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  1. Now it is 9/21 / 2017 ... They had 2 days , hope by the weekend it is done

    it is in chats I believe
  3. Poker player power Ball 10-22-26-44-66--- 10 p.b. Jeep. ----23-35-46-47-58----14 p.b.
  4. 3 things { yahoo , sucks in the mail / web departments , takes for ever to down load , and twice as long to delete any thing due too the long advertisement pop-ups } another one jim bakker ------- what a off the wall nutter butter person ---- he is one mixed up fellow another huffington post nuff said
  5. no problem poker player ! ( sorry we have not even been able too hit even 3 numbers much less 6 )
  6. poker player mega ball number ---- 10 / 29 / 36 / 45 / 73 ---09 m.b. jeepguy mega number --------29 / 30 / 35 / 42 / 69 --- 09 m.b.
  7. well as of right now until 9:45 tonight we are millionairs
  8. jeepguys 01 / 04 / 24 / 52 / 65 --- 01 mega 21 / 27 / 33 / 44 / 62 ---22 powerball
  9. poker player tickets 07 / 27 / 48 / 51 / 58 --05 mega 17 / 47 / 48 / 56 / 60 ---01 powerball
  10. 1) Pool(s) is (are) open to identifiable/registered DV MEMBERS ONLY (Sorry, no extended family or friends... or Lopsters, as they are not allowed in the regular forums, and therefore cannot comply with the rules). 2) One SET of numbers per ENTRANT per POST per FAMILY (Multiple members in a family may participate under ONE ENTRANT ONLY). (Please select CASH OPTION when purchasing numbers/ticket). Annuity tickets will not be disqualified and will be factored accordingly if determined a winner, but our preferred intent is for the lump sum payout. 3) A DV Member may purchase and post up to ONE ticket for ANOTHER DV Member (except Lopsters), with that member's acknowledgement and consent. 4) ONE SHARE per entrant of any winnings of the JACKPOT (CASH OPTION!!!) only (Approx. $100 million minimum drawing) 5) Winning ticket/entrant agrees to share EQUALLY with ALL qualified entrants in this thread. 6) Qualified entrants must have numbers/entry posted prior to drawing date/time. 7) Qualified entrants must have a physical ticket to present upon winning, to prove their pledged participation. HOLD onto your "LOSING" ticket. Take a picture of your "LOSING" ticket as a possible backup verification. 8) Winning entrant is responsible for ALL communication with, and coordination of, winning shareholders immediately after the drawing. 9) ALL winning participants/shareholders agree to respect and abide to the PRIVACY terms of the WINNER. Disclosure of identity of winning entrant is sole discretion of winner. This is for the security and safety of all. 10) Winning shares will be dispersed upon final consensus and WRITTEN AGREEMENT, guaranteeing individual preferences, privacy and security. 11) By posting your pledged ticket/numbers in the thread(s), YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS POSTED ABOVE. The following has been added to the rules as of 9/17/2016 to clarify a question about participation: NEW RULE! Ticket/numbers entered into THIS DV POOL are for this pool exclusively. It may not be entered into other pools. Its entry into the DV POOL is time-stamped as verified by the post, and acknowledged by the entrant that it is exclusive to DV. Should it be found that the WINNING TICKET is entered into multiple pools, WE will claim that ticket as the WINNER for the DV POOL EXCLUSIVELY, irrespective of the time-stamp of other pools. Should another pool have a similar rule, or no rule to this regard, the time-stamp may be an effective qualifier if necessary to determine the participant's intent, as well as order of participation.
  11. good job nannab ! he probably forgot the draw is tonight on the mega { foot note I see he posted just before me } glad to see you are doing o.k.
  12. with this thought , delete the zero`s make them obsolete , with a time limit to get the big notes back to the banks , and the value increase will be chump change --- .000167 a rise too .001000 { not what we are hoping for }
  13. interesting ideas on this , so one idea , change old for new with a new value = gets more dinar from the old higher note but also has a better value with the new note they will now have ... { a new note with .10 cents too what ever } get those chucky money guys out too the banks , { need to be over 50 cents per dinar , and even over 1 per , 1.30 per dinar bring out the chucky dinar soup } and like a few here 1 to 1 and DONE bayyyybeeee
  14. this crazy bunch , it seems the ones with the dollars in their bank accounts , that measure millions , do not have time for the folks who have zero in the accounts , over 100,000 dinar .... now take it , they have been kicking butt with dash holes , AND WINNING , but really if these guys were so worried of their poor brothers , they most likely would not have time too post in the news papers , time for reform , time for scholars to increase , time for elections , time for this time for that ! { time to make their money stand for Iraqis ) even if it is 50 cents per dinar , they can follow the paper trail to every one who cashes in , from outstanding citizens too the creeps in the alleys ... it gets down too rich politics and the rich rich religious heads of the areas ... give them money , give them the power to think for them selves , and no more need for the ones I just mentioned ! { o.kay enough of my rant }
  15. my numbers 02 / 09 / 13 / 57 / 72 ---08 mega number powerball buster ---- 30 / 39 / 44 / 49 / 54 ---18 powerball number

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