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  1. Let's talk about Harvey...

    patrickgold - you are right on with the one-on-one help that comes from friends, family, and even complete strangers. That's where the strength of the community comes in. The charities, even the best of them, are still an arm's length away from the people themselves that are out there struggling. Personal help like you are mentioning is what is needed, and will be needed for a long time to come. Blessings to you and your family! And to all the others out there that have helped out & sacrificed for those in need. Texas is very grateful!
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    I'll agree with Adam's choice of the Salvation Army. they seem to be right there when you need them, and are alot more frugal with our funds than most other charities of this kind. So, a big thumbs up for that decision!
  3. Silly Smiles

    OMG1 Not what I expected either! Wow - that was brutal!
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    TexasMike - Welcome back to the real world! LOL Glad you have power back. That's one small step to getting your life back. Stay strong!
  5. Other than Warka Bank

    Keep us posted if you hear back from any of them.
  6. Other than Warka Bank

    jb4388 - At the time I opened my Warka account (quite a few years ago now), that was our only choice. And the customer service has been pretty nil. I haven't heard of any other banks allowing US citizens to open accounts. However, I haven't kept up with this area in quite awhile.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    salt-life - for some reason, you just won't let it go. There's something going on within you that is making you a very angry person. You may be down there helping out alot of people that desperately need it, but the anger is still coming out of your pores. Just DROP IT! You are acting like WE need you here. Believe me, WE DON"T! So move on with your life.
  8. Let's talk about Harvey...

    Adam, I so very much agree with your choice of the Salvation Army. I've had some personal experience with them in the past in the Houston area and they are "golden!". And you have a heart of Gold too!
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Since walmart is no longer matching 2X's any donations for the hurricane relief, I'll go back to recommending the Salvation Army. They have very very little overhead compared to all other non-profits. Their website to donate for the Houston Area is: And, there's also Houston's beloved J.J. Watt.
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Markinsa - I couldn't agree with you more. I understand where SALT-LIFE is coming from, but at the same time, I'll have to agree with Adam. If they were told to get out & didn't, shame on them. If they weren't told to get out & got caught off guard, that's a little different store. But, it's time to get past the emotional feelings & dig in, get busy. Adam probably worked harder on the Dominica project that we had ongoing than did everyone else put together (unless there were some of you that were working behind the scenes hand's on that we don't know about_. I know there were several on DV that made very large donations, but Adam was the one putting it all together, getting it loaded up & making the trip personally to Dominica to make sure everything was handled the way we thought it would. So kudo's to you, Adam! We're behind you all the way. rodandstaff - I agree with you on Salvation Army! But it Walmart is matching 2X's, then that's probably the route to take with this one.
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Snowglobe - giving money is the easiest. If you want to go that route, I recommend JJ Watt's foundation. He's one of the good guys & will do things right. Here's a link: And another one that I really like is the Salvation Army. I've been involved with them in the past & they are truly sincere people - and the local chapter in Houston isn't so huge that they lose sight of the end results. They stay connected to the people they are helping.
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    I live in Texas, moved from Houston area four years ago, so I've been thru many hurricanes as far back as Hurricane Carla in 1961 (yep, I'm showing my age now). I still work in Houston so I'm there very often. We all do make our own choices about where we live. I just want to add that there were many many people that did evacuate ahead of the storm , and now are coming back home to complete devastation. I'll have to say that there were many people in the Rockport/Port Aransas area that had plenty of time to evacuate, but refused. When they were told to evacuate, some choose to "ride it out". They've probably ridden out many hurricanes/storms in the past and thought they could ride this one out too. That choice has been made by many thousands of people over the many years I've been living in Houston. What those people don't think about is the EMS & Emergency people that will have to go back in to try to get them out when they are clinging to the top of a tree, hanging on for dear life. So the people that did listen & got out, kudo's to them for protecting their families and themselves, and NOT putting others in harm's way. The one thing that everyone didn't plan on was how long Harvey hung around & the massive amount of rain that it dumped. So the flooding north of Rockport/Port Aransas (like Houston, Rosharon, Brazos River, Beaumont, etc) is what caught alot of people off guard. The water came up so fast in unexpected areas and most of those areas weren't told to evacuate. The news was constantly telling everyone "STAY PUT". Don't get on the roads. So for many, I understand how & why they were caught off guard with this flood. We Texans are very resilient, stubborn, hard-headed, determined, strong people. I have no doubt that we'll bounce back. Everyone is jumping in, the communities are coming together to help each other & I'm seeing a healing across the various lines of hatred in the past. The color of ones skin doesn't factor into whether you jump in & help. You just go & help wherever you can. That's the silver lining in this mess down here!
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 23 August 2017

    snowglobe - here's the link, just for you! Come join us - we are having lots of fun.
  14. Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017

    Thuggies - We have ladies in the house! Behave yourself!
  15. Smoking Gun or error?

    Good Job, TexasGranny! That idiot needed to go!

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