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  1. Moxie - I think the circles are the ones that you've previously clicked on but now have new posts in them. (I think) shawnee - the PM system is only for VIP members. Wanna join?
  2. KathyJB - I only have one. the little guy in my profile passed away sadly a few years back. So we got another one - a little female that looks very similar to your profile pic. She's 3 now & just as much fun as our first little guy. They are hilarious, aren't they? Love 'em!
  3. I just tried it also. It does nothing for me on the first click, but a second click brings up the "New Request" button. You should be able to submit your problem or question there. And Moxie - something tells me we'll be seeing you again - and probably more often. LOL
  4. crashtestdummy - I'm not sure why your support tab isn't working. I can't help you there. This is the correct place to post a question about the support tab. Any questions about a Name Reserve or IBC should be posted in the IBC forum. You're showing as IBC so you should be able to access that forum. Hope that helps.
  5. robert c - go to the top of this page & click on Support. Send your message to Julie there. She doesn't check the forums for questions, comments for her specifically.
  6. FlyHi - you are correct - almost. LOL All VIP members should be able to use the PM system, not just the Platinum VIP'rs.
  7. crane - go to the top of this page & click on "Support". Enter your information & the issue there. Julie will respond to your question.
  8. Here's the link to the Power Ball thread that Adam forgot to insert.
  9. Moving to Iraq & Dinar Related News.
  10. dof - since you are new to OSI, you have alot of questions and we have alot of answers. Please go to the VIP section & read all the pinned topics there. Then open up the OSI section & start reading more. The answers to everything are in there. Once you're read everything, and still have questions, then post your questions in the OSI forums. Thanks & welcome.
  11. You do it thru your profile. Go to the top right corner of your screen, click on the little white arrow that is next to your user name, this will open up your profile. Then click on "Edit Profile" and you'll see an area to edit any of your info there. Be sure to click Save when you're finished changing things.
  12. jahjahpraises - I'm afraid what you're wanting to do isn't fast (or easy in most cases). There are no banks that will currently buy them as they are not an internationally recognized currency. We have a "Buy & Sell" forum here on DV that you can post to & see if anyone is interested. Here's a link to that thread: You could also try to list them on ebay. And there are a few currency dealers out there that will buy them, but I'm not sure of the names or the prices that they are offering right now. Best of luck.
  13. Good seeing you, as well, snowglobe. Especially when you're not throwing something at me!
  14. snowglobe - good question. I've never used it, but I too thought it was sliding into oblivion.
  15. I was going to slap a few hands & say to everyone - grow up! But instead, I've decided to lock this thread. I've read about all I can handle right now- so no more tonight! Everyone go to bed! PS -Sorry, Run3446, I saw your post after I locked this thread. Didn't mean to rain on your parade. I'm sure if you look around, there'll be more spirited debates in some of the other threads. I just thought enough was enough! Didn't want anyone getting put on mod review or seriously in trouble.