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  1. Can everyone play nice in the sandbox? No name calling, voice your opinion without the nasty.
  2. climber7 - I'm asking you respectfully to be a little more respectful to dinarham. It doesn't appear to be a simple "copy & paste" function from where I'm sitting. dinarham's statement may or may not be factual, but to be that snarky because he/she didn't want to go digging for the names of 10 banks was out of line. Please try to be a little more polite with your posts and it will be most appreciated by all.
  3. LJMac - send an email to Julie at and give her as much information as you have. Hopefully, she can tract down your VIP membership and help you with getting back into your original account. Best of luck.
  4. What a cutie! And what a blessing too!
  5. Adam made a post in another thread that the support system was down. That may be the issue. He said he would make a post when it's back up.
  6. This thread has gone way off topic. I'm locking it to keep down the cottonballs being thrown back & forth. Let's all try to play nice while sharing our "opinions".
  7. Most of the time, after the original expiration date expires (2-12-17), the correct date automatically shows up (somehow adjusts itself). But with the new upgrades Adam has done lately, it may not work that way any longer. Just for info.
  8. OK, You are amazing, Markinsa, I get it. But I'm still in the dark here. PS - Ahhhhhh......I finally get it. This pic was in the "Verify Me" thread - Duh! on my part. I'll crawl back under that rock now.
  9. OK Markinsa, I know I'm a little tech-challenged here, but I don't see a pic anywhere on In This Since 2004's profile. what am I missing here? Gallery is empty.
  10. There's a way to decrease the size of the pic. I'm thinking Markinsa helped us out with this last time. Markinsa? Yoohoo? Wake up!
  11. hopefulbam - your profile is showing a gmail address. Not sure if that's correct or if this helps you at all. Maybe it's confirmed.
  12. In have to go into your profile and choose a photo for your 'avatar/profile pic" if that's what you're talking about. We (the mods) can't add a pic to your profile.
  13. Flash - marketing or not, it makes good business sense.
  14. Karsten, sorry, but I'll have to disagree with you. Yes, the chat room has gotten to the point of not being used. And it takes money to maintain it. A businessman (which Adam is) has to make decisions about what is worth spending money on and what isn't. The chat room seemed to be down alot (which takes IT people to fix it and costs money) and the interest had fallen off. Adam is now doing a live chat in there on Tuesday evenings - yes, for those in VIP. We just had the chat and it was great. Adam shared alot of information, along with others asking questions, good conversation going back & forth. Things were discussed in there that pertain to the VIP and OSI strategies that aren't normally discussed out in the open forums. And the room was FULL and lively. So, I for one, am glad he is willing to put in the time and resources to keep the chat room open, even if it's just for special times like this. There will still be the Wednesday question & answer sessions that he's been doing quite some time now. JMO
  15. Ouch! You just hit me in the back of my hard head! That wasn't nice, Snowy. I'm going to throw my cuteness all over you, so you'd better watch out!