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  1. Politician Maliki is likely to get his coalition 100 seats and reveals negotiations on the majority 09:42 - 21/04/2018 0 Post it on Facebook Twitter on Twitter Information / Baghdad ... MP on the coalition of state law on Subhi al-Maliki, Saturday, his coalition to get about 100 parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections, noting that the coalition began negotiations with blocks Sunni and Kurdish on forming a government of a majority of political. Maliki said in a statement to the information that "according to political and popular data, the coalition of state law will get about 100 seats during the upcoming parliamentary elections." He added that "the coalition of state law opened a political blocs, Kurdish and Sunni and other minorities to establish a large coalition to form a political majority after the elections," adding that "the formation of a majority government will end successive crises and support the work of parliament and state institutions." The Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki told the official file of Iraq and Iran in the State Department Andrew Beck, that the political majority will correct the path. Ending / 25 d
  2. 2018/04/21 09:16 All parliamentary legislation will be redrafted BAGHDAD / The obelisk: The parliamentary legal committee, Saturday 21 April 2018, all the pending laws in the House of Representatives automatically canceled, noting that the next government is to send the bill according to a different vision of the current government. "All the laws that have not been voted on have been automatically canceled and will be re-drafted after the elections," committee member Zana Said said in a statement. He added that "the drafting of laws will be the vision of the new government next and according to the data can not continue to pass any law is ready during the current parliamentary session." Said expected that "the resolution of important laws in the next session, such as the federal court law and the Federal Council and other consensual." Follow the obeliskالقانونية-النيابية--جميع-التشريعات-المعلقة-سيعاد-صياغتها-مجددا
  3. Central refuses to distinguish between categories of banknotes BAGHDAD / MESSALA: The Central Bank of Iraq refused on Saturday, 21 April 2018, to distinguish between categories of banknotes, considering discrimination a legal offense. The central bank said in a statement to the "obelisk" that "Iraqi banknotes are homogeneous in all categories and have absolute power of absolutism and are accepted by the Central Bank and its branches, banks, institutions and the public." "The distinction between categories by imposing a certain category on the public or refusing to accept a certain category is unacceptable and is contrary to law," the central bank said. The current Iraqi currency consists of seven categories: 250 dinars, 500 dinars, 1000 dinars, 5,000 dinars, 10,000 dinars, 25,000 dinars and 50,000 dinars, and the coins were withdrawn by the bank for non circulation by the public. Follow the obeliskالمركزي-يرفض-التمييز-بين-فئات-الاوراق-النقدية
  4. Canada: "Feasible" Iraq and Syria are planning to launch chemical attacks Bertha News Agency31 2018-04-21 The return of elements calling on terrorists from Iraq and Syria to the country could pose a threat to chemical weapons because some elements know how to manufacture and use them in terrorist attacks, Canadian government documents published on Saturday warned. "The organization of a terrorist advocate has repeatedly used chlorine and mustard gas in Syria and Iraq, raising the possibility of using it in Canada in attacks on the return of foreign terrorists to the country," the newspaper Global News reported in a report. "Although the chemical attack in Canada seems remote, there is still a risk of terrorists returning to Canada after they have gained knowledge of the use of chemical weapons," she said. "The case is one of the complexities facing the security services and the Canadian police, which are preparing to return those terrorists after their defeat in Iraq and Syria from Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda organizations. The federal government says that about 100 extremists left Canada to join terrorist groups and 60 of them returned after working with them there. "He said. "Given the situation on the ground, the authorities expect more extremists to return in the next few months, including women and children," the documents said. "The chances of a chemical weapons attack in Canada are very low because of strong domestic controls on the required materials and technology," the documents noted. "However, the use of a known toxicifier for commercially available toxic chemicals in attacks indicates the ability of the group to use any available means."
  5. Sweetened Parliamentary Finance: 40,000 employees have been working in contracts since 2008 14:32 - 21/04/2018 0 Post it on Facebook Twitter on Twitter Information / Baghdad .. The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Saturday that there are more than 40,000 employees working in the form of contracts since 2008 without their installation, accusing the current and previous governments not to "take into account" their circumstances. "More than 40,000 employees have been working on the contract system since 2008," Majida al-Tamimi, a member of the committee, said in a statement. "Previous governments have not taken into consideration the conditions and circumstances of these people over the past 10 years." Al-Tamimi warned the Ministry of Electricity of "exposure to the demonstrators of the owners of contracts," asserting that "the demonstrations are a peaceful right guaranteed by the Constitution and that the demonstrators exercise their constitutional right after the official time." Al-Tamimi pointed out that "the parliamentary financial and energy committees are closely following the contracts and will not remain silent until they are installed." Ending / 25 h
  6. economic Newspaper: Iraq has not received one dollar from the contributions of the Kuwait Conference 11:58 - 21/04/2018 0 Post it on Facebook Twitter on Twitter Information / Baghdad .. BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi will not oppose any foreign move by local officials in the liberated provinces to raise funds or get Grants for the reconstruction of their areas. "The Kuwait conference on donors for Iraq has not achieved any results, and the countries that have announced their donation have not delivered Iraq a dollar yet, despite the urgent need to expedite the relief of the population in those areas," the newspaper quoted a senior official in the Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers as saying. "The work is currently limited to international and UN organizations, as well as the efforts of Arab charitable organizations, such as Kuwait and Qatar, which have helped the government provide drinking water and various assistance, , As well as the merchants and the well-being of the inhabitants of these cities also help, but these contributions can not achieve anything on the ground in proportion to the amount of great ruin. " The official said that "the government will grant large concessions to the local companies that take the initiative in helping the people of these cities and to assist them, within the framework of governmental treatment, including that Abadi will not oppose the visit of members of the provincial councils or governors and local officials to the States Arab or foreign and the door of organizations, to mobilize support and assistance in the reconstruction of cities, and even welcomes such steps by the governments of those provinces. Ending / 25
  7. UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION COMMISSION PAYS OUT US$90 MILLION 20 April 2018 The United Nations Compensation Commission today made available $90 million to the Government of the State of Kuwait towards the Commission’s remaining claim with an outstanding award balance. Successful claims are paid from the United Nations Compensation Fund which receives a percentage of the proceeds generated by the export sales of Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products. This amount was previously set at five per cent under Security Council resolution 1483 (2003), and reaffirmed in subsequent resolutions. Under decision 276, adopted by the Commission’s Governing Council in November 2017, this amount was set at 0.5 per cent in 2018, with escalating percentages in the following years until compensation is paid in full. This payment is the first made toward the outstanding award since October 2014. Due to the extraordinarily difficult security circumstances in Iraq and the unusual budgetary challenges, the Governing Council had granted the Government of Iraq three successive one-year postponements of its deposit obligations. Pursuant to Governing Council decision 267 (2009), payments are made on a quarterly basis utilizing all available funds in the Compensation Fund. The United Nations Compensation Commission was established in 1991 in accordance with Security Council resolutions 687 (1991) and 692 (1991) to process claims and pay compensation for losses and damages incurred by individuals, corporations, Governments and international organizations as a direct result of Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait (2 August 1990 to 2 March 1991). The Commission received approximately 2.7 million claims and concluded its review of all claims in 2005. Approximately $52.4 billion was awarded to over 100 Governments and international organizations for distribution to 1.5 million claims in all claim categories. With today’s payment, the Commission has paid out $47.9 billion, leaving approximately $4.5 billion remaining to be paid to the only outstanding claim. This category E claim was submitted by the Government of the State of Kuwait on behalf of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and awarded $14.7 billion in 2000 for oil production and sales losses as a result of damages to Kuwait’s oil field assets. It represents the largest award by the Commission. Further information about the Commission can be found on the United Nations Compensation Commission website located at For use of the information media; not an official record UNCC/18/1E release - Payment of 20 April 2018.pdf
  8. 2018-04-19 BY SOTALIRAQ Iraq responds to Iran on the agreement to reduce tariffs with the Saudi side The General Authority of Iraqi Customs denied on Wednesday that there was an agreement to reduce the fees with the Saudi side. This came in the response of the Commission to what the media wanted about the statement of the head of the Iranian Industry and Trade Authority Rida Al-Harashi on Monday in this area. A statement issued by the Authority said today that it "confirms the completion of customs duties in accordance with the provisions of the Tariff Law No. 22 of 2010 on all goods and all originals and there is no preference on the other hand."العراق-يردُّ-على-إيران-بشأن-اتفاقية-خف/
  9. Deputy: The Presidency of the Parliament bears full responsibility to disrupt the work of the Council BAGHDAD / The obituary: MP from the coalition of state law, Mansour al-Baiji, Thursday, April 19, 2018, that the House of Representatives will not meet again during the remaining age, even if the Presidency called for a hearing in the coming days. "The meeting was called for more than three times and the meeting was not held due to the lack of quorum for the meeting because most of the members of the House of Representatives because of preoccupation with their election campaigns or the unwillingness to vote on the laws of the stalled, which did not obtain political consensus And has been disrupted to this day. " He explained that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives bear full responsibility to disrupt the work of the Council and the convening of the meeting for a long time because they did not take a real deterrent action against all the deputies who did not attend the meetings and only financial deductions that often returned to absentee MPs did not constitute a strong deterrent because of their absence "He said. "All the laws that will go to the next session will be dealt with as new laws, and this is a great loss, not to mention the interrogations that took place and the vote was not decided on whether or not it will end with the end of the current session. This is regrettable. The whole being failed and did not take the real actions to prevent the interruption of the deputies of deputies are negatively reflected on the holding of meetings and this is not acceptable permanently. " Follow the obeliskنائب-رئاسة-البرلمان-تتحمل-كامل-المسؤولية-لتعطيل-عمل-المجلس
  10. The hero of the Sumer package deals with Babylonians promising jobs and appointments Baghdad / Al-Masala: The electoral program is a means of winning the votes in the electoral marathon, provided that it is based on honesty and not making promises that are not realized due to the economic conditions and the budget items. However, deputies, led by MP Habib al-Jubouri, Tribes and city dwellers with jobs and appointments in open-ended behavior for the Iraqi people. Al-Jubouri's propaganda activities come at a time when citizens in Babylon re-published a video from last year, warning people against the re-election of Jubouri. The video is taken from the "space" Iraqi talk about a new corruption deal involving MP Haitham al-Jubouri, in coordination with the importer of fake explosives detector Fadel Dabbas; where they imported Sumer barrels from factories in the UAE, which have shares, and entered into Iraq as "National industry" to be exempted from the customs taxes resulting from them, amounting to about $ 12 million. The program provider asked a question to al-Jubouri: What is your relationship with the Sumer package? He added: "If you are talking about the customs, you and Dabbas brought a book from the director general of food products in the Ministry of Industry to exempt the imported cigarettes from the customs taxes of $ 12 million. When the goods arrived at the checkpoints, they did not pay the customs taxes. To the detention of trucks, mediated by the "influential", to allow trucks to pass. Who is following the corruption agenda in Iraq, is well aware that the Sumer deal is a link in the series of corruption Jubouri, and this is what was revealed by sources that MP Jubouri threatened to disclose files of corruption, especially "inflated accounts" in a Gulf state, 24/8/2016 on a political source said that "there are files and documents that highlight the corruption of the questioned MP Haitham Jubouri, especially his inflated accounts in a Gulf state known." The source, who asked not to be named, said that "other documents on the actions carried out by Jubouri require legal accountability." The MP Haytham al-Jubouri admitted on the interactive page "Facebook" the authenticity of the book, which addresses the Secretary of Baghdad title of "Secretary of the Secretary", in a clear source of emotions, as "mediates" in the book, for the purpose of giving a merchant a piece of land for the purposes of investment project. The "obelisk" was published earlier, a book issued by Jubouri mediating in favor of a merchant with the secretariat of Baghdad. According to informed sources, MP Haitham al-Jubouri put pressure on the administration of the Rasheed Bank to obtain a 50 billion dinar loan for one of the traders, so that al-Jubouri's share would be 5 billion dinars, Of this merchant. MP Jubouri, who took a lot of reform remarks, promised the people of Babylon, where he visited tribes and other sectors, that he will contribute to the employment of the unemployed, and will strive to detect the corrupt, has become a prisoner of balances and collisions and corrupt transactions. The Iraqi public is not oblivious to corruption. An Iraqi blogger named "The Cry of Truth" called on al-Jubouri: "All those who defend this MP should ask you a question. How did you use your power and nepotism to appoint your relatives or friends while you do not have? Where ordinary people, a mode of recruitment. " Source: obeliskبطل-صفقة-سكائر-سومر-يوعد-أهالي-بابل-بالوظائف-والتعيينات
  11. Interior Ministry announces the arrest of an accused of card-making cards "north of Baghdad." Bertha News Agency182 2018-04-18 The Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday the arrest of an accused of "key card" fraud in northern Iraq. The ministry said in a statement that "according to intelligence information accurate intelligence units were able to protect facilities operating within the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency in the Ministry of the Interior to arrest a defendant who is the process of counterfeiting card KKART and inspire citizens to hand over this card for money" The ministry said that "the force arrested him with the criminal offense north of the capital Baghdad, has been taken legal action against him by the competent authorities." Subscribe to the channel news agency Bertha on the talgam
  12. Integrity: Adjusting loan transactions for fictional employees at a foreign bank in Baghdad Thursday, April 19 Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced that the Integrity Commission, on Thursday, seized the names of employees "fictitious" loan transactions worth one billion and 800 million dinars in a foreign bank branch in the province of Baghdad, noting that the seizure was carried out under a memorandum of judicial restraint. The Commission said in a statement received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "The staff of the Division of attribution and judicial control in the Directorate of the investigation of Baghdad has moved to the headquarters of the branch of the bank, and was able to control the origin of pledges and books the authenticity of fraudulent issuance of 224 employees fictitious issuance of the General Authority of groundwater of the Ministry Water Resources". She added that "the preliminary investigations led to that the fraud was conducted in cooperation with the authorized authority of the General Groundwater at the bank, while the representatives of the legal Ministry of Water Resources and the branch of the foreign bank in Baghdad to complain about both the employees of the default and the director of the branch of the bank in Baghdad, and proves complicity and shortness "He said. She added that "the transactions of all forged loans have been seized, under which the amount of 1,800,000,000 billion dinars was disbursed, and a substantive record of the seized material was prepared and presented to the competent investigating judge. The individual decided on the right of the fugitive accused the former director of the bank branch in Baghdad, Article 444/11 of the Penal Code. "النزاهة-ضبط-معاملات-قروض-لموظفين-وهميين-بمصرف-أجنب/ar
  13. customs determines its responsibility to collect new wages Twilight News one hour ago The General Authority of Customs announced on Thursday that it is not related to the amounts that the border crossing authority started imposing today on importers at the border port of Safwan. The authority said in a statement to the news agency that it does not take responsibility for delaying the clearance of imported consignments to the public and private sectors as a result of this procedure. It is noteworthy that the Border Ports Authority directed its directorates to impose a sum of fifty thousand dinars for each truck entering the border port. Keywords:
  14. US policy sends a specialized team to experience the electronic voting devices for the Iraqi elections Twilight News one hour ago (Reuters) - The United States has pledged to send a specialized team to test electronic voting devices for the elections, the head of the Islamic Union in the Iraqi parliament, Muthana Amin, said on Thursday. "I met with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman and asked him to send his country a specialized team to test the electronic voting systems for the elections," Amin told a news conference in Sulaymaniyah. "Those organs need to be tested before going to the polls," he said. "Iraq is going through dangerous situations and there is a deep conflict between parties and political parties," he said. "Elections must be conducted in a transparent and fair manner, and we should not allow them to cause problems that bring us back to the first security square and the return of terrorism." Keywords:
  15. Presidential President Important Representative of the Speaker of the House of Representatives: Such achievements give a new face to this country, which has long suffered from harsh conditions April 18, 2018 29 Views During his attendance at the inauguration ceremony of the Water City Representative of the Speaker of the House of Representatives: Such achievements give a new face to this country, which has long suffered from harsh conditions The representative of Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdulmalik Al-Husseini attended the opening ceremony of the water city on the tourist island of Baghdad on Wednesday Where it is a pleasure and joy to meet in these moments and in this place of tourism in order to open this entertainment achievement amid the rejoicing of the people and this gives several signals is that Iraq began today to live a new stage, and there are indications of the success of the challenge of the Iraqis against the advocates of non-state Chaos and advocates of darkness and retreat and underdevelopment. Al-Husseini explained that the requirements of this stage and after Iraq achieved its victory with the arms of its sons from the brave armed forces in all its forms and formations to organize the calling of the terrorist is the removal of all traces and remnants left by the advocates of chaos and killing and sabotage and embarking on a new stage entitled stability and reconstruction in a safe environment and under the shadow A civil state ruled by justice and governed by law and whose people enjoy peace, a state protected and protected by its children. He explained that "one of the requirements of state protection is to contribute actively to the industry of stability and achieving community peace and renounce all factors of discrimination and faith in the reference of the state as the safety valve and the sole guarantor of the rights of all its citizens with their various components and affiliations and orientations. Media Office of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 18/4/2018ممثل-رئيس-مجلس-النواب-ان-مثل-هذه-الانج/

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