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  1. Kurds are seeking to start a dialogue with Baghdad next week 23/11/2017 12:00 am BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah / Omar Abdul Latif likely the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to begin the first rounds of negotiations between the center and the region next week. These expectations came at a time when the government confirmed that the dialogue must be linked to respect for the Constitution and its outputs, and respect the decisions of the Federal Court, in addition to joint work in the security and oil fields to impose federal authority on the two files. The spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office Saadi al-Hadithi said in a press statement: "The judicial ruling issued by the Federal Court resolved the controversy that took place during the previous period on the legality of the referendum," noting that "the referendum and all that resulted from it is now null under the resolution." He added: "Today we are waiting for the desire of the regional government to conduct dialogue under the roof of the Constitution, and therefore, this constitutes a base through which to abide by these resolutions and the unity of Iraq to discuss the possibility of resolving outstanding differences between Baghdad and Erbil." He pointed out that "the dialogue is linked to respecting the Constitution and its outputs and respect the decisions of the Federal Court in addition to the existence of field steps on the ground related to joint work in the security and oil fields to impose the federal authority on the two files," stressing that " Politician". For his part, expected the MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in parliament, Mohamed Osman, that the negotiations begin between Baghdad and Erbil next week. "The delegation of the region will be composed of all the Kurdish parties without exception, away from the faces, personalities and leaders who wanted the region to what it is now of economic and political crises that led to severing relations with the international community because of the referendum that insisted," Osman said in an interview with al-Sabah. Some politicians. " In turn, stressed the head of the Kurdistan Change bloc in parliament, Sarwa Abdul Wahid, the importance of providing a clear mechanism for dialogue and the relationship between Arbil and Baghdad, provided that "the relationship is national and based on institutional basis away from personal moods
  2. LOL Central banks contribute to economic balance 23/11/2017 12:00 am Within its role as monetary economic institutions Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara The relationship between the government and the central bank plays an important role in financing the budget deficit and providing credit to the government. The government has its legal representation in the central bank's board of directors and has the legal right to appoint and remove the governor of the central bank as well as other variables. The academic economist d. "Many economists believe that the role of the central bank is more obvious when it is unable to finance public expenditure by traditional means of taxation or by cutting government spending," he said. Currency printing and borrowing and explained , "resorting financial policy to the means of non - conventional in order to finance the budget deficit through monetary issuance (currency printing) and borrowing from the banking system, and this trend will lead to a rise in general levels of prices, so it is necessary to put restrictions on credit provided by the Bank Central government to reduce inflationary trends and the accumulation of public debt. " "In order not to conflict between the central bank's monetary policy and fiscal policy, specific limits are set for the central bank's credit to the government, depending on the circumstances and nature of the existing economic activity." Achieving economic balance He pointed out that "the responsibility of the Central Bank to contribute to achieving economic balance, is a joint task within the framework of its role as a monetary economic institution has an influential position within the framework of the comprehensive state," stressing that "any imbalance or instability in the balance, likely mainly to lack of coordination or overlap In responsibilities between State institutions ". "The attempt to link the independence of the central bank and the exchange rate policy has found a place in economic studies, especially under free or floating exchange arrangements. The more central the central bank is, the more effective it will be in determining appropriate exchange rates "He said. He pointed out that "the government's involvement with the central bank in determining the exchange rate policy will lead to the difference or contradiction between the purposes of the exchange rate, and other monetary purposes that both the bank and the government seeks to achieve." "There are opinions that" when sudden crises will be the intervention of the Central Bank is ineffective because of the participation of political authorities in the functions of the exchange rate policy of the Central Bank . " "This view has a lot of extremism, because even in countries whose central banks have a high degree of independence, the determination of the appropriate exchange rate system or mechanism is shared by both the government authorities and the central bank. The exchange rate policy is under the control of the government "He said. Independence and inflation Turn-d. Qusay al-Jabri, that the central bank's responsibility to maintain and stabilize prices, any acceptable rates of inflation, the more central bank is characterized by independence, it is able to achieve this goal In order to prove that relationship a number of economic researchers conducted quantitative studies were compared to average Inflation in certain countries, for specific periods with the degree of independence of the central banks of the countries and the same period, and acknowledged the inverse relationship between the degree of independence and the rate of inflation.
  3. Integrity discusses the role of media in combating corruption 23/11/2017 12:00 am Baghdad / Shaima Rachid The Integrity Commission, in cooperation with the Journalists Syndicate, held a seminar on the role of national media in fighting corruption, a step that comes within the week of integrity activities . "The media has a big role in monitoring the government's performance, because it is the voice of the people," said Ghazwan Hadi, director of media at the Integrity Commission. "Iraq is fighting a new battle after the fight against corruption." He stressed the importance and role of all media in combating corruption and highlighting the work of government bodies through the dissemination of news and information on corruption, pointing out that without the role of the media will not be the Integrity Commission or other government institutions any little role, noting that corruption is fighting today, Integrity plays a major role in fighting corruption through the media. He added that the media today is divided into three categories, the first is the national media, the second is the institutional media, and finally the journalist citizen, who uses the means of social communication in the transfer of information, stressing that the latter category is one of the most dangerous types and has a negative impact in the society for the citizen's transfer of news and information, Wrong. He added that the media citizen is causing a lot of problems through the broadcast of a situation and news in social networking sites does not know the extent of sincerity and accuracy and therefore may harm the national media, adding that this new form of media is intended to waste real information and misrepresentation of the processes that are plagued by corruption. For his part, a member of the Syndicate of Journalists Nazem al-Rubaie that this workshop aims to highlight the role of media, which is a source of corruption, and the Integrity Commission alone can not play this role without being supported by information. "Media plays a big role today in detecting corrupt people, especially the investigative press, but many journalists are ignorant of their legal rights, which makes them accountable," Rubaie said at the seminar. Al-Rubaie set up an operations room within the union to help journalists know their rights.
  4. Committees of the Legal Committee The Chairman of the Legal Committee meets with a delegation from the United Nations Mission November 22, 2017 20 Views MP Mohsen Al-Saadoun, Chairman of the Legal Committee met on Wednesday 22/11/2017 a delegation from the United Nations Mission in Iraq, in the presence of MP Faiq Sheikh Ali, a member of the Committee. During the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Committee, discussed the issue of the possibility of holding elections to the Council of Representatives and provincial council elections in a timely manner and the most important obstacles that stand in the way of its conduct and demands for postponement by some political forces. Al-Saadoun asked during the meeting of the United Nations Mission to provide assistance and support in holding successful elections in Iraq that meet the aspirations and aspirations of the Iraqi people, pointing to the existence of pressure and demands from provincial deputies occupied by the organization calling for postponement of both elections in these provinces because of the large numbers of displaced and the lack of ground Appropriate for their conduct in these provinces. The Chairman of the Committee also requested to assist in the legislative election legislation in both the parliamentary and the governorates by conducting dialogues and meetings with all Iraqi political forces to reach an agreed formula. Al-Saadoun said that the demand of some parties to hold elections according to the previous law is unacceptable to the Iraqi people in general because it does not meet his ambitions and aspirations. For his part, MP Faiq Sheikh Ali said during the meeting to the existence of political differences on the Iraqi arena on the conduct of the elections or not, stressing that there is insistence on the conduct by a number of political parties and that non-action will be the House of Representatives in front of great embarrassment to the Iraqi people. Sheikh Ali accused political parties he did not name by pressure to postpone the elections because of what he described as their failure and convinced them not to win and re-elected by their constituency because they did not meet their demands and aspirations.رئيس-مجلس-النواب-يؤكد-خلال-استقباله-ال-4/
  5. Presidential President Important President of the House of Representatives confirms during his meeting with the US ambassador that Iraq is moving towards an important stage in which it adopts a comprehensive reconstruction plan in the liberated areas November 22, 2017 17 Views Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr. Salim al-Jubouri received on Wednesday the US ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Douglas Seelman. During the meeting, they reviewed the bilateral relations between the two countries and joint coordination to confront the Dahedash organization. The meeting also discussed the developments in Iraq and the region and the file of the return of displaced persons to their liberated areas. He stressed that Iraq, after serving gangs and calling on criminals, is heading towards an important stage that requires everyone to take responsibility for a comprehensive reconstruction process, especially in areas affected by the fighting against terrorism. "There are hundreds of displaced families who are still living in harsh conditions in the displacement camps in the country, which requires exceptional local and international efforts to speed up their return to their liberated cities within specific time limits." For his part, the US ambassador expressed his country's support for Iraq and all fields, praising the role of Speaker of Parliament and his efforts to ensure the security and stability of the country. *** information Office To the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 22/11/2017رئيس-مجلس-النواب-يؤكد-خلال-استقباله-ال-4/
  6. In preparation for the meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice at its 33rd session, Minister of Justice: Meeting of the Executive Office of Arab Ministers of Justice will focus on drying up the sources of terrorism 2017-11-22 05:42:00 The Minister of Justice d. The meeting of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice will focus on combating terrorism and draining its sources intellectually and materially and studying compensation for victims of terrorist operations and refugees. The Minister of Foreign Affairs announced on the sidelines of the meeting of the Executive Bureau of Arab Ministers of Justice at its 61st session on Wednesday in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, in preparation for the meeting of Arab Ministers of Justice at its 33rd Session on Thursday. The Minister of Justice pointed out that among the recommendations was to call upon the Arab countries that have not yet ratified the Arab Convention to Combat Terrorism to complete the ratification procedures and urged the Arab countries to intensify bilateral and collective Arab cooperation in the field of information exchange related to combating terrorism. The financing of terrorism and the recovery of looted funds, as well as the draft amendment of the Model Arab Model Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.
  7. Minister of Justice d. Haidar Zamili represents Iraq in the meetings of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice for its session (61) 2017-11-22 01:51:00 The Minister of Justice d. Said that the files of fighting terrorism and combating corruption and combating the financing of terrorism and legal cooperation will lead the meetings of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice for its session. The meeting was held on Wednesday 22/11/2017 at the headquarters of the Arab LeagueSecretariat in Cairo, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates). The Minister of Justice d. The agenda of the meeting today is scheduled to discuss a number of draft recommendations on the agenda items of the Executive Office, in particular the fight against terrorism and the unification of Arab efforts in this area.
  8. At his meeting with the Iraqi ambassador to Egypt on the sidelines of the meeting of Arab Ministers of Justice Justice Minister: We will do the elimination of terrorism and the reconstruction of liberated areas 2017-11-21 11:35:00 Minister of Justice The Egyptian ambassador to Cairo, Mr. Habib al-Sadr, on the sidelines of the meeting of the executive office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice No. 61 and the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice. The Minister discussed with the Ambassador the most important points that the Iraqi delegation seeks to adopt during the current session of the Council's work for the current year 2017. The Minister noted that the most important gifts of the Iraqi delegation during this session will promote unity and cooperation among the Arab countries in all fields, On terror, and the reconstruction of liberated areas from the control of terrorist gangs. The meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice will take place on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Arab League, in the presence of Arab justice ministers and public figures at the international and regional levels to discuss the most important issues and issues related to the current situation in Arab countries.
  9. When meeting with his Jordanian counterpart in the Egyptian capital Cairo Minister of Justice: We seek to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences Arab Minister of Justice: We seek to enhance ways of cooperation and exchange of experiences Arab 2017-11-21 11:32:00 The Minister of Justice d. Haidar Zamili, the ministry's efforts to enhance cooperation with its counterparts in the Arab countries in order to achieve integration in various fields of joint action. During his meeting with the Jordanian counterpart, Dr. Awad Abu Jarad Al-Mashqaba, on Tuesday, the Egyptian Minister of Justice held a meeting in Cairo on the sidelines of the 33nd Arab Ministers of Justice meeting, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Meeting of the Executive Bureau of Arab Ministers of Justice at its 61st session. The minister also highlighted the dimensions of the historical victory achieved by the brave sons of Iraq against all terrorist groups and gangs and the cleansing of all Iraqi lands from its clutches. In turn, the Jordanian Minister of Justice expressed his readiness to exchange experiences in the various functional areas with the Iraqi Ministry of Justice in an effort to raise the level of work and benefit from common experiences. He praised Iraq's role in combating terrorism not only in Iraq but also in all countries of the region.
  10. Minister of Justice Arrives in Cairo to Attend Arab Justice Ministers' Meeting (33) 2017-11-21 11:26:00 Minister of Justice Haidar Zamili, on Tuesday, to the Egyptian capital Cairo to attend the meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice for its 33rd session and the meeting of the Executive Office in its 61st session. "The Minister of Justice, Dr. Haider Zamili, Chairman of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice for his current session, arrived today in Cairo to attend the meeting of the Executive Office and the meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice, 33 which will be held in Cairo under the auspices of the Arab League," theministry said in a statement . "The Arab executive ministers are expected to attend the meeting of the executive office on Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Mauritania and the moon," the ministry said.
  11. A government attempt to sue Barzani for violating the constitution 22/11/2017 09:03 | Number of readings: font size: Trend Press / Continue Revealed the parliamentary legal committee, the intention of the federal government to file a lawsuit against the former president of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani for violating the Constitution. "The government plans to file a lawsuit against Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the coming days," committee member Ibtisam al-Hilali said in a press statement. "The list of the lawsuit will include violating the constitution by holding a referendum on the secession of Kurdistan on the twenty-fifth of last September, despite all the calls of the government to postpone, in addition to stay in office despite the end of his mandate two years ago, and investment of Kirkuk and Kurdistan oil money and salaries of employees who were sent there by the government To his own account. " Hilali hinted that "the Kurdish people are innocent of these actions, but Barzani tried from the referendum step to enter history."
  12. CBI News 11/22/2018

    International Monetary Fund: IMF mission has made good progress on Iraq's 2018 budget The mission completed discussions with the Iraqi side on the third review of the credit readiness agreements for 36 months 21 November 2017 10:38 PM The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reported good progress in reaching agreement on Iraq's draft budget for 2018 in line with the IMF program. He added that the Iraqi authorities and staff of the Fund, in Amman from 17 to 21 November 2017, continued to hold discussions on the third review of credit readiness agreements for 36 months. The IMF, announced early August, that the economic policies implemented by the Iraqi authorities appropriate, to deal with the shocks facing Iraq - armed conflict with the repercussions of the humanitarian crisis and the collapse of oil prices . The head of the IMF's Iraq mission, Christian Goose, said the Iraqi authorities and IMF staff were still discussing credit arrangements and making progress with the agency.النقد-الدولي-بعثة-الصندوق-أحرزت-تقدما-جيدا-حول-ميزانية-العراق-2018?currentUserCountryCode=NZ
  13. Abadi collects a database on contraband funds and sets the date for the fight against corruption 266 November 22, 2017 - 8:21 Number of readings: BAGHDAD - A deputy close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday that the latter collected a database on Iraqi funds smuggled out of Iraq, noting that he is holding intensive meetings with the Integrity Commission and the concerned parties in preparation for the start of the battle of corruption on January 1 Next. The deputy Jassem Mohammed Jaafar said in a press statement that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi managed to collect a database during the last period on the money smuggled," stressing that "this file (money smuggled) is now ready for Abadi." Jaafar added that "Abadi may start his war against corruption starting from this file," adding that the Prime Minister "is holding intensive meetings with the Integrity Commission and the regulatory and judicial bodies in preparation for his war against corruption." Jaafar had earlier revealed Abadi's use of foreign experts to fight corruption, and as the likelihood of issuing judicial orders against figures in the previous and current governments, he pointed out that the next war against corruption could take two years.العبادي-يجمع-قاعدة-بيانات-بشأن-الأموال-المهربة-ويحدد-موعد-انطلاق-معركة-الفساد
  14. Iraq to resume war reparations to Kuwait for infrastructure damages during Gulf War Iraqi troops torched Kuwait oil fields during their ignominious retreat [AFP] Date of publication: 22 November, 2017 Share this page: Iraqi will contribute point five percent of its oil income to a reparations fund to Kuwait for damages to the country's oil infrastructure during the Gulf War. Iraq will resume war reparations to Kuwait, following an agreement between the two countries to end a debt for damaged infrastructure during the 1990-1 Gulf War. Baghdad will contribute 0.5 percent of its 2018 oil proceeds to a fund that will eventually pay off a $4.6 billion debt to Kuwait. It relates to damages to the Kuwait's oil infrastructure committed by Iraqi forces during the one year occupation of their southern neighbour. Reparations were halted when the Islamic State group captured much of the oil-rich north of Iraq, leading to the near-collapse in the country's security. The UN Compensation Commission announced on Tuesday that the two sides had agreed a proposal to pay off the remaining balance for the "unlawful invasion and occupation" of Kuwait. "The (UNCC's) governing council welcomed receipt of a proposal for deposits to resume into the compensation fund in 2018 put forward by the government of Iraq and accepted by the government of Kuwait," the commission said in a statement. It projects the debt to be paid off by 2021, if the percentage of oil proceeds is increased year-on-year. Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait in 1990, declaring it the country's 19th province. Iraqi forces set fire to Kuwait's oil fields during their retreat creating thick clouds of smoke over the country. The announcement follows a visit to Kuwait by Iraq's President Fuad Masum on Monday. Kuwait's KUNA state news agency said officials from the two countries had discussed the issue of reparations before the Iraqi president's arrival.
  15. Policy documents that .. the Federal Court to respond to the issue of non - attendance of the defendants on Kurdistan Referendum Twilight News 3 hours ago The Federal Supreme Court replied on Wednesday to the questions of radio "Voice of America" on the absence of defendants in the ruling issued on the 20th of this month, which ruled unconstitutionality of the referendum of the Kurdistan Region. The Federal Supreme Court issued a ruling unconstitutional referendum on September 25, 2017, in the Kurdistan Region and the rest of the regions outside, the decision to cancel the effects and results ranked by all. The Kurdistan Region held a referendum on September 25 in its provinces and disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, where 93% of the voters supported independence from Iraq. The head of the regional government, Nechirvan Barzani, criticized on Monday at a press conference the decision to issue a verdict with the absence of the representative of Kurdistan during the hearing. Kurdish parties and officials, led by nationalist leader Massoud Barzani, say the Federal Supreme Court is unconstitutional and politicized since it was formed in 2004, while the constitution was voted in a referendum in 2005.

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