s), YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS POSTED ABOVE. The following has been added to the rules as of 9/17/2016 to clarify a question about participation: NEW RULE! Ticket/numbers entered into THIS DV POOL are for this pool exclusively. It may not be entered into other pools. Its entry into the DV POOL is time-stamped as verified by the post, and acknowledged by the entrant that it is exclusive to DV. Should it be found that the WINNING TICKET is entered into multiple pools, WE will claim that ticket as the WINNER for the DV POOL EXCLUSIVELY, irrespective of the time-stamp of other pools. Should another pool have a similar rule, or no rule to this regard, the time-stamp may be an effective qualifier if necessary to determine the participant's intent, as well as order of participation
  10. jeepguy

    D. V. lottery game 9/14-9/15 --2018

    hey tiger ! been a few weeks since you hit ! go deal ... ( don`t get discouraged , folks if your ticket never hits any thing , we have a few folks that seem to be in a hot spot ... so they might hit the big one and we get to share their worry ! , oh and new family members we never knew we had )
  11. hahahahaa man this is tooooo funny dang kid ! ( uhhhh which one you ask ? )
  12. smooooth as ice-ce-ce-ce-ce ( it`s former glory ---- although it was over 3 per --- I can only imaging it was like still one to one on the inside of Iraq , as in they could not tell a difference , only at the upper banking levels ... )
  13. jeepguy

    Hot Hot Hot...Abadi Throws In The Towel.

    look how long has abaidi been in office ? it has to be close to 4 years by now , I think the political process is more democratic over there now , and term limits are now set , abaidi could run for office again but I think he just wants too move on , get away from the drama of malarkey -- irain --- uprisings ( oh and luigi`s post )
  14. MMMMMMM , got my thinking caps on ! this could be actually the idea of it , we are thinking big numbers , kind of always have , when we see a 25,000 note we are in tune with the large number , out side of Iraq , and away from the sand box , so too speak , but inside the sand trap , they see 25,000 note as chump change , or a 20 dollar u.s. bill if that much ( probably not even that much , -----> maybe a fiver 5.00 ) so these folks are in the small numbers frame of mind ( now look at the figures in the bullets region above , these are the most likely scenario for the dinar to give any purchase to the dinar for Iraqi , I do think they mean to tell Iraqi peeps , the new dinar will have the values in the 1000 range as in ------ 25 cents to the 1 dollar ( as in 4 x 25 is 1:00 ) then too the 5 dollar ( 2 fives = 10:00 ) too the 50 dollar range every thing in the dollars range ... what I am trying to say is I think they are giving a base number for the average Iraqi to under stand the values of the new notes , if you have 3 (50 dinar notes ) and 5 ( ten notes ) you will have 200 dollars worth of money or 20 ( 50 notes it is 1000 dollars ) ... I do not think the technocrats are out to knock out the poor people , I do think they see a light at the end of the tunnel , and the technocrats are the money folks in business I can bet , so if you want business to flourish , you are going to need the basics of the whole operation of --- needs and wants of every one , which means give the poor folks some wealth , with the new money they are , or will soon be gaining with the oil shares in the bank accounts , ( plus get the banking accounts operational , as no one trust the banks now , but they do like it more now than in saddam era ) ... it seem to read 1 too 1 up too the 1000 mark , now what the effect will have on the large notes will have too wait and see ! ( one point we have been kicking down the " alley of dinar land ' -----> so if the dinar is in the values of 1000 and all is smooth in side Iraq , what about out side large notes ? <------ a few have the thinking that when it hits the go time , the banks that will deal with dinar, will take them in for the appropriate exchange amount , minus the bank fees and taxation , and so -on , and each countries treasury will hold these large notes in their own vaults , to shore up that countries own currency , as the way Iraq is now shoring up the dinar with the 96 tons of gold , and the foreign currency they are holding in their own vaults , ( now with this all set -up and ready to go , all we need is the value ! ) I do not see why 1 to 1 would not run through the whole dinar notes --- 10,000 through too the 50,000 at 1 to 1 , but I am not on the inside , so as we all shall do , wait and hope for at least 50 cent on each dinar ... which would be nice enough for me !
  15. jeepguy

    D. V. lottery game 9/14-9/15 --2018

    Power Ball number---- 40/52/58/62/65----10---pokerplayer 04/05/32/36/69----12---jeepguy

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