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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    shixjr - since you've jumped into the crypto coin water, come join us in that section. It's lots of fun & we're all on a learning curve.

    Pokerplayer is correct. Try setting up a gmail account, then be sure to edit your profile to add the new gmail email address. That should fix your issues. I know it fixed my a couple of years ago. PS I deleted your email addresses that you posted for security reasons. It's probably not a good idea to post any personal info on this site or any other site.
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Caye98, I couldn't agree with you more! Very well stated. 👍🏼
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Sounds very inviting for the VIP members. Guys, if you aren't in VIP, seriously it's worth the money. Jump in if you at all can do so. You won't regret it, I promise!
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    OUCH! This bunch is rough!
  6. VIP

    TexasStar - I'm not sure why you can't access the VIP section, hopefully Adam will come back & address that part. However, not receiving Adam's emails, that part I can address. I see that you are not using a gmail account. That is probably the reason. It took me several years of grumbling about not receiving his emails before i finally gave in & changed over to a gmail address. Now I get them all. So you may want to set up a gmail address & set it up on your profile. That should fix that part of your issue.
  7. Coorslite - you're a stand-up guy! And always on point. I personally object to paying higher taxes than I have to just so the "elite" in Washington can spend more on trivial things (or their pet projects). I'll do anything possible to avoid paying more taxes than I have to - and will do it legally. Following the laws of the US has nothing to do with patriotism. Nothing at all!
  8. Stopped receiving new threads and posts.

    Hmmmm, I'm clueless. If another mid doesn't come along with a bright idea, you may send a support ticket to Adams office. If there's other peeps with the same issue, please post here so we will know if it's an isolated thing or lots of peeps with same problem.
  9. chat room?

    The cat got the chat's tongue!
  10. Hello All...

    Mr Haney - Welcome from me, as well. Jump in & enjoy the ride. Alot of us have been on the ride for many years too. It's been fun, we've learned alot together, and we're hoping to all find the pot at the end of the rainbow - soon! As you know, it's up and down, but still alot of fun. Enjoy reading, stay away from the Rumors section, and stay awhile.
  11. Just Saying Hi

    Hello to you, Masdaleri! Welcome to the Dinar Vets site. Jump in and join the fun. We have loads of info here on the site.
  12. IP ban

    Not that I know of, nfire. I haven't had any issues at all and haven't seen nor heard of anyone else either. Hmmmmm.......
  13. Disappointed

    Adam, I just did a gift card for wizard and entered my email address. The system emailed me with a transaction #, but my transaction # doesn't look anything like the others above. So I'm wondering if I did it correctly. ??? wizard, if I did everything properly, here's the transaction. If it doesn't work, then let me know & I'll sent in a support ticket to Julie. Hope this helps you out. Transaction ID 60709044399
  14. Disappointed

    For those of you that are VIP members, there's more info re: wizard & the gift cards in the VIP Section. For those that are not, here's what Adam's post in the VIP section says. And hopefully the link will work if others want to contribute a small amount to John. And I'm so sorry to hear about your wife, my prayers are with you. Posted Tuesday at 02:48 PM I just enabled gift cards, try this: Use your own email address, and I think it will generate a code you can pass to wizard1 Let me know if that works! I haven't tested it, but I'll monitor the responses here.
  15. Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    auskay - and any others that this may pertain to: If you aren't using gmail, then that is probably the main reason Adam's email didn't come thru. I highly recommend getting a gmail account & editing your profile here on DV with that new gmail address. I went for several years, determined to not go to gmail, but receiving Adam's emails was hit & miss. Sometimes I got them, sometimes I didn't. I FINALLY switched over to gmail, and haven't had a problem since. Adam highly recommends everyone use a gmail account. Put some serious thought into doing that.

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