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  1. jahjahpraises - I'm afraid what you're wanting to do isn't fast (or easy in most cases). There are no banks that will currently buy them as they are not an internationally recognized currency. We have a "Buy & Sell" forum here on DV that you can post to & see if anyone is interested. Here's a link to that thread: You could also try to list them on ebay. And there are a few currency dealers out there that will buy them, but I'm not sure of the names or the prices that they are offering right now. Best of luck.
  2. Good seeing you, as well, snowglobe. Especially when you're not throwing something at me!
  3. snowglobe - good question. I've never used it, but I too thought it was sliding into oblivion.
  4. I was going to slap a few hands & say to everyone - grow up! But instead, I've decided to lock this thread. I've read about all I can handle right now- so no more tonight! Everyone go to bed! PS -Sorry, Run3446, I saw your post after I locked this thread. Didn't mean to rain on your parade. I'm sure if you look around, there'll be more spirited debates in some of the other threads. I just thought enough was enough! Didn't want anyone getting put on mod review or seriously in trouble.
  5. NeedRv - Julie doesn't check the forums for issues to solve. Since you sent your support request in on Friday, she doesn't work on weekends and sometimes it takes a couple of days for her to get back with you. But she will for sure!
  6. Nope, Moxie, you're not in trouble. And I haven't heard from Adam yet, so I'm thinking maybe I'm not in trouble either. but don't push your luck! You put all those bottles down (actually recycle them) and sober yourself up. You have just passed the "Newbie" test (10 posts) and are now a full-fledged member. So with that comes responsibility. You have to behave yourself & not teach any other newbie all of your crazy tricks. Otherwise, we moderators will have our hands full - and I think the trash bin is almost full. (That's where we throw all the unrulies like you) LOL And believe me, I won't be teaching any more newbies where the emoticons are! I've learned my lesson!
  7. Moxie! That's the last time I'll give you any hints! You're on your own,from now on. I think you've got it figured out and I claim ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility for your actions in the future!
  8. Moxie - to put in a smiley face - while you're typing in the text box, look at the menu bar across the top of the text window. About the 8th symbol over from L to R, is a small little smiley face. Click on it and the emoticons will open up. You choose which one you want to insert & it'll be inserted where your cursor is. or or tjokie's favorite After the RV, it may be yours too! LOL Now, for the + & -'s, over to the right of each port, you'll see a little green arrow up (for a plus) and a little red arrow down (for a minus). You can click on either one to give someone's post a + or a negative. Be careful, you can't undo them once you've clicked. Be nice & use the green (emerald's as we call them) alot more than the red (aka the rubies). We try not to neg anyone, but it does happen sometimes. Hope that helps. I just gave you another +. Keep posting & after 10 posts, your newbie label will go away. Have fun.
  9. Markinsa - did you say your GRANDMOTHER was named Robert James? Seriously?
  10. From the album Misc

  11. I never see things like you mentioned. Anyone else?
  12. You go, Bumper! We are all behind you, buddy!
  13. You guys are still throwing punches - however, the punches are actually softer. Good playing!
  14. Can everyone play nice in the sandbox? No name calling, voice your opinion without the nasty.
  15. climber7 - I'm asking you respectfully to be a little more respectful to dinarham. It doesn't appear to be a simple "copy & paste" function from where I'm sitting. dinarham's statement may or may not be factual, but to be that snarky because he/she didn't want to go digging for the names of 10 banks was out of line. Please try to be a little more polite with your posts and it will be most appreciated by all.