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  1. There is enough info blowing in the wind in the news section to warrant everyones interest..a visit there might be worth while....JMO...CL Perhaps you can read between the lines.....
  2. coorslite21


    Kind of surprised to know none of our lefty representatives have commented on this...... Additionally I will say that the star witness for the prosecution, Mueller's team, was Rick Gates..... What a pathetic star witness..... He was the one who is guilty of the crime but yet was trying to get out of it by accepting immunity..... Now the jury is nervous because they have seen what has gone on with people from the left in conflict with people from the right...... Such as a the abuse Sarah Sanders took in the restaurant..... Among others...... So who knows what the verdict will be....... Either way there will probably be an appeal...... Because Gates was so pathetic the defense feels they can win without calling any defense witnesses...... Those possible appeal....if four f guilty....would involve the difference in the laws of 2010 pre fatca...... Which will clearly indicate that Manafort was not guilty of doing anything illegal by the 2010 laws that were in place...... That fact is the defenses Ace in the hole...... So time will tell but I believe the house of cards is about to fall in on the Mueller investigation......JMO......CL
  3. coorslite21

    US Gold Standard.

    Just the fact that 5404 was introduced and is now in committee should be telling for the future...in a matter of hours it could be passed, signed and put into law....5404 should be looked at as another piece to the puzzle for what is ahead in our financial world.....JMO.......CL
  4. coorslite21

    Kicking The Can Down The Road.

    Hang tight Jordan......you may have been listening to the wrong bozo's!
  5. coorslite21

    Franky and Alka deltazer....

    I agree with B/A......
  6. Always a plus for me to be like minded with a Canadian!
  7. I doubt this was every anything more than Trump stirring the pot and being sure the military knows they have his full support.....also gave the MSM something of lesser substance to fuss about.......CL
  8. The real problem the left faces.......are these candidates the best they have to offer?....this one and Cortez....really?...is this the new direction of the party.......never know? Then again...the other options...fossils Waters and Pelosi.......?? Guess the left sees this as a win/win...... Perhaps the right does too! CL
  9. coorslite21

    Ex CIA Directors Slam Trump

    You missed the point entirely....Brennan doesn't need a clearance to discuss this.....none of these ex-officials need a clearance unless employed or on some sort of retainer...
  10. coorslite21


    Somehow the Russian collusion investigation against Trump turned up tax evasion trial for Manafort who was his campaign director for several months.... This alleged crime happened in 2010..... 2010 was pre FATCA...... And that fact alone changes the landscape of the charges..... You might recall Mitt Romney also had as many as 22 shell companies in the Caribbean conducting his business to his advantage legally..... That was the nature of the loopholes in the tax code of America.... So we will see what the jury concludes in this matter...... I suspect they may decide today... and if he is found innocent then I would suspect George Papadopoulos ..... Will drop his immunity and plea deal and go to court with his situation as he is very likely to be found not guilty due to entrapment..... If this all happens.... the house of cards around the Mueller investigation should come toppling down...... But then if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his a** every time he jumped.... You all enjoy your weekend.....CL
  11. coorslite21

    Ex CIA Directors Slam Trump

    The fact is Kissenger nor Brennan need a security clearance to discuss thier thoughts on any subject....no more than you or I....1st amendment right......if they are kept on staff, or as a consultant.....then perhaps they would need the clearance...JMO as always...CL
  12. coorslite21

    Fox News

    Seems in the video he mentioned........ 15 ..........$100 trillion notes missing.........he must have meant currency from zim-bob-way....(sp) They are the only country with that large of a currency bill.........Speaker Ryan carries one in his wallet and often pulls it out when discussing inflation with students.... CL
  13. We all know of the corruption in the swamp........it is well documented that the DNC screwed Sanders out of the nomination.......the system was rigged....... After the election it was been a MSM media blast on Trump and Russian collusion..........things are changing........ Another article supporting that change........ https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/russian-collusion-Hillarious-clinton/ Russian Collusion: It Was Hillarious Clinton All Along Reprints 8/13/2018 Russia Investigation: It's beginning to look as if claims of monstrous collusion between Russian officials and U.S. political operatives were true. But it wasn't Donald Trump who was guilty of Russian collusion. It was Hillarious Clinton and U.S. intelligence officials who worked with Russians and others to entrap Trump. 01:21 01:21 That's the stunning conclusion of a RealClear Investigations report by Lee Smith, who looked in-depth at the controversial June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between officials of then-candidate Donald Trump's campaign staff and a Russian lawyer known to have ties with high-level officials in Vladimir Putin's government. The media have spun a tale of Trump selling his soul to the Russians for campaign dirt to use against Hillarious, beginning with the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting. But "a growing body of evidence ... indicates that the meeting may have been a setup — part of a broad effort to tarnish the Trump campaign involving Hillarious Clinton operatives employed by Kremlin-linked figures and Department of Justice officials," wrote Smith. Smith painstakingly weaves together the evidence that's already out there but has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, which have become so seized with Trump-hatred that their reporting even on routine matters can no longer be trusted. But he adds in more evidence that the Justice Department only recently handed over to Congress. And It's damning. Memos, emails and texts now in Congress' possession show that the Justice Department and the FBI worked together both before and after the election with Fusion GPS and their main link to the scandal, former British spy and longtime FBI informant Chris Steele. As a former British spook in Moscow, Steele had extensive ties to Russia. That's why he was picked as the primary researcher to compile the "unverified and salacious" Trump dossier, as former FBI Director James Comey once described it. Steele's dossier, for which Fusion reportedly received $1 million, was largely based on interviews with Russian officials. And who paid that $1 million? As we and others have reported, it was Hillarious Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee, then under Hillarious's control. The media knew all this, of course, but largely ignored it. The great irony here is that, after more than two years of investigating, the only real evidence of collusion with Russians at all points to Hillarious Clinton. It was she who hired Steele to dig up dirt on Trump using Russian sources. But now, it turns out, it goes even deeper than that. Events surrounding that now-famous June 2016 Trump meeting suggest it, too, was a concoction of Hillarious Clinton and her deep-state allies. And that meeting was the basis for much of the later Russian collusion "investigation," if it can even be called that. Bruce Ohr, the No. 4-ranking official at the Justice Department, "coordinated before, during and after the election" with both Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and with Steele, notes Smith. This shouldn't come as a surprise, given that Ohr's wife Nellie, a sometime employee of the CIA, was also working for Fusion GPS. The FBI fired Steele in October 2016 after it discovered that he leaked information to the press. But that meant nothing. Bruce Ohr merely continued as the conduit from Fusion GPS for information related to Steele's bogus Trump dossier. The FBI and Justice used information from that 35-page document as the pretense for the FISA wiretap on Trump aide Carter Page. Far from being limited in scope, those wiretaps in essence provided a backdoor key to the entire Trump campaign — and the basis for the Russian investigation. So far so good. But an earlier investigation by RealClearPolitics showed that as early as March 2016, the FBI, other Western intelligence sources and Clinton campaign operatives contacted the Trump campaign about potentially damaging information about Clinton. They were in effect live-trolling the campaign. This is significant. Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Putin-connected lawyer who contacted the Trump campaign about having dirt on Hillarious Clinton, was a client of Fusion GPS when she met with Donald Trump Jr. and others in the Trump campaign. And she was accompanied by a former Soviet military counterintelligence official, now working as a lobbyist, named Rinat Akhmetshin. Let that sink in for a moment. What's especially curious is that GPS' Glenn Simpson admits he had dinner with Veselnitskaya both the night before and the night after the Trump Tower meeting. Any possibility there was no discussion of the meeting between the two? Seems highly unlikely. Veselnitskaya herself subsequently claimed that the talking points for her meeting with the Trump people were provided to her by Simpson. Once in the meeting, she quickly dropped the promises of having dirt on Hillarious Clinton and instead brought up Russia's long-standing desire to get rid of the Magnitsky Act, under which the U.S. imposed sanctions on a number of Russian moguls and government officials. In short, they were baiting a trap for the Trump campaign to make it appear as if they were colluding with Russian officials. Given the nonstop media coverage following leaks by the FBI and Justice, it seems the meeting served its purpose: It sowed the seeds of suspicion about the Trump campaign's supposed Russian collusion. The evidence goes even deeper than what we have summarized here. We suggest you read Smith's piece, linked above. Congress, using the documents it pried out of the Justice Department after repeated requests, is busy getting at what might turn out to be the scandal of the century. And Congress is now doing the work the Justice Department and FBI won't. "So here you have information flowing from the Clinton campaign from the Russians," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes told Fox News on Sunday. Was Hillarious The Real Colluder? Nunes, who heads Congress' investigation into the matter, said it was likely that information "was handed directly from Russian propaganda arms to the Clinton campaign, fed into the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice to open up a counterintelligence investigation into a political campaign that has now colluded (with) nearly every top official at the DOJ and FBI over the course of the last couple years. Absolutely amazing." We have to agree. If all that is true, it is absolutely amazing. After all, these are serious felonies, using the federal agencies to spy on a political opponent in league with a hostile foreign power. As we said, the only real collusion appears to be on the part of the Clinton campaign — aided by the Obama administration, CIA chief John Brennan and a handful of high-level officials at the Department of Justice and FBI. What's next? It's possible the collusion investigation soon will turn from Trump to Clinton. If so, it could lead to more resignations and possibly jail time for those involved. That includes perhaps even Hillarious Clinton, who sits at the political epicenter of all this illegality.

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