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  1. Why has the Western media been silent about this victory? I haven't seen any coverage even on Fox or Drudge report where you would expect to see it.
  2. Trump Travel Ban Will Take Effect Thursday Evening U.S. Time Seems really weird to me that the Mosul battle is being declared over at the same time this ban is taking effect. Could it possibly be to prevent the Iraqi people from trying to leave their country now that they have some money instead of staying there to help rebuild it and make it prosperous?
  3. DDG - Short Oil & Gas ProShares ETF. DNO - US Short Oil Fund. DRIP - Direxion Daily S & P Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Bear 3X Shares ETF. DUG - Ultra Short Oil & Gas ProShares ETF. SCO - Ultra Short DJ-UBS Crude Oil ProShares ETF
  4. I'm heavily invested in several of the Kurdistan oil companies. There was an enormous buy of 10 million shares of Genel energy at the market close today. There was another 3 million buy at almost 10 percent above the ask price earlier this week. You don't normally buy that many shares at once because you drive the price up. Unless you are afraid of not getting your shares in time for a major event. The company is either being bought out or there is big news coming out in the region (oil and gas law).
  5. Hopefully, it's a victory tour for the big announcement that was made.
  6. Interesting that the media has made an enormous deal out of "Trump's first 100 days in office". I do not remember Obama or any other President having so much emphasis placed on their first 100 days in office before. Checking the calendar April 29th will be Trump's 100th day in office... could be a buzzerbeater.
  7. I want to hit myself with a hammer, I cannot stand this anymore. First a few days and now three months!
  8. Northern Iraq will be fueling China's New Silk Road project... It's why I've also bought stock in Kurdistan Oil and Gas companies... pennies a share and sitting on billions of barrels of oil that can be extracted at the cheapest cost in the world. Back to the future. The restoration of Iraq and British expertise. Iraq has been in the news for a generation and our perceptions have been coloured by conflict and the near destruction of the Middle East’s most wealthy and civilised country. In the 1970’s Iraq was not only a secular and relatively harmonious multi-cultural society, but highly educated, enormously wealthy and a centre for cultural tourism. While the media is focussed on the awful impact of IS, and the conflict in Mosul is still raging, it’s fair to say large swathes of the country, especially the South, have been free from conflict and are relatively peaceful. Indeed, the conduct and effectiveness of the Iraqi army has given hope to a peaceful aftermath in Mosul and Anbar province, with prospects for an end to IS and reconciliation with the Sunni groups in the west. Today, similar conditions exist for a return to that wealth and civilisation- as the country comes together, Daesh are being seen off, the oil price is rising, the IMF and ISF are loaning the country $14bn for infrastructure, and educated expat entrepreneurs are beginning to return home with investment and know how. Now that the UK is going global we should consider Iraq a strong business opportunity. Iraq is open for Investment, from the most basic Infrastructure: roads, rail, ports, airports and water, to new private housing, schools and universities, with Iraq’s abundant energy, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, to professional services and cultural tourism. Iraq is effectively virgin territory for investors, construction and professional and telco and cultural tourism services alike – in fact, all the things the UK excels in. The picture for British industry is even stronger when we recognise British companies already play a leading role in the business ecology: Shell and BP are key players in the economy and offer an umbrella for British engineering companies; Eversheds, EY and PWC provide legal and accountancy services to our companies and Standard Charteredare there to service our finances. The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) with its long term and trusted relationships in senior government circles can also guide and assist members on political issues and through its extended membership there is a wealth of knowledge to assist new members in doing business in Iraq. Tawfiq Tabbaa, Managing Partner of Eversheds Iraq, has seen a 25 percent increase in business, and the prospects of acceleration as international business moves back to Iraq, including a budegoning tech sector and a requirement for professional services to service international and local companies. Alistair Kett, a Partner at PWC, observes: “To the casual observer, any headlines relating to Iraq will be dominated by the ongoing defeat of Daesh and the associated albeit complex security picture. A closer look, however, reveals a country that has started a huge transformation. With significant financing available for huge infrastructure projects and many recognised organisations already embedded in their design and delivery the economic and commercial potential of this market is clearly shifting quickly.” Mohammed Al Charchafchi, Chairman of Zain Iraq, indicates that: “The Iraqi economy is recovering and is projected to grow at 7 percent in the next few years, one of the highest growth rates in the world, this also applies on the GDP per capita and the contribution of non-oil revenue to the GDP of the country. The growth is mainly driven by the increased production of oil, inflow of FDI, structural reforms by the government and implementation of the IMF terms. And IBBC new member GE has recently won a $1.4-billion contract to build new electric power stations. Frederic Ribieras, VP Global Growth says: “GE just signed several new contracts worth a total of $1.4 billion with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to add a further 2,000 MW via gas turbines, that drastically increases supply to Iraq’s grid. Thanks to GE’s global reach and relationships with various financing institutions and export credit agencies, GE also has been able to set up some $2 billion in credit to support the projects. This will enable the Iraqi government to improve its power supply without short-circuiting its finances.” As if that is not bright enough the Chinese intend to bring the New Silk road (OBOR) and its investment train through northern Iraq to provide access to China and the West, for Iraq’s petrochemical industries. And the Iraqis are surprisingly loyal to the UK. So we see an immediate future where Iraq begins to re-take its place in the league of wealthier nations, keen to expand consumer and professional services, fuelled by oil and petrochemical wealth and servicing an educated and capable population with a government willing to reform and invest. It’s time to go back to the future and back to Iraq with British expertise and investment.
  9. Sorry, no link. I just saw a live press conference with Spicer and he said Merkel will be meeting with Trump next week and Abadi will be the week after.
  10. It looks like the Donger's might be happy too as Vietnam has an SDR loan as well.
  11. There was billions of loans granted to emerging market countries in Special Drawing Rights during the financial collapse and just recently to Iraq. Revalue the SDR and you can rebalance the world's currencies. Revalue the SDR and countries like Iraq and Syria will have purchasing power. Revalue the SDR and the West will have ended poverty so that terrorist can no longer hate us. Revalue the SDR and Mexico can pay for their wall. Press Release: IMF Approves US$17.8 Billion Stand-By Credit for Mexico IMF Executive Board Approves US$5.34 billion Stand-By Arrangement for Iraq The IMF responded to the global economic crisis by mobilizing resources on many fronts to support its member countries. The IMF increased and deployed its lending firepower, used its cross-country experience to offer policy solutions, and introduced reforms that better equipped it to respond to countries’ needs. IMF Executive Board Approves US$723 million Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility for Jordan
  12. Sorry, double post- just saw DinarThugs post...