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  1. 22nd is a good possibility. 22 is the most powerful of master number in numerology," The Master builder" can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality. On top of that 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 "The Dreamer" represents illumination. Two of the three Master numbers in numerology on the same date. Could be it? We will see. The one thing I know for sure is that the powers that be conduct all their business according to Numerology.
  2. How is he still working for Fox? He is a cnn stooge 100%. Every time I see him I want to reach through the TV and ***** slap him.
  3. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    He sounds like a lopster who as usual does not have a clue of how the numbers work. We will not hear anymore about the note count since its been over 2 years. Next thing we hear is what we been waiting for. Don't know when, don't know how much but I believe it's this year.
  4. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    Also when Iraq was in the 3+ range their currency was represented by one Billion notes. I believe their last report was down to 4 Billion notes over 2 years ago they should be close to where they need to be now. Last week every currency dealer I checked was out of stock. This is the most positive sign I have seen yet! This thing is coming to an end.
  5. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    I believe that it was November 2 years ago. I remember reading it and it was from the CBI.
  6. From the Media Office of Abadi

    Everything these people say is opposite. Something is about to happen. This is ment as past tense.
  7. My EX lives in Boward county and her daughter is in high school. Her friend was in the class room right next to the room where most of the killings took place. She sent me the cell video as it was happening. Horrifying does not even begin to describe it. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. The only solution is to have armed guards and metal detectors at limited entrances. Sad world we live in that this is what it has come too. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
  8. Some how the word wisdom and Iraqi government should never be used in the same sentence. LOL! Honestly them not getting bailed out is the best news we could here! They our out of options. No more loans, No more hand outs, No more USA bail outs. No more investment at a tenth of a penny. They have no choice but to show value. Just like the children they are, I always expected them to be kicking and screaming until the end!
  9. Barely 4 Billion pledged! Wonder if these idiots got the point yet! Quit screwing around and put your big boy pants on and RV YOUR CURRENCY!
  10. Oh Mr Abadi I beg to differ, Show the TRUE value of the IQD and your country will have more than enough money to do all that you need! You are no different than the "Street corner begger" that at the end of the day, takes off his rags and slips into his Mercedes.

    I agree. I would like to know how these posts are found to be entertaining. Are you really in such need for attention that you continually post this crap? Its become an insult to all our intelligence. Yes Pathetic it is.
  12. Tell them they should have invested more. If it is really .05 cents, $1000 investment would return $50,000. Now who could complain about that.
  13. Simply tell them what other investment have they ever made that has shown a 5000% return. One way to silence the critics. LOL
  14. I had a year to year spread sheet I found back in 2010 but just like anything when you are looking for it you can't find it. LOL. I do recall most were done in April but a few were September. Here is to hoping they follow that pattern.

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